(1938-12-01) Pink Frills
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Summary: Eibhlin and Andromena discuss school, the presents they have to buy, and make it a day of shopping.
Date: 1938-12-01
Location: Harkiss' Candy, Gladrags Wizarding Wear

Afternoon and Harkiss' is busy with a gaggle of younger students filling their bags with any number of colorful candies and jabbering all at once about this, that, and the other thing that happened in class this week. Eibhlin however sits at the counter idly stirring a strawberry soda with her straw as she reads and attempts to tune out the others.

Andromena enters the candy shop, momentarily paused just inside the door as a quartet of third year Hufflepuffs block the way as they find themselves dazzled by one particular display. Easing her way past them, Andromena spies Eibhlin seated at the malt counter and decides to pay the red head a visit.

"Hey Evie," she says as she takes a seat. People sat all around, but there was plenty of space around Eibhlin that she wouldn't have felt crowded even with the addition of her fellow Ravenclaw. "Ooh, I'll take a brown cow, please." That was to say, a root beer float, as the ever-peppy attendant came by to take her order.

Eibhlin looks up from her book at the sound of her name. "Oh, hey Mena," she returns the greeting with a smile. Shifting, she changes which leg is crossed over which so she's turned more towards the other girl, and tucks a bookmark between the pages of the book before closing it. "How are classes going for you?"

"As well as ever. DADA is coming along swimmingly now that things are finally settled." It had been up in the air for just a bit, switching between professors. Andromena found Lestrange to be a good replacement for Merrythought, but it was as yet too early for her to have a very firm opinion on the man yet. Her drink arrived, Andromena took a sip from the delightfully swirled and bendy straw before speaking further.

"Yours? Oh, hey, what do you think about this - after break I was planning on asking Madam Spleen if I could help out in the infirmary." Since Andromena was not part of any clubs, she had the spare time.

Eibhlin nods a bit as the other girl talks, "Mine are going well enough," she agrees. She still hasn't made up her mind on professor Merrythought's replacement herself. Taking a sip of her own drink she swallows, nodding. "Well, if its something your interested in and have the time its seems like a good idea to me."

"That was my thinking," Andromena said in agreement. "I was thinking about joining the Domestics Club, too." Her drink was really very good, and she eyed its contents carefully, not wanting to consume it too quickly. Seconds were a nice idea but she really didn't want to look like a cow. "Just for something fun to do. What do you say, want to give it a try with me? If it's that awful we can always drop out." It was just domestics…not like they'd be quitting something prestigious.

Eibhlin considers for a moment before she commits to a nod. "That sounds like it might be worth a shot," she agrees, "The professors have been telling me that it would be a good idea to at least try out a club or two," she admits, "And this way neither of us has to go it alone." Which can sometimes make such things at least a little easier.

"Yes!" Andromena exclaims, features lighting up. "I've been given the same talk. My professors are all very impressed with my dedicated studious nature, but they've expressed a 'growing concern' over my lack of social involvement." Apparently, nobody had been paying attention to her budding social life, hmph! Still, Andromena knew what they actually meant, and knew too that they only wanted to help her. Since she abhorred the thought of violence, the Duelling Club seemed a poor choice. Nor was she very artistic (SIGH!), but Domestics could be fun. More, Andromena thought the initiative shown by her by attempting to apprentice herself to Madam Spleen would be well received when she applied this summer for an apprenticeship at St. Mungo's. "I was also thinking that I really ought to show some interest in Slughorn. It's not that I'm desperate to be part of his little club, but it would look good."

"Trust me, I know that talk," Eibhlin laughs. "Apparently clubs look as good on applications as grades," she replies with a sigh. She herself had may of the same misgivings that go unvoiced by either girl. As for Slughorn's club, "Well I'm sure you have a better chance than some of getting in there. But Domestics, its sounds like its worth a shot. I mean I know pretty well how to do most of what they cover without magic, but with.." well that's another story.

"I've never tried cooking by either method," Andromena confessed. "After we finish our drinks, we should go pick out frilly aprons," said with a crooked grin. Talk of Slughorn is dropped for now. She'd have to ask Ria her tactics for getting in, and then she could pass them on to Eibhlin if the red head so desired. "I don't want to have to use one of the old school ones. I want to come in and have people exclaim, 'Ooh, there's Andromena Rowle. Her apron is the frilliest.'" Laughing, Andromena gave a shake of her head. "At least that way if I'm horrible at it, I'll still be remembered for how good I looked doing it."

"Cooking is rather like making potions," Eibhlin replies, offering her assurance in the form of a smile. "You'll do find I'm sure. I have some at home. Aprons I mean, but I haven't ever thought to bring one after first year." There wasn't the need for them at Hogwarts after all. "I'd be happy to help you look for one though."

"If you see one you like," Andromena suggests. "You ought to get it." Resting her chin in her hand, one finger idly taps at her cheek. "That's how I feel about that sort of thing, though. It's not as if I go spoil myself, but when I notice something I really fancy, I don't agonize over making the purchase." Not that aprons were on her list of high fashion. Taking her straw with her free hand, Andromena stirs it about in order to better mix root beer and ice cream; so that when she completes the drink little shall be missed!

Eibhlin nods, "Well, if I find one, maybe," she agrees sipping her soda. "And we'll find the prettiest, frilliest one around for you of course. Though, speaking of shopping," she preludes, taking one more drink from the straw before leaning back again, "I suppose I should start considering the holidays too."

Andromena almost chokes on her final drink. Eibhlin has hit the nail on the head…and Andromena had practically forgotten! "Now would be the best time to get some gifts purchased," she manages, just barely saving herself from the embarrassment of spitting her drink. "I need to pick out something for my cousin and brother, and of course…" She waved her hand in the air. "You-know-who. Do you happen to know anybody good at photography?"

Eibhlin almost laughs, a smile forms on her lips but in the end she sighs and shakes her head. "No, sorry," replies about someone good at photography. "I should find something to sent to my mum and I'd like to find something for Gus, but I'm not quite sure what yet."

"Darn," she cursed mildly. "Maybe we can find someone in Hogsmeade?" There was enough eclectic stuff tucked away between your standard student haunts that she just might get lucky. "I'll bet I could ask the woman from the Three Broomsticks if I had to, she looks like she knows all sorts of things," in reference to Fabia. "Luckily I've already picked out my presents for my parents, so that makes things simpler. Have you asked him about it at all?" Andromena queried when Eibhlin mentioned a gift for Gus.

Eibhlin nods, "Or maybe check with the arts club? They might know someone." Surely if anyone did they would. "She might be worth asking too," she adds of Fabia. For others she replies with a shake of her head, "No, it hasn't exactly come up yet, but at least I still have next weekend before the break." For shopping in Hogsmeade that is.

"Yeah," said Andromena when Eibhlin mentioned the Arts Club. Finishing up her float, Andromena gently pushed the cup forward and away. "Shopping for guys is harder than I would have thought. I mean, you might think: Oh, he likes Quidditch, I'll get him something related to that…but everybody and their brother likes the game, so how original is that, really?" And she wanted to be original, for her gift to have some meaning. She sighed her frustration. "A shame I don't know Gus better, or I'd offer some ideas. Oh, I bet you could ask Douglas MacMillan, though!"

Eibhlin laughs, her soda soon finished as well. "Right? I'm sure you could find him something related to Quiditch that's meaningful," she adds, collecting her book so to be ready to head out if and when Mena is. "I could ask Macmillan," she agrees, "Or rather, I suppose I should. He's bound to have some idea."

Andromena, drink finished and paid for, hopped from the stool. "Let's go see about those aprons," or apron as the case may be. "You might even catch sight of Douglas if he's around." If not, there was always ample opportunity back at school. That said, Andromena began to make her way out of Harkiss'. Hopefully her fizzy drink would brace her for a day of…shopping.

Heading out of the candy shop Andromena and Eibhlin head down the street to Gladrags Wizarding Wear. "So then," Eibhlin inquires of the other girl as they enter the shop, "Besides frilly is there anything else you're looking for? A particular color perhaps?"

Peering this way and that, Andromena questions her decision to come to Gladrags to search for just an apron. Would they even sell such things, here of all places? No harm in looking, she supposed. To Eibhlin, Andromena answered, "Pink. Why not? Let's go all the way." She began to make her way towards the back, since most assuredly it would not be found in the front with the rest of the wizarding world's latest fashions. Andromena was quite tempted to stop and browse, but no! She was on a specific mission. Besides, today was a day for getting other people things over herself.

There's a good many things that catch Eibhlin's eye on the way to the back of the store as well, but she follows a step or three behind Andromena to avoid the racks of clothing. "Pink it is then," she laughs. "Pink and frilly." Pause. "And you're sure Black will go for that look? He seems more the dark brooding type to me."

Eibhlin's question gives her something to consider as she gently parts items of clothing hanging upon a rack. Oh, would that she could say what she really wanted! But no, that would be highly inappropriate. Instead she opts for, "I don't think he'll pay it much mind if I set a tray of brownies in front of him." Great…now she was worried about if her boyfriend would like her choice in aprons. Should she have consulted him about it first? "Actually, I think as long as it was something of good taste Alphard wouldn't say anything. He does have an eye for fashion," which might surprise some, maybe. "Is Gus the same way? With clothes, that is." He was a little French, after all.

"Well, if he has an eye for fashion than I'm sure he'll appreciate whatever you pick," Eibhlin attempts to reassure the other girl. "Of course I'm sure the brownies wouldn't hurt," she adds with a smile, flipping through a few things on the rack herself, pausing on one now and again to take a closer look. The question about Augustin brings a pause, "He seems to be," she replies, "honestly sometimes I feel a little under-dressed with him."

"I can understand how that must feel," Andromena says sympathetically. To be a girl and yet somehow be under-dressed beside your boyfriend? Blech! "On the bright side, you can always try to bat your lashes at him when you see something you fancy and he might just get it for you?" Andromena giggled. She wasn't interested in having a boyfriend simply because they could potentially be manipulated to get her things, it was just amusing to poke fun at the fact. Whatever Andromena was looking at then was pushed aside, and she moved further down the rack.

Eibhlin shrugs lightly, turning through a few more pieces of clothing. There's nothing particularly wrong with her clothing, but it is somewhat on the plain side. At least uniforms make everyone even, mostly, during the school week. "I couldn't do that Mena," she says, turning a look towards her friend. "But what about this one?" she asks, pulling out an apron that on would cover the thighs in a medium pink with white polka dots and a frill about the bottom.

"Only teasing," she assures the red head. Taking a look at her selection, Andromena pulls her choice down. Upon her features is the most shamelessly excited grin. "It's good but…" She holds the one in her hand up for Eibhlin to see. It is white, with soft pink frills, about the same length as the one Eibhlin had found. The difference is upon its front is a cartoon-styled dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, to be exact. Clutched between his stubby, dual-clawed hand is a wand. The T-Rex appears to be grinning, insofar as a mightily fanged mouth can! Below him in dancing letters it read: With Magic Anyone Can Cook! "I think I have to have this! I've always loved dinosaurs." Dragons, too!

Eibhlin nods, replacing the find on the rack only to turn back to survey the other's selection. "Well then I think its perfect," she agrees with a laugh. When you have to have something, you have to have it. "Adorably funny."

"I think so, too," Andromena said with a laugh of her own, glad that Eibhlin shared in her mirth. "Let's get this purchased, then, and if you want, I'll tag along to any other shops you want to go to?" Since Eibhlin hadn't needed to come with Andromena to Gladrags. And it wasn't as if Andromena had any pressing business elsewhere. Sure, there were a few things that weighed on her mind, but there was nothing she could do about them. As far as she was concerned, things would happen as they must. She made her way to the counter to make her purchase.

"No, I'm good," Eibhlin replies with a shake of her head. "I don't have anything pressing to pick up today," she explains, "but if you like, I could be tempted by some window shopping."

"Sounds good to me," said Andromena, just as the woman behind the counter passed her her bag. That in hand, Andromena motions for Eibhlin to lead the way as they depart from Gladrags and back out onto the street.

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