(1938-11-26) Part of the Job
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Summary: Phil runs into Bailey and the two strike up conversation about their jobs and their mutual acquaintances.
Date: 26 November, 1938
Location: The Leaky Cauldron
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There are things Phil is particularly good at remembering and faces is one of them. As she accepts a drink from the bartender, giving him a saucy but as the both know equally meaningless wink, Phil turns away and looks around the after work crowd. Curiously she spies a guard with no charge and a fleeting frown dances its way across her face. A fortifying sip of her gin and tonic later and we find Phil coming to a stop near the high backed chair Bailey is sitting in. "Is Rhyeline here?" Her blue eyes look around for the tiny witch but seeing no sign of her she looks back at Bailey.

Bailey looks up from her drink at the sound of Rhyeline's name, pulled free from her thoughts. She takes half a moment placing Phil's face, then nods. "Miss Rowle. No, she isn't here." Bailey's hair is down and free, giving her a much less severe appearance than when she pulls it tight into a bun or ponytail while on the job. Remembering her manners, she gestures to a seat at her table. "Ah…would you care to sit?"

Curiousity getting the better of her, Phil accepts the offer and slips into a seat across from Bailey. "She is not unwell, more than usual, is she? Thomas said there was something wrong with her heart." By the time the trio left the shop Phil had been busy inside Laurence's shop, finding another bucket for water in order to clean the windows of the bookstore. "Is she getting any better? She had been improving, really improving, but she did not look well."

Bailey's lips tighten in a small sign of anxiety. But she does try to sound reassuring. "She's fine. It was a momentary thing. I believe she was simply feeling the stress of the moment, and needed some time at home to refuel her spirits. It's good of you to ask after her."

Her hands wrap loosely around the tall glass which holds her gin and tonic with its slice of lemon. "She will be happy to know Thomas took the sign from the window. Packed away all his muggle books too." A faint shake of her head and Phil is apologising, "I am sorry, we have not met properly." After wiping the condensation from her hand she offers it to Bailey, "Phil Rowle. I write for the Prophet, but I suspect you already know that from whatever dossier there is on people who she associates with or has associated with in the past."

Bailey smiles cautiously, taking Phil's hand in a firm shake. "Bailey Potter. I've read your articles. Your reporting on the Glinch case was excellent." She retracts her hand, laying her forearm upon the table, close to her body. "In truth, I'm probably more relieved than Rhyeline about the poster. I tried repeatedly to advise him against it. As much as I admire his principles, he wasn't doing anyone any favours by going out of business. Well…nobody except the Army of Truth."

"A pleasure, Bailey." Phil sips her drink and lifts a shoulder in a shrug as she sets her glass back on the table, "I don't know about that. She has clung to him a fair bit. It is partly why I have avoided her for the better part of a month. Whenever I think I have figured out her true feelings for Thomas she will go and do something or say something that makes me suspicious." Reaching up she tucks her hair behind her ear. "Thomas' convictions are something he is not used to tempering. That's why he was fired from the Ministry and ended up having a bookstore in the first place. I didn't like the poster, but it had to be his decision or he would have regretted taking it down."

"I could see by his reactions how resistant he was to backing down from a stance he'd chosen. Honestly, I don't blame him for wanting to take a stance. I even encouraged him to do so. It's just," Bailey nibbles worriedly at her lip. "Don't take this badly, but he simply has no sense of strategy. He's got a good heart. At least he seems to. But he's like the brave young hero that rushes of to fight the dragon, and ends up devoured because he thought earnestness would win the day."

The analogy amuses Phil. "A very apt description. He did just that in Berlin and lost his job over it. I had hoped he might have learned from that and maybe he has." She peers down into her glass with a frown, "It was heartbreaking to help him pack away the books. He is a true idealist, Thomas, and part of me loves him all the more for it. My line of work isn't one where idealism tends to win the day, as you say."

Bailey nods through a sip of brandy. "Nor mine. I'm not sure there really is such a profession. I hate to step on his romantic notions, but I wouldn't want to see him or the people around him get hurt because he overestimated the protective power of courage."

"Do you ever find yourself protecting people who you find disdainful? I often wonder what it is like for good people who need employment to find themselves working for someone more powerful, more nefarious and having to carry on their work because of that need for money." Phil sips her drink and then rummages in her pockets for her cigarette case and magical lighter. "Do you mind if I smoke?"

Bailey shrugs, giving mirthless smile. "It's part of the job. Nobody deserves to be attacked or molested, no matter how good or bad they are. So, whatever my personal opinions, it doesn't affect my conviction." She gives a little head shake in response to the cigarette, apparently unconcerned.

Ducking her chin Phil places a cigarette between her lips and using her little bluebell flame lighter lights it. "I have the choice of hiding who I am when I speak with more sinister types, although not everyone does what I do. Even so I would rather have to dress up like a hag to get a scoop than spend another day writing about tedious social functions." The lighter and the case are tucked away again as she takes a pull of the wizarding cigarette, the smoke that comes from the the lit end and her own exhalations has a subtle spice to it like cinnamon. "I met your boss once, not while in disguise," she says with a grin. "I'm not sure if he wasn't wearing one, but then people in positions of power often do. I can just about figure out what he gets from an alliance with her but the other way around - ah well it matters not. She will do as she is wont." Phil flashes Bailey a grin, "And if you're good it will be a job for life."

Bailey arches an eyebrow for a moment of confusion, then nods with an, "Ahh. You mean Mr. Malfoy. Just to be clear, I don't work for Cassius Malfoy. He contracts with Aegis Security, my employer. So…I suppose if he likes my work, he can continue to request me. But ultimately, it's the company's decision where I go, and whether I've got a job for life."

Nodding slowly as she is correct Phil says, "I see. I had only heard he was paying for her guards. But a middle man, or contracting agency makes more sense." Another sip of her drink and she asks, "Forgive the intrusion to your privacy and you can tell me to shove off if you like, but what drew you to your line of work? Most of the security detail I have seen tend to be men and muscular or rather unattractive women who are meant to blend into the background."

Bailey breathes a light laugh through her nose. "Thank you, though believe me, I'm a fair hand at blending in when I need to. It just sort of…happened. The job, I mean. My previous career didn't work out, and my first bodyguarding job fell into my lap at a time when I needed work. It turned out I wasn't half bad at it. So, here I am." She squints at Phil, pinching her lips. "Forgive me this time, but I have to ask, given what you do for a living. Is this an investigation?"

Amusement turns up the corners of her mouth as Phil lightly shakes her head, "No. I would have said as much. I stick with reporting on crime these days and you don't come across as the criminal type." She takes another draw of breath through the cigarette and reaches for her drink, exhaling slowly. "What do you do for fun, or are you another avid reader of those odd books Rhyeline and Graham share? I can never seem to get into them despite how many times he tries to get me to read one."

Bailey chuckles, shaking her head. "Those Muggle books? No, I don't have much taste for the fanciful stuff. I like to read, but I'm more a fan of biographies. Other than that…" She shrugs. "I take in a play on occasion. But I try to stay busy, otherwise."

"Staying busy is usually preferrable but sometimes I do enjoy being a little lazy. Not that I get much chance with the erratic nature of my work." Phil drinks the last of her gin and tonic and sets the glass on the table before saying, "It was nice to properly meet you, Bailey. I should be going, however, I am supposed to be meeting with my wedding planner in a few minutes."

Bailey offers a hand once again to Phil, even rising like a gentleman to see her off. "Likewise…Phil," she decides upon the more familiar form of address that Phil seems to prefer. "I'm sure I'll see you around soon."

Swapping her cigarette to her other hand, Phil returns the handshake. "Likely so. Stay safe." With that and a friendly smile she heads off in the direction of Diagon Alley.

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