(1938-12-03) A Howler Dinner

OOC Note: Much liberty was taken in regard to Headmaster Flint's actions in this scene. Flint does not write letters home to announce failure or success at getting into the Magijugend, and those that do not make it are essentially just ignored, not called into his office. I'm not going to try to adjust this log, but in future RP, please hand-wave away any reference to Flint taking such a direct hand in these things. — SeanCee

Details for A Howler Dinner
Summary: Cory gets a howler, various people offer advice, then conversation turns towards (unsurprisingly), the Black-Edwards show down.
Date: 1938-12-03
Location: The Great Hall
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It's getting to be about dinner-time, and students from all the Houses are filtering in and taking their places at their House tables. Elise is sitting with other Ravenclaws of her year, looking pale and tired. A few owls flit here and there, delivering letters to students and the occasional faculty member.

Cory walks into the Great Hall, he looks like he's been crying as he walks over to his house table and plops down. Cory push's his plate away not really hungry tonight just wants to be alone.

Andromena was not seated at her own table this evening, that of Ravencalw, but was instead seated beside Alphard Pollux Black at the Slytherin table. Admittedly, the two are not all that far apart, but after yesterday's breakfast where the sixth year had been accompanied by the two heavy-weight Slytherbitches, Andromena had decided to return the favor. Before her is her meal, not quite so largely piled as the plate next to her. It belonged, not surprisingly, to Alphard himself. From where she sits, Andromena can see Elise rather easily enough, though Cory's decidedly dejected entry does draw her attention for the moment.

Alphard eyed Cory as he entered, somewhat dubiously. But where he would have normally come with some cruel jibe about crybabies, the fact that this particular firstie was a Slytherin, meant he just shook his head slightly. He went back to chewing on his steak. As usual his plate was laden with food. A mountain of it. As much as could fit. There was every chance he'd be having just as large dessert when he was done, too.

Oh, was someone crying? Elise was too busy yawning to notice, and anyway he's not at her table. Seeing Andromena over there, however, she'll give the girl a little smile and a wave.

Cory is keeping his head down, a few of his fellow Slytherin look at him but shakes there head and whispers crybaby around the table, he doesn't care what they right now.

Andromena returns the wave. Elise is a younger girl and too wrapped up in her own sleepless-troubles to warrant anything less. It was certain other people that Andromena wanted little to do with, though Thaddeus Cornfoot gets a wave, too. Really, who would ignore him? Further down from her, a fifth year Slytherin girl, either out of genuine kindness for a fellow member, or because it was too good a chance to pass up, asks Cory, "What's all the sniffling for, Travers?" Just then, however, Andromena is busy watching Alphard eat. Medusa had mentioned it once.

Cory looks up from his spot at Andromena. "I just came from Headmaster's Flint's office, I-" Cory never got to finish that before a Owl flew in from one of the upper window and around the great hall, when it reach's the Slytherin table it drops it's payload, the envelope flutters down and lands on the empty table in front of Cory, everybody who see it can tell it's a Howler.

Elise sees the Howler arrive. In fact, a red envelope like that can't fail to attract attention and soon all eyes in the Great Hall are turned to poor little Cory, sitting there before his Doom. Elise gulps and starts rooting around in her pockets to get the chocolate ready. She sends Andromena an anxious glance.

The girl that addressed Cory 'Oohs' when the Howler arrives, and promptly turns to her friend, whispering in her ear. The two girls, like many other students, fix upon Cory. Some eyes are sympathetic, such as little Elise. Others are…less so. In fact, some students look downright eager to hear the Howler's contents. Andromena is not one such as these. Whatever must have happened obviously warranted it, though. The names 'Flint' dropped with those tear-filled eyes was enough to clue anybody in.

"Nothing for it but to get it done and over with," she tells Cory, a cup held idly in one hand.

"Someone's gotten themselves into trouble," Alphard said. Unnecessary, obviously, since everybody knew what a Howler meant. Even if Cory was a fellow Slytherin, Alphard's nature couldn't help but reveal itself in the cruelly bemused expression he wore. He leaned in against Andromena, one hand lazily draped across the shoulder closest to him, and then prepared for the fireworks. "What do you think it's about? I'm hard pressed to think of exactly what sort of trouble a Firstie can even get into. Aren't they all cuddly little cake-munchers afraid of their own shadows?"

To Cory he said: "What she said. They get worse if you ignore them."

Cory glups and looks down at the envelope and nods before he picks it up and rips it open, as soon as it open it changes into a semi looking face with big lips. "CORY JACOB TRAVERS, How dare you shame your family name! we just got the leter from Headmaster Flint that you din't get in the Magijugend, Your father is steaming mad and threating to Disowned you, we won't be able to show ourselfs out in public ever again after this not to mencing none of the Carrow's will talk to me after this." Cory put's his head back on the table and begins to weep again.

Elise winces at the words of the Howler that can be heard even from as far away as she's sitting. Then she stands up and crosses the distance. "Hey, I'm sorry," she says softly, and slips a couple of chocolate bars onto the table next to Cory's hand. "Don't cry, okay? Please?"

"Wasn't that one weird little Gryffindor kid with his long winded," and here Andromena put up her fingers as if in quotes, "'Apology' to you a first year? I don't see him as a cuddly cake-muncher." Or afraid of shadows, truth be told. Andromena subconsciously leaned inward to Alphard when his hand laid itself warm and comfortable across her shoulder. If the pair hadn't looked close before then, they certainly did now. The Ravenclaw left her food alone for the time being, choosing instead to watch events as they transpired as well.

The end of the tirade earns a blink. A quick look to Alphard to gauge his reaction - in this case she'd take her social cues from him. Was it really that dire? Or was there more to it all? Then Elise was there, passing Cory some chocolate. A nice kid, Elise. Maybe a little too kind-hearted.

Alphard idly fingered the silver magijugend pendant that hung around his neck as he listened to the outraged voice of Cory's mother. There were snickers aplenty through out the Great Hall, of course. Though some looks of sympathy as well. Just not from Alphard, who just rolled his eyes. "I guess that'll do it. So what did you do to get refused, Travers?" Obviously it couldn't have been his blood status. Both the Carrows and the Travers had impeccable pedigree. "Have to have been something that made the Headmaster think you weren't worthy of it."

He watched Elise play the nursemaid with a snort. "Aww.."

Cory looks up again, his eyes are all red. "it's my fault, I'm to soft, don't know why the Sorting Hat even put me in Slytherin,I'm a disgrace to my family." He does take a bite of chocolate but know's his life is now over.

"You're not too soft," Elise says. She'll try to pat his shoulder if he'll let her. "And… and you're not too soft," she says. "You're just… eleven. That's no crime. Why, even your parents used to be eleven. I think they're being too hard on you, really. Perhaps with a little time they'll stop being so cross," she suggests hopefully.

Andromena was not sure what to think, except that the failure to join the Magijugend was between the boy and his family - even if his mother did use a Howler to make it a rather public affair. A look was sent toward Alphard. Travers was part of his House, so he ought to have some small opinion on the kid in general. Still…

"If you feel like you're a disappointment to your family, then all you need do is improve upon those qualities they wish to see in you." Blubbering about it never served anybody any good. It was not that Andromena was entirely heartless so much as she found tears to be a wasted expenditure. Elise is given a slight nod before Andromena goes on to say, "Time will make them less cross, unless you keep doing…whatever it was you did." Then they'd just get angrier. To Andromena, the solution to the problem was simple! Good ol' fashioned Ravenclaw intellect.

"Right now you're making a lot of us question why you ended up in Slytherin, Travers," Alphard commented dryly. "But the Sorting Hat usually knows his business. So stop blubbing like a pathetic little girl, and get a grip. Like Meanie said, if you don't want to be a disappointment then you'll have to change your ways. Focus on school work, keep the right sort of friends, don't get into trouble." Hah, that was a good one, coming from Alphard Bloody Pollux Black. "Either way, please stop making those noises. You're ruining my appetite."

Cory shakes his head. "I don't know why Headmaster didn't let me join, my family is pure, I answered all the questions truthfully." he nods and wipes his eyes with his robe sleeves.

Elise sends Alphard a pouting look. "You're not helping, Black," she tells him. She sighs and pats Cory again. "There are plenty of other clubs," Elise tells him. "Broom flying, for example. And the Arts Club, and the Domestics Club, and… well, I suppose your parents would be terribly upset if you joined the Mud Club. But there are lots of others. And Andromena is right. All you can do is focus on what you can change - like your grades, and staying out of trouble."

Speaking of appetite, Andromena has turned back to her own food. Unwilling to let it get cold, nor altogether that interested in continuing to watch the woes of another student, she tucked in with all the healthy zeal for food a young woman ought. She rather wished Elise had not called out Alphard. Likely he was willing to ignore her before that!

"What's your truth, Travers?" She asked, pausing once more to toss the question his way. Then, to Alphard, "Wait, are we not allowed to discuss those things?" She knew the Magijugend did not talk about what went on on the 'inside' but she had been there for Proudmore's interview. What's more, Cory hadn't made it in! Still, best to ask these sorts of things from one who would know.

Finally, she waves Elise toward her. If the girl accepts, there will be a whispered word of advice for her.

"You obviously botched something," Alphard said with a shrug. Though Elise got a nasty look the moment she mentioned the Mudclub. "That's brilliantly helpful of you. You 'suppose' they'll be upset?" He scoffed. "He'd be disowned so fast if you blinked you missed it. Infact it probably isn't very good for him to be seen around you, either. So perhaps you should just move along before you make things worse, eh?"

With a grunt he went back to his meal. No more talking for a while. Too busy stuffing his face.

HE also shrugged to say.. Travers wasn't Magijugend.. so he could talk about whatever.

Cory nods. "I'm in the Arts club, I play the flute and I never get in troble, I told miss Malfoy about my pure family and I dislike muggle blood for they stole pure blood like our magic, but don't mine halfblood but they have to be watched."

Elise drifts a bit closer to Andromena when the girl beckons, even as she turns red from Alphard's words. The look she gives Cory is just… sad, and she shakes her head a bit. She's standing next to the Slytherin table, closest to Andromena, who is sitting next to Alphard, and not far from Cory.

Her back to the Slytherin table, Eibhlin has been minding her own business picking slowly at her food while much of her attention is set to a book beside her plate. Even so there one hears the conversation going on around them and it's Alphard comments that the redhead finally turns around. "Leave her alone Black, she's just trying to help. Just because you aren't capable of empathy doesn't mean others don't appreciate it."

Andromena receives Cory's answer with a shrug. Maybe he had worded things differently in his interview? She could always ask Medusa about it later, if she remembered it by then. As Elise nears her, Andromena drops a quick word…and as she's sitting straight once more there comes the voice of Eiblin! Why did everyone insist on saying things to Alphard? If they were just quiet he'd pay them no mind. He was even becoming tolerant of Eibhlin, in her humble opinion. But what more could Andromena say? So she instead took a sip of her drink.

"Who asked you, Shine? What do you know about it, anyway?" Alphard made no attempt to hide his withering contempt for the red head's uninvited opinion. He twisted in his seat to send her a coolly dismissive look. "A farmgirl without a clue. How about you don't speak until you actually have something intelligent to contribute. That girl isn't helping the boy, she's making his problem worse. I was being helpful by actually pointing it out. But perhaps it'd be more sympathetic of me to pretend that cozying up to the likes of her is going to magically make all his problems go away, eh? Perhaps if she just wants to help, that will prove all the difference! Because 'good' intentions obviously always matters. Bah."

Elise shoots Eibhlin a grateful look, then leans in to listen to Andromena's whisper. She gives the girl a sort of confused look, but nods. Her face turns even more red at Alphard's words, and then she turns stiffly and walks back to her table, sitting near Eibhlin.

Cory, Eibhlin, and Andromena are sitting at the Slytherin table. Cory just got a Howler and he's been crying about it, to the chagrin or delight of others present. Elise had tried to comfort him with some chocolate, but Alphard just told her off, and now she's joined Eibhlin at the Ravenclaw table. Cory looks quite upset.

And if he were quiet they'd have no reason to say things to him. Funny how that works. "Sounds to me like she's was trying to help him thing through the problem." Not that she'd heard very much of what that particular problem is." Eibhlin replies meeting Alphard's gaze, but there she bites her tongue instead turning an apologetic glance to Andromena. When Elise takes a seat at their table she turns to the younger girl, "Don't let him get to you."

Ria runs a hand through her well brushed hair tiredly as she steps toward her usual spot at the Slytherin table, eyes somewhat delighted upon seeing Andromena joining them. Only, she's brought other birds with her apparently, or was it Cory's tears? Women are suckers for children's tears. "What happened here?" she looks around to the company, as she rolls her sleeves up carefully and gets into dinner mode.

The truth was, Eibhlin - with Elise now at her side - are at the Ravenclaw table. Andromena is seated beside the ever delightful Alphard, and all around have just had the pleasure to witness a Howler explode in the face of a now very-depressed looking Cory Travers. It is everyone's favorite meal, dinner. And if it's not your favorite meal you're probably some sort of weird anorexic anyway and shame on you.

Andromena suppressed a little sigh, what with Alphard and Eibhlin currently at odds over Elise's attempt to cheer Cory up. To Eibhlin, "Sadly, it seems Travers' parents would hardly smile upon their son spending time with someone such as Elise, no matter her desire to help. Alphard was," in his own special way. "Just trying to point that out." Andromena sent both girls an apologetic look. Elise was young yet, maybe she'd get out of the Mud Club and get her priorities straight. With the right guidance.

To Ria Andromena said, "Travers got a Howler. Seems he didn't make it into the Magijugend."

"Here I thought Ravenclaws valued intellect and logic. Well, I'm sure when she tries to help you by splashing you with oil the day you catch fire.. you'll be full of appreciation. After all.. d'awww.. the pwoow widdle gwirlie meant well." With a cruelly mocking laugh, Alphard turned away from Eibhlin.

He gave Andromena an eye-roll for sending her fellow Ravenclaws that apologetic look. AS if there was anything to apologize for! "Hey Ria. The little Ravenclaw there thought she'd cheer him up. Mentioning all the wonderful clubs he could join instead. Though she 'supposed' the Mudclub might not be the best fit. Sterling intellectual potential in that one, eh?"

Cory lowers his head again, he not crying this time just seems down. "maybe I should just run away, and never return, then my family will forget all about me and have another kid who will honor them."

"A pirate is supposed to spread good cheer wherever she can," Elise tells Eibhlin softly. "Even to people we don't like, or people we disagree with." She sighs. "Sometimes it's very difficult." She gives the older girl a bit of a smile for the encouragement. "Thanks." As Alphard continues with his cruelty, her fists tighten in her lap and she glares down at her dinner, mouth tight. Her back is to him at this point, so he wouldn't see it. Her anger seems to leak right out of her, though, at Cory's despairing words.

"Oh," Ria says briefly but stretches her arms up and yawns in avoidance. As co-overseer she may have known something about that. Maybe. A glance to the side. "Yes well, Mud Club certainly is no fun. You're better off in Domestics Club, they bake things. Can't lose there." She does quirk a brow to Cory though while she takes a seat next to Andromena. "Sure, run away if you find that's the best option. Or stay, make something of yourself, and prove them wrong. A plate, please." That first half was to Cory, the second half was less cold, more polite and directed to Andromena.

Eibhlin nods slightly, "Yes, well, even pirates should perhaps think a little more before they speak," she suggests gently. Mention of the Mud Club in this particular situation after all was not a good choice. "But you're right, some people make it difficult," she agrees, choosing herself to ignore Alphard's taunting. "Some like to focus on differences instead of similarities."

"Watch where you are going mudblood!" The snobbish voice of Nerissa is heard as she enters the Great Hall and frightens a little first year Hufflepuff muggleborn who was unlucky enough to get close to her. She sneers down at the frightened boy and sniffs dismissively. "Did your worthless parents teach you no respect at all? Stay out of my way or you will regret it." She flounces over to the Slytherin table and settles down with a sigh. "They really need to do something with the amount of mud in the halls these days." She sniffs again and begins to pile a plate with a small amount of food as she glances down the table to see who is here.

Now Andromena is rolling her eyes. If there's any despair to be had from her it's only to wonder if she had ever been so horrifically emotional and sensitive at that age. Sure, there were a few personally embarrassing moments in her life - like that time she was playing hide and seek with her cousin and just so happened to find herself in the poker room with her grandfather and all his elderly friends. She had scared them, they had scared her, it was all just…well, not to the point.

"I've suggested much the same," Andromena says to Ria as she passes her a plate. "But before he made any mention of running away." Her tone, if not her expression said exactly what she thought about that. She says nothing to Alphard because…why would she disagree with his point of view ever, let alone in public?

Elise takes out a piece of paper and a pencil from her pocket and starts writing something down, concentrating hard on the task. She looks up at Eibhlin. "You're right," she says. Nerissa's entrance she tries to ignore, but it's kind of hard. Still, she tries not to react. Leaning in toward Eibhlin she whispers.

Alphard scoffed, ceasing his attack on the massive amount of foot piled atop of his plate for the moment: "Don't be pathetic, Travers. And you wonder why your parents are disgusted with you. Take the setback as an incentive to achieve greatness. If you run away you'll never get your O.W.L.s, and you'll be as good as a Squib. You don't want to be mistaken for a Squib, do you? No. That's even worse than being a Blood Traitor."

His gaze was drawn towards the sound of Nerissa making her way over. "Hey, Nott," he said friendly enough.

"Hello Black." Nerissa replies to Alphard's greeting with a faint nod of her head and a much more friendly tone than she used with the first year. She takes a bite of food considering those at the table. She does look to the Ravenclaw table briefly before her critical brown gaze wanders away again. She eats quietly for now a thoughtful and calculating look on her face as she watches the halls occupants.

"What Alphard said," Ria casually agrees with Black as she delicately begins placing food on her plate. "Guess what, Cory. Last year, I lost my badge because an asshole housemate decided to attack me got me in trouble for defending myself with magic." She leaves out that the said asshole housemate was the dead Triwizard champion Leander, and that she perhaps was doing something rather shady when he stumbled upon her. "And I too got a howler from my parents. So I sucked it up, studied, kept on my best behavior, and Slughorn gave me it back." She gestures to the shiny silver prefect badge on her breast. "There's always a way to recover - no tears or running away necessary. Evening, Nott." She throws Nerissa a greeting when the girl arrives.

Eibhlin just shakes her head. She agrees with Alphard on that point, but right now its likely in everyone's interest that she remain outside of that conversation. There are enough others to talk the boy out of it anyway. She returns a quizzical look for Elise's whispered comment. Really. "No," the older girl replies with a shake of her head. "But we can talk about that later if you like. I need to finish some reading," she goes on to explain as she collects her book and stands to take her leave of the hall. Its not so very conducive to study at the moment.

Andromena is glad that Ria shares her opinion over tears, as well as sucking it up and doing whatever was necessary to make things better. The Slytherin prefect shares something of her regard for the father figure, which gives them an understanding of one another. As Nerissa makes her way over to the table, there is a greeting from Andromena as well.

"Running away admits defeat," she tacks on after Ria finishes speaking. And oh how Andromena detests such a notion. Defeat implying one had failed. Failed utterly. It was something she was ever loathe to accept of herself.

Elise isn't far behind Eibhlin, preferring the red-head's company over some of the conversation she's hearing. She brings her paper with her, rolling it up and tucking it into her pocket as she goes.

Alphard threw Ria a sideways look, but didn't comment on last year's setbacks.

It's all about ambition, Travers. You have to have the ambition to want more, you h ave to fuel that part of yourself. Let the other Houses wallow in self pity and pathetic tears. We're Slytherin. One way or another, Travers, we always find a way to win. Remember that. Never give up, and never accept that there's not a way."

Cory nods again, he get's up. "thank you all, I need some time to think though." and with that he leaves to his favor thinking place.

Ria couldn't be more on the same page as Alphard right now. With the two of them double-teaming brilliant, inspirational advice to the younger Slytherin, she finds the need to fist pound Black while she sips at her soup. Her fist is held out to Alphard when the boy walks away. It's like she didn't even care if Cory took their advice, for she enjoys the sound of her own voice enough. "Any further death glares from your house Andromena?" she smiles to the remaining Ravenclaw. They're all sitting at the snake table eating their dinner.

"They've cooled down a bit," Andromena answers Ria. "I think everyone is waiting for the fallout from Edwards." Or maybe a few of them had actually thought better of harassing the girl that not only had two of the most well-known lady Slytherins as friends, but Alphard Pollux Black as her boyfriend. Which was more than amusing to her, given that he was the damned source of their bloody passive aggression.

"And not all of them consider me some sort of wicked traitor." There was Shine, despite her words with Black just a few moments ago. And Thaddeus, too! Sure, he was one of Medusa's best friends, but that wasn't the point.

He could have continued to offer great advice, but it seemed that Cory was all ready filled to capacity with the shere awesomeness of Alphard. Though he had earnestly been trying to help the younger student, it couldn't be denied that about seventy percent of his motivation came from just enjoying the sound of his voice. Twenty percent was due to how much he enjoyed others having to listen to his wonderful opinions. The last ten percent, though, they were defiently selfless! Or at least came from a desire to see House Slytherin not be populated by a bunch of crybabies.

Hardly even looking, Alphard answered Ria's gesture. Boom. Team Awesome.

"Makes sense. Everything's a bit quiet for now. Calm before the storm."

Gresham is just minding his own business, munching away on various bits of food, sitting at the Slytherin table, watching the comings and goings, and chit-chats and things, whilst reading through his textbooks for the multiple classes in which he's enrolled. Fun times. Munchmunchmunch, turn page, munchmunchmunch, turn page; ponder wand, ponder life, the universe, everything, ponder '42'.

"What do you think? He'll get expelled?" Ria ponders the possibilities as if daydreaming, "Sometimes I wish I were in such a position of responsibility. Or else I'd take a pool of when and how bad his punishment would be." A fork slides out of her mouth leaving a piece of chicken behind on her tongue as she chews in a lady-like manner. "Should anyone give you trouble Mena, you let me know. I'll have it taken care of," she offers to the Ravenclaw. And then looks to Alphard with interest. "I have to admit Alphard. I'm curious. How ever did you get Lucian to agree to assist you on this?"

Andromena watches as their little fist-bump comes together. The only thing to have made it better would have been the 'explosion' fingers after they came apart. She's coming to the end of her own meal, the last few bites taken in a contemplative silence. Ria's offer to take care of any nasty problems that might crop up for her due to the Black-Edwards controversy leaves Andromena feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

"I'd not hesitate to lay my problems before you," then with a grin she gestures toward Alphard. "You'll just have to share that burden with Alphard here." Since he had already made a similar offer. It was nice feeling as though she were wanted, Andromena was forced to admit to herself. It was the sort of lesson one could never learn until they actually stepped out of their seclusion. The mention of Lucian, however, draws a thoughtful frown into view. The Ravenclaw had nothing to do with the accord met between the two boys, even if she might have wished otherwise. As yet, Gresham is unnoticed, because he is being quiet and studying.

"If it were anyone else I'd put my money on an extended suspension, with a lot of time with Pringle. But since it's Edwards, who thought it was a good idea to write a petition asking for Professor Flint's removal.." Alphard shook his head with a self satisfied glint in his eye. "I'd not be surprised if he got expelled."

He sent Ria a curious look, then one in Andromena's direction. He shrugged. "I just explained my plan to him, and he was onboard. I didn't have to convince him. If he'd turned me down I'd made it work another way. He wasn't really my first choice, anyway, but Medusa convinced me. Though she really wasn't very helpful once she was there, trying to 'mediate'. Things went better once she left."

"I think she over estimated her influence on him quite severely."

Gresham continues munchmunchmunching… quietly. Not too audibly. And reading. Quietly. Very quietly, and focused-ly. Practically burning holes in the pages of his textbooks, so focused is he.

Ria raises a her goblet of water to toast it to Andromena, "Excellent, I'm glad to hear it!" A brief clink against her friend's glass and she takes a sip before placing it down. Gresham's intense concentration catches Ria's attention briefly. "Ollivander. If you don't focus on eating for a second, you'll forget to swallow and then choke. Then I'll have to save you life which is extremely inconvenient since I consider meals a respite from my duties." The words come more as a scolding than one of genuine concern for the boy. Alphard's reply though certainly catches her interest. "Hmm you're kidding. I would have never guessed you two would ever back away from each other's throats enough to make anything happen. I'm rather proud of you Alphard," she snickers. But the bit about Medusa arouses another bit of surprise, "Influence on him?"

Alphard's gaze was drawn towards Gresham when Ria addressed the boy. It didn't linger, though. He continued to cut into his dinner, with the pile of food in front of him slowly diminishing.

"She was the one who recommended him, and she came along to 'mediate', so I assume she thought she had some kind of handle on him. But her presence just seemed to make him more of a contrary and sanctimonious bas-" he cut himself off. "Regardless, once she left we managed to get along with business. We worked out the plan without incident. Then.." and here he sighed.. "And we allowed that since we're both Magijugend and Slytherin, and he's only in school for another six months, we'll.. be civil. A truce. We're.. 'good', whatever that means."

"Did he ever tell you how Rashley showed up? That wasn't part of the plan." Though it worked to their benefit.

Yes. Stopping before the word bastard was a very smart move on Alphard's part. "Hmm … that's odd. Last time I checked they were a rather chummy pair," Ria plays none-the-wiser and shuffles the food around her plate before clearing her throat. "Well now, see. Didn't I tell you that playing in teams isn't so bad. You'll find that Lucian is a rather useful ally. He usually doesn't disappoint, so long as you're willing to compromise a bit," she throws Alphard a knowing smile. A frown though when Morgana is brought up. Yes, it may have worked in their favor, but Ria doesn't seem all to happy with it, "I wasn't expecting her at all. And I don't think he was either. I have no clue how she found her way over to us, but it was rather annoying having to deal with another meddling Ravenclaw - No offense Mena. You don't meddle."

Andromena had seen things from Medusa's perspective that day after she had left Lucian and Alphard to hash things out on their own. She still wasn't sure what exactly had gone on, but determined it wasn't her business to pry. More, things appeared to have worked out for the better, and so why question that? Alphard's look was met with a slight shrug of her own, just before she pushed her emptied plate forward. Thoughts on Julian's possible punishment were met with a sip from her cup. He'd been keeping a low-profile the past few days, but Alphard was right. It didn't look good.

The cup gets clinked with Ria's own when she lifts it toward her, but for the time being she was content to listen to Alphard's answer explaining things between himself and Lucian. "I'm proud of you too," she tells Alphard with a smile. Not that she hadn't told him how wonderful he was already, but you know, it never hurts.

"None taken," said to Ria. What she should have said was that when she had tried to meddle it hadn't gone at all as planned, and so now she'd just take direction from Alphard. The shame.

"Well," Alphard started with a grimace. He might have agreed to a truce but it was quite obvious that he hadn't quite grown comfortable with the idea yet. "He seemed genuine in his desire for a new start." Unlike the last time when Alphard had brushed away the olive branch with less than kind words. "So I decided I would be magnanimous and let the past be the past. After all, the Magijugend must stand together. There are too many out there wishing to see us fail." Perhaps he was growing up a bit this year! Andromena's 'I'm proud of you' earned her a vague eye-roll.

"No.. he didn't. On the other hand.. the vibe I got was that he was the reason she was there. I didn't really think of it at the time.." But his shrug said he'd had a few thoughts since.

He blinked, looked at his plate. It was empty. How'd that happen?

Ria can hardly believe the rational words coming out of Alphard's mouth. She's trying not to break into two big of a smile, so with all her might, her cheek muscles try to keep the corners of her mouth in. This results in a odd pucker as if she's just eaten something sour. "It's a smart move. The Greater Good entails a collective, though some people who oppose it tend to forget that," she smirks, but then throws Andromena a look that gestures to the Black boy but says, 'Did you do that?' That last bit of conjecturing makes her hmmm with interest. "That sounds odd. You reckon he told her?" After finishing the rest of her food, she neatly organizes her dirty cutlery again to be taken away.

Why did she get an eye-roll? A look was sent toward Ria: what did I do wrong? This ended up causing some consternation which Andromena buried within the depths of her cup as she peered towards its ever dwindling contents. When it was at last set aside, Andromena's expression was once again a serene mask of calm.

"It's possible Rashley saw him and got curious?" Suggested tentatively. For all that Morgana was a Ravenclaw, she was also Head Girl, and Andromena saw her rarely. She could not guess at any potential motives. More, Andromena knew little of Lucian beyond reputation and what she heard from either Alphard or Ria.

"Alphard needs little enough help from me," she told the Slytherin at her side, grinning somewhat. "He asks my opinion from time to time, but in the end it's all him." Others were free to think Andromena had some hand in 'calming Black down,' and perhaps in a way that was true, but Andromena did naught in the way others would consider manipulation. She was still much too honest for that sort of thing.

"Yes, it's odd. Thus my idle curiosity. But if he did tell her, then why didn't she try to at least minimize the damage to her House? She's not Magijugend or Slytherin. And why would he confide in her, anyway?" Alphard shrugged, then started to push himself to his feet.

"Perhaps," to Andromena when she ventured curiosity. "But he was supposed to sneak out there and hide for a while. Plus he was under the disillusionment spell. You don't just happen over someone like that. If she was spying on him, you'd think he'd be a bit outraged rather than just.. surprised. Anyway. I just couldn't make it fit, and while it worked out this time.. I'd rather like to know whether everytime I confide in Proudmore, I'll end up with Rashley hiding in the bushes, too."

"Anyways, I've got some things to do. I'll see you both."

There's that half-frown of Ria's again. The one that crinkles the corner of her mouth, and it appears when the boy asks why Luc would even confide in Morgana. To which, the Slytherin prefect answers dryly, "That's a good question, Alphard." The continued conjectures of Alphard are listened to with intent, and also silence until she adds, "It's only seems fair, doesn't it? After all, you want to make sure that your secrets are kept safe with someone. It's only natural to feel uneasy if you get the suspicion he's sharing it with someone else. Even if he trusts that other said person." Wait, is this conversation still about Alphard's confidence in Proudmore? Who know! When the Black boy gets up to leave she gives him a wave and nods, "See you around." Turning to Andromena, she smirks, "Aren't you glad you're not at least getting looks while you're in the den of snakes?" And dinner continues on as usual.

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