(1938-12-04) Fluttery Flattery
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Summary: Recognizing Rhyeline from the recent high society gossip, Braewyn Bridget Potts sets her sights on making the girl her new model.
Date: Wednesday, December 04, 1938
Location: Cafe Tasseo

Sunlight streams in through sheer white curtains and warms the pristine white tablecloth. At the little table by the window, Rhyeline gazes out on the street with a soft, peaceful smile. A cup of coffee in her hands, she inhales deep of its scent before bringing it to her lips. Her dark eyes drift shut, savoring the hints of cocoa and cream of her rich, bitter beverage.

A dress of delicate, robin's egg blue silk hugs the subtle curves of the girl's upper body close. A tulle overlay adds a light, dreamlike quality to the girl's dress. A layer of lace graces the bodice and cap sleeves. From her narrow waist, the silk cascades in layers beneath the tulle, giving her the look of a little fairy queen. One might catch a glimpse of ballet flats upon her small feet.

Time for a break from the grind of designing clothes because sooner or later, Braewyn's mind will shut down. She is back into the cafe to enjoy some coffee and delicious baked goods. A glance around the shop has her eyes settle on one that is lovely looking in comparison to a few of the other patrons.

Her head dips a little to look at the face whose dress is that of a fairy queen or a dainty princess. Then a wide smile is on her lips as she approaches the table, "You look picturesque. You do justice to that outfit and I could see you in a lovely garden sitting on a bench swing with your handsome…" She stops herself there, "May I sit with you?"

A few tables over, a witch in her mid-thirties with frizzy red curls watches Braewyn's approach to Rhyeline's table with a sharp, cautious glint in her eyes. She wears the functional style of robes favored by most magical law enforcement. However, hers are far better quality, tailored to her form and made of high quality fabric.

Rhyeline peeks up from her coffee and gazes up at Braewyn with hushed curiosity. At such words, the girl's dark eyes slowly widen and her cheeks grow rather warm. A profound shyness seems to have settled over the already quiet girl. However, after only a small hesitation, she nods.

Braewyn sits down at Rhyeline's table. "You are heard of to me. The one who has caught the eyes of a Malfoy and he doesn't direct it anywhere else. In my roundabouts, many are jealous of you." She glances about again to nods to the witch at another table. A low whisper is given to Rhyeline, "Even now you are envied." She raises a chin at the witch who is watching them. "It is good to get that kind of attention. Makes you more of an endearment to your beloved."

How Rhyeline's cheeks burn with the warmth of her blush. She blinks, alarmed at the mention of jealous attention. Biting her lower lip, the girl peeks over her shoulder to the woman Braewyn had indicated. "No, she- she's my guard…" she murmurs, peeking back over at the peculiar woman sitting across from her. The girl's hushed voice is as sweet as one might have expected. Her accent is delicate and clear, with a subtle hint of French.

Braewyn smirks slightly, "A guard… I'm sure there is a hint of jealousy there. I now have to wonder why you are in need of one but I could see that a Malfoy would want his precious princess quite safe." She leans forward, "I must ask this. When are the nuptuals? I've been dying to know since there has been no mention of a wedding yet in the gossip trails." A wink is given. "I only ask because I had the idea to dress you up as royalty. I would prefer to show you off on the runway. Give you the rightful attention you deserve."

Rhyeline stares wide-eyed across her small table at Braewyn, quite overwhelmed. She parts her lips to speak, but she can't quite seem to find her words. Such a little mouse, it seems as if attention is the last thing she'd want. Clinging tight to the cup in her hands, she takes a long, slow sip of coffee. Hidden still behind the cup, she murmurs at last, "Too soon for- for wedding plans… not yet." Lowering the cup a bit, the girl hesitates before adding, "Forgive me, but- who are you?"

Braewyn chuckles softly, "Oh it is never too early to plan ahead for such an occassion." She introduces herself. "I'm Braewyn Bridget Potts. If you've seen two B's back to back looking like a butterfly, that is my design emblem. Easy to spot." Her head tilts to the right, "You do have my attention and I know many others who would want it. What shall you do with my eyes on you?" saying with a pleasant smile on her face. "I design attire to wear or to be taken off." She says this very matter-a-factly.

No doubt any number of pureblood, high society ladies would clamor for the attention of such a well known and talented designer. And humble little halfbloods of foreign descent hoping to step up into that world would kill for this sort of opportunity. However, Rhyeline looks lost, in truth rather overwhelmed by this attention. At last, she finds her voice and murmurs, "Your… your interest is… is most kind. But… I'm afraid that- that I-" She hesitates, biting her lower lip.

Braewyn dips her head slightly, "You're afraid? Darling, please do not be afraid of me or afraid to express your body in beautiful clothing. You are center of the rich these days. Especially from what my tweeting birds tell me. And they love gossip which is perfect for me because I use all the gossip so I can meet beautiful people like you." She pouts her lips affectively as the fashion diva she is. "You have such a presence about you in the clothing you do wear but you seem so…" then the pouty lips turn into a frown, "You seem so unhappy… No, no. You are uncomfortable and I am hoping to change that. That is if you don't mind the attention of a very famous fashion designer."

Head bowed slightly, she peeks up at Braewyn with hushed shyness. "I… I appreciate. But- I'm still getting used to- to all of this…" Once more, the girl hides behind her cup of coffee, peeking over the brim at Braewyn as she takes a small sip.

Braewyn taps a finger on the table, "Yes, I can tell you are quite shy over the whole affair. Does your love know this is a bit of a strain on you? Because as you grow closer to him, you'll be expected to be on his arm for many crowded galas. You'll be more than just gossip in the fashion world." She squints her eyes, "How about this… I help you get used to being his love in the limelight and you let me design clothing for your galas and also for your wedding when that comes." She puts a finger against her lips to hush Rhyeline, "Shh… Think about this for a moment. Does he love you for who you are? Do you love him for who he is? And if you do love him so dearly, would you not want him to see how much you shine when you are at a party with him?" A brow raises. "Think on that a moment."

Rhyeline's cheeks continue to burn with warmth as she peeks across the table at Braewyn. Though the girl parts her lips to respond, the fingertip Braewyn holds to her own lips keeps her silent. Bowing her head a bit more with deepening shyness, the designer's words sink in and settle. After a long moment, she gives a small nod at last. "I would appreciate your help."

Braewyn smiles widely, "Wonderful! Fantastic! First thing to learn from me is your posture. Do not be scared to show yourself. You can still be shy and meek all you like but keep your posture straight when you're sitting or standing. The beauty you resonate - you should be proud of because I bet that is one reason why your beau adores you. We will work on your poise soon enough so when you enter a room, all will want to know who you are." She waves a hand in the air back and forth, "You do not need to make glamour poses. No, no. That won't do for you. You just keep your head up and not looking at your feet, put a soft smile on your face and surely you will be stunning." She adjusts her chair a bit so Rhyeline can see how she is sitting. "Can you do the same so I can see your loveliness better?"

Rhyeline lifts her chin as instructed, though her cheeks continue to burn with warmth. Such a small change, and yet with her head lifted, Braewyn can see with what poised grace she sits. However, her expression remains filled with that profound shyness, overwhelmed still by Braewyn's attention.

Braewyn gives a little clap. "Bravo! Now I can see how you shine. It won't be much more instruction than this for me to have my work done. We will find you outfits that bring out your hair and eyes and skin tone. That way just your mere elegance will have so many wanting to be just like you." She thinks for a few seconds. "You may find more men paying attention to you but your guard can handle that with a grumpy scary look at them." She snorts softly. "If you do ever find yourself bold and daring enough, let me know. I would love to put you in a fashion show." She raises both her hands with palms facing Rhyeline, "Don't you worry, I'm only saying if you're ever inclined to be seen on the runway, I would have you." She puts her hands down onto the table. "Can you tell me when you're available for us to meet? I don't want to embarrass you anymore because I know your face isn't that blushing all the time."

While no doubt many of her clients delight at the thought of such envious attention and unrequited affection, Rhyeline's dark gaze widens and shines with alarm. Overwhelmed, her hands tighten upon her cup of coffee. Drawing back a bit in her chair, she hesitates and peeks cautiously over at Braewyn.

The designer managed to persuade Rhyeline to accept because of her mention of Cassius. Rhyeline does need to learn to stand at his side. However, the talk of causing envy, of being the center of so much attention is more than a little overwhelming.

Braewyn chuckles softly, "I've embarrassed you more. Oh dear, I have my work cut out for me. How about we meet in front of a mirror? I can visit you or you can visit me. We will talk over tea and krimpets as well. And then you will get to be my star. No one else will see or watch you be the star. However, I will be your lone audience and I'm such a puppy." She throws on her best puppy-eyed look of softness. "See, I'll adore you even if you're all meek and hiding."

Rhyeline lowers her gaze a moment before peeking back up at Braewyn, still quite hesitant. But at last, she murmurs, "Perhaps… come to Berylwood?"

Braewyn bows her head, "Then I shall come to you. Send me word when you will be available so I can coordinate my schedule." She smiles, "You shall be strong to endure your life with him. I already see that twinkle in your eyes." then she stands. "My dear, Rhyeline, I best be off for now because if I stay I shall embarrass you and flatter you twice as much. Well, because you're adorable when you react to me." She winks then waves a hand.

Rhyeline nods, watching as the whirlwind of a fashion designer stands at last, having completed her mission with Cassius' young consort. "It… it was nice to meet you, Miss Potts…"

"Enchanted to meet you as well." Braewyn smirks. "Have a good day, my dear." then she turns letting her steps take her out of the cafe. She has forgotten all about getting something to drink or eat.

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