(1938-11-30) A Blushing Rena
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Summary: Braewyn meets Rena again at the Leaky Cauldron. This is the second time they've met and the conversation takes on an interesting mood especially about Rena's future. Lots of blushing and chatter about fashion and pregnancy.
Date: November 30, 2013
Location: The Leaky Cauldron

Braewyn is at the bar this early morning. She is here before the breakfast rush when just a few people are still about. Some are asleep with their heads down at the tables. Many of the tables have their chairs turned upside on them. The bar is always kept open at this time of year or so Braewyn insists on being here at this time of day. She has a mug of coffee right next to a mug of tea. A plate of stuffed rolls are in front of her. Three books are next to that. She has one book held up in her hands as she reads.

Rena, for her part, must have been doing something elsewhere in the pub. She does not enter through the doorway as she usually would - but rather, she comes down from the upstairs area. Perhaps she gave in and crashed here the night before.

"Ey, are they dried out then?" She calls out cheerily, moving over to the fireplace where a green overcoat and a smart little hat have apparently been hung to dry the night before. The barmaid on duty nods and answers brightly that her things should be fine now. Rena collects them and holds up the coat with a critical eye: "There's lovely, then. Appears it didn't even shrink!"

Catching sight of Braewyn at a nearby table, Rena narrows her eyes as she tries to remember where she's seen the woman before… Oh! Yes, of course! It was at the book store. "'Ow's the fashion business, luv?" She asks with a friendly grin, unsure whether she'll be recognized or not.

Braewyn looks up towards the voice. The mere mention of fashion has her attention. "Well hello there. It is competitive as always. Several other designers are pressed to find out what I plan to do for the show. I left them several cryptic riddles. They won't figure it out." She smirks, "How are you doing? You hold onto the /cause/?"

"As much as I can, long-distance as it were," Rena answers with a slightly wry smile. Folding her coat over her arm, the young woman adds: "I'm stuck in town 'ere for a while with some family trouble. So, I can't do much protesting the Eye of Truth when more pressing things 'appen to come up."

Pulling out a chair and dropping into it with a small sigh, Rena looks at Braewyn quizzically and remarks: "I can't remember if we were introduced the last time we met. I feel badly for that." Extending her hand to the other woman, she says: "Name's Irene Lee - though most folks call me Rena because I prefer it."

Braewyn bobs her head once, "I'm Braewyn Bridget Potts. The symbol on my clothes is a BB that are back to back to look like a butterfly. So if you see that then I've designed it." She grins, "Well I'm glad you're not out of the fight from your cause. I've been too busy with the show stuff for me to handle anything political. I can't do any schmoozing until after the show. And my job won't let politics drive my fashions. Part of my contract with them because if I did something political, I'd have to represent both sides of the issue, or all sides of it." She swivels her lips.

"Braewyn Bridget Potts - there's a lovely name, now - and no mistake!" Rena says with a bright smile. "And that's clever," she adds, tracing the imaginary butterfly with the tip of her index finger in the air. "I like it!"

The barmaid ambles over and asks Rena what she would like to eat or drink, and she places her order of a simple breakfast and coffee. Turning her attention back to the fashion designer, Rena then props one arm on the back of the chair and relaxes: "I know 'ow that goes. The job's a bit of an issue for me as well. As I works for the MLE, I can't take my politics into work with me - or on duty. Only badge I'm allowed to wear is this one, and I do take it seriously, despite what some may think." Here, she withdraws an MLE badge from her pocket, showing her status as an Auror Initiate. "So yea, no politics on the job."

Braewyn chuckles lightly, "Why thank you for the compliment!" She nods a few times as she listens, "I was reminded of the work policy the other day when I mentioned it to my bosses. That is why we do our own advertising instead of allowing an agency to do it for us. We only give our bias to fashion but not beyond that." She frowns slightly. "I wish I could do more but even on a personal stance, I can't make one because it will always reflect to the fashion world. If I were just a seamstress, then I could sign your petition. My hands are very tied." She snaps a finger, "I did meet one of your fellow workers. Graham…"

Waving her free hand dismissively, Rena shrugs off Braewyn's being unable to sign the petition. "I wouldn't worry about it, love. Every name counts, sure as sure - but at this point, it'll either sink or fly on its own, I believe." Slipping the badge back into her pocket, the young woman then smiles at the mention of her co-worker: "Graham is a good soul - the best of fellows, really. I guess you could say that 'e's a white knight of the old school, so to speak." Pausing, Rena lets out a small chuckle and glances at Braewyn, slightly bemused: "I 'ope you didn't meet due to 'im 'aving to slay any dragons for you, or anything so dramatic as all that."

Braewyn laughs softly, "Oh no. I met him at a sweets shop. I like to get some of the goodies for my staff from time to time. A little morale booster and love does them wonders. I try to show them I appreciate them. Of course, they love it when they all come with me on my travels. If any of them stay behind there is a lot of pouty for several months." She smirks, "Now you sound like you're quite a fan of his? You aren't dating him, are you?"

The breakfast and coffee arrive at their table as Braewyn explains her meeting with Graham. Rena appears to be genuinely happy and thankful for a warm meal, given how she'll have to plunge out into the nippy air soon to travel to work. Just as she cuts into her egg on the plate, the other lady makes her remark about the White Knight and it causes Rena to chuckle at first. Raising a forkful to her mouth when asked if she's dating him, she stops with it held mid-air.

"I… I, no! That is… there's nothing wrong with 'im, of course." Now she blushes slightly, trying (and failing) to sound less flustered. "As a matter of fact, the rogue decided to play at match-maker with me and nudged a young 'ealer at Saint Mungo's to ask me out. I never expected to fall in love with 'im… so be careful!" She stops here and wags her fork warningly at Braewyn with a teasing eye: "'E knows what 'e's doing if he plays with matches."

Braewyn giggles now as she nibbles on her food. Then a sip of her coffee. "Well when I'm ready to settle down, I'll ask him to match me up. I think most men like me as a trophy girlfriend they can show off. Many do not think I have a smart lick about me because some think that fashion doesn't take any thought." She shrugs. "I'm glad though you've found a man. Now who is this lucky guy who I should find and outfit into wedding clothes when that time comes?"

Having only slightly recovered herself by means of deflective joking, Rena digs into her food. However, Braewyn's further urging about the identity of the man in question - and furthermore, when she can outfit them with wedding clothes - causes the redheaded woman to choke suddenly. Taking a long, stimulating swig of piping hot coffee to hide her disconcerted expression, Rena makes an attempt at pulling herself together. Setting down the cup, she clears her throat and says (rather weakly) "T-Takeshi… Takeshi Odori," bringing her eyes up to meet Braewyn's once more.

Braewyn lifts her brows up, "Now no choking on the food, my dear. Else I can't be there to see the both of you in the future married with lots of little tots about. I have to see that happen you know. That way I can dress them up too. So his name is Takeshi Odori. Well good to know. Means I'll have to introduce myself to him so I can assess his fashion style." She smirks, "You are no under my care. Whether you like it or not, I can't have you wearing horrible fashions in the future. I will remind you that my brothers had to put up with me for many years. Not to say that I don't get nosy with their fashions when I visit them still." She smiles widely.

Still very much embarrassed, Rena momentarily looks around her like someone who's searching for a table to sink underneath and use to hide away from sight. However, the abashed smile is mingled with a tinge of pleasure - even if she is extremely shy about the whole thing.

A genuinely amused expression drifts into her features and her dark eyes sparkle mischievously. Hiding a laugh behind the back of her hand, Rena says: "Lord love a duck, 'ave you ever seen the colours they put 'ealers in at Saint Mungo's? I love Takeshi and all, but I can't say as chartreuse is any colour suited to 'im. 'E dresses very nicely though in a suit and tie if 'e's of a mind."

Braewyn laughs at Rena's reaction. "Oh, they just wear that to get the people who are pretending to be sick out of there quick. Because I know I'd be running away fast." Her eyes cross with her tongue sticking out. "I think I get sick just looking at that color. I only go in there when I have to. I wear spectacles with colored lens when I go inside St. Mungos. I need visual enhancers. No way can I live seeing bad fashion all around me. It is a nightmare come to life."

Braewyn's reaction to the typical St. Mungo's colour-scheme causes Rena to join in with her own fit of giggles. Needless to say, she agrees wholeheartedly about their uniforms. "I will say this, though," she remarks at length, calming her laughter a little. "If I ever get in trouble or wind up being injured on the job, I need never wonder where I am when I wake up later on. I'll be surrounded by a putrid sea of sickly green robes."

Auror humor - might as well laugh about the fact that she has a reserved bed in the hospital for inevitable injuries and maladies that come with the job's territory.

Braewyn wags a finger at Rena, "Getting injured isn't allowed, my dear. I do not allow people I know to get hurt. Unh-uh. No, no, Rena. /Other/ people get injured. Ministry people who are name Rena, Isobel and Graham are forbidden from being wounded. You can tell the others I said that." She smirks. "You can get pregnant though. That is a positive up and up in my thoughts. Now I wonder how long I have to wait for that. Same that goes with Mr. Carrow's fiance. I am waiting to hear from her about a fitting for wedding clothes. Maybe I need to work on a portfolio of that sort." She hmms as she ponders.

The amusement in Rena's eyes shows quite plainly, however, when Braewyn says that she's allowed to get pregnant, her cheeks become flaming hot red. By now, she can only laugh at her own embarrassment helplessly, burying her face in both hands: "We aren't even anywhere near being engaged, I'm sure!" Rena exclaims, muffled by her hands. Parting her fingers so that her eyes can peep through at the other woman: "And if I wound up pregnant, I couldn't keep my job for nine… or more months. I'd 'ave to go on leave!"

Braewyn shakes her head, "I'll set up something for you to work at least in a minimal capacity at work. You know I've worked with all sorts of body types for all sorts of reasons. I could always embarass you with the lingerie line of clothing I can make for you and him." She giggles. "I enjoy seeing you blush. This is quite sportive for me. I adore it when I get the new models who have to strip for me for their very first time. I see that blush go from their cheeks all the way to their bums. So cute. Just adorable."

Rena thought it wasn't possible to make her blush any redder or hotter than she already has done during the course of this conversation. But, Braewyn proves to be an absolute genius at embarrassing Rena to her core.

Utterly defeated, the young Auror buries her face in her arms on the table and just laughs. If she didn't laugh, she might cry - and that would be unacceptable. Peering up at the fashionista across the table, Rena shoots her an accusing look and simply states the obvious: "You're terrible, you are!"

Braewyn alternates between giggling and snickering. "You are so wonderful to tease. When I see you next time, I'll just turn around and shake my bum at you." She smirks at Rena, "Well you have to remember I'm so used to scandals of all kinds. Amsterdam would shock you worse than I could ever do. Same for Iceland and the other Noric countries. Then there are some of the rather discreet places in Japan that are just so reeking with scandalous behavior." She grunts, "I'm mild to all of that. The fashion world in Italy and France are also not for you because you'd walk out with seeing all the nude body parts on display. Some just use body paint as clothing."

Rena finally begins to pull herself together once more and raises her head from the table. Sitting up straight - or trying to - she smoothes back her slightly mussed hair with her hands as Braewyn speaks. Every so often, she gives the woman a glance of disbelief or shock, but one word catches her ear and causes her to start suddenly. Blinking, she stammers: "Y-you've been to Japan? 'Ave you really been there?" Her own eagerness gets the better of her, and she forces herself to back down. "Sorry," she makes an attempt at explaining herself. "My… well, you see… Takeshi is Japanese."

Braewyn nods a few times, "Yes, I've traveled all over the world. World Famous Fashion Designer? Means I went to Japan, China, India. Also Australia and New Zealand. I've been to the United States and Canada. I didn't want to go to South America except for Brazil. Another fashion conscious yet body scandalous place. My usual travel is to France, Italy and Japan. They are somewhat fashion conscious with their traditional outfits. I do love kimonos."

Rena looks rather bewildered now. It's plain to see that she admires - if not envies - Braewyn's globe-trotting habits. Having grown up as poor as she did, traveling was never an option when she was young. "I've never been anywhere in the world, really." She admits, finishing the last of her coffee before it gets cold. "Just this continent. And even then, I'd never been outside of London before they came from 'ogwarts to take me along with them to school. It opened a whole new world for me, but… not so big a world as yours." Rena says with a wistful half-smile.

Braewyn chortles, "Well /if/ you do marry him, I'll send you on your honeymoon over to Japan. But you may find yourself being pampered by my host family that I visit when I go there." She smiles, "You know all you have to do is ask me. If you don't want to seem so /new/ to Japan though, next time I go, I can take you with me. There are lots of sights to see. I leave it up to you to decide this. You can talk with your boyfriend about this as well. I don't mind having you and him coming along with me. If you want a full tour, we can take the train all about as well. I have to see if The Tours are coming up. Usually a handful of fashion designers get together and do a full Tour of their fashions about the world. If you do the Tours with me, you may have to find out if you can do work on the road. Lots of things MLEs can do as we Tour."

If Rena was bewildered before; she appears to be even more-so now. The whole notion of traveling like that is far and beyond overwhelming. "Ooh…" she says breathlessly, getting a rather far-away look in her eyes. It's almost as though she can see the things Braewyn is talking about through her mind's eye. "That would be amazing…" The sound of a large clock chiming the hour in the distance suddenly rouses Rena from her reverie. "I didn't realize! I'll be late!"

Jumping up from her seat, a little frazzled, the young Auror grabs her coat and hat and is headed for the door before realizing how rude she's being: "Thanks for the lovely chat, Braewyn," she calls out, pushing her arms into the sleeves of her coat and quickly buttoning it up. "Don't you worry none. I'll be sure and consult you personally for all my clothing needs in future - whatever comes my way!" That said, she's out the door and into the cold.

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