(1938-12-04) Arrows' Newest Starter
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Summary: Phil does a favour for the sports editor and interviews Duncan for a fluff piece.
Date: 4 December 1938
Location: Cafe Tasseo

When the sports editor calls in a favour and asks Phil to meet up with the next best thing (all athletes are the next best thing) and do one more bachelor interview there is grumbling and moaning over it as she feels she is working on something infinitely more worthwhile. In the end bribery is used. So now Phil is seated in Cafe Tasseo, a pot of Earl Grey in front of her and a Quick Quotes Quill and a notepad at the ready as she waits for Duncan to arrive. She has a very vague idea who he is, having graduated a few years before she saw him play once or twice.

Once or twice would be every game he's played in, actually. Well, at least half if it's the latter. The chime of the bell above the door signifying someone entering. Duncan was prompt, on time. Even a couple minutes early as he spots the reporter by the description he was given by the staff back at training. 'Some interview, everyone goes through the 'next best thing' phase', he was told. So he obliged. A simple heavy jacket over a white t-shirt and thick wool pants that fall in a few wrinkles where tucked into his red and black marble-patterned boots. He approaches the table in the cafe, "Miss Rowle?" She was hard to miss. Polite man, at least as he offers her his hand in greeting, palm turned a slight bit up to give her options on how she wanted to return the greeting, if at all.

Looking up Phil smiles and reaches out to shake his hand. "Yes. Duncan Potter?" She rises slowly to her feet as they shake hands and then sits back down again gesturing for him to take the seat across from her. "Thank you for coming. I imagine things have been rather hectic for you lately."

"Yes, ma'am," response to the clarification of name. He takes the seat as gestured, "Thank you," and gets comfortable in the seat. Not to say he slouches, but he does lean back in it with a breath, leaning forward a bit and adjusting his jacket from how it shifted with the sitting motion and the chair pressing it at an odd angle for a moment. "Yes, they have. Busy with training for the new season, and getting into the swing of things." No pun intended at all, as he either doesn't even realize it could be construed as a pun, or he meant it, and believed his own BS enough that he wouldn't need to laugh since others usually do. Likely the former. "And yourself?" Interview turned kind conversation.

A subtle flick of her wrist and she orders a cup and saucer brought over for Duncan. "I can imagine," she says with a grin. "Myself? I am always busy. I don't do these kind of pieces anymore, but I was asked to as a favour to the sports editor." She picks up her cup and sips from it. "My family are very keen Appleby fans."

He mouths an 'ah' as she says just why she's doing this and why she shouldn't be doing it at the same time. He didn't pick up on it right away though. "Quite a favor if you aren't in that line of work anymore, eh? And that's fantastic," he was still a little awestruck that people were actually his fans now, or, at least the teams. He only knew of… his hand reaches up into his jacket for just a moment, little fiddle with something, and then it returns to sight as he comes back from a moment's thought. A smile is provided for her, giving her now his full attention. And if it's silence for the next couple minutes, he'd be fine with silence after introductions and some smalltalk.

When the cup and saucer arrive, Phil pours tea for Duncan. "Milk or sugar?" Her own tea is black and plain except for a slice of lemon floating in it. "Before we begin, tell me…what have you been doing since graduation?"

"A bit of milk, no sugar, please." Just a hint of color to his tea, no sweetner needed. She asks him about what he's been doing since graduation. He makes a thinking face. Because that didn't sound like a beginning question at all. "Well," he starts, drawing that word out just a dash. "I got in contact with the Arrows soon after, and was told when I would be able to come show myself to the staff. Six months later, I wind up as the last man on the string, and a year on the bench. Now, I'm a starter this year. And here we are." One step towards a goal. Accomplished.

A dollop of milk is added and then the cup and saucer set before him. Her own tea is topped up and she takes a fortifying sip before nodding. "A common enough start, but to be a starter at such a young age is lucky." Phil taps her wand against the quill and it lifts up, poised and ready to write down what they both say. "How does it feel, Duncan Potter, to be the youngest starter on the Appleby Arrows?"

He smiles, and huffs a bit at the question. "It's an honor." Simple, to the point, and just like him, no real nonsense and beating around the bush, or flowering it up. He reaches down, and takes up the cup of tea, and takes a sip to give her time to follow up on the question, or ask another.

"How are you adjusting to all the speculation about your ability to keep up with the more experienced players and the attention on your personal life?" Phil sips her tea. Interviewing with a self writing quill is by far the more superior way to do it.

The next question is less easy to answer with simplicity. "I'm not worried about what people speculate. I want them to see I'm just as good, if not better." Personal life. He winces slightly. "I'm trying to ignore speculation on my personal life." He takes another sip of his own tea.

She sets the cup down carefully in the saucer. "At school and even last year you were known to have a certain reputation. Are you planning to tone things down now that you are off the bench?" Phil has done a bit of research it seems.

He has to laugh in a rumble at the statement, clearing his throat and getting back to professionalism when she finishes with the question. "I plan on playing within the rules and regulations of the sport. But I don't plan on 'toning it down' if I don't have to."

"What about the younger fan base you have? Those who are underage. Do you feel you are a good role model to them?" Phil also doesn't pull her punches, despite it being a fluff piece. "I am just thinking of those photos in Witch Weekly of you and the robes model, Angelika Carter."

He breathes at the mention of his younger fanbase. "I can only hope that I'm a better person than I was yesterday, and they in turn will be better people tomorrow because of that." Oi vey, the photos. "Yes, we were together for a time. She decided to break it off, and I respect her choice."

Phil sets her hands on her lap, lacing them together. "Tell me about the break up. Was it what spurred you on to try and do more and push for a starting position?"

Duncan sighs thinking back on it. "I'd rather not. But it did open my eyes to something more important. And, you could say that it spurred me to try harder for the position, yes." He looks away from her for a moment down at the table, then the writing quill, then back to Rowle.

"Fair enough." Phil's not about to bash some poor kid over the head or tug on his broken heart. "Being single will mean a lot of fans might be interested in getting to know you better. Are you looking for any particular type of witch? That is to say, what is your ideal witch like?"

He nods when she says that. And he thought it was over. Being a tad distracted with tea when she asks if he has any particular type of witch he's looking for. He nearly spits up his tea at that, but finishes the sip to set the cup back down on the saucer. "Um. I haven't really… collected my thoughts on that yet. I'd like it if she played." A smile. There might be marketing potential to the broomshop dealers with that, but he wasn't that kind of guy to sell out like that. "And, she has to know what it is she wants out of life. No nonsense." He had more thoughts collected than he had expected. He's thinking on other things he could say. Nothing really comes to mind past that, and he shrugs helplessly to her.

A glance is given to the notepad to see how much she has to work with. Duncan is given a wan smile. He isn't the most chatty of people. "This is your first big profile piece in the national press, what do you hope it does for you and for your career?"

Her next question makes him go into a pensive reclusion of himself for several moments. "Hm.." he humms while he thinks. He looks up to her as he starts talking, "I hope it let's people know that I have really one goal while on the team. Win a championship." Big aspirations for a rookie starter. But his face was serious. This was something he wouldn't play around with. "That's what. Let people know I'm not just here today and gone tomorrow. Let them tell their speculations. I'll let them spectate, then they can tell me what they think on the proving grounds." Yes, something had been struck on, and he rang out with a resounding truth he'd been hanging on to.

His answer is noted down with precision by the quill while Phil sips her tea. "And finally, what is it like to play for the Arrows? There is speculation that the departure of Nova Tiva, one of their top chasers, has left the team weaker during this season. How would you convince fans the team is cohesive enough to have a solid chance at the championship trophy?"

Duncan nods, "It's no doubt those are big shoes to fill. And I never expect to be the exact replacement of anyone else. Or even a replacement. She's not here, and I am. All I can do is everything I've got to do my part to get us there. And like I said, we'll see that on the pitch." He was humble enough to know he wasn't the greatest yet. Maybe. "And I can't wait to show everyone what I've got."

With a nod that seems to signal the end of the interview, Phil taps the quill with her wand causing it to drop to the table. "Thank you for your time. I wish you luck, Mr Potter and look forward to seeing you play." She offers him a hand to shake once more and a smile to go with it.

He stands and takes her hand just as they'd met with hands clasped. "Thank you very much for your time. And tell the family I say 'Hi'," He was nice at least. At last.. off the field. A stark contrast to the harsh ways he plays. Leaving most of his aggression on the field, so to speak. "I wish you luck in whatever you're doing nowadays, Miss Rowle." He'd let go of her hand, reach down to take up the rest of his tea, and set the cup gently on the table. "Good day." Another smile, and he's off towards the door. Once outside though, he didn't know what to do… hmm, where's the pub?

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