(1938-11-30) Boy Management 101
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Summary: Medusa takes Eibhlin to do some recon prior to Evie's date with Gus.
Date: 30 November 1938
Location: Rosie's Caff
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Pre-date reconnaissance is the name of the game early Saturday, which is why after breakfast Medusa drags Eibhlin off towards Hogsmeade and Rosie's Caff. It doesn't matter if Evie has been into the caff before, she must look at it now with new eyes - eyes which have to spot any potential snafu that might occur on her date with Augustin. Medusa prowls around the various tables, looking at each whether it is occupied or not before she settles on what she declares to be the best table (thankfully it is empty because you just know the Malfoy would have made people move otherwise). After all of that she sits down, tugging off her leather gloves and shoving them into the pockets of her fur coat.

Medusa may look at things in such ways, but Eibhlin - well she doesn't. Not always, after all there are certain aspects which are looked at in fine detail by a Ravenclaw such as herself. Dating however is not one of those things. Settling into the seat across from the blonde with a bit of a sigh the redhead follows a similar routine of removing mittens. "So what makes this one best?" And why does it matter? the second question remaining unasked.

"Because you can see the door but also the bathroom," Medusa begins explaining. "Furthermore, you have a clear run to the door if things are going badly so you will be able to escape before he can stop you." Dating requires precision planning, one cannot just wing it! She lifts a menu from the table and looks it over. "Don't order anything with onions, just in case. Later, not now. I shan't be kissing you so you can have what you wish." Just in case Evie was confused.

"Right," Eibhlin nods just once at given the answer, taking a moment to mentally take note of each of the locations mentioned as well as that of the table itself. Blue eyes turn a glance towards the other girl at the mention of onions, quizzical for but a second before the explanation for that is given as well, "Of course." That at least makes more sense. "But," she asks, lifting the menu to look it over herself, "What if this particular table is already taken?" She, unlike her companion, is not about to ask someone already present to move so she can have it nor does she have the presence of character to persuade them to do so.

The question gives Medusa pause, but only briefly. "We will simply make a reservation for you both. What time did Gus say you were going to have your little date?" The idea that the pair did not set a time for their assignation doesn't even enter into Medusa's mind.

Eibhlin blinks, lowering the menu to just enough to peer over it at Medusa given that question. "He didn't," she replies, a slight uplift on the words hinting at question. That should have been arranged, should it. "Just this weekend."

Medusa looks over at Evie, "I think you will need to lead this horse to water. He is not the brightest bluebell flame in the jar." She is full of cliches this morning. "We will simply set a time for you and you can inform Augustin." Simple as that. Boy management 101 with Professor Medusa Malfoy.

"No," Eibhlin can't help but agree in some aspects, "But he does have his moments," she adds in the boy's defense. There must be some plus in all of it if she's giving him a second chance. That or she's just a magnet for failed dates. She glances at the menu once more, briefly, before leaving it to lie on the table as she looks back to the other, "So, pray tell, is there a best time as well?"

This takes very little thought, so little Medusa doesn't even look up from her perusal of the menu. "Mid-afternoon. After lunch but before dinner. You will have plenty of time to recover from your lunch so a long walk will be ideal and work up just a little bit of an appetite. Then if the date goes well you can linger longer and have dinner." Planned perfection. "And if it does not well you can always claim you had plans to meet a friend for dinner so need to be going."

"Right," Eibhlin nods slightly, filing the information away for later as well. "It really does make sense when you think about it." Really it does, not anything ever works out so perfectly as all that.

"Of course it does." Medusa would claim everything she says makes sense. Always. "So what do you want to have later?" There are so many menu options.

Eibhlin would beg to differ at times, but she has had a good bit of helpful advise of late. Choices, so many choices. A glance back to the menu and she points one out, "I was thinking this," a combination of a bit of meat with a bit more vegetable and no onion.

Medusa nods. "Sensible option. Steer him clear of onions too. Maybe claim an allergy." She orders a cream tea for them both to share. Nothing is as comforting as a pot of tea, fresh warm scones with clotted cream and jam.

Eibhlin nods, "I'll try," she agrees, and she will when the time comes though it likely won't be as tactful an attempt as anything Medusa would pull off. Settling back onto her chair she waits for their order to arrive. "Thanks Medusa, I know you said you could use help with transfigurations. It's not my best subject but I'll help where I can if you still need it."

She smiles over at Eibhlin. "Thanks. I've sort of resigned myself to passing but not doing much better than that. It isn't as if I want to be an auror or a healer so I should be fine." When their tea comes Medusa pours them each a cup and remembering how Evie likes it from last time adds a bit of milk and sugar. "What do you want to do after graduation?"

"Well all the same I wouldn't mind a study partner," Eibhlin notes, leaving the offer open and standing. "Thanks," she says for the tea, pulling the cup closer and using that first sip to test the temperature as a moment to consider her answer. "I've thought about a few things, some more than others," she replies placing cup back to the table, some by the sounds of it being a bit more fanciful than other plans. "Maybe become an interpreter for the ministry," being the most practical.

"I've taken to studying in the chamber of reception, and would happily welcome another." Medusa sips her own tea tentatively testing the temperature before deciding it is perfect for drinking. She likes her drinks to be quite hot. "An interpreter? How many languages do you speak? I am assuming you don't mean some kind of muggle liaison interpreter."

Eibhlin nods, "I may join you then," she agrees. The question brings another pause as the girl picks up the cup once again, counting in her head, "Seven," she . "If you include English," which being a native tongue for many some may not. "But I'm thinking of learning Italian this summer, or perhaps Spanish, maybe Portuguese? I haven't fully decided yet."

The answer clearly surprises Medusa for she has to set down her knife, having been in the process of cutting her scone in half. "Goodness. You really should apply for work with the IMC. All those languages would certainly come in handy. Imagine the exotic places you will get to travel too." She takes up her knife again and finishes cutting the warm scone. Eibhlin has one in front of her too. Medusa spreads some of the clotted cream (it is like a buttery form of cream) over the piping hot scone and then adds jam on top of the cream. Strawberry jam is the norm but Medusa has opted for a tart gooseberry.

"I briefly considered cursebreaking or the Department of Mysteries," Eibhlin admits with a glance towards Medusa to catch her reaction, as she halves her scone. "Interpretation seems more practical though," she adds along with some clotted cream and jam. "I'd ask the same, but you've already explained. Though, how are your plans going for that?"

"If you get a good reference from Professor Black you might be able to work there," suggests Medusa kindly. She doesn't take runes so has no idea just what the relationship is between Eibhlin and Sirius Black. "So far so good," the girl says in regards to her own plans. "Douglas and I are looking at some properties soon. Morgana is going to share the flat with us to help cut down on costs."

Eibhlin nods slightly, "I am doing well in his class," she comments, a consideration of her own really. She may have to consider talking to him about it. A smile and a nod follow for the other's confirmation that plans are going well. "I'm glad to hear," she says, after swallowing a bite of scone. "If there's any way I can help.." she's offering.

Medusa takes a small bite of one half of her scone as she listens to Eibhlin. "Thank you. I think we'll try to have some kind of housewarming over the summer so all our friends can come. It is going to be strange leaving Hogwarts but at the same time I am desperate for that day to come. I feel older with each passing day. Everyone seems so young and their problems so petty."

"Sorry," Eibhlin apologizes, hers likely being some of those seemingly petty problems at the time. "That'll be nice," she says of the house warming however. "And I think I know what you mean. In some ways I'm glad I have a whole year yet before I have to worry about that, but other times I can't wait for that day to come. I'm sure you and Douglas will do well."

She shakes her head, "I didn't mean you. The problems of a friend are never petty." Medusa swallows a mouthful of tea after having another bite of her scone. "I was speaking more of others." She sips a bit more tea and asks, "You know Julian fairly well. Do you think he'd intentionally set up someone he considered an enemy to try and trick them into doing something to get expelled from school?"

Eibhlin dips her chin in a slight nod around a bite of scone which is followed by a drink. "Still," she beings though the mention of Julian brings her pause. "No," she replies after a moment of consideration. "He's very.. passionate about what he thinks, but trickery isn't like him. Why?" The question insinuating a 'what did he do?'

"I can't say anything, yet. But don't mention this to anyone. It isn't something I really should have spoken of as is." Medusa chews thoughtfully as she considers what Eibhlin has told her. "He really is and odd looking boy. I always thought he was gay you know."

Eibhlin nods, "You have my word," she assures, concern in the look she lifts to Medusa, though its tempered by a laugh at the other's remark on the boy. "Lets just say I was fairly certain he's not last holiday," she replies, "That was… a disaster."

Medusa wrinkles her nose. "Eww Evie. Eww. Thank Merlin your taste has improved." The girl is happy to turn the conversation to much easier topics, what to get friends for Christmas and whether or not there will be snow.

Eibhlin shakes her head, "I never dated him or anything Medusa," she assures, "he's just a friend."

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