(1938-11-25) Dark Wizards Don't Duel
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Summary: Rather than study, Esther and Gresham go Wands Out. Forget the duels, it's time for a Wizard Fight.
Date: 1938-11-25
Location: Defence Against The Dark Arts Classroom

The class had finished - Today was a theory lesson, ending with a request that the students research the effects of casting spells that addle the mind - And of course, how to resist them. The words are still on the blackboard, "Cerebrum Gelatus," 'The Jelly-Brain Jinx.' While her fellow students pack away their books, Esther remains peacefully seated, glancing from left to right slowly. She's curious to see who might stay and who might go - After all, there's plenty of time before lunch is served. Surely someone else wants to stay late, and learn more.

Gresham adjusts his position at his desk, and continues to read through the day's lessons, as well as the next day's, just for good measure. He goes through the motions for each spell, sans incantation, wanting to get his technique just right..

Eventually, just the two over-achieving Slytherin's are left in the room. It doesn't take long for Esther to grow a little bored, and turn to face Gresham, sliding from her desk only so she can sit upon it. "Y'know, Ollivander," Esther uses the last name of one of her housemates, a /very/ rare occasion. "I wanted to learn to cast this, but can't think of anything I'd not feel guilty for. I'm having… Considerable trouble, as a result. I don't suppose - As adults - Perhaps we could practice, wands out? It's a temporary enough." The slender teenager suggests. Lowe doesn't talk often. It's unusual for her to suggest anything, much less this.

Gresham nods. "Sure… I mean, how else would we learn the proverbial ropes? It's not like we're going to meet any dark wizards any time soon." He shrugs, stands, and gestures. "Ladies first."

"The darkest wizards we'll meet here are still students, Ollivander." Esther smiles, readying her wand. "'Course… That's why I left the Duelling Club. I realised that there's nothing that compells a wizard to approach me front on, with my wand out. Ready;" She calls, "… Celebrum Gelatus!" Her wand flicking at Gresham, the spell casting as close to perfect as one can expect.

"MELOFORS!" shouts Gresham, whipping his wand out and jabbing it forth like a swordsman wielding an epee. Insert comical fizzling pffft noise.

The unusual jinx catches Esther by suprise, her wand whipping to the side, her lips about to mouth a protection spell when the cast fizzles - The motion is used instead, brought back in a 'swish' as she calls out, the simplest of spells used to the greatest of effect. "Claudeo!" Her wand is aimed low, as she tries to trip her classmate.

Gresham swish-swish-flicks his wand toward Esther. "STUPEFY!" He cries out, rather dramatically.

Slightly offensive magic doesn't work well against truly offensive magic. Even if Esther's spell hadn't been dramatically interrupted, she would have ended up worst off. The last thing she sees is a flash of red, the beam slamming into her chest and throwing the slender girl back. She weighs so little that the woolen robe allows her to slide across the ground a little bit, nudging against a desk. She's only out for a moment though, stirring a moment later, regaining the grip on her wand hand. The groan from the back of her throat is soft. Normally, a duel would end at this point.

Slytherin-ness aside, Gresham does the white-knight-on-horse-coming-to-the-rescue thing and moves to help Esther back to her feet, figuring the practice duel's suspended while she regains her senses. Once Esther makes it reasonably obvious she's back to her senses, Gresham returns to his place and readies his wand.

Esther doesn't end the duel, either. A deep, shuddering breath as the hand is offered towards her. Her wand stabbing forward as she rejects the offer of a hand. This is not a traditional duel. "Baubillious!" The end of her wand erupts with a crackle of electricity, joining the slender piece of willow with her target, as lightning bursts from the end and zaps Gresham soundly. In this case, it's significantly more effective than a stunner - And far more dramatic. The spell ends earlier than it should have though, Esther breaking the connection with a brief cry of shock. "Gresham!" Her wand pointed away. She's guilty of the same mistake, it seems. Genuinely caring about other people.

Gresham promptly falls to the ground, his body spasming as the lightning crackles around him. He appears to be in pain, though only just so. His features clench as the spell takes its toll on him.

Esther blushes faintly as she drops to her knees beside the younger student (Albeit not much), reaching out to clasp his wand hand with both of hers. Providing comfort, while ensuring there's no counter attack. "… See…" She bites her lower lip, feeling guilty… But vindicated. "… If you're not exposed to it… You can never prepare for it." She slowly gets up, releasing the wand hand - And then offers him a hand up with her free one.

Gresham takes a moment to recover, and then reaches up… with his wand-still-in-hand. "RICTUSEMPRA!" He says, with a sly grin.

Esther notices the wand when it's too late to do anything, her eyes widening. Although when she hears the spell, she's giggling even before it fails to cast, and she reaches down to swipe the wand instead of casting anything in return, or helping her fellow Slytherin up. "Now I've got both wands. As far as any kind of duel goes, I think I won." She smirks, holding his back out once she's got to his feet. "… But that's what I think Defense Against the Dark Arts, Duelling Club.. What they miss. Dark Wizards do not play fair." Of great use to an Auror, her theory.

Gresham , dignity rather shot, accepts his wand and tucks it away, giving Esther a nod. "Agreed." He pauses. "Well-played. I'm glad we're on the same side, then."

Dignity is overrated. Life, on the other hand, is precious. "There are very few sides I'm not on, Gresham." Esther states simply, with a slight edge to her smile. "But… If you ever feel like it; I wouldn't mind having my ability to defend myself suddenly… Tested." She pauses. "And I think that if you wish to become an Auror, maybe it's a desire you might share. Only in situations where we couldn't hurt one another… Or a passer by. Obviously." Her wand is tucked into her sleeve.

"That would be…. nice." Gresham says, trying to find the right word. "What a pair we'd make, eh?" He grins, subtly, and shrugs.

"Nice… Is an incredibly poor choice of word." Esther teases, but not unkindly. "Just remember… That this isn't something that the entire school should be doing. It's subtle, additional education, undertaken whenever one has an opportune moment." Gresham has been good for a smile, and for another wonderful piece in the plan that she's building.

Gresham nods, slowly, as his mind-sponge absorbs what he's being told. "I understand." He responds, offering a smile.

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