(1938-11-26) Do Your Thing
Details for Do Your Thing
Summary: Andromena and Julian take time out to smooth things over.
Date: 1938-11-26
Location: Empty Classroom

Andromena had not wanted to, but since schedules seemed to otherwise not permit it, she had been forced to pass Julian a note through her younger brother - another member of Ravenclaw. The note itself had not mentioned it, but Carolus had been instructed to tell Julian that, if he had the opportunity, to meet Andromena in one of the class rooms about this time. She would leave the door open to let him know she was already there.
Currently, Andromena was standing over by the book shelf, the one that had no books, and was idly picking up this or that to examine. Most things were coated with a fine layer of dust. Every now and again, however, she would spy something that distinctly lacked the sneeze-inducing stuff and Andromena would wonder just who had need for something so inane as a beaker full of dead spiders. The Ravenclaw would give Julian a half hour: all the time she could spare before her next class.

Through the strangest of circumstances, Julian would recieve the letter from Andromena, as well as the instructions. Of course, Jules and Andromena's class schedules don't differentiate too much, even though they're on distinctively different career paths - their professions require a lot of the same NEWT levels. So, when he gets the letter, he thanks the young man… and decides to go ahead and just go for it.
Even though Jules knows who Mena keeps company with, she is a housemate. He's got to try and keep things amicable.
So, it's probably no surprise that when Julian enters the room, he pushes the door completely open to ensure it's just him and Andromena when he enters… his eyes looking around until she's spotted. He clears his throat, indicating his presence.
"Y'wrote?" he asks toward her, and when satisfied they're alone, he moves to close the door behind himself, lightly doing so to keep from drawing attention.

That's really all she wants, too; to keep things amicable. Andromena never really wanted to push Julian away in the first place. That was just how things had occurred. It had all seemed to happen rather fast as well. One moment they were friends and the next reasonably estranged from one another. The sound caught her attention, thankfully not startling her (it was easy enough to do!), and she set down the beaker.
"Hey Julian," she greeted, turning to face him. Her voice was companionable. Perhaps not as warm as it could be, but then she thought it would be weird to try and appear all that buddy-buddy at the moment. She had previously pulled out two chairs for them to sit in, if they so desired. Motioning to them, Andromena took a seat, one leg hooking over the other.
"So I did. I was hoping we could just talk. Everyone else does a lot of talking about you and I'm tired of it." Things might be strained, but again, Andromena harbors no ill-will towards her house mate. If they can't be friends, she at least wants to be friendly.

"That they do."
Deciding it best to just take the seat, Julian quietly looks down to it, and finally, sits down in it. Depositing his bookbag onto the floor, he adjusts himself a little and crosses his arms across his chest, eyes searching as he looks toward the witch.
"You'll also have to forgive my skepticism in me asking this, but your boyfriend Black didn't put you up to trying to talk to me, did he now?"
The question is asked without any malice; it's a simple, realistic question. "You know. To try and get me to talk to you so he can have somethin' to stir the pot with."

She laughed. It was a pretty sound. At least until she got to laughing really hard, then it was anyone's guess! Holding her hands up to forestall anything Julian might say, Andromena shook her head. Alphard likely had no idea she had even planned to speak with Julian. That or he very much assumed she would not go out of her way to do so.
"I've wanted to talk since I mentioned it in the Common Room. So, no, he had nothing to do with this." Andromena leaned forward where she sat, an elbow resting on her knee while that same hand supported her chin. She looked critically at Julian, noting his crossed arms.
"Others are doing the stirring right now, insofar as I can tell. I'll be frank: I overheard in the halls that your petition was born solely out of a hatred for Alphard." Another hand to prevent Julian from blurting anything he might want such a statement. "Only I think that's pretty silly. I understand we don't see things the same way. I even understand how what I originally said was hurtful and offensive, despite my best intentions. That had been what I've wanted to talk to you about, but then this…" Andromena twirled her hand up in the air in an idle fashion.

"I'll be frank as well: Black needs to pull his head out of his arse to realize it's not all about him."
Julian's nose crinkles slightly, and he makes a small noise. "No, it's not about Black. Have I got a bone or two to pick with him on a personal level? Yeah, sure. But this is more about the fact that a perfectly good Professor was fired over her course of opinion differentiating from that of the administration… Because she, unlike some of the members of the Magijugend, I've come to find out, read Grindelwald's manifesto and took the message from it." He frowns, then, tilting his head.
"Speaking of which, how d'you feel about that? Since I'm sure that by now, you've read it. You're a big witch, too, and you can form your own opinion separate from anyone else's. Y'think it's a good idea to do what he proposes?"

"That's just the thing," Andromena almost sighs. She even looks rather exasperated. "I can't help but feel there are people out there that are trying to make this just about you and him. There was even talk that if you don't stop oth- " But then Andromena cut herself short so hard it was a wonder she did not bite clean through her tongue!
"I just had a thought!" She had hopped from her seat, took up Julian's face within both of her small hands, and gave in a little shake from side-to-side. "Don't stop doing anything - not that I thought you would, any way." She was only saying. Suddenly realizing that she had poor Julian firmly in hand, Andromena released him with an abashed look, and reseated herself. Ahem.
"Yes, I've read the manifesto…" Her nose gave a slight crinkle. "Anything it takes? That sort of stance is something I don't like. I've chosen not to join the Magijugend." Andromena abhorred violence. Truth was, she was more sensitive than was good for her.

The sudden grabbing causes Julian much surprise, to the point the sudden movement almost caused him to draw his wand - but he knew better, and when she shakes him by his face and declares he doesn't need to stop, he stares at her, blinking.
"What was that you were saying b'fore y'had your little epiphany?"
Once she settles, as well, he watches her, and nods slowly, furrowing his eyebrows. "Which is the proper thing to do," he remarks softly. With that thought, he reaches into his bag, leaning over to do so… and he takes out the copy of the petition he had held onto.
"You don't have to sign it. But by signing it, it's your way of saying that you don't support the idea of violence," he tells her softly. "Because the last thing that I want is violence. But I'm not above it to defend people." He watches her, to gauge her reaction.

"Nothing. It was just a ploy to spread further rumor and gossip, and I'm not going to play that game." No, not at all. At least, not if Andromena could help it. Don't stare, Julian! It makes her feel even more self conscious, which causes Andromena to subtly hunker down; shoulders drawing together, head lowering ever so slightly. Curious, Andromena watches as Julian pulls something from his bag.
"Oh," she says as he explains well before she actually has a proper look to discern for herself just what it was. There was a small smile for him, for his effort if nothing else.
"I won't be signing this. And not…not just because of Alphard, no matter what you might want to think." But because Andromena did not want to be pinned to any one side. She did not want to be noticed by this or that person. If she was really honest with herself, she rather wished things were a lot more like last year, when the only stressful thing in her life had been OWLs.
"I'm glad we've had this chance to talk, Julian. And, uh, sorry for grabbing your face like that." Andromena had just been excited!

"Suit yourself."
With that, Julian rolls the parchment back up and gently tucks it away. Of course, his mind does do a bit of a dance, but he doesn't really say anything about it.
As for the ploy to spread rumor and gossip, Julian purses his lips. "I'd appreciate at least a Sunday Prophet version of whatever it was, so I can at least mentally prepare for it, if it's something that's going to be happening."
He begins to shift in his seat, reaching to pick up his bag and put the petition away, and otherwise, he holds the bag in his lap, watching Mena lightly, curiously.

"C-could I have a copy of the petition? I looked for one earlier, but I think faculty has done a decent job of keeping them out of the halls. You know…Myrus was really worried when Pringle took you away." But his mention of the Prophet does pique her interest, more so than what she mentioned, if only because she hadn't ever heard much about it after the fact.
"What? Oh, no…no. I don't think it's anything to prepare for. More stuff I heard in the halls. I just realized that it was silly of me to listen to the bit about you hating Alphard, and so why should I pay any mind to other, equally ridiculous fantasies?" She got to her feet, blithely unaware of Julian's watchful gaze. Andromena is looked relieved; her posture as well as her expression is more open. Unless Julian were to state otherwise, she would go on to assume things were now better between them.

"I'm still curious as to what else is being said. I knew the stuff about Alphard was floatin' around. Good Lord, anyone would be daft to think otherwise, what after that letter he published for the Magijugend's behalf." Julian shifts, and he blinks, tilting his head… but he reaches into his bag, and produces yet another copy. "There's still plenty of these floatin' around in the school," he offers her, but he moves to hand her the copy.
"What're you planning to do with it?" His tone is curious, moreso rather than accusatory. He tilts his head a little bit, having noticed her change in demeanor. Yes, they're better. But Jules can't help but lament her choice in men.

"I'd just like to have a copy on hand, to be reminded of what has actually be written." Since people liked to take words out of context. Andromena was one of those weird people that kept stuff on hand like that. No doubt she had her own copy of what Alphard had written as well. She turned back to face Julian. No reason not to.
"It's nothing, really," she supplied, brows crimping. "Just more: oh, don't make an enemy of Black, blah blah blah," she flitted her hand about. Really, it was starting to look an awful lot like things just could not go a day without focusing on either Julian or Alphard. That was why Andromena had not wanted to say more. It could just fan the flames.
"If it helps, he didn't say it."

There's a small snort and Julian shakes his head softly, pursing his lips a little after handing the copy of the petition over.
"As much as I hate t'say it, Mena? Simply because of your taste in men," he notes softly, "but Black… He crossed the line with me weeks ago. Accusing your mum or your father of abusing you as a child because of your upbringing?" Jules makes a face, his eyebrows furrowed and his nose scrunched up.
"That's enough to make you want to cut ties with anyone, really. He fans the flames between us in his own way, s'well." A pause, and he tilts his head. "I'm sure you see something good in him or else you wouldn't stick around. But I can't see any good in him, sadly."
He shrugs his shoulders lightly, and he breathes in. "Doesn't mean I can't be your friend, 'course."

Andromena looks to the petition again. Probably because it was easier to gaze at that than at Julian while he spoke. She had enough empathy stored up within her person to understand where Julian was coming from, but her relationship with Alphard prevented her from doing or saying anything more. There's a deep inhalation as Andromena steels herself. She actually did have one more thing she wished to say…
"Please…please don't get offended by what I'm about to ask," and when something needs that preface, chances are it was no good. "But you weren't…you never…That sort of thing never DID happen to you, right?" Because Andromena genuinely worried about that. And no, not in regards to upbringing, but actual abuse. She wondered if Julian did not get so upset because something along those lines had occurred. Perhaps her social ineptitude played a role there, but who could really say for sure?
"Uhm, anyway," hurriedly shoved in there. Throw lots of words at the beast and maybe it will get distracted! "I know you and Alphard won't ever get along. That's life. I'm just happy to know we can get along." Unless, of course, she had just so offended Julian he chased her out of the room.

For a brief moment, Julian stares at Andromena, and he purses his lips… but he breathes in, and finds a bit of peace.
"My mother loved me and raised me as well as she could being a single mother working for th Ministry's Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes as a Muggle Liasion, and my father provided for me as he could. As I was growing up, he was only a constable for the London Metropolitan Police… so he could only do so much." He pauses, considering that. "Think of him as having been akin to a member of the Ministry's Magical Law Enforcement Squad," he remarks. "He's an Inspector now… something of a detective."
He pauses, shaking his head. "Neither of them ever abused me. I simply take offense to think someone would issue such an insulting thought toward them, because I am proud of both of my parents. Even if he is a Muggle, he's still my father, and I still have contact with him. Even if my parents aren't married."
He looks to Andromena then, tilting his head. "Does that answer your question, Mena?" He also quirks a small smile, considering her… "If only you could pick less bigoted company," he simply states.

There was a relieved look upon her fair features. Andromena would have been absolutely mollified if such a thing had actually been true. She was not so hard or cold a person that the real plights of the world did not touch her; be it from a source of the wizarding world or not. Rolling up the parchment to store within her bookbag, Andromena merely nodded as Julian explained himself. Something that he, quite frankly, need not have done.
"It does," she answers, matching his gaze. If Alphard had helped her with anything, it was actually finding the inner nerve to look someone else in the eye. Not often, mind, but she was getting better.
"Ifs, like wishes, rarely indulge reality. Would that things were different, the whole world, even. No one should have to feel pain." Oh ho, so lofty, miss Mena. But she meant it. Truly.

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