(1938-11-25) Drinks and Career Conversations
Details for Drinks and Career Conversations
Summary: Nathan and Frid meet in the Three Broomsticks and talk about their respective careers over drinks.
Date: Mon Nov 25, 1938
Location: The Three Broomsticks Pub

The door to the Three Broomsticks opens as the darkly dressed figure of Nathan ducks his head slightly and slips inside. The man is close to seven feet tall with light brown hair and his build is quite sturdy, muscled rather than slender. Deep blue eyes glance around the room he makes long strides for the bar black robes billowing behind him as she walks. He takes a seat at one of the barstools and considers a moment before he orders himself a glass of scotch.

Frid has found himself a spot at the end of the bar this evening, the trade beginning to slacken off into a quiet Sunday night, so he's got time to go over paperwork. He flicks through a number of pieces of parchment, each with scrawled columns of figures and spidery writing, occasionally tapping the bar with a finger as he double checks the numbers. Nathan does draw his attention, however, by his size, the fact that he's one of the very few customers in here, and the fact that he's ordered a scotch rather than a butterbeer or firewhiskey. It's probably that last which has Frid's curiosity, and he looks the taller man over, considering.

Nathan's head turns spotting the considering look he's getting from the man a few seats down from him and he smiles faintly studying the man and his papers in turn. "Good evening." His drink is set in front of him and he smiles and pays for it offering a decent tip before taking a drink from the glass. "Good stuff…I've always liked scotch better than firewhiskey for some reason. Firewhiskey is good but I still have my preferences." He grins and takes another drink of the scotch.

"I've always been very partial to the peatier malts, the Lagavulin in particular," Frid admits, dipping his head politely. "Or there's a rather nice Bruichladdich you might try. Tessa," he draws the attention of the barmaid. "Would you be so good as to find the twelve year old Bruichladdich? We ought to have some sort of special offer this week for St. Andrews Day, hm?"

Nathan nods and sets his glass down studying Frid carefully now. "You work here then or are you a regular customer? You seem to know the different drink options quite well." He looks to the barmaid breifly and then back to the man with a curious expression. He reaches for his glass once more and a faint smile crosses his lip as he takes another sip of it.

"I… well, I do work here," Frid admits, "although not as bar staff in general. I work directly for the owner." He flicks a faint smile. "Drinks, however, are definitely part of my remit."

"Oh? The owner must enjoy drinking a great deal if they have someone so knowledgable in the area working for them. May I ask your name?" Nathan grins and takes another drink from his glass. He studies Frid a moment longer and his head cants to one side his eyes still showing curiousity. "So what excatly does your job entail? Are you an assistant of some sort? I'm going to open my own pub in London so I'm not really working at the moment as much as I am planning things and getting ready so I /can/ work."

Frid takes a moment to straighten his tie, then offers his hand. "Lee. Frid Lee. How do you do." He smiles slightly, explaining, "Mrs. Fairfax owns this establishment, but I've worked for her long before she took it over. I'm her valet."

Nathan accepts the hand shaking it firmly with a warm smile before releasing it. "Nathan Eldritch. Nice to meet you Mr. Lee." He listens to the explaination and nods his head in understanding. "I see. I would guess the job arrangement is to your liking since you hinted that you have been working for her for quite awhile?" He reaches for his glass once again only to find it almost empty now.

Frid lifts a finger to catch Tessa's attention, waving it subtly between his glass and Nathan's and giving a slight nod, that being enough for her to dig out the good whisky and top up both glasses. "I couldn't ask for a better employer, Mr. Eldritch. Whereabouts is your pub? I spend a certain amount of time in London, so perhaps I can drop in and give it a go on my next day off."

Nathan smiles and inclines his head in thanks as his glass is refilled. "That is good. I spent ten good years in a trading business and now I've got the money I needed to buy a pub near Diagon Alley. Its actually on the edge of Knockturn Alley but I hope it will still do good bussiness all the same." Nathan explains with a faint smile. "Not the most respectable of places but you are still welcome to visit if you like once its open."

"All business is good business," Frid admits. "I've got a few old friends who aren't exactly the sort of people you'd take home to meet your parents, but they're true and good in a pinch. What did you trade?"

"That is very true. I have a few similar friends and contacts myself." Nathan agrees with a smile. "I traded a bit of everything that would bring in good money. I wasn't very selective in what I delt in but I did good business. Thats the important thing….to me anyway." He takes a drink of his now refilled glass.

Frid lets his whisky warm a little, swirling it in his glass before taking a sip. "Still got the contacts, though, which is what's important, hm?" he suggests. "Use it to your advantage, there's my advice. See if you can get deals on glassware, cellarware, the lot, not to mention the beer and liquors."

Nathan grins and nods. "Thats excellent advice and I plan to follow it. I've got some people in all sorts of businesses and I'm doing my best to get the best deals I can. If you need anything yourself I might be able to set you up with someone who has what you need though I suspect you might have your own people for such things."

"I'll bear it in mind if I'm ever stuck, though," Frid agrees, nodding and taking another mouthful of his whisky, savouring the taste. "And above all, keep good books," he advises. "You need to be able to trace your stock, follow sales trends… well, you've run a business. You know the score. Just because it's a pub doesn't mean you don't need to know where your beer is going."

Nathan nods and takes another drink of his own wiskey glancing to the papers in front of Frid briefly. "I suppose you take care of the book keeping here then? I have some expereince with it myself though I suspect I will have even more once the business starts up. And you always need to know what you've got and where its going and if you have someone serving themselves free drinks. I worked with a few…shadier sorts so I know how to tell when someones trying to slip by with extra goods or stuff they didn't pay for. Not all men are honest after all."

"Makes it a little more difficult when it's Mrs. Fairfax offering free drinks to everyone," Frid points out with a grin, "but as long as I can account for it, I can make it work."

Nathan laughs. "Yes that would make things more difficult but you seem to be a man of many skills. You obviously have some experience in dealing with such things as well." He grins and takes another long drink of his wiskey considering Frid a moment longer.

"Just over five years I've been with her now," Frid agrees easily, taking another long drink from his glass and gathering the papers together once more. "You don't mind if I get on with these, do you?"

"Not at all. I will not disturb your work." Nathan smiles faintly at Frid once again and finishes his drink in silence after that.

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