(1938-12-03) The Secret is Cake
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Summary: Sabine stops for a brief chat at Graham and Rhyeline's table at Sweet Temptations.
Date: Tuesday, December 03, 1938
Location: Sweet Temptations

The sweets shop is always a good place to spend an afternoon or an evening and this one's no different. It's not overly crowded with room between the tables people sit and eat or drink, as well as talking and basically just enjoying the down time. At one of the tables near the back of the room two people sit and one stands a bit back from them. Graham and Rhyeline sit next to each other a cake sitting in front of them both. The auror grins over to the other "I told you'd I would bring cake."

Rhyeline's dark gaze shines as she peeks up at Graham. Her laughter is soft and impish, full of almost childlike delight. "Yes. Such a long journey from the counter to table," she murmurs, grinning up at her adopted brother. "For that, I'll slice. Aaand, you get first piece." She rises up onto her knees in her chair. It's a little cake, so cutting it in half will be just enough for two people.

Stepping inside, Sabine pauses to flip up the collar of her jacket as if to shield herself from the natural gaiety and good cheer that resides in a sweetshop. Certainly, there's nothing on /her/ face to suggest any levity of mood. Still, it's a situation that may yet be rectified by the simple magic of sweets, as the young woman approaches the counter. She walks right by Rhyeline and Graham's table, in fact, on her way to glare thoughtfully at the pastries.

"I must be lucky if I get the first piece." Graham watches the other as she sits up watching perhaps ready to catch or something. "Make sure you get enough too of course." the auror says to her as she cuts the cake he cannot help but grin as he sees the inside of it which exposes the layers there. "If you'd like anything to drink let me know it's on me."

Rhyeline places each half of the little cake with delicate precision upon their small plates. "Mmm… some coffee? With cream? That would be-" Noticing Sabine, the little one pauses. With a curious blink, she tilts her head to the side. This afternoon, she seems to resemble a kitten more than a mouse. Peeking up at Graham, she murmurs, "She's one of my healers…"

After much deliberation, Sabine jabs her finger in the direction of a strawberry tart, and then waits impatiently for the girl behind the counter to box it for her. Waiting is not one of her virtues, apparently, and she quickly loses interest in watching the girl in favor of watching the tables. She almost misses Rhyeline — but she doesn't. Sabine doesn't smile, doesn't wave. She just watches, intent, until interrupted by the girl with her order.

Graham watches to his side though he smiles nodding and orders the coffee for her turning back as she speaks his eyebrow raises "A new healer on your case?" he asks confused by this news "Well if it helps you stay this happy then i'm all for it." he says lightly though he'll wait for the other to approach watching back and forth. "I'm Graham Cohen. It's good to meet you well anyone helping Rhyeline."

Were Rhyeline the kitten she seems to be, under Sabine's intent stare, her ears would have lowered against the sides of her head. But there's something different about those dark eyes of hers. Though she watches Sabine with a cautious shyness, that edge of fear, that hesitant nervousness seems to have faded. In fact, as Graham greets Sabine, the girl can't seem to help but smile as she peeks up at the young auror.

Sabine does seem a bit surprised to have been pulled into this meet-and-greet, but as they've noticed her and she's noticed them, it seems inevitable. She holds her box carefully, as if there were priceless jewels inside, and not just a tart that probably would taste delicious anyway even if it were thrown about. "It's always nice to meet another friend of Miss Diderot's," she answers Graham, trying out a smile. "She has so many people in her corner. I'm beginning to wonder what her secret is."

He cant help but return the smile given by Rhyeline he moves one arm behind her seat squeezs her shoulder. Graham turns back to the healer and chuckles "She does indeed but the secret is the cake I belive." he says lightly "Would you care to join us?" he asks after a moment watching the other for a response but turning back as the drinks arrive.

Rhyeline's cheeks grow rather warm as she watches Sabine. However, Graham's reassuring touch renews that warm, unguarded smile of hers. When he invites Sabine to join them, the little one peeks over at her with a hushed curiosity. Handed a cup of coffee, the girl takes it up and warms her hands against its sides.

"Cake," Sabine repeats, thoughtfully, as if this has answered many things for her. "It's like catnip for boys." She aims a smile directly at Rhyeline. Oh, look. Everyone's smiling now. What friends! "I only have a few minutes, I'm afraid," she says, dropping the smile and patting her box, "though I do appreciate the invitation. Precious cargo and such."

Graham the auror nods in thanks as the coffee arrived but looks back towards the healer and laughs a bit "That must be it drugged cake. Though i'll not bat it about like my cat does." he does nod though "Of course, maybe next time we can meet up longer." he offers being friendly it seems that Rhyeline's good mood is spreading around the place.

Rhyeline blinks. Catnip for boys? She isn't quite sure what Sabine is implying. Biting her lower lip, she peeks from Sabine to Graham and back again. Drugged cake. Rhyeline peers up at Graham. "No it's not…" It seems like the little one isn't used to gentle teasing.

"It's always the quiet ones," Sabine says on the subject of drugged cake, unable to resist an entertained smirk at Rhyeline's confusion. "I would like that. And, Miss Diderot, I'm sure I'll see you soon," she says, the firmness of her tone adding to the feeling of certainty. "Enjoy your coffee." And with that, apparently, Sabine intends to make her retreat.

Graham looks over to Rhyeline and ruffles her hair a bit at the confused look on her face. "We're just teasing. Though I suppose if we had rum cake maybe." he says over to her though he nods "Excellent." he watches the promise of the gathering for healing purposes it would seem.

Rhyeline gives a soft squeak when Graham ruffles her hair. Lifting her head, she peeks up at him through her curls which have fallen across her young features. Then looking to Sabine, she murmurs, "It was good to see you, Healer Sabine…" Once the healer has gone, it's time for cake. Before long, her adopted brother is drawing forth her sweet, impish laughter once more as the two share a cheerful conversation before poor Graham has to go back to work.

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