(1938-11-29) Ravenclaws Over Art
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Summary: Andromena, Eibhlin, and Myrus have a little chat about art interpretation, the coming weekend, and Christmas break.
Date: 1938-11-29
Location: Art Gallery

The gallery is one of those places that may many times find itself free of students aside from potential class visits and unveilings of new additions. Today however Eibhlin has taken the time to visit the corridor, walking slowly down its length and pausing now and again to survey one piece or another, taking advantage of the quiet.

Also taking advantage of the quiet and unpopularity of this location was Myrus. Behind the backdrop to a sculpture in a glass case was the Ravenclaw boy, studying. He'd been spending a lot of time up here between classes, since he and Elizabeth had broken it off, (not really were dating in the first place, but perception is reality) and he and Esther were hanging out a little more, but she seemed to be busy with other things, gaining her own spot in the social circles around. Myrus just wanted to be left alone, so here, at this moment, was his respite from people. He sits cross-legged on the floor, with a book in his lap, and wand using lumos in a dim fashion right next to the book so as not to attract attention in the darker corner of the gallery behind the spotlighted sculpture beneath it's clear casing.

Andromena had slipped into the gallery some time before. Seated one of the benches, Andromena has her school robes draped over her lap, a book at her side and a notebook placed carefully atop her thighs. By the looks of things…she's actually trying to draw the piece before her. Judging by her disgruntled expression, Andromena didn't feel she was doing all that well. The page was torn free and crumpled hastily, just before her wand was withdrawn and, speaking the word to quietly to really be overheard, Andromena sent the mark of her agitation elsewhere.

The sound of footsteps halted her from any further attempts, which would have undoubtedly ended in failure and only served to increase her frustration levels. Spotting Eibhlin, Andromena gave a wave to call Shine's attention. Myrus was, as yet, unnoticed by Andromena. They had each been sitting on their own, after all.

"Hey Evie."

Eibhlin hadn't yet noticed either of the other two Ravenclaw, that is until Andromena's greeting meets her ears. Turning, she greets the girl with a smile, "Hey Mena," as she drifts over to her bench. "How was your flight with Black?" she inquires curiously. "Sorry I didn't join you, but really flying just isn't my thing," she admits, inviting herself to the empty space beside the other.

Myrus hears voices. He looks up from his book, but there's not that much to see from the spot he's chosen for himself to read about magical creatures and their social habits within their species and biomes. He doesn't close the book, nor does he move just yet. A choice to be made. Let them know you're here right now, and maybe look a little creepy, or actually be a creep and hide here while you overhear their conversation.

Myrus closes the book, and stands, "Nox," he says as his wand turns the light out and he steps out from behind that sculpture case, "Hello? Who's there? I don't want someone thinking I'm spying on them or something.." he lets out a little chuckle. Trying to be more sociable.

"I'm just average myself," Andromena shares with Eibhlin. "That's why he wanted to take me - and it was really fun! But don't worry about it, I wouldn't have wanted to go if it were me." It had been a great experience for her, even with its few scares. Andromena had never been afraid that Alphard was going to let her plummet to her death so much as certain actions would naturally leave an untrained or less experienced person with quite a fright.

"Hey, is that Myrus I hear?" Asked both of Eibhlin as well as into the air, because after Andromena looks the other girl's way she's peering towards the sound of his voice. "It's just us ravens," oh, such humor to be had. "And there's not much spying to be done." Unless someone had seen her attempts at art, in which case Andromena would burn with both annoyance and shame. She really wanted to be artistic, but as with the piano, Andromena was discovering that the closest she could get would be by appreciating the world of art from a respectable distance. Sigh.

Eibhlin nods, "Well I'm glad you had fun anyway," she replies, "I'm wretched at it." Its about then that the boy's voice has her looking in the direction from which it came as well. "Could be.." she agrees with Andromena on whom the voice might belong to, half a glance sent back towards the girl as she attempts still to peer into the shadows. "Rowle and Shine," the redhead tacks onto the other girl's response, to clarify just which ravens.

Myrus edges out from behind the case, at first peeking to see that it was in fact Andromena and Eibhlin. He gives a little wave and walks over to them, pointing to the wall they were facing, "Would I be a disturbance here?" And with an affirmation, he would sit, or not if they declined him the spot to sit.

"How are you two?" He's just glad it wasn't certain other people.

"Of course not," Andromena tells Myrus when he asks to sit. Maybe he had ignored her that day in the library, but she seems to have overlooked it. She was just a forgiving person in that regard. It's a smile that greets him when he at last steps from the shadows.

"I'm doing well enough," her book is added to the notebook on her lap, so that there's more than enough room for all three of them to sit on the bench. "Just doing an awful lot of studying. It seems all of my professors are intent to cram in as much material possible before winter break." That was a nice, equable answer, wasn't it? Everybody could talk about school and homework. It was, in Andromena's opinion, a socially risk-free topic.

With a shake of her head Eibhlin echoes Andromena's response, "By all means," she adds, turning her hand invite him to join them. More a smile than a laugh in response to the other girl's comment on classes, but the redhead nods all the same. "Tell me about it. I finally thought I had everything caught up and there was more," sigh. "Doing well enough though, thanks," she adds, "And you Myrus?"

Myrus accepts the seat on the bench, sitting down and smiling to the suggestion that classes are evil. "Well of course. It wouldn't be complete torture without homework. No wonder people go crazy in Azkaban. Forget the dementors and torture. It's the stacks of Homework they shove into their prison cells that drives people mad, right?"

"He looks at Eibhlin in front of Andromena by having to lean a little bit, "I'm alright. Could be better, but I guess that's why I'm in here." He looks at the art in front of them that Andromena, unbeknownst to him, was trying to draw it. "Something you like about this one?" He stares at it. Homework and art. Let's stick to safe topics, yes.

The art piece before Andromena, kept under glass, was a small sculpture detailing a slender, but shapely woman holding open the mouth of a lion. Andromena thought it very pretty, and very intriguing. The woman hardly looked strong, and the lion practically dwarfed her…yet there the lion stood, perhaps annoyed but by no means agitated. She pointed to it.

"I guess I like her confidence," Andromena tells both Myrus and Eibhlin. She gave a chuckle when Myrus explained the torment endured by those locked within Azkaban. "But it's not just that," she adds. "What they don't tell you is that after every paper they finish, there's a dementor there to destroy it." Now that would be a type of tedious torture. At least for someone like her, who would just flip out if she were to find someone ripping up her work. Everybody had their breaking points, hey?

Eibhlin laughs just a bit, "Who knows," she replies sending a grin towards the others. "Who knows." Homework as torture? Could be. Blue eyes look back to the piece of art as the boy asks about it and the other girl gives her reasoning. "It does have an air of confidence about it, doesn't it," she comments in reply not having really looked closely at that particular piece just yet. "I think just writing it would be more of a torture to some Mena," she teases.

Myrus looks at the piece while answering Andromena. "Yeah, now -that- would be torturous. All that work for nothing." Sounded familiar.

He gestures at the sculpture, "Kinda like how that Lion probably feels. Pick out yourself a meal you're sure you can get at easily, only to have it stop you." That's how he saw it, she wasn't opening his mouth, but stopping the lion from getting at her. "Of course, if you look at it from the defenders position.. it's a glorious day to stop an oncoming lion."

"True enough," Andromena agrees with Eibhlin. Homework is not torturous to her so much as the sheer amount this year was currently presenting her with. A sympathetic look was sent to Myrus as she said, "And I thought last years OWLs were draining."

Her attention drawn back to the piece, Andromena cannot help but laugh at Lowe's own description of what was going on. In a way, it made its own sort of sense. Andromena hadn't ever thought of it like that, certainly! The lion was eyed critically. She might have suggested a partnership except the woman wasn't looking into the lion's mouth…so it was hardly as if she were checking for cavities. In fact, she was looking over her shoulder, as if she just about to say something to a person the artist hadn't included.

"I think I have to side with her, Myrus," the woman in the sculpture, that is. "Evie, don't you think getting to tell your friends you stopped a lion dead in its tracks would be a far better story than what the lion had in store?"

Eibhlin laughs, "A better story indeed," she agrees readily enough, having taken a moment to consider the boy's theory behind the art. "If the lion's story won out you wouldn't be around to tell the story more than likely." She's quiet a moment longer as she considers the piece again before looking back to the other two. "Either of you have plans coming up?" though she doesn't specify if she means the upcoming Hogsmeade weekend or the holidays which aren't much further off.

He smiles with Andromena and Eibhlin's agreement with his theory. Nodding in further agreement to Andromena's question to Evie.

Eib's question gets him a little blindsided, his smile fading to a straight face and he nods. "I'm going to Hogsmeade this weekend, going to see if any of the stores have anything new. Other than that, I'll probably just do it to get away from here."

And breath, and a pause. "As far as the holidays, if that's what you're asking about.. my parents plan everything. I have no idea." He tried to put on his best face, not to let thinking about his parents get to him. After all, generations in Slytherin, and he in Ravenclaw. It's not hard to do the math for the son of a Lowe and a Carrow.

Andromena brushes a lock of hair behind her ear, expression pensive. "I might be doing something this weekend in Hogsmeade," she replies, not meaning to be so ambiguous. It was just that she actually wasn't fully positive, and hesitated to give a premature answer. The holiday was sure to be much busier than she was used to, which meant an introvert like herself would need to really prepare herself. But it wasn't on her mind just then.

That was, until Myrus mentioned it. There was a brief tug downwards at one corner of her mouth, but Andromena sincerely doubted Myrus wanted to hear her pity, however genuine she might feel it to be.

"There's going to be the natural family things- my cousin has invited me to spend a few days at her place." To meet the fiance. Something Andromena was looking forward to doing. "Then…" A glance between Myrus and Eibhlin, her dark eyes hovering over one face before going to the next. She decided to simply give a shrug. There wasn't any point in telling them about a party they wouldn't be at, was there?

"Sorry," Eibhlin apologizes as she takes note of the change in Myrus' expression when her question is posed. She doesn't particularly care for that question herself, but it does always seem to come up sooner rather than later so it seemed a safe topic. She nods however at each of their answers. "At least you get a break from studies?" she offers Myrus, a sympathetic look shared. As for the other girl's plans, "And being invited by your cousin? That's a good thing?" she guesses.

He took a breath and remembered who all of this he was doing was for. And he looks at the two of them, and forces himself to smile, getting over it, at it were. "It's fine. My family is mostly slytherins, so I just kinda have to accept my fate." He nods to her question of break from studies. Then waits for Andromena's response of being invited by her cousin.

"Oh yeah," she tells Eibhlin. "My cousin is really fun to hang around. She's gone and gotten herself engaged to Thomas Carrow - he owns that book shop, Books Unbound," helpfully supplied. Not that she shed such light on her cousin, and realizing that she makes up for it. "This particular cousin, Phil, she works for the Daily Prophet. Hey," a glance to Myrus as she extended one finger. "I guess that would make us distantly related once they're married, huh?" Andromena laughed. They probably were already related if they sat down and actually tried to find a common ancestor. The same could be applied to most any pure-bloods, however.

Eibhlin ahs, nodding slowly as Myrus explains his family's particularities. She can appreciate those expectations if you will, even if she doesn't completely understand them. "Oh? well congratulations to her then," she offers the other girl with smile. "The name sounds familiar," but then if one pays any attention to the paper a writer's name would sound somewhat so at least.

Myrus nods to Anromena. "I think so. But it would be my mother's side, I think a cousin of hers, then as you said, marriage. A -long- distance relative." He smiles, thinking how distant that would be related and a comment about it, "Welp, you would probably not have to see me at the family reunions, then." A self jab, but a joke nonetheless. Myrus looks at Eibhlin, "I think she's a writer? My Father reads the prophet all the time, and I might have seen that name once or twice." He looks at Andromena, asking with his eyes if he's right.

"Uh huh," she nods to Myrus. He was indeed right. "And don't make that sort of sour face," she teased the boy. "Family reunions aren't anything worth going to. There's always someone that drinks too much, the couple that always fights and makes everyone around them miserable, the degenerate uncle," Andromena began to tick these things off on her fingers. "Who's bound to ask someone for money, by the way…Someone's mother that's way too stressed about something inane, like who has to sit by who in order to make everyone happy." A slow grin crept across her features. "But she'll never realize that that's impossible. And through it all you wonder why these people force themselves to endure such a gruelling task." Not included was the cousin that cried about the therapy she needed, the archetypal spiteful bitch, and the pushover husband. But surely Eibhlin and Myrus did not need her to continue on.

"What about you, Evie, just a typical Christmas?"

Eibhlin laughs as Myrus mentions not having to see each other at reunions though more so for Andromena's explanation of it might be like. "Really Mena, they can't be all that terrible." Listening to her its a terribly miserable affair that should be avoided at all costs. At the question of her own holiday she hesitates a second before nodding, "Typical, yes," easy agreement there.

Only in Myrus' head do Andromena's explanation and 'typical christmas' have a direct correlation. Except maybe that degenerate uncle that borrows money. "And if I had the choice to go or not to go, I wouldn't go." Definitive answer from the Lowe boy. And he stands up, checking the clock that was in the corner of the room. "It's nearly time to be released for Hogsmeade weekend." He looks at the two girls, "Would you two like to accompany me back to the house commons before we part ways?" Well, at least Mryus isn't being creepy today. Maybe something happened that turned his mood around and it's catching on that life isn't a terrible picture show that he can't wake up from. At least not right now.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Andromena chimed, pushing herself to her feet, setting aside her books for the moment in order to shrug her robe back on. Then those were gathered unto her chest as she looked toward her fellow Ravenclaws. Gesturing towards Myrus Andromena said, "After you."

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