(1938-11-27) Magijugend Interview - Esther
Details for Magijugend Interview - Esther
Summary: Ria's interview with Esther for the Magijugend ends rather violently.
Date: November 27, 1938
Location: Club Room

Club Room
This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.

Since Esther Lowe so kindly asked, Ria managed to clear a part of her afternoon for the girl who requested an interview. Sometime in between her classes, she finds herself sitting in the corner of the club room sitting atop a stool at an empty workstation. A notebook she usually keeps for Magijugend activities is out on the table. She's scribbling something in it all while subtly eyeing Ernest Gossyfrot and small gathering of other boys on the opposite side of the room who are lifting weights. Ria is quite fond of that half of the club room. She is also quite fond of nice biceps. And even more fond of admiring them in secret.

Esther managed to get an interview, something that she hoped her (other) cousin might have caught wind of. She's nervous, at least mildly, as she finds herself walking to the Club Room after her final class, entering and looking around. The boys - Their faces are checked for familiar people, but then they're discarded as a whole, in favour of Ria. Esther presents herself before the older student with a nod, and a smile. "Miss Sykes. Thank you for your time." She states, quietly.

Myrus Lowe wasn't in the group of boys when Esther walked in. He was there before, when Ria was (innocently or not) checking them out secretly, but he had dove (diven? dived?) into one of the trunks of other training equipment over there and when Esther had put her attention on Ria, he says to the seventh year Gryffindor that was there with him, "Found them." It was a pair of knuckle-protectors. Used for the muggle sport of fisticuffs. Small things that merely cover the knuckles to help absorb a little bit of shock to the bones but more importantly keep the knuckles from bleeding (too much) after a few hits against the training pad. Basically a pad on a vertical wooden plank that someone behind it could turn to accept attacks from different angles.
Myrus was in a muscle shirt. Didn't show off much, but he wasn't fat. Like one of the other kids that came to 'strut his stuff' but really had too much stuff for anyone to really pay him any mind while he ate his chocolate bar.
Myrus starts punching the pad ignorant of both of the girls for now, at the command and tutoring of the Gryffindor mudbloo- … Muggleborn. Learn from those who know, right?

A suddenly, a mess brown hair appears in the periphery of Ria's vision. That's when she knows it's time. "It's part of the gig," she shrugs casually at Esther, but her eyes are still in the direction of the boys. Ruefully she pulls away her gaze over to her housemate, gesturing to a stool opposite of her. "Have a seat," she doesn't correct the 'Miss Sykes'. She likes the slightly reverent way Esther says it. Myrus' presence however, she wasn't completely lost on and Ria idly comments to the female Lowe, "Your cousin Myrus has nice friends. Is he training for something?" She points to him and his punching bag with her chin.

"I don't believe so." Esther answers simply, her head turning again when it's mentioned that her cousin is in there. He's found, and her eyes linger for a few moments, before she has the good sense to get on the stool opposite. "I struggle to work out if he's got a purpose, or simply attempting to show off, on a daily basis." While her words are a little bit cruel, they're not intended that way. "I could see if he could introduce you when we're done here, if they hold your interest."

Myrus continues his regimen as specified by his training… mentor. That's a good word. He actually hits the bag a few times, but it seems he's more working on form and technique than power, seeing how he likes the idea of physical combat, maybe?
It wasn't long before he shakes his head, and goes rummaging for something else in the set of expanded-interior trunks (that are probably like an entire storage room each inside) for something else.

"Yes, well I have a twin who I wonder the same things about," Ria admits with a half frown that crinkles the corner of her mouth. "Best to let them be, hmm?" Esther's offer though, makes the prefect's brows raise ever so slightly with interest, "Usually I handle my own introductions, but I'll consider that offer later. After all, this is about you isn't it?" Ria corrals the conversation back to its original purpose, "Right. So three basic questions that is asked of everyone. The first being: Why are you interested in joining the Magijugend?"

Esther tastes the question, she's been answering it in her head since she first inquired. "I'm… I have my concerns. I'm concerned that the future of Magic, and all who practice it, is at a turning point… And I'd rather be on the side of 'Magic'." She tries to explain. "And… I will admit this sudden desire was encouraged by my cousin, Alphard Black." Who expects it to make her a better person.

Myrus retrieves something from the trunk. It was a wooden staff. Sturdy wood, smooth and about tall enough to reach Myrus' chin. He holds it, knocking on it for no apparent reason, and shrugs, putting it back. Rummage rummage. Hmmm… what's over here..?

The name drop does make Ria's brow quirk, but she doesn't look up from her notebook as she takes notes on Esther's answers. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Her quill dances its feathery way across the page. "Alright," she nods and then says, "A standard question, what is your blood status?" Ria already had familiarity with the Lowe lineage, but it's good to get an official answer.

"Pureblood, Lowe and Crabbe, from Lowe and Tripe and Crabbe and Goyle(?)." Esther states simply. "I can go back further if you'd like?" They're not one of the premier Wizarding families, but the Lowe's aren't the bottom of the heap. In her head, she chuckles at avoiding the obvious, horrible puns. "I… The Lowe family regard purity as being very important."

Another neutral, untelling nod is given in Esther's direction while the prefect scribbles away about the second reply. What is she writing? Nobody knows! "Final question," Ria says, finishing up her writing from the last bit. Crossing her legs she looks directly over at Esther. "What is your opinion of teaching muggle-borns and half-bloods magic?"

"…" Esther pauses, considering the question. "I… That is a difficult question. Magic belongs to all who practice it. I believe that if you are capable of using magic, then you have something of a right." Her argument picks up momentum. "But the muggle world - Concepts of possible, and impossible… They're damaging our world irreparably. I don't… I don't know if I believe that they don't have a right to education, but I'm beginning to question, in some cases, what good it does the world of Wizard to teach them." Her hand clenches into a fist, nails digging in.

The boy who was helping Myrus tells him that he did well with that, and should try to keep going with it. Then the fat kid stands up, and tells Myrus he'll fight him. Myrus shakes his head, "Nah, I'm fine."
"Oh, come onnn, you looked like you know what you were doing!" He reaches out to push myrus with one hand, and it's over just that quickly. "Cmon, hit me! Hit m-" Schmack. A good jab knocks the larger boy off balance, and he lands with a whump on his backside where he was sitting before, albeit less comfortably. The other kids laugh. "Good shot, Lowe." And he smiles, a little blood on his teeth.
Myrus sighs, then he goes over to look at the weights. And try his hand on some of the middle-sized ones. Success… kinda. Yeah physical stuff really ain't his thing, but at least he can laugh at himself when he doesn't do as many as the other boys. This was all while Esther and Ria were talking.

Oh, that sweet, unassuming face. Ria is utterly patient with Esther, one hand on her quill, the other neatly laying in her lap. So when her housemate gives her reply, she takes no notes in order to allow the girl to answer as honestly as possible. Her green eyes however, dip low to glance at something. The whites of Esther's knuckles perhaps. Ria's lashes hang low for a just a beat, before she look backup at the girl with an unnerving sweet smile. "Okay," she nods again, scratching away at the paper, "And that is all. I will speak to Headmaster Flint and will let you know." Simple as that.
Her notebook shuts at the same time Myrus slams his fist into the larger boy. Ria catches the action just as the fat boy falls back with an earthshaking tremor and gives the Ravenclaw a red smile. "If your activity is going to involve bloodshed, you'll have to desist this instant, Lowe," she narrows her eyes at Myrus. Because from what she caught, it's all his fault!

Esther isn't disarmed by Ria's smile, she returns her own highly awkward one and then turns at the loud *thump*. "'Rus…" She exhales with a sigh, "Why, oh why, am I unsurprised?" The look in her eye is at least vaguely amused. The two snakes, staring at the Raven. This is doing to end well for him.

The larger boy stands up, they may recognize that kid as a fifth year Slytherin. One of those forgettable faces, y'know? He quickly steps beside Myrus facing the two Slytherin females. "Sorry, Miss Ria, I tol' 'im to." Someone must have scared the pants off of him to never lie to his senior Slytherin, of all people. Maybe everyone else was fine, but not senior Slytherin.
"I saw 'im and the mud workin on 'is punches, and I-"
The word 'mud' immediately gets the Gryffindor riled up, being someone who believes in fighting for what they feel is right and wrong. 'Mud' is something wrong. So he rears back-
Myrus sees this, turns around "Whoa, wait a tic, don-" SMACK.
Myrus' face was probably the only thing keeping the fat kid from rolling out that room, down the hallway out the doors of Hogwarts and into the lake all the way down the hill from that. At least it was a cheek shot, right? Yeah, just next to the eye.
Myrus' head lashes back and hits the larger kid in the back of the head. Now it gets interesting. Fat kid grabs Myrus, who has not a thought in the world at the moment, unconscious standing, probably, and is tossed down on the floor long enough for him to flee in epic fatkid style to behind Ria. Myrus the whole time on the floor going, "Nono! It's ok! I think I deserved that! Just, everybody walk away and we'll be good!"
When he stands and looks at Esther and Ria's direction, 'good' wasn't a word to describe it.

Ria rolls her eyes at her fat housemate when he begins explaining that he asked Myrus to begin with. "Yes, well that's why no one expect too much of you," she frowns, "I suggest you head to the infirmary to have Spleen give it a second loo-" But before she can even finish her sentence the Gryffindor throws his swing, and all this does is anger the prefect even more, "Everyone cut it out, now." To no avail! For the fighting continues, all the while Myrus is getting clobbered. With a sigh, Ria looks over at Esther with a 'what the?' look and then runs an exhausted hand over her head. The Gryffindor, still out for blood with her fat housemate, cranks his arm back into another attempted punch, but Ria steps forward to place a hand on his chest just in time. "You throw one more hook and I will end you. You understand?" And a look over her shoulder goes to Myrus, "Lowe, are you alright?"

That lovely mane of hair must have special powers. Esther was content to let it carry on, until her dear cousin was hit - And then her wand was out, her voice was raised and people seem to listen. "Everyone Stops Now." Her voice carries, sounding just after Ria's, and gathers the kind of silence that a pin wouldn't dare drop into. She slides off her stool, that usually uncertain, smokey grey almost steel colored. Her wand points at the Fat Kid, even as she steps closer to her cousin. "If I so much as smell a stupid thought, someone spends a week in the infirmary." Her voice is cold, threatening. Unusual for the slender girl, who offers her cousin a hand off the floor. The two Slytherin girls are in control, now.

Myrus stands under his own power. Though he lifts a hand up to check for blood. None, whew. That was a hefty shot though. Amazingly, swelling at the corner of his eye.. well, just a little for now. "Yes, likely a good idea." He looks at the two girls. "If.. um… if you need me, I'll be to the infirmary." A groan as he collects up his things at the entryway, putting his shirt and vest back on before actually exiting.

Ria grimaces and steps closer to Myrus to get a better look at the damage. "Merlin. That looks bad," she scowls in irritation at the boy. She then turns to her crazy maned housemate asking, "Esther, if you would be so kind as to escort your cousin and make sure he gets to the infirmary unscathed. No doubt, you're used to that by now." Her scowl deepens to the hefty boy and his Gryffindor 'pal' hissing, "I will be taking these two to a professor. Needless to say all your heads of houses will be hearing about this." A look to Myrus indicates that he too was in deep water.

Esther's wand whips back into her sleeve, the girl looking suitably unimpressed with the collection of young men. "Gladly. It does seem like he makes a habit of getting injured." Well, so does she. Her glance at Myrus is pointed. "At this rate, he won't make it past fifth year as anything more than a head." A sigh, as she goes to follow her cousin to the infirmary, and offer support should he need it.

The scathing looks from both the girls gets him more than embarrassed, and he knew this would get him more unneeded attention. He has a penchant for being where the not-so-positive action was. And when it was positive, it turned negative in a matter of a few words. So off to Spleen he's escorted by Esther, and he's quiet the whole way. It wouldn't be much to heal it up. Maybe a little sore afterwards, but that would be about it after Spleen patched him up. No eyepatch though. Thank goodness.

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