(1938-12-01) Hogsmeade - Lowve Is In The Air
Details for Hogsmeade - Lowve is in the air.
Summary: Medusa looks into some empty shops with Eibhlin and Morgana. Esther and Myrus decide to go shopping - And Esther begins to lose control of her emotions.
Date: 1938-12-01
Location: Hogsmeade
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Dresed in her thick wool coat, wellies and a knit gossamery silver hat with falling snowflakes that tumble across it Medusa stands near an empty building, trying to peer through the windows. She is unmistakable thanks to the bit of platinum hair that peeks out of her hat and the general wide berth that many students seem to be giving her. Giving someone a wide berth doesn't always mean they have no bravado and one particularly daring (or foolish) fifth year calls over, "Have you lost your snake charmer Malfoy? Maybe Father Christmas will bring you a new one!" She and her friends start to laugh only to run in fear when Medusa's head swivels quickly in their direction and they are levelled with a glare.

Hogsmeade has some clearly discernable advantages for Esther. Firstly, it's a chance to get out of the robes she more or less lives in, and into something else - Today, that means a tight grey woolen sweater, that conforms to her slight body but exposes a considerable amount of her collar, and a pair of tight black pants. A long grey cloak is wrapped around the whole affair, secured with a gold chain but left undone for now. Snowflakes are an inevitable problem for her hair though. She appears only moments after her classmates. It's unusual to see her in Hogsmeade. "Amazing what taking them out of the castle does." She speaks, her breath misting up. The girl is even more pale, out here.

Amused by the rapid departure of the group of girls there is a smirk on her face when Medusa catches sight of Esther. "She's a Snifflepuff she will find it funny now but in half an hour the guilt will set it and by the end of the day she will find me an apologise." Medusa makes it sound definitive as if she has been through this before. "What has you out from the sanctuary of the castle, Esther? I can't recall ever seeing you in Hogsmeade before." But then maybe she just wasn't looking.

"Answers." Esther responds simply. "Safety." Sanctuary exists in many places. With Medusa still acting as a sponsor of sorts, it's safe for her to wander from the castle. "What of yourself? Window shopping at an empty store seems highly unusual." She draws her cloak a little around herself, and hides her fine fingers beneath it.

A chance to get out of the castle is always welcome when it comes. Eibhlin too has made her way out into town, show however is without the group of friends about that some have on such excursions. Outside of uniform her clothing is actually fairly similar in the form of a dark grey skirt and rather plain sweater, or course given the season a wool jacket has been pulled over the top of it all. A glance further ahead up the street finds the rather recognizable Malfoy and its towards her and the other girl that she turns her path. "Nice location?" she notes of the storefront they're outside.

"Answers are not always as interesting as the question," counters Medusa in a rather helpful fortune cookie way. Maybe all those years of divination lessons did rub off on her. Looking back at the building she grins, "I am nothing if not unusual, Esther. You can wait all your life and you will never meet anyone like me." It is Eibhlin's reflection in the window that informs Medusa of the Ravenclaw's arrival. Turning, she responds to the question, "It seems so. Douglas has wondered if it might be better to be less central. I am not sure. It depends on the interior and the price of course."

"Questions are not as always as forthcoming as answers. Although this one does not appear to be answering itself." Esther pulls a bit of a face. "I think you're wholly correct in that though, Medusa. I seem to have met one of you though, which will have to do for now." As if proof of her first statement - No questions from her, just plenty of forthcoming answers.

"There are pros and cons to both I suppose," Eibhlin replies to the idea of being centrally located. "But you're right, the rest does play a part, though keep in mind decor can easily be changed." A bit of a smile and a nod is turned towards Esther in silent greeting.

Medusa leans in against the window, cupping her hands against the glass so she can see even further - because as we all know that helps. "It was a habberdashers before." She steps back and looks at the two girls. "Fancy wandering around with me and seeing what else we can find? I'm meant to be doing this later with Douglas but I know him, he'll get distracted and want to put his hands down my jumper or something."

Esther is standing near an empty storefront, near Medusa and now Eibhlin. She's wearing a tight grey sweater, black pants, and wrapped up in a cloak. Eibhlin gets a nod in return, while she listens - Although heat rises to her cheeks when she mentions Douglas getting handsy. a little more than it should, really. Probably the cold. "I've nothing better planned. More luck finding answers here'n elsewhere." The cryptic nature of her speech probably doesn't help. "… What're we looking for?"

Myrus had gotten up relatively early for a saturday. He liked him some sleep when he could lounge without real consequence. But today was special. He'd recieved some money from home for 'christmas shopping'. Basically it was enough for him to get a spare uniform for himself, and -maybe- some other clothes. As outlined in the letter he recieved from home and basically tore up immediately after. So down the road Myrus walks, spotting the clothing store, and standing in front of it to look, but he sees the girls up the road, and at least offers a wave, waiting to see if they might join him. Preconcieved notion women liked looking at clothes.

Eibhlin laughs lightly, though a light flush colors her cheeks as well given that note about the Gryffindor but that could be just as easily attributed to the weather. "He would," she agrees, "But I certainly wouldn't mind helping you check it out." She considers the former occupant with a tilt of her head. "Can't be all that bad then. Hmm?"

Spying Myruss down the street Medusa says, "Your cousin is here Esther. I think he wants some help." Medusa doesn't go clothes shopping, she is a Malfoy. Clothes come to her. The empty storefront distracts her again. "What can't be all bad? Having Douglas' hand down my jumper? No, it is usually nice unless his hand is cold. Then…not so nice to begin with." She grins wickedly and moves on towards the next empty storefront. "So we need a shop with a flat above it. Big enough for three people to flat share." This takes them a bit closer to Myrus and his clothing quest.

Esther smiles a little bit, rubbing her hands together beneath the cloak in order to keep herself warm. Three people in a flat? Sounds a little awkward, but Douglas is nothing if not weird. "Myrus?" She spies him out, but they seem to be heading in his direction anyway.. So for now, she sticks with the girls. She notes, almost without thinking. "I can't imagine it'd be better cold." The muse makes her blush, if anything, a little more violently.

Eibhlin's blush deepens at that remark, but with a shake of her head she moves on along with the other girls. "I meant being the previous shop," she clarifies, "Not Macmillan. But then you're almost as bad as he is," she teases turning a wink to the older girl. The mention of the other Ravenclaw finds her turning a glance in his direction. "He's your cousin then?" she asks the obvious of Esther.

It would take a few minutes for them to get to him at this pace, but he's patient, watching to see if he could figure exactly what they were doing. Empty storefronts. Hmm. He ponders while he waits, but spies Esther's blush, "It's not /that/ cold, is it Em?" He looks to Medusa and Eibhlin in turn, "Malfoy, Shine. How are you ladies doing today?" Well, he's at least somehow lost his creepy factor down a gutter somewhere. And even as far as Myrus in personally concerned, he liked people not giving him wierd looks. Maybe Myrus would keep acting socialble like this. He kinda likes it.

"The key to romantic happiness. Finding someone who's cold hands don't bother you." Medusa steps up to the empty storefront as they approach it and peers in the large plate window. The shop is laid out differently to the last one and she is silent for a few minutes, wrapped up in her own imaginings. Eventually she returns to the land of the present and offers the boy a, "Myrus," because using his surname would be confusing since there are two Lowes present. "Doing some Christmas shopping? I have heard your sister declare quite loudly that she wants a Jocunda Sykes style scarf." Which may or may not be true judging by the smirk she has.

"Myrus? Yes, he's a Lowe. Although he's not always the…" Em. Esther shoots him a bit of a look. Childhood names aren't for public use, damnit! The cause of her embarassment, although for her own reasons, seems to have cleaned up his act lately. "I thought it would be finding someone who you wouldn't throw out of bed for snoring. I guess you could extend that to cold hands. Or any number of infractions." Another faint blush. After her comment, she gives him a welcoming smile though. Because silly choices or not, they're still family.

He's no bearer of perfect tact when it comes to saying things out of place. Medusa's comment about love and cold hands gets a confused look. Esther gets a littly sly grin when she gets all grumpy-looking at him. "Maybe, cousin, you'll find someone who thinks your hair is perfect just how it is." And a nod is given from him to Eibhlin, "Yes, as she said, we are cousins on our fathers' line." Enough about family stuff, he changes the subject back to the important task at hand. And looks at Medusa. "I'll keep that in mind. But aren't those expensive?" He rattles his hand around in his pocket. If he got the cheap uniform, that would still dig more than half of his money from his pocket today. So luckily he knew how to sew well enough to alter them himself if he needed. But no need to say that here. "Anyhow, what are you all up to?" Since they are one storefront away which was very close, he held the door to the clothing store open now, "I'm about to check on a few new items, if you all care to join me." Invite people to join you. A rule of being nice.

"Is that all Medusa?" Eibhlin inquires, a touch of sarcasm to the words as she sends a smile to the other girls. A nod follows to Esther's confirmation however, and then Myrus' as well, "I see. And speaking of Christmas shopping…" but she leaves it at that as the boy makes his invitation. "Window shopping, but thank you."

"He doesn't snore." Medusa doesn't explain how she is confident about her boyfriend's lack of nocturnal nasal noises. The empty store front draws her attention again. Something about the building has her interest piqued. A dismissive hand is waved, "Go on with Myrus. I will catch up later. One of you at least should ensure he doesn't buy something hideous. Maybe both of you."

Morgana has been out and about this weekend, mostly trying to get some time away from the castle. Coming from the direction of Fawley Farm, she spots the small gathering of people and a familiar blonde head and walks in that direction. "Afternoon." She says politely, keeping her hands in her cloak pocket for now, since it is a touch chilly. "Oh? He doesn't." She says with a sly smile to Medusa. "And how would you know?"

Esther doesn't ask for any more details from Medusa, offering the older student a shy smile. "Perhaps I could come see you later. Maybe you can give me the answers I was looking for. I might find you after we're done here, though." She takes a few slow steps to close the distance between herself and Myrus, leaving one group and joining/forming another. "I'll keep him from bad choices." While the conversation about boys is no doubt about to get fascinating, it's also getting overly populated. And she's entirely uncertain she can battle the cold and manipulate conversation at the same time. A nod is given to Morgana, though.

Eibhlin nods, "Good luck," she sends after Esther and Myrus both as they head inside the shop. She turns towards the voice of another however, "Afternoon Rashley," she greets the head girl though a brow is raised in question towards Medusa.

"Stay strong Esther. Don't let him by anything I wouldn't." With that Medusa walks around the side to the back of the building, looking at it more curiously. Judging by her behaviour she just accepts the other two to either follow or leave her to it.

Myrus gives the departing a nod, smiling at Esther as she approaches him and bids her farewells to the other two girls. Oh, and, "Rashley, good morning." Okay good thing not all of them are piling in on his offer to join him. He had a newfound air about him, but he wasn't an Auror with steely nerves and the patience of a saint to be around such a concentration of estrogen since that incident in the domestics club meeting. He hasn't been back yet. Maybe he'll invite Esther to join him. "Esther," he stresses her name to make sure she knows he's using her real first name, correctly pronounced, as far as the world is concerned for Myrus Lowe. He gives a farewell wave to the others, "Shine, Malfoy. You Ladies, have a nice morning, stay warm," he offers to them before heading inside the shop with Esther.

Gladrags Wizarding Wear
Mens and womens mannequins revolve slowly in the front windows, graceful gestures modeling the latest in formal robes; the kind that will set you back a few galleons. Besides carrying spare Hogwarts uniforms, for those times when you dont want to tell Mum the shredding jinx you set on That Slytherin backfired and decimated your best robes, Gladrags Wizardwear carries the latest in casual wear and formal wear. Various signs throughout the store proclaim, "as seen in the current issue of Witch Weekly," or "worn by Celestine Warbeck at the latest Puddlemere match".
In the back of the store, behind a half wall, near the fitting rooms, is a section of gently used robes, for those having to watch their sickles and knuts. Although comprised mostly of Hogwarts uniforms, there is a smattering of last seasons casual wear, and formal robes from days gone long by.

Esther smiles once they're all alone, placing a hand against Myrus' chest playfully, and pushing him against one of the racks. "'Em'? In public? Silly boy. Although you're playing /very/ nicely, out there." She seems to have forgotten last nights incident. Pushed it out of her mind. She seems happy to get out of the cold though, her cloak coming open, revealing the lightly built prize within. "I'm glad you came…I hoped we'd get to spend /some/ of the weekend together." She states, smiling.

He is easily pushed against the rack, taking the small steps backwards as she takes momentary control of the moment. He just smiles at her begging and explanation of 'Em'. "Yeah, I was hoping that, too. But I need a new sweater. Help me find one." And his hands to her hips, he'd step with his legs on the outside of hers with light pushing of her towards the menswear (well, teen boys wear, honestly) and his arms as well wrap around her within her cloak, taking that prize for himself against his own body as he guides her backward through the store.

Myrus' prize smiles, wrapping her cloak around him warmly, and smiling. "Gladly." She nestles in, cuddling her cousin as he walks around the shop. Here in Hogsmeade, there's less shame about being so close to him, without the walls around. Judging. Dark little thoughts about hiring a room linger in the back of her mind, as she thinks about them… But they fade, as they reach the 'mens'wear section.

This felt.. right. When they get there he'd turn his head and look up at the sweaters and torso-wear for men. Spying one that was a little big, he would probably grow into it himself, but, he passes it on, turning a bit more to look at another few of them. Right in front of them on a bottom rack, there's a grey, base-colored sweatshirt that would fit him only slightly baggey, as it's size was one down from the next smallest of just about any style there, but he hasn't looked at it yet.

Not /quite/ right. Esther hasn't had a kiss yet, but she's busy helping shop. The grey, simple sweatshirt is pulled off the rack, and hen laid flat against her. It's too large, obviously, on her, but it might just fit him properly. "How do I look? Should I try put it on?" She teases, before she offers it to him instead. Her other hand feels her purse, making sure she has it on her. After all, she knows her father is a bit more generous with his coin.

No kiss yet, but there was work to be done! Or at least something that a kiss would definately distract from and probably tangent them off of topic for quite some time. She pushes away from him and grabs the grey sweater. He watches her look at it on herself, and he just smiles. Watching contentedly. The hem of it would easily cover her whole butt. Then he imagined her in just the sweater-
When she offers it to him, he blinks coming out of his imagination world and taking it, turning towards the counter and setting it upon it. "I just needed one, really. And this will do." He was trying to play it down like it wasn't anything, even though he had other plans for it, especially with Esther already showing a size comparison. It would be a little big, but it's just about all he could get for her at the moment, and he didn't know how long it would take to sew the design into it he wanted to put. So haste was of the essence!
He pays for it, and still has a few galleons and sickles to spend on himself. "Now, what else should I get?" He hums, and looking around would get back to her with the sweater in a paper bag, putting his arms around her again, acting like he was obviously looking past her, then he does look at her. "Aha, there's what I wanted." And a light kiss on her lips.

"Y'know, I could probably just wear /this/ and nothing else." Esther mentions, as she hands it over. "Wake up and put on a sweater. I like the idea. You still need to get a present for Scarlet, right? Of course, I was thinking that maybe we could go to a cafe… Or somewhere like that. Find a nice little corner, and… Oh, what?" He found what he wanted? The light kiss has her smile. In a shop, like a normal couple. She returns it, and smiles. Weirdly satisfied from so little, the normality of the momeny makinf her not need more, right now…

Myrus shakes his head. "She never expects much from me, since-" he didn't want to talk about his family right now. Because right here, in this clothing shop, between the racks, they were what one could call a happy couple. He didn't want to poison that apple. "money issues. But a cafe sounds good. Maybe I could get her something from somewhere along the way to the cafe." He then oh's, makes a lightbulb face, and turns around, asking the lady behind the counter patching up older clothing and sprucing them up for a sewing kit. She gives the boy a wierd look, wondering why he doesn't just learn a sewing spell, and he smiles, but purchases it anyway. Takes his little bit of sickles as well to purchase the black, grey, white and silver thread on little spools without digging into his last couple galleons.
He then turns around, "Cafe?" With a smile, offering her his arm cordially, nothing more than close cousins that way, right? "Shall we?" His smile was radiant. It's like he was actually happy today. He'd 'acted and played' so well outside.. Maybe there was more to his mood than playing along.

Esther is thinking the same thing. Although Myrus as her personal domestic goddess is an idea that seems to make her /very/ happy. Her fingertips touch the corners of his lips, a satisfied smile on her own face, as she speaks. "I'm… Glad to see you so happy." He does an excellent job of it. Overall, the pleasant people in her world outweigh the negatives, right now.
They slip outside, and begin to wander towards the Cafe then. It'd be nice to have something not made by an elf. for once.

Rosie's Caff
Rosie's Caff is a quaint little restaurant snuggled on Lovage Lane. On the outside, it looks more like a two story cottage, the old wood building painted a gentle beige with maroon wooden plank trim. A hand-painted wooden sign hangs on hinges above the door, gently swaying in the wind, identifying the little restaurant that has quickly become known for its fine pasties.
As soon as one enters the restaurant, the warm, damp air and savory smell of baking bread fills the nose. Scattered about the room are eight tables with four chairs each, all hand-crafted from thick, heavy-looking wood painted maroon. The room is dimly lit by sconces on the walls and a heavy circular chandelier hanging on thick chains above the center of the room made of the same materials, color and craftsmanship as the tables. The windows are all covered with a thick muslin drapery, keeping all of the natural light out, lending a distinctly shadowy, but not unwelcoming, atmosphere to the place. The walls are a textured plaster in a pale grey, the wide, rough wooden trim painted the same maroon as the outside trim. The only paintings or decoration on the wall is a portrait of a young woman with dark hair that hangs beside the door leading to the kitchen and to the upstairs flat. Beneath the painting is a rather plain, upright piano.

He leans into her touch, and turns his head to pucker his lips against her fingers, kissing the pads of her digits before they head out from the clothing shop to once again hold up the facade that they were merely friends among relatives.
Down the lane they walk, not much attention paid to other people as they talk. He wouldn't ask about christmas or new years, since he knew what kind of.. control her mother likes to keep. It was frustrating, her being of age yet still held captive like that, but he tries to not let that bother him for now. Becuase right now, he and his love were heading into Rosie's Caff. Warmer in here than the clothing shop, he lets out a relieved breath out of the cold, holding the door open for her to enter first, quite the gentlemen now, isn't he? Course, it might always have been that way with him to her when he had the chance. "Smells so good in here," and he was already planning on picking up some recipes from here when he could. Maybe today.

Cold fingers. But it brings a warmth to her cheeks.
Esther seems a little uncertain of directions - She doesn't often visit Hogsmeade, perhaps every fourth available weekend she actually attends. So the smell of the cafe is almost entirely new to her, every time. "Two coffees, thank you. And…" She looks at Myrus, then the cabinets. "A few pasties. Anything else you want, Myrus?" It seems she's taken on the responsbility of paying for lunch, without being asked. And without asking.

Myrus was never one to ask for things, or have means to get them himself. He'd rather do without than feel like he's imposing upon someone else's pockets. But he knew Esther. Of course she and he could argue till they were both blue in the face and she'd pay while he was making a point off on some tangent somewhere. So he just agreed with as few words as she'd used to ask if she could pay for it. "I'd like a caramel creme delight." He says. It wasn't the most expensive thing on the menu, but melted caramel within a pastry housing and powdered sugar on top just.. caught his fancy today.
He'd wait next to her, looking around the shop and seeing only a couple other students here. Hogwarts was small, so he greeted them with last names, as they responded 'Lowes', to just capture a greeting to both of them with one word. That got Myrus thinking as he looked forward again at the counter with Esther right next to him. And it made him smile absently as his mind wandered thinking on Mr. and Mrs. Lowe. Wouldn't even have to change names. Great, then she could mess with him about him taking her name. That made him laugh out loud, but he quickly stops, and clears his throat, "Nothing, it's nothing," keeping away questions from most people.. present company unluckily excluded. He knows she'd probably ask anyway. And he'll answer. That's how it went so many times before.

After so long, you learn to know things about another person. The arguing over payment is a great one. "Two of those. Thank you." She passes over the coins, takes a ticket number, all while observing her beloved. Hogwarts students be damned, she doesn't say hello to any of them. Much less use their last name. She snickers gently, and points to a vacant table. "Let's sit, Myrus. And the difference would be Mrs." She states, her tone playful. Mrs. Lowe. Not Miss, anymore.

Myrus knew something like that was coming. So he covers gloriously over a confused look from Esther's apparent random mention of a married woman's title. Eh, Myrus could care less what they thought, too. And he lets go what he was going to say, and heads over to the vacant table that was gestured to by her. "What other differences would there be, Esther?" Prying for little nuggets of underlying flirtation. Tis a fun game to him. His grin shows it when he sits and looks at her, wherever she may sit in that back.. slightly secluded corner booth. He even sat with his back to the wall so from most of the shop, other than the counter and glass-viewing portion where pastries were on display, could they be seen.

"Well, for one, there are certain rules that would be irrelevant. In fact, completely inappropriate in the context of a married couple." Esther is being deliberately ambiguous, but she loves playing this game so much. She sits opposite, as she thinks. "Living arrangements, definitely. sleeping arrangements. Probably never have to talk to Mother again, which would be a blessing in and of itself." Their coffees and cakes arrive on a tray, set down on the table between them, Esther's hands wrap around the coffee, immediately. Waaarm.

He smiles as she talks about it. "Right. Getting away from parents would definately be a plus for some people." Throw that 'some people' in there so it's not obviously them. Some know his father's outright disgust of his own son's House placement. And in turn, of his own son. At least outwardly.
He grabs his own coffee with a hand on the handle, taking a tenative tiny sip. It's warm, just this side of painfully so, just like the cocoa in the great hall. Have to love drink heating spells. "Mm. You'd have to admit though, the initial yank away would leave some scarring.. or at least be a tough sprint before the long distance run." That initial rip away from both of their families to start a life together would be maybe the most difficult part he expects. Damn food and water, they can hunt their own food. He knew how to cook on a rock and gut a fish. And skin critters. Without a wand. Remember when he was put outside for talking back to his father for two days? Granted, it was summer, so he didn't freeze.

"A new life." Esther mentions, a little sadly. "… Not a lot left in this one I'd like to keep anyway." She uses the term 'I', even though they're in public. She's hurting. "We'll make it, Myrus." It's a moment of weakness, before her gaze grows less distant and she sips at her coffee again. "Just hope that it's all still worth it tomorrow. Right?"

Myrus knows that noone can see him, even if he stands up partially, and dares.
He puts his hands on either side of the plate between them on the table and looks her in the eye. Something about her moment of weakness gives him strength. Great thing about their relationship. When one is in need, the other somehow grows to fill the void left in the space between.
"Em.." he says lowly, "you will /always/ be worth it."

Esther looks up, her eyes watering. She's threatening to cry, again. She teethes on her lower lip, placing her hands over his, as she whispers. "… When we're done, will there be anything left of me to love…?" Playing their games. Turning away friends. She always acts so strong for him, for everyone else. Clearly the last twenty four hours have been hard on her. Without her feeling like the only future she has, is as a monster.

Myrus grins at her, turning his hands over so hers lay on his palm to palm, thumbs holding hers to his lightly.
"If there is your personality, I'll love it right," he leans back to sit, still holding her hands,
"If your soul is intact, I'll keep it warm at night." His smile almost along with the little poem warms up to her,
"If your heart beats within your chest," his hand reached up to place the back of his fingers over her heart on her upper chest beneath her robe, "a dream so sweet to keep it next to mine out of sight." And he stands up again, reaching over and removing his hands from beneath hers to wipe the backs of his forefingers under her eyes,
"If your tears I can keep, they will be my guiding light," and his hands on the sides of her face, cupping her head in his hands,
"And if all that's left is your body that is left of you, I'll hold you close with all my might." He wasn't a poet often. Matter of fact, other than a couple times the mood struck him and he wrote his notes in class as poems, did anyone really know he had any knack for it other than Esther.

It actually attracts the softest of giggles from the sad young woman. Esther smiles shyly, looking across the table at Myrus. She doesn't look around, not worrying about the other students who might be nearby. Maybe she's hoping that they won't hear, or that as cousins, they'll get away with it. Her words are simple. Final. "… I love you."

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