(1938-12-05) Not Besties
Details for Not Besties
Summary: Talent Showcases are planned and a definite decidedly not friendship is discussed, among other things.
Date: 1938-12-05
Location: Auditorium, Hogwarts Castle

There's piano music coming from the auditorium. It's intense and heavy, the notes moving fast, echoing off the stone walls that give the room such lovely acoustics. For anyone with a slightly cultured ear, they'll be able to tell by the technical dynamics of the piece that it's Rachmaninoff. And it's slowly building up bit by bit as if ready to reach the top of a cliff and jump off into the air. Quite a weighty song for early afternoon.

It was a weighty song and for a girl who isn't perceived to have much weight, particularly in her head, it probably shouldn't catch her attention quite as much as it did. But when the notes wafted through the open door and caught her, absently making her way down the corridor because honestly, she'd been looking for good windows to jump from…it begged attention. So maybe it was a little strange that she let herself in quietly and then, went so far as to go sit down right in the very front and still not make a squeak of interruption. Maybe she was just sick. Except, the look on her face was one of rapt attention.

The said piano is not located on stage, but rather right before it on the same level as the chairs. The musician faces the stage, which is why she would not be able to spot any creepers who decide to sneak in, unless she has eyes at the back of her head. Ria is that said musician, and does not possess that physical trait. Instead, her polished fingers dash fast along the keys, and her lips purse in deep concentration, and her back is arched forward in a menacing way that only matches the tone of the song. Closer…closer…closer the song climbs toward the apex … nearing it … until - a subtle creek of a floor board, the music stops just in the middle of the apex. Ria turns around immediately, "Who's there?"

"Oh don't stop," Jenny prompts, sounding hopeful and looking more than just a little disappointed that it suddenly stopped. "It was beautiful." And probably personal, because tastes in music often were but sometimes it was just about the fun. "Don't mind me," the honey blond waved her on with a little motion of her hand, "Nobody else does, honestly." And she doesn't sound the least bit bothered by the fact.

"Oh its just you Solomon," Ria says dryly upon seeing the honey haired girl awkwardly sitting right behind her in the front row, "It could have been someone worse." But she's still baffled by how the girl got past her undetected. A dismissive wave of her hand and a shake of her head affirms her, "Nope. It's too late now. You've ruined it. You've popped the musical bubble and now no one will be able to enjoy it." Her chin raises defiantly and snobbishly, "What're you up to in here anyway? Don't you have class?"

"It could have," Jenny agrees, "It could have been some boy who'd think you were deep and soulful, or some girl, amused at the fact that the great Sykes has a bout of passion in h—-," somewhere in the midst of that running on, Jenny gave up, offering a little shrug with a shake of her head. "Nope. Can't. I just haven't got it in me at the moment. Either way, the piece was nice. And no. I don't. Haven't got as many as the others, remember." Because her focus was more towards Quidditch than spelling. "Which means I'll be free this same time tomorrow, if you plan on giving another little private concert for me. Maybe we could put on a show. You could play and I'll sell tickets. We'll call it, 'A taste of Purity', because it's as close as a good many of them are ever going to get.

Ria snorts at Jenny's runoff, and her subsequent self-induced end. Her hands slide out the cover to the keys and shut the piano. "Yes it was nice," she replies knowingly to the compliment. At this point she usually expects such nice things to be said about her, always. "Oh that's right. You're into that thing with the brooms and the quaffley stuff That sounds like a nice life. Perhaps I should have taken a lighter load. Only…my pride wouldn't allow it." She turns around on the bench to face Jenny, leaning her elbows back on the piano. "You know, that's not half a bad idea. If you can show me there's legitimate and lucrative interest, i'll consider it. However, I'm certain Rachmaninoff was mundane - muggles, not useful for much but they do make good music am I right? Therefore 'A taste of Purity' may not perhaps be accurate."

"Quidditch," the girl supplies, when Ria seems short on the word. "And purity was a play on the piano being properly in 'tune' and a pureblood playing it." A crooked grin. "But in regards to such immortal pieces, I've always had to wonder, who's to say it wasn't the intervention of meddling that put them there and don't spout secrecy at me people meddle all the time," she winked. "I like you. You're not half bad." Assessment on personality, balanced against the other seventh years, perhaps? "We could create a buzz, make it something to be at." Her smile turned just a little bit wicked. "Mmmm, a talent showcase? Offer prizes for the winner. Focus on non magical skills or specifically just the arts. Or we could call…no, that might be cruel." But that crooked smile suggested whatever thought had settled in her mind, it'd be funny.

"Yes. Quidditch. Thank you," Ria waves her hand uncaringly. Oh how her siblings would kill her for such an attitude! There's a devious grin that spreads on her face at the suspicions of magic in music history. "If you were to rewrite some history books in the library, I assure you I would act clueless should anyone detect it. But anyhow, you should like me. I'm you're prefect, you have no choice until I'm gone." That's Ria's general turn the other cheek policy for any snakes for you. Her lips purse again in consideration for a talent showcase. "You know, Solomon. That wouldn't be half bad of an idea. Might be more exciting with judges. If you wanted to organize such an event, I'd make sure you get your due credit."

"That'd take too much time. It's easier to simply plant the seeds of doubt and watch them grow. I'm a good gardener." The chit grins, flashing an all to cheeky smile. But when Ria being Prefect is reason alone to like her, Jenny snorts. "Plenty of choice. Some people aren't worth liking. Pretending would mean I cared enough for them to think I actually do. But as happens, you have spunk and as such, I like you." But suddenly this talent showcase is sounding like it's going to stack up to work…for Jenny. "Define credit." In terms of easily understandable trade that would appeal, of course.

Ria shrugs, crossing her legs, "Sometimes, changing a few words in a book is planting seeds. But it's different with every case." Still leaning back, she takes a look at her nails just in case there's still hints of dirt in their pretty, polished state. "Spunk is one way to put it," Ria scrunches her nose. The word never rubbed her the right way, "What good is my 'spunk' to you though?" A snaky smile spread on her face when asked about said 'credit'. "Credit could be a few chances to get out of class. A good word, perhaps, with a staff member you could use some favor with. Small things of that nature," she shrugs and then asks, "What would you like credit to mean?"

"Yeah, but I hate the library," Jenny's nose wrinkled. "And all those books. Rewriting books and helping set up a show that let's face it, is designed to showcase you would be two favors. And you're on your way out, so it'd have to be the kind of favors that would be of use to me. I don't have enough classes to really worry about getting out of them and it's the students I seem to rankle more than the staff." Her god given talent. "I think," fingers temple, "To me, credit means…your favor. That's something to trade on. Deuces doesn't much like me and let's face it, you're both on your way out, so it really won't matter much either way but I think…it'd tickle me, that it'd bother her. And that might be worth more to me than just a few hours spent organizing."

Ria looks up from her finger nails to quirk a brow at Jenny. "Ohhh I see, yes that makes sense. The queen snubs you, and thus you run to something you consider - second best?" She then crosses her fingers, chin rising so she could look down her nose at the girl. "And my second-rate favor will give you what? A temporary standing of power above you peers. Or a chance perhaps to bug Malfoy for snubbing you. My goodness Genevieve, I understand you intentions though if you're really trying to sell to me that you actually like me, you have rethink your strategy." She shifts her legs so that the opposite crosses the other now. "Even if I put you in my favor to help you gain what you seek, I'd need more out of you than just a silly talent show for a few meaningless emeralds in our house hourglass downstairs."

Jenny frowned, nose twitching and gave a rather, patient world weary sigh. "You're not hearing. I understand. You're busy with a lot of classes and a lot going on in your head.. Because, if you were listening then, you'd catch on to the fact that I don't think she's queen of anything. And deuces, is two. Not one. For a reason. And, most of the people I hang out with, aren't in our house, so your favor won't do anything with them. And, I plainly stated it'd mean more to me than a few hours spent organizing. Which opened the floor for you to name a legit price and use to move on towards business. Alternately, you could just tell her what I was about, she'll laugh, tell you what a bitch I am and, life will on as usual."

Ria half-frowns, the corner of her mouth crinkling in consideration. "Trust me, I don't think she's queen of shite either," she shrugs but then pauses to think a moment. "I'll think about it. I don't have a use for you, Solomon. At least not yet. I don't think I will, but its always sensible to have alternatives." What could she mean? "Anyhow, this 'like' isn't mutual. Not that I don't like you. I don't actually know you. But if the bit of favor you need from me isn't too cumbersome, I could bestow it on you easily now and we could talk about price later. How does that sound?" Glancing at her wrist watch, Ria begins to rise from the bench, picking up her satchel off the piano top.

"Oh, I don't imagine that we're besties," Jenny replies easily enough, but her grin had broadened when Ria remarked on Deuces state. "And by like, I mean I don't think you're a bitch. Or at least, you're the right kind of one. And we'll probably never really know each other, so there's not that to worry about. But, I suspect we could benefit each other, in different ways. And if it behooves you to mention that I'm not all that terrible, if ever my name came up well, that's all I ask. And only because I know it'll ruffle feathers and that alone, well, it pleases me. So think about it, Sykes. We're not going to be in school forever and out there? That's when the favors really matter." Which made it sound, perhaps, like Jenny didn't intend on hanging out in Hogwarts another whole year and a half, didn't it? "You get us the go ahead from a teacher to sponsor the thing, I'll organize it. The rest we'll sort out as it comes." Grin. "Have a good day, Prefect."

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