(1938-11-26) Take That...and That!
Details for Take That…and That!
Summary: Graham begins teaching Rhyeline to duel.
Date: November 26 1938
Location: Cohen Residence

The house over all looks about the same as it ever does though its owner has been busy making some changes; the living room furniture has been pressed to the walls. Which gives it a much more open appearance and the second are mats having been placed out over the area.

The other changes are hidden something to dampen noise so that others can’t hear if it would be possible for them to anyways it’s a precaution. Graham stands back trying to see if he’s missed anything important.

Right on time, there is a soft knock at the front door. All bundled up under a thick, furlined cloak and shadowed close by her guard for the day, Helga, the little one peeks up at Graham with a bright little smile when he opens the door. Though her scarf hides her nose and lips, the smile is easy to see shining in her eyes. “Hello, Graham,” Rhyeline says, a touch muffled behind the scarf. Helga inclines her head in greeting to the young auror, one of the few trusted ones.

The auror looks to the pair giving a smile in greeting. “Hello Rhyeline.” He will quickly step to the side though “Please come out of the cold.” He invites them inside “I’ve cleared a space and got everything is setup, though will have you warmed up so you cannot be wrapped up like star shaped you.” he grins chuckling “Tea?” Graham asks after a moment.

Rhyeline slips into the house with a little shiver. The guard steps in after her. Pulling down the scarf from her nose, she grins back up at him. “Yes please… it’s so cold- colder and colder each day…” She shivers as she slips out of her cloak and hangs it up with her scarf. Peeking up at Graham with an impish little grin, she says, “I’ve been practicing a bit at Berylwood…”

“Unfortunately so, and who knows when it will warm back up again. I think I’ will plan a zoo outing or a picnic for when it does though.” Graham says though he moves towards the kitchen to put the tea on a moment. He comes back with the cup in hand and offers it over to her, and grins “That’s good, Mr Malfoy let you test your hexes on him?” he asks teasingly to the other

Rhyeline blinks and shakes her head. “No… but- I practiced a little just- just casting the spells at- at a practice dummy…” Of course, the question isn’t how well she does casting the spells in a classroom setting. It is in the heat of the moment, when an unexpected assailant lunges at her that causes concern.

Graham chuckles “Was kidding about that last part, I didn’t figured you’d wish to hex him that’s why you got me right?” The auror says with a big grin again he moves into the
modified living room. “What do you think, will you have enough space here?” he wants to be sure she will be comfortable enough. “If you’d like to sit down while you drink your tea the sofa’s still useable by the fireplace?” he offers so she’s not standing and drinking if she doesn’t want to be.

“A bit of tea… and then we start,” murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod. Slipping out of her ballet flats, she steps out into the mats. “This is brilliant.” She peeks up at him with a grin. Tilting her head to the side, she asks, “Are- are these mats from- from where aurors are trained?”

Graham nods to her “That sounds good. Yes they are from the training room at the ministry we have extras.” He will take off his shoes and walk in his sock feet onto the mats himself, he’ll stretch a bit himself though he doesn’t plan to be doing much at least not lesson one. “When you are ready, let me see your shield charm.” He will ask of her.

Rhyeline takes a small sip from the teacup she’d been handed and nods. “Mmm… I’m best at casting stupefy… but- I was practicing the shield charm too… I guess- yes, I-“ The little one hesitates, peeking over at Helga. This was the guard which most recently needed to cast a protective spell to prevent an inappropriate advance. “I guess I should practice getting better at that sort of spell…”

“Stunners are kind of the bread and butter of offense, but you got to stay up long enough to cast it.” Graham says nodding his head to her about getting better at shield charms “If you can block an initial attack, you also may very well be able to apparate to safety”

“Ah… mm… isn’t it- isn’t it dangerous to- to apparate when you are- aren’t focused?” murmurs Rhyeline, looking a touch hesitant. The little one seems like one who would have a rather difficult time concentrating when frightened.

Graham listens but nods to her words “Yes if not focused you could splinch yourself, but if you’re able to focus it can be a good way of getting out of a bad situation. We’ll work on that later though reaction time and shields are a good start.”

Rhyeline nods before taking another sip of tea. At last, she can’t stall any longer. Setting aside her empty cup, she rises to her feat. “A shield charm first, yes? Protego? I’m- I’m ready when you are.” It’s a spell to deflect an incoming curse. Planting her feet with care, she adopts a graceful caster’s stance. She looks more like a ballerina than a duelist.

Rhyeline nods before taking another sip of tea. At last, she cant stall any longer. Setting aside her empty cup, she rises to her feat. "A shield charm first, yes? Protego? Im- Im ready when you are." Its a spell to deflect an incoming curse. Planting her feet with care, she adopts a graceful casters stance. She looks more like a ballerina than a duelist.

Graham stands back on his side of the mat a moment "Protego yes, i'm not going to throw anything at you just yet want to get an idea of your wand work and spell strength." The auror says though he does reach to his sleeve where his wand is often hidden and holds it at the ready. "Would it help you if I did try and hex you? I'd rather start slow."

Graham nods looking a bit more serious now as he runs through some simple things in his head. "Well I don't want to risk stunning you just to test your shield something less possibly painful. "Got it, you get to count to three i'll cast on three okay?" the auror offers to her and he'll wait for her to make the call before he'll give a swish of his wand at her and call "Rictusempra"

Rhyeline nods once more. "Alright." Her dark gaze is steady and focused as she watches him. She has the spell in her mind. That morning, she had executed it flawlessly on her own. Even though Graham has counted down, the moment he advances to cast Rhyeline hesitates. "P-protego!" she squeaks. It comes too slow and her spell results in utter failure. The tickling charm hits her full-on. With a sharp squeak, the little one dissolves into the sweetest, impish little giggles. Dropping her wand, she can't even stand as she topples over, twisting and squirming as invisible hands tickle her. Standing in the corner, Helga can't help but grin.

The auror can tell too late she's not going to draw the shield in time, but it's not a painful spell well in short doses it would seem. Graham cant help but raise his hand to cover his mouth as he laughs a little though just because he's not heard her laugh like this before just laugh outloud that is. It's not very long though before he raises his wand "Finite!" he calls out and her tickling punishment will stop as the counter spell reaches her. "Sorry sister." he is still smiling though.

Rhyeline's sweet, almost childlike laughter is infectious. Even Helga gives a soft chuckle before Graham ends the spell. The moment the tickling spell ends, the little one grows still, panting as she lays on her side. Peeking up at him, she slowly pushes herself to sit up. "It's alright… I wasn't quick enough. I- At school, I- I wasn't… this- this sort of thing wouldn't happen." Looking thoughtful, she lowers her gaze and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

Graham steps over to where the other sits and offers her a hand up if she needs it that is. "You've not had to duel in a while, i'm thankful for that." he says he'll watch her a moment "You know your stuff, but you must trust that you do. You must not hesitate besides ask me or your guard here it's very unnatural to just stand there and allow someone to try to hex you takes a bit to get used to the nerves the feeling over all." he's explaining to her

Told how unnatural it is to simply stand there an allow somoene to hex her, Rhyeline bites her lower lip and doesn't quite meet his gaze. Silent, she slips her hand into his, accepting his help as she stands. "When I'm scared… sometimes… sometimes my voice fails me… and- and I can't even cast…"

The young man smiles and helps her up brushing her off a bit. Graham ponders her words a moment nodding "Hm you can brush up on your wordless casting, but i'm sure you remember that can be a bit of a trick at times in itself." he thinks a moment "Otherwise your wand movement was great and the incantation was correctly said." he will look over the other "Would you like another go or want to stun me?" he says lightly.

"Wordless casting is- is usually what I do… for simple things… perhaps- perhaps training for these spells to be wordless… that might help? Even though it's harder it- it might make it easier overall…" murmurs Rhyeline, looking thoughtful. Noticing her wand still lying on the ground a little ways away, she goes and picks it up.

Graham nods to her words before he speaks in return. "I use wordless casting sometimes depends on what it is, if you can pull it off it gives you a great advantage in a duel. You have a strong mind, so I don't doubt that you can get the hang of them." He will move back towards his side of the mat as she goes for her wand.

Rhyeline gives a small nod, staring down at her wand in her hands. "Yes… I think- I think that I should learn wordless casting for- for if ever I am attacked… but- but right now, I- I need to get better even with simple spells." Peeking over at Graham, she hesitates before adding, "I'm better with stupefy… should we try that, or- or get better at protego?"

The auror watches her a moment "Rhyeline, don't be so hard on yourself you are doing well this isn't like school and it's nothing you've really experienced before." he says to her trying to impart that she's doing well his gaze is on her a moment "I'd like you to practice protego for me on days we're not training it's a vital spell." he says "But for now you can stun me. You were a good student so I trust you remember the counter curse?" he says his wand is left at his side. "I just want to see your movement and aim first, fire when ready."

Rhyeline offers Graham a soft, appreciative smile. His encouragement means a great deal to her and seems to give the little mouse courage. "Alright…" Stepping back, she returns to her elegant casting stance. She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as she concentrates. Then, with a graceful step forward she brings her wand forward like a fencer delivering a piercing strike forward. "Stupefy!" she cries and sends a delicate jet of red light right at Graham's chest. Her technique is perfect and a teacher would have given her top marks. But, in the real world, it lacks power.

Graham gives her an encouraging smile in return glad to see it on her face without having to hex her. He will watch her form and movement as she calls out the curse but her aim is true and power or not the spell does what it's meant to do hit in the chest he's half-knocked half-falls backwards onto the mat behind him with a small but satisfying *THUD* where he remains.

Rhyeline seems relieved in the eyes of her guard who watches, standing off to one side. Wand held lightly in her left hand, she makes her way over to peer at her adopted brother's unconscious form. She can't help but grin as she imagines drawing a mustache with black ink on his face. But with the guard watching, she is a good little sister and casts a soft spoken Energizing charm.

The prone form of the auror stirs as he's awoken by the spell "Oof, forgot how that felt." he says with a grin he's now looking straight up at his adopted sister "Nice shot, see what you mean about stunning spells. Good form and everything." Graham will take a moment before he sits up experimenting but all is okay "How'd that feel?" he asks the other.

Rhyeline gives a small nod. "I've… I've used stunning spells before to- to protect myself… They get strong when I'm scared, but- I worry that if my voice fails me, I wouldn't be able to even cast them… so… most of all, I'd like to train these for- for voiceless casting…"

Graham pulls himself up to standing "It gives you a split second advantage, here's the thing Rhyeline with stunning if you hit them. Unless they have someone to right them like you did with me, they are down for about 5 minuets. You can apparate away or disarm them whatever need be." he'll look to her "Would you like to try to stun me wordlessly with or without my shield charm?" he asks and seems completely willing.

"Yes, that- it would be helpful to start practicing that…" murmurs Rhyeline with an appreciative little smile. Stepping back, she resumes her casting stance. Once Graham is ready, she steps forward and once again demonstrates that perfect, elegant technique. The jet of red light that emits from her wand is even more delicate than before, but present.

"Yes, that- it would be helpful to start practicing that… but- perhaps with a sheild charm so that- so that my spell doesn't make you fall over again?" murmurs Rhyeline with an appreciative little smile. Stepping back, she resumes her casting stance. Once Graham is ready, she steps forward and once again demonstrates that perfect, elegant technique. The jet of red light that emits from her wand is even more delicate than before, but present.

Graham nods to her and grins a little "That will work." He says backing to his spot on the map this time his wand is held up at the ready. The wordless casting is tricky though he does know what spell is coming and is prepared for it. "Protego." he calls a motion like parrying with a sword is made and the blue shield absorbs the spell harmlessly. "Good on the first try even."

Rhyeline smiles bright, so pleased at the success of her silent spell. The next time she tries it is even stronger. The two practice for another hour or so until the little one is too exhausted to continue and all her spells begin to fail. In the end, Rhyeline hugs her brother tight, thanking him for his help. His suggestion of perfecting silent casting has renewed her hope that the next time she is attacked and her voice fails her, she'll be able to protect herself.

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