(1938-12-02) Formidable Women
Details for Formidable Women
Summary: Breakfast and Andromena is joined by two of the more formidable Slytherin seventh years proving it is not where you dine but who you are.
Date: 02 December 1938
Location: Great Hall

Andromena is seated beside Ria within the Great Hall for that most important meal of the day: breakfast. Andromena has selected an apple and a bowl oatmeal spiced with cinnamon. (Or do English people at that time call it porridge? I don't always know these things and would prefer not to waste my post time with research.) What's important is that Andromena is eating! Just delivered unto her by the lovely little post owls was a care package, from her delightful cousin Phil no less, and Andromena has just set it aside as she says to Ria, "I wonder what she sent me."

Ria is not very popular at the Ravenclaw table this morning, with various students within the house throwing her death glares or mutter and looking in her and Andromena's direction. The Slytherin prefect, howeingver, is unashamed and unapologetic for sitting next to her friend, casually reading over a newspaper and also picking at her morning bacon and toast. "Oh how nice of her. I wonder what she sent you as well," Ria glances over at the package. "I take it you two are close then?"

Andromena was through being apologetic. She had wanted to appease both her House as well as her boyfriend, but had learned - thankfully quickly - that it was impossible to do both. It was not every Ravenclaw that hissed as Andromena entered the Common Room, however. Still, she would have sat at the Slytherin table with the prefect except the Beast was there and making an ass of himself. Ravenclaws were at least passive aggressive creatures. Stares could be avoided whereas bad smells and the need to pick through her food was not. Talk about the previous day had yet to come up. "I'd say well enough," said as she began to unwrap her package. No point in delaying! "But since she is older I don't see her all that often."

Let's see…some books on…etiquette? Andromena flipped them this way and that, and then set them aside for the time being. Next was a note, and with it a drawing. A drawing of a dress! Giving the note a quick read, Andromena began to grin broadly, passing the picture Ria's way. "She's just asked me to be a bridesmaid!"

Ria is more than happy to accommodate Andromena, despite the leering and the jeering going on about them. She's just delicately placed a slice of waffle into her mouth when her brows raise and eyes light up at the picture. "Oh! It's so…pink!" she quirks a brow. Not really her color, for sure but she does say, "I think it'll look perfect on you though. Just the right shade and you've got the skin for it. Any other specifications she has for you? Hair? Jewelry?" Because when it comes down to it, the Slytherbitch likes to dress up and dress others up should they allow her input. "But why etiquette books? Is there a fear that you'll screw up?" She gives Mena a wicked grin.

"Maybe her fiance wants something really traditional," Andromena muses, not quite sure. She'd always thought herself very graceful, and so wasn't worried about tripping or something equally awful. "No other specifications, though, just the dress." Like Ria, Andromena herself shamelessly adores having reasons to get dolled up. Should the occasion ever arise, Ria would certainly be allowed to play dress up with her Ravenclaw friend. Because as everyone knows, it's possibly even more fun to just be the doll. "I'll be seeing her before Christmas, so we'll probably talk about it then." Unable to help herself, Andromena gives one of the books a quick flip-through. Maybe she'd have to ask…Lara…

"You've got to read this," Andromena passed the book to Ria, finger holding the particular page the other girl was meant to take a peek at. Needless to say, her cousin Phil was a clever, clever woman.

With pursed lips, Ria appraises the dress design carefully and ultimately gives her approval. "Well if that's going to be her theme color, I'm assuming its going to be something fairly romantic. I have some jewelry that would go darling with that dress, but it's at home. So perhaps you should come by during winter holiday and see what you like," she shrugs. Is that an invite? That's an invite. To play dressup. They couldn't be more seventeen than in this moment. (Well Ria's technically 18 now). Taking a sip of her orange juice, Ria leans in as soon as Andromena calls her attention to the book. A small, contained smile spreads in her face, "Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. May I borrow that whenever you're done?" Not that she doesn't already have a queue of her own books to read, serious or not. "So any more details on when and where you're going to meet the Blacks?"

Oh such joy! Andromena would dearly love to visit Ria for the holidays! "That sounds wonderful," she chimed happily. Before returning to her breakfast, Andromena carefully stows away everything back into the original package from whence it came. "I don't think I've had such a busy holiday in my life," she confesses, spoon hovering just before her bowl. She'd never talk and eat. Ew. "There's my cousin, obviously time at home, Alphard's own party," which duh, of course Ria was invited to. Medusa was helping plan it, so Andromena didn't doubt Ria knew something about it. "And then the big family meet up…and no, we've not talked much more about it since writing to our parents. Maybe he's just waiting to hear back from his," and here Andromena imitated Alphard's way of saying mother perfectly. "Mama~." All high class and ultimately snobbish.

Ria blinks, since it is in fact news to her. "Oh Alphard's having a party? I wasn't aware. That ought to be fun though. Just young folks, I'm assuming." These waffles. They need more syrup! And Ria pours an obscene amount on her breakfast. "I'm afraid dear, you'll have to fit two more items onto your agenda," she says, holding up two polished fingers. "One being the Sykes Christmas Ball. You should be hearing about it from your parents soon." The Rowles are part of the Sacred 28 after all. "The other won't be taking place during the holiday though. Would you be willing to come with me to the Slug Club winter soiree? They can be rather awkward, but the food is good and it's an excuse to dress up." Yay more reason to pretty themselves! She practically snorts up her juice though when Adromena immitates Alphard, "Spot on. I've written to his Aunt Dorea about you, highlighting your mind, your grace, your wide hips." She smirks to Mena, "Next target will be his family, perhaps hearing it through my own mother or something. I think you'll be in good shape by the time it comes to actually meet them."

"Oh," Andromena says when she realizes Ria had not, in fact, known about the Black Ball. (Let's give it a fancy name, shall we?). "Well, the invites should be going out soon enough. Nobody below the sixth year, there shall be champagne, all the right people," she gave a wave of her hand. Medusa Malfoy was doing a better job planning it all than she, in her humble opinion. Alphard would do all the final approvals, of course.

"Oh, sure, I'll come. I've been meaning to ask you if you had any tips for getting in. I really need to make it look as if I'm more involved than I am." A nod of her head for the Sykes Christmas Ball, of course she'd be there. It was promising to be a real Holiday Extravaganza! Finally, talk circled back to the somewhat-dreaded Black-Rowle meet up. Leaning in just a tad, Andromena confided, "Maybe it was just me, but the other day Professor Black asked me if I liked," insert some fancy food the upper class ate here. "And while he's commended me on my work in class before he's never…been personable?"

"Sounds promising already. This is going to be one very busy holiday indeed," Ria says with a nod. Though if she does get an invite, it will likely be due to her good relations with Alphard. "Yes, well the Slug Club has largely to do with connections and perhaps a tad bit of talent. I don't doubt that Kaiden, Garrett and I are all in mostly to do with our name and perhaps because Jocunda is so goddamn famous." After all, she has her own wizarding card and bust in Entry Hall. "I can try and bring you around more often, really talk you up to Slughorn. And then after the holiday I can have a chat with him and slip in a recommendation. How does that sound?" Not a guarantee of course, but Ria would certainly try. Her lips purse at Andromena's confession. "You're kidding. Professor Black said that…is there anything else he's said to you lately?"

"I couldn't ask for more," Andromena said with a quick grin as she set upon her apple - she cut it into dainty little slices. Just biting into it seemed so…well, she just did not care for it. She was hardly adamant about getting in, though it would certainly look good. That was what everybody liked to tell her, anyway. The talent Andromena felt she possessed, and if it was connections Slughorn wanted? Then he need look no further than her own friends amongst the club already. If he was the envious type, then one might point out how Professor Black seemed to be starting his own little get-togethers (gross, shameless rumor, but why else did they exist but to goad others?). Andromena, at Ria's question, gave a quick pause to scour her memory for any other possible tidbits from the man. "No…nothing that I can think of." She and Ria are seated at the Ravenclaw table, where the Slytherin prefect is getting some decidedly pissy looks, and both girls are pointedly ignoring them. It's mid-breakfast, Andromena has an opened package at her side, and the girls are busily chatting away.

Breakfast on Monday. Medusa is late in, which in itself is unusual as she is an early riser, and she looks a little worse for the wear. Not hungover but…she is walking a bit funny. A glance goes to the Gryffindor table first and her face turns red but she doesn't venture there. The Slytherin table gets the second look and the sight of Captain Floppyhair has her avoiding it. No self respecting Malfoy would sit with the Snifflepuffs so that leave Ravenclaw. Handily she has a few friends there. Hobbling slowly over Medusa gives some insipid tiny girl near Andromena a glare and then like magic claims that amazingly (and quickly) vacated spot for herself. Medusa looks down at the package between her and the Rowle, "Bugger I missed the post too." As she reaches for a glass of juice she nods to Ria, "'Morning."

Ria smirks and nods, "Excellent. Again, talent does help a bit. So what are your best subjects or perhaps some of your future goals? That way I can play up your strengths and what not." There's a look on her eyes as if she's on a mission now. In regard to Professor Black she shrugs, "Well maybe you may not need my help that much after all. What did you end up saying to him?" A few more bites of her syrup doused waffle and she tastes a bit of heaven. Medusa's entrance into their party earns bit of a head tilt from Ria. "Morning Medusa. Hard time getting up this morning?" They're only a few beds away after all. Even Beatrice Nott and all her prissy morning rituals beat her cousin out the door.

Andromena watches with no small amount of amusement as the other Ravenclaw vacates her seat as if it were suddenly hot coals. The grin she's wearing, however, falters somewhat as she takes in Medusa's current state. Something is…off. Maybe she's not feeling well, though Andromena is hesitant to venture that question just yet. Picking up her package so that Medusa has more room to comfortably, Andromena sets it at her feet. "I'll take all the help I can get, however…and I told the Professor that I've not had the opportunity to try such a delicacy before. I wish I could say he smiled, but the pull at his lips could have really meant anything." To Medusa, "Everybody is allowed a late day once and a while." Unless you were Malfoy's cousin. Then she was just late and early was the exception.

"Something like that," comes Medusa's noncommittal response to the question about her slow rising. "Are you talking about Flint? He's like that, rarely smiles. He smiled at me during my Magijugend interview and I wasn't sure how to take it." She snaps her fingers and points to a clean plate across from her. The girl there blinks at being addressed even non-verbally by the Gorgon and hands over the plate. "How did things end up with Alphard and that fool?" She assumes Andromena knows. With her clean plate Medusa begins adding her usual breakfast fayre of sausage, egg, toast and freshly sliced tomato. However, rather than eating it as one typically does she makes a little sandwich.

"Actually, we're talking about Professor Black. Though Flint seems to be somewhat unreadable as well. In Black's case, it may well be attributed to the age and the heavy wrinkles on his face. I can't tell any expression he's making anymore," Ria shrugs and since she's devoured the rest of her waffle like a struggling animal, there's nothing left to do but spoon up the syrup like soup and eat it that way. It's almost repulsive. The usage of 'that fool' elicits a few other harsh looks at Medusa's direction. "Things ended up the way they should have. If you don't count Alphard getting jinxed. Lestrange dealt with Julian, and we're now waiting on what the administration will do with him and the rest of his party for that mattter." Thus explains the strange tension all around the Ravenclaw table this morning. Ria too makes the assumption that Andromena already knows.

Andromena adds, for Medusa's benefit, "Professor Black was asking me if I liked certain foods." Her lips broke into a grin, and then she began to giggle a bit at Ria's description of the Ancient Runes professor. "You know," said just after she finished a bite of apple. "I saw him last night after the fact." Him being Alphard. "He was still displeased," a very loose word for the tirade Alphard went on. It seemed an age had passed before the youth had finished waving his arms about and frothing at the mouth over Julian's gross misconduct. "Though eventually he calmed himself down. I hope that today he'll actually be in a good mood." A sharp look from one of Edward's fan girls was given an equally sharp look in return. Either Andromena possessed a colder stare, or the fact she had two well-known Slytherin girls on either side of her meant that the opposite Ravenclaw looked away first. Whatever the reason, Andromena took pleasure in it.

Thankfully Medusa is able to lean back and use Andromena's body to block her view of Ria's eating habits this morning. "Really? Perhaps it has come to his attention that you are his great-nephew's girlfriend." Medusa takes another bite of her breakfasty sandwich and listens as Andromena speaks of Alphard. It is only natural for her gaze to find its way to the sixth year section of the Slytherin table where Alphard usually held court with his cronies. "Ouch!" exclaims one of the girls across from Medusa. The Malfoy girl smiles sweetly at her - that this had been one of Julian's groupies glaring Andromena's way was surely coincidental when it came to Medusa's booted foot connecting with a shin. "Did you get anything nice for your birthday Ria? Did Kaiden tell you I made him a cake?" Which is not perhaps unusual given that Ria was likely one of the few who knew Medusa and Kaiden were a bit "chummy" last year.

Ria doesn't need further explanation on the word 'displeased'. Her mouth makes a straight line as she gives Andromena nod to confirm that she knows exactly what the girl meant. Licking her lips of syrup, and washing it down, a subtle smirk forms on her lips. "Mena, you could put him in a good mood," she leans forward to rest her chin on her palm, "It shouldn't be too hard." She waggles her brows at Medusa in a 'Am I right?' manner. The mention of Kaiden earns a pout from Ria, "I couldn't find him all bloody day! I just assumed he fell into a girl's sweater and couldn't get back up. Talk about family loyalty. Did he like your cake?"

Alphard was in fact shamelessly holding court at the Slytherin table. His seething indignation and embarrassment of the day before wasn't completely gone, just buried under the surface. In public he was projecting his usual mask of arrogant and smug self satisfaction, though. If anything he seemed to thrive on the numerous glares he had recieved for his part in th Edwards setup. "Really, I hadn't even drawn my wand. But then again you know they'd tout it as a grand victory even if they'd managed to hex me while I was naked and skinny dipping in the Black Lake." Cue eyeroll. "Of course I knew Edwards and them were honorless scum; that they were planning on cheating was obvious from the Mud Army he'd brought. But to attack me without warning while we were still conversing?" He shrugged. "No matter, boys. I'll show them when I put Cavenaught into his place."

"Perhaps it has…" Andromena agrees with Medusa. "I just never thought he'd…hm. Alphard rarely makes mention of him, so I suppose I assumed he'd be above such a thing." The Ravenclaw had taken to looking abashed, having not known Ria's birthday had only just passed. And here they were supposed to be friends now! That was all washed away rather quickly when the prefect mentioned cheering Alphard up. She had the grace to blush, if only slightly. "No, no Ria, I don't think you understand," said with a shake of her hand and a waggle of her hands in the air. "When he gets a certain way I don't find it wise to get too close." As though he were some sort of rabid dog you knew not to come toward while it was eating. A slim hand flickers Black's way, as if to prove her point. The snippets of his conversation could be heard now and again, when certain other Ravenclaws weren't trying to drown it out. Lowly she says to the two Slytherin girls with her, "I let him get it all out and then I see about cheering him up."

"Sensible, Andromena. Best to avoid him until he can be of use to both of you." Medusa grins and sips her juice. The idea of Kaiden spending his birthday face deep in bosoms has her chuckling. "I sent the cake via messenger," she informs Ria. "But I do know he received it. I rather hope it was in front of that bitch Crocker." A glance over at the Slytherin table and she wiggles her fingers in greeting for Alphard. "He's much calmer since you two became closer, Andromena. Much calmer."

"I have a strong suspicion that Alphard's not too fond of his Uncle Sirius," Ria conjectures, based on past interactions she's seen between the boy and the professor, "I'm just assuming though. I could be wrong." Alphard's loud voice carries across the hall. All the way to the Ravenclaw table, where the usually well-behaved house bites their tongues at the noises coming from King Alphard's court. Ria on the other hand has spoon as much syrup as she can, instead lipting her saucer up to her lips to top off the rest. Even if this image is barbaric, Ria has the strategy down to make it as neat and lady-like as possible. "With him," Ria gestures to her house mate across the way, "I would say that is a sound strategy. But there's nothing wrong with spicing things up now and then. Surprising him by being the agressor. I mean look at your cousin Phil. She cornered and snogged her man first. And now they're getting married." Bad advice Barbie here.

"Honestly, you'd think Edwards and his mudstained friends would've thanked me, anyhow. All this time they've been complaining about an aura of fear at Hogwarts, at rule breaking and.. whatnot. What sort of standard would it set for the younger students if we'd gone through with it? Suddenly you'd have every little would-be hero throwing dangerous spells around nillywilly. Now I have enough talent to know how to handle even dangerous magic, of course, but can that be said for everybody?" Alphard shook his head. "Of course it can't. Kids would be hurt, perhaps killed, and all because of Edwards' failure to consider consequences like an adult." When he caught the looks that the Slytherins and his girlfriend down by the Ravenclaws were giving him, he answered with a languid little wave in return.

"Well…!" Andromena had lifted a finger into the air, punctuating a thought currently left hanging in the air. After giving it a mental once over, she decides to follow through, looking between both Ria and Medusa. "I did take my cousin's tip, you'll remember Ria, about the eyes darkening and such?" Her own brows dance high upon her forehead. "She was spot on. He wasn't ina bad mood then, though." Maybe one day she might try and 'spice things up' as Ria had just suggested, but that time was not likely to be soon. Andromena could just imagine as Alphard spluttered and pushed her away. 'Meanie, REALLY.' "He is calmer though," to Medusa. "I've even noticed there are less kids that smell like toilet water lately." Instead, he'd just focused his aggression on a few people. More like one specifically. Andromena wondered: if Alphard didn't get it out of his system, would it boil over in an insane fit of rage? Finally, a look is sent toward Ria and her need for sugary sweet syrup. Andromena herself loves a good waffle, but…She chose to give Alphard a lazy wave.

"I taunted Douglas until he kissed me." Which isn't the same as kissing someone first, but it isn't exactly waiting patiently either. Medusa reaches for an orange and begins to peel it. "He really is quite good at it. All those idiotic girls who fell for his horrible chat lines did me a service." Ria gets a glance but seeing the spoon and the syrup worship the Malfoy girl looks away. "Has Andromena mentioned Alphard's party to you Ria?" The party she and Andromena are organising for him to host with his Black largesse.

Any looks Ria may get from her open sugar addiction are either ignored or not noticed. No one can really tell the difference. But she puts the plate down with a satisfied look on her face once all the syrup has been eliminated. "Oh you're kidding, that's brilliant! Good to know Alphard passed the not gay test," she snickers and wiped delicately at the corner of her mouth. At Medusa's strategy she nods and says, "See that's how you do it and get them to stick around. I've never seen Douglas sit in one place for that long. Not like that bitch Crocker. She's so lewd and fast that everyone gets bored with her and then when they're done being bored, they become nauseated." A good way to bring the conversation back to people everyone loves to hate. They are excluded from that list. "She has! Very briefly though, tell me about it."

Alphard continued to hold court, and would until it was time to leave. Answering suitable questions as flippantly arrogant as he could, and ignoring the ones that he didn't want to address. Ever so often he'd look around the Great Hall, and if someone glared particularly nastily at him, he'd smile. That smug smile that said he'd won, and what were YOU going to do about it?!

What a note to tune in on. Jenny's head cranes around, from some coffee induced hibernation at the Slytherin table, so that she can look towards the group being eyed up at the table nearest. "That reminds me," it's mostly to Medusa that she's speaking, since she's the one that brought up the party. "He asked me to help with the beverages. So if I could get a list, at some point, I'll have a better idea of what I'm working with." Instead of switching tables compeletely though, she simply turns around on the bench, to offer a more measured level of attention.

To be fair, Medusa doesn't exactly have the reputation for being highly focused, unless she is scheming. "I can assure you that Douglas has excellent concentration skills when he chooses to employ them." She grins knowingly and casts a look over her shoulder towards the Gryffindor table where her gaze briefly meets his. For some reason both of them look a little red in the face. Thankfully Ria is rabbiting on about someone Medusa loves to hate and so she turns back to the two girls. "Stuart has a book on American women. It says how they are all slappers basically." An segment gets pulled away from the orange and popped into her mouth. Chew. Swallow. The usual. "Alphard wanted to host an elite soiree. Andromena volunteered to organise it for him and I am her able helper." Read Medusa is teaching Andromena how to navigate the tricky waters of elite pure-blood society. "Of course you are invited. The formal invitations will be hand delivered this week." Hand delivered by a gushing pawn of the Slytherin Queen no doubt.

'That bitch crocker' is someone Andromena has had little enough interaction with, but will happily hate alongside Medusa Malfoy and Ria Sykes. She just sounds like someone the Rowle girl wouldn't like, although it is to be noted that her perception of her has come from two girls that have every reason to dislike the female in question. As for getting boys to stick around…Andromena is busy trying to sort out things she was learning about herself as a girlfriend, which was hard enough. She could only hope she wasn't blundering about and through sheer chance doing everything wrong. In her defense, things seemed right. "I like Douglas," Andromena announces cheerily. "He seems like a good guy to me. And yes, having all that practice does do one a service. I couldn't tolerate a boy slobbering on me while trying to hastily cop a feel." She makes a face, and allows Medusa the go-ahead to explain the Black Christmas.

"I'm sure you help him choose properly," Ria smiles to Medusa and raises her brows to Andromena as if to say 'see what I mean?'. Luckily, the conversation allows for Ria to neatly avoid any talk about her own love life. "Slags, every one of them," she confirms the notion about American girls. Washing her syrup down with the rest of her orange juice, Genevieve's chime in makes Ria raise her brows. "You too Solomon? Mena, is everyone contributing to this party? Does that mean I should bring something as well?"

When Genevieve butts in Medusa gives her a pointed look. She hasn't decided yet how much she is willing to tolerate the overly chipper Slytherin. "I will have someone give you the list so you can plan how to play server." With a shake of her head she says to Ria, "No one is contributing but Alphard. He's clearly hired Solomon to be waitstaff for some reason."

"I hadn't known," Andromena told Ria when Genevieve mentioned that she was to be a help with the beverages. She sent a questioning look toward Medusa. "I rather thought that was something you'd already prepared for the house elves?" The drinks, that was. Alphard had made little mention of his party unless herself or Medusa actually brought it up, but she supposed Alphard would do what he wanted. Her shoulders lifted into a shrug as she took the last bite of her apple.

"Actually, he invited me as a guest," Jenny clarifies, offering an easy smile Medusa's way. "But given my familiarity with…serving." Bartending. "I offered to help. But only because he assured me it'd be a proper get together and not a bunch of standing around, sipping from tall glasses looking bored. I don't serve." She mixes. This should be clarified. Incase the little Bee got confused. "Some things are better done by people, besides, I promise not to embarass anyone with my company." Now did she mean herself..or her guest? Oh dear.

"Champagne of course." It doesn't need saying really, despite Medusa having done so. "We should ask Mrs Travers for the recipe of that drink she made for us at the weekend, Andromena. Send her a nice letter. Alphard really liked it." Medusa eats another segment of her orange and looks at Genevieve with some amusement, "I cannot imagine what kind of social gatherings you have been to Solomon. Ones filled with sweaty athletes no doubt with a lack of conversation due to the lack of intelligence." Her head turns towards Andromena and Ria, "The guest list is small intentionally and no one below sixth year is included. I do so despise small people."

Ria looks to Medusa, then to Genevieve, then to Andromena at the utter lack of confusion as to who was playing what role at the party. Topping off the rest of her juice, it turns out the truth had clarified the situation. "Well that's that," she stands up dusting off and straighening her already pin straight skirt. "It's not that I might contributing Mena, only I have a few projects I need to work on. But say the word, and I shall be happy to help if really needed." She neatly arranges her used plate and cutlery onto the table in true Ria fashion for the house elves to pick up. "Anyhow, I will catch you all later. I've got a letter to write," she winks to Andromena, waves to the rest and heads out of the Great Hall.

"Good idea," she says to Medusa. Andromena rather liked Mrs Travers. A letter it would be, then. "I have informed Ria of that," regarding the absence of little people. The Ravenclaw pondered just what sort of definition Genevieve applied to a 'proper' get together, but decided not to pursue it. As the Slytherin prefect departs, Andromena sends her off with a friendly farewell. By this stage so late at breakfast, the other Ravenclaws have given up trying to make any of the trio of girls (Solomon not included because she had stayed at the proper table), feel guilty or ashamed of themselves. "I had better start making my way to class," said as she gauges the time. "Medusa, Genevieve," as she got to her feet, Andromena offers each a small smile. "I'll catch the two of you later."

"I dunno," Jenny admits, with some honesty, looking thoughtful. "I've always found the conversation decent, but then, your boy, he's a pretty much well..exactly what you typed trying to insult me. So, be careful your own taste doesn't end up in your insult? I'd have at least said something like, 'What would you know about conversations and parties, you can't keep one up and the only reason you're ever actually there is because of yer mum, Solo Solomon.' or, 'The only reason you're on the list is because Black has some misguided sense of loyalty to his team mates.'" The girl shrugged, picking at her skirt. "I'm not sure—-," Jenny paused, offering a dip of her head towards Ria when the Prefect departed and another, to Andromena, when the girl aimed to follow suit. Oh great. Now all of the buffer's were gone. "Have a good day, Andromena."

Her fellow seventh year is given a wave and Andromena a, "Good luck," although that isn't elaborated on. Medusa peels another orange segment and looks over at Genevieve. "Careful with assumptions Solomon, they tend to be wrong. My 'boy' as you called him is vastly more than a simple quidditch player. But given your penchant for eavesdropping I am sure you will soon learn more about him. About us both no doubt." She pops the segment into her mouth and gives her watch a glance to see how long she has before her first lesson. "By all means come to Alphard's party, he has some like for you despite your oddities, just don't expect those of us who aren't posing as help to interact with you."

"I know they're wrong, Medusa," Jenny points out, her tone sounding well, tired. She even reaches up to rub her temple for a moment. "That's why I pointed it out. The things you gripe about, are the things you do. My socializing with people, but you do the same thing. Having a fondness for people who are often stereotyped at a glance, but..you do it too. And I wasn't eavesdropping. I got the information from Donovan, whom I also kept away from the little gathering, because of his penchant for violence. I just, don't act like you." One shoulder dripped away, not quite a shrug, but almost. "Sometimes I actually wonder if you're happy, how much is for show, how much you actually feel, sometimes it's a little pity, but perhaps that is what makes me odd."

"You sound like a Snifflepuff, Solomon." Medusa pulls apart the last two orange segments. "Donovan is it? Slumming with the mudbloods never does any Slytherin good." She eats one of the segments and listens with obvious amusement to Genevieve's psychoanalysis of her. "Tell you what, if you suss out a way for me to be happy let me know." The last segment disappears by the way of the first and Medusa wipes her hands clean using the napkin which had been resting on her lap. "In the mean time I will wallow in my misery and pen dark poetry."

"Hah," Jenny points out grinning, at Medusa's expression, given the amusement on her face. "I've amused you. Is amusement happy? I've just accomplished your task. But don't worry," the minx mused, pushing upwards to her feet, "I promise not to tell a soul that I'm the thing that makes you happy." Offered with a wink. "As for my slumming, everyone has different…motives, I suppose is the word. No. Methods. Both of which are productive in their own effective ways. Mine is simply different. There's about thirty seven different ways to skin a cat and that's before one considers magical means, after all."

"Many things amuse me." Medusa rises to her feet. "And an equal number of things also irritate me. You seem to swing back and forth between the two like an overly perky pendulum." A younger Slytherin comes up to Medusa with an armful of books. "Ah, Travers. Good. Let's go. I know how you don't have much time to get up to your class." With that she walks off, trailed by the smaller book ladened student.

"Just marking time," is the ever easy response in regards to the girl's remark about her being rather like a pendulum. "Just marking time. Have a good day, Malfoy." The parting was offered, as the girl reached over the shoulder of a lingering fourth year for an apple and dropping it into Genevieve's pocket, started off.

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