(1938-11-29) A Dire Warning
Details for A Dire Warning
Summary: Cassius pays a visit to the owner of the soon-to-be-opened Drunken Dragon.
Date: 29 November, 1938
Location: The Drunken Dragon, Knockturn Alley
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Its close to noon and its time for lunch. Nathan is walking through what will soon be his pub looking over the work that has been done so far. The room is already arely recognizable. The furniture has been cleared out including the bar and the room is empty. The ceiling is no longer thatched and instead has dark wood covering the once exposed beams. The paint on the walls is fresh and a deep shade of red. The floor is now done in dark wood matching the ceiling and is freshly polished. Overall it looks like the furniture will be brought in soon and the place will be close to opening. The tall form of Nathan looks the room over with a grin. Dressed in his normal black clothing and flowing robes he stalks through the room with an observant blue gaze taking i the changes carefully but looking pleased overall. The actuall contruction is finished for the most part they just needed to rebuild the bar and order new tables and chairs and a few cabinets to go behind the bar. With a pleased look Nathan nods his head turning to the door which has also been replaced with a heavy dark wood affair that won't be so easily kicked in.

Cassius Malfoy would never be so brutish as to kick in a door. Neither do the four men in the functional, clean-cut robes accompanying him, though a couple of them look the type that would be more than capable. When Cassius enters, clad in a crisp black jacket and trousers, with a deep green cape draping from one shoulder, he is every bit the image one would expect of a Malfoy "prince". As he strolls into the establishment, admiring the handiwork, his men shut (and lock) the door behind him, and go about seeing that windows are covered and closed as well. When Cassius pulls his eyes from the craftsmanship around him to look upon Nathan, he smiles warmly. "Mr. Eldritch. My word, it has been years, but I could never mistake you for another. I recall being eye-to-eye with you in my Seventh Year at Hogwarts. You were…a Fourth Year, I believe? You did rather stand out."

Nathan watches with an amused gaze as Cassius enters and effectively blocks off the means of getting out the front door. Still there is always the back entrance if he needs to escape. He made sure he keeps the only key to that one on his person. He shows no intent of escaping now though. His head tilts as he steps forward slowly loking down at the man with a warm smile of his own. He looks curiously at the Malfoy as he speaks. "Cassius Malfoy…it has been awhile yes." He chuckles softly stepping forward. His left hand is tucked into his robes casually but unknown to most that pocket is where is wand is. "Do I stand out so much? I admit I've never been the type to lay low but then I hardly thought I would be noticed so easily. Especially by one so busy with…other things. I hear you went into politics and are starting up all kinds of drama. The politics I'm not too fond of but I do enjoy drama." There is mischief in those blue eyes as he looks down at the blonde with a smirk.

Cassius laughs softly. "Drama? If by 'drama' you mean that I am ruffling feathers, then you are entirely correct. But one doesn't accomplish change without stirring the pot a bit. Might we sit?" He gestures to a nearby table. "You and I have things to discuss."

"Do we now? I suppose we must if you had to have the exit blocked off. You must want to talk quite badly in that case. Have a seat and I will even offer a drink if you would like one as well?" Nathan looks highly amused and yet keeps his tone polite and curtious. He goes over to a cabinet and gets out a bottle of brandy and two glasses. Through this all he never fully turns his back on the Malfoy. After pouring them both a good amount he returns with the glasses and sets them down on the table before taking a seat. He eyes Cassius carefully and sips his own drink setting the cup back down and watching the man curiously. "So what is it you feel inclined to speak with me about?"

Cassius takes a seat at the table to patiently await Nathan and the drinks. He dips his head gratefully as Nathan sets the brandy down. "Oh, I think you're quite aware of my reasons for being here. One of them, anyhow. You have recently made the acquaintance of Rhyeline Diderot. As you are aware, she is my consort. I won't insult you by blathering on about the consequences of pursuing a woman that has made clear her disinterest, let alone a woman that I am courting. I'm sure you are quite aware, no matter how inadvisably you choose to think yourself immune to them. But, whether it was your intent or not, you have now entered my orbit." He laces his fingers together, clasped on the tabletop. "So you are now faced with a decision: Whether you wish to benefit from that proximity…or the alternative."

"Has she made her disinterest clear? I certainly haven't got that message. Though if she herself where to say my attention was unwelcome I would certainly accept that." Nathan replies with a thoughtful look gazing at Cassius intently from across the table. "You sound like you are about to offer me an incentive to change my mind about getting to know her and if I refuse you will likely attempt to make my life miserable." He tilts his head smirking and reaches for his glass once again not taking his eyes off Cassius as he takes a slow drink of his brandy.

Cassius sighs. "Well, one cannot say I did not try to be civil. So let me be more blunt. You were told she was being courted by me. Any man with a sliver of sense would take that as a refusal, and a warning. But since you choose arrogance over ambition, I fear I have little use for you. A pity. Therefore, I advise you to consider carefully how much you have to lose." He looks around the pub, nodding in appreciation. "You've put a lot of money into this place. It really does look fantastic." He rises to his feet, offering a charming smile. "I wish you good fortune in your business endeavour, Mr. Eldritch. Let us hope we do not have reason to meet again."

"Arrogance? No. I'm simply doing what I want as I have always done. I will not back down so easily and all you have mangaged to do was give me reason to continue my actions. I do love a challenge." Nathan grins quite wickedly and gestures for the door rising from his seat. "Have a good day Mr. Malfoy I look forward to seeing you again. I have a feeling it will be quite…interesting." He waits for Cassius to leave watching the man with amusement in his eyes the entire time.

Cassius shakes his head, his eyes darkening. "You are a fool, Mr. Eldritch. Contemptible, and a fool. This is not a challenge, it is a path of self-destruction. But, so be it. I believe in giving a man fair warning before he walks into the dragon's den. If you come near Rhyeline again, you will sorely regret it. I promise you, whatever trifling troubles you have overcome in the past, you are entirely unprepared for me. Good day, Mr. Eldritch." As he turns to head for the door, the four bodyguards close ranks, many eyes on Nathan, but there is no anger or hatred from them — these are clearly professionals, with a job to do.

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