(1938-11-28) Big Damn Celebrities
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Summary: Jocunda Sykes and Linc Palancher join forces to make a lot of Fans' day by having an autographing event at the Quality Quidditch Supplies.
Date: November 28th 1938
Location: Quality Quidditch Supplies

Jo is a late arrival - Not on the announcement, which might explain why a crowd hadn't formed well before the signing, while she was still getting organised - Jocunda wouldn't miss a signing if it meant crossing the Atlantic on an Oakshaft 70. The same broom that she's been endorsing for the everyday Wizard, providing the maxim of comfort, speed and style. Cue winning smile, and the Appleby Arrows Logo. Jo is dressed in her full flying gear, flying glove gripping the well used handle of her meticulously cared for broom while she walks around the displays. Despite not being added to the signing promotional material, she's still the first here. A Sykes can even overachieve arriving at an appropriate time. The door outside remains locked, so as not to ruin the suprise.

Linc arrives outside and waves to the line as they applaud. He passes off his daughter who was clinging to her daddy but smiling and waving to the crowd as well to her mother and then a kiss is exchanged with Phronsie before she takes Briony and they head deeper into the Alley to do some shopping. Linc pauses by the door for a photo-op and then he enters when the doors are opened to let him in. Closed behind him of course to let him get settled as well. "You're going to start a stampede back out so people can run home and grab their Oakshaft 70s to get signed." He winks to his team mate as he plops down beside her.

Jocunda shrugs a little bit, patting her own trusty broom. "Yeah. Well, they're releasing the next model up come fall, so… I just hope it's as good as the prototypes, or I'm gonna have to find a new sponsor." She admits, reaching up to adjust her goggles, and then flashing her signature grin at Linc. "'Course, it could be good for queue management. Wait until you're swamped, and reveal myself. How's the family, Linc?" She settles into her seat.

Linc leans over to give her cheek a little kiss in greeting. "They are doing very well. It's been three or so years since you made the Atlantic Run. That model is still one of the best sellers. Because of you. Oakshaft can take their time with the prototypes." He gets his fountain pen that looks like a silver mini beaters bat all filled up and then he takes that long deep breath as he takes a moment to relax before the whirlwind. "How about you? How's things with what's his face?"

"Difficult. We've decided to focus on our careers for now." Jocunda answers simply. The look on her face says something far from simple, and looks decidedly unhappy about the eventuality. "No-one is backing down." She takes her own fountain pen - Is it obvious that she's going to have an Oakshaft themed pen as well? "As far as Oakshaft are concerned, only the 75 prototype is worth releasing. I won't put my name to a rebranded 70, a remodeled 65. I guess having a promo-girl who doesn't know when to shut her mouth makes production a pain in the ass." She smirks a little bit. "… I've been kinda ruthless since that all happened."

Linc takes the liberty of the still quiet shop to reach over and take up Jocunda's hand and bring it up and over to kiss the back of her hand and then her knuckles. "He was way too stodgey for you. He'd only want to clip those beautiful wings of yours." He winks over at her and then one more kiss to her knuckles before he'd release her hand. "There's some pure-blood out there for you, that will make your family happy, and be able to give you that cute little pucker between your eyebrows." He gives her a knowing grin and his eyebrows even wag just a little.

Jocunda brandishes them with mock-vengeance. "Get your lips off my hands before I make 'em touch much firmer." Her warning is kind, though. "No wonder you were snapped up so quick, half-blood or no. Hell, I'm not even certain I'm in the mood for a relationship for now. Chances are I'll meet Mr. Right, and his ancestry will be Mr. Wrong - Or he'll turn out to be another Mr. Career, and they'll want me to settle down and by a loving housewife." A pause. "Ain't gonna happen."

Linc gives her a wink at her threat. "Don't tease." He flirts with her mercilessly. "Yep, I'm a catch." He boasts in his playful mock arrogant way he has. "You can really make the family proud and find yourself a nice Muggle Man. Course they are more expective of a 'loving housewife' than a wizard. Yay for Wizard World's lack of sexism. You always do seem happier when you're bouncing between a few solid guys that make you happy in their own way." He should know, having been one of those guys back in the day.

"Yeah, I know. I'm starting to think to hell with the Prophet, and just eat what I want, drink what I want, and scratch where it itches. Wherever and however it itches." Jocunda admits, shaking her head. "I'm a bloody catch. Without ego, I'm attractive, fit, well off and well bred." A smile, genuine crosses her features. "Sometimes I forget that I'm Jo Sykes." She states.

Linc chuckles, "Well I think you're the only one that does. You're sort of hard to forget love." Towards the end there his flirting turns a bit more serious, perhaps hinting that he's not forgotten her either. But then he grins and winks, "Here they come." Is said like a 'brace for impact' when the store clerk opens the doors and the fans come rushing in.

"Careful, or you'll get to be back on my bouncing list. I can't imagine your 'doting housewife' would take kindly." Jocunda tests her stylised quill on the desk before her, making sure the ink is flowing. "Don't worry, Linc. You scored well enough that I'd let you try again. So, who is gonna get the biggest line?" She teases, as the doors are unlocked. A suprise awaits fans.

Linc grins wide, "What makes you think I believed I was ever off it? You're lucky I love Phronsie like I do. Or we'd be disappointing a lot of fans." His tone is familiar and suggestive. A tone to remind her that he'd very well just throw her over his shoulder and find some closet somewhere to prove he's still worthy of being on that list. But he's a good boy, loyal to the woman, not-wife, that gave him the one thing he loves most in the world. To her challenging question about the line gets a chuckle. "It's just the one line…they set it up so that they weave maze like through the displays with us set up like cheese. First they hit me, and then end on being with you. Who now, maybe Mr. Right is in this very queue." Or sitting right next to you, goes unsaid, he's not that cruel to dangle that much of an unreachable carrot before her.

"Keep that up." Jocunda leans across, and touches a kiss to his cheek. It's chased with a brief, far-too-teasing lick for just a moment, "You know how this game ends, Linc. I'll always go one further." Good boy be damned, if he continues to fire such flirtatious munitions she'll need to bring out the artillery. "Far as these crowds? The man of my dreams isn't gonna wait in the cold for two hours just to get my name on his broom. He'd be in here already, on bended knee, professing his love for me." She complains.

Linc grins over at her, "Maybe he knows that he has big shoes to fill and is intimidated." Another playful boast. But then he's greeting the first fan and aims that trademark smile their way. He signs a brand new beater's bat the fan picked up in the retail maze and shakes the young man's hand. "Knock'm good." His trademark saying. It's repeated for everyone but never the same way twice.

It's a shame that Jo never came up with a tagline - Her appearance, her broom seemed to be enough. While she fielded some dodgy questions, including an interesting idea about flying around the world. Her own soft words of encouragement are breathed, wishing her fans the best in her own way. "Thank you for coming."

Linc has found himself with one of those fans. An elderly gent is regaling Linc about his life experiences from the first time he rode a broom all the way up until he's standing here, off to the side talking to Linc. While he listens and genuinely he listens with a smile and interjects little witty remarks where appropriate in the story to really show he's listening he doesn't neglect those people in line either. Some just want to shake his hand and move on to Jocunda, but there are many that want a bit more interaction with Linc so the line is getting a bit clogged up as Linc gives his old timer fan his moment to shine.

Jo on the other hand is keeping them moving relatively well - When Linc ends up stuck, she withdraws her wand, points to the floor just behind the old timer, and draws a lovelylittle redirect for the customers who just want to get an autograph from a real star. A few takers, a few more signatures. It does make her smile to see Linc being so good with one fan, giving them so much of his

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