(1938-12-06) Hope to Act
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Summary: Waiting for Graham and Rena to arrive, Rhyeline is joined unexpectedly by Salvador, and for a few moments, his daughter. The two talk of the need for action under the shadow of such looming danger. The conversation isn't much different when the two aurors arrive and Salvador departs. ((That half of the scene isn't quite finished.))
Date: Friday, December 6, 1938
Location: Cafe Tasseo

There are two individuals who enter the cafe this evening, a young woman of about 15 or maybe even 17, dressed like…an adult doll, her light purple skirt goes well below her knees and her blouse has a victorian feel to it, with a coat that matches her skirt and prim little shiny black shoes…she looks like she may have some Asian in her and her hair is a mixture of blond and brown, ringlets and she accompanies a tall and older male, who walks with a sleek shiny black walking stick and his own clothing in shades of dark purple, wine red…silk and well-tailored as well.

The girl speaks softly. "But /father/ they were green, are you quite certain we are /safe/ here…is this a tea shop, I'd much rather we choose a flat that's not in the land of Oz, what are we to do if people come for tea?" Her voice is high pitched but heavily accented as she practices her English. Salvador replies smoothly, his voice deep and soothing as he sighs and offers his arm. "Caterine, dearest, you've only been in London for 2 days and you are 17 years of age, you know nothing of purchasing flats…"

Rhyeline peeks over the brim of her coffee cup and watches the girl and her father with a hushed curiosity. To the eyes the squib girl visiting the wizarding world for the first time, this little witch is dressed almost like a little fairy queen. Filigrees of lace grace the bodice of her dress and cap sleeves. Pale rose silk and tulle cascade in layers from her narrow waist.

Caterine, rolls her eyes a bit and slips away from her father, looking around as she tugs off her gloves, eyebrows raising a fraction before she heads towards Rhyeline's table, looking her over. "Oh my word, merci ahem..you are so beautiful, where did you get your dress made?" She looks over to Salvador who's walking behind her. "Do you see her dress, oh you must tell me the name of your seamstress, if I am to live in a land of fantasy I /must/ be up to date on the fashions." She takes a deep breath and offers a hand. "Caterine Zabini, I am new here, you must speak reason to my father I am sure you can understand how it is. I've met no one my own age yet!"

Salvador doesn't facepalm but he just blinks softly and sighs, resting a hand gently on Caterine's shoulder. "Do you wish tea or coffee dear, and you young miss…" He bows his head politely to Rhyeline. "You must forgive my daughter…it is her first time in this part of town."

Rhyeline's cheeks warm with a subtle blush, a touch overhwelmed at such profuse interest. Still holding her cup of coffe close, she accepts the offered hand and gives a small nod. Returning her hand to warm it against the side of her cup, her dark, watchful gaze flits from the girl to her father. "Rhyeline Diderot…" she supplies when Salvador seeks her name. She pronounces her name with a perfect French accent. Parisian, if one is familiar with such subtleties. Peeking back up at Caterine, the little one offers her a soft, shy smile. "Welcome. I hope you feel at home soon." In English, she speaks with a clear, delicate accent with a more subtle hint of French.

"Diderot…that's French isn't it?" Caterine gives a little giggle and claps her hands together after shaking Rhyeline's hand before she sighs and shakes her head. "I must head back to our lodgings for the evening, I promised I'd take the girls for new bonnets so they aren't shamed by the tiny fairies known as children." The young woman stands on tiptoes to kiss Salvador's cheek before turning quickly to head for the exit…hesitating for a moment before moving back to Salvador's side and curtseying to Rhyeline. "Please don't let my fuddy duddy fuddy papa be alone, he broods /so/ much…" She finds a coin purse pressed into her her hand by Salvador before she giggles and heads for the exit, pausing to stare at something and then shudder as she quickly continues on her way. Salvador just pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath before looking to Rhyeline. "Diderot, I recognize that last name…it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, no…perhaps an Honor, I have heard of a Rhyeline Diderot, but the descriptions do not do you justice…may I join you?"

Rhyeline blinks and watches with a quiet caution as Caterine heads off to go shopping alone. However, her father seems to trust that she will be alright on her own. She pauses when he recognizes her. Her head bows a bit, cheeks warming further, when he mentions his recognition. Half hidden behind her cup of coffee, she hesitates a moment before giving a small nod. "Your daughter… she seems… new to this world? Or- just to London?"

"There is a…au pair of sorts out there, only temporary of course, but she'll escort her around safely until more permanent arrangements can be made, thankfully the younger girls are mostly tired…" Salvador nods slowly and gestures after Caterine before he pulls out a chair to join Rhyeline at her table, leaning his walking stick against the wall before tilting his head to the side as he bows his head. "Salvador…" He introduces himself before he orders himself some tea and ahhs softly. "This…world and London actually. She protested at first, but she was very young when she left this world…and was intrigued at the notion of returning and ah, she knows in her heart it is slightly safer here at this time."

Rhyeline gives a small, solemn nod, knowing well how dangerous it is becoming on the continent. In silence, she gazes into her cup of coffee for a time before peeking back up at Salvador. "I see. I hope very much that here never becomes as dangerous." But of course, the shadow looms.

Salvador rubs a finger along his jawline before he just gives a small nod. "We can hope, but hope without action fades away into lost and forgotten dreams and unfulfilled wishes. I would think you, out of all young adults in our community, understand that." He quirks an eyebrow.

Rhyeline's cheeks burn with warmth. No doubt heard the words spoken on her behalf, calling the Wizarding community to action. "Yes. I… I hope very much that we can take action before it's… it's too late." Taking a small sip, the little one looks troubled. The outcome is not at all certain.

"And how far, Miss Diderot, are you willing to go to see this action is taken? What have you given beyond words and your support?" Salvador asks, not unkindly as he receives his tea, taking a polite sip, bringing the saucer up with the cup before setting both down. "People see you and think you are of weak disposition because you resemble a doll, it gives you such an advantage of those who boast and brag and look imposing enough to carry out their own will or bully others into doing so, but you are by truth stronger than they will ever be. It is quite intriguing."

Rhyeline grows rather still, gazing across her small table at Salvador with a touch of caution. She doesn't seem quite sure what to make of his rather keen observation- nor necessarily certain of its truth. After a moment, she murmurs, "I give all I have to give. All I can…"

"Hmm." Salvador considers the response and takes a slow sip of his tea before shaking his head quickly. "We shall see indeed. I am assuming you have taken on the role of a young woman supporting her party by having teas and socials for other young women or older women, of course as is proper for a woman of your family name and your…hopeful nature to do?" He slips a thin notebook from a pocket, flipping it open and selecting a slender silver pen from a vest pocket, holding it poised and at the ready. "I only ask because I know my daughter will need good company, grounded…company that is, someone to be a good rolemodel."

Rhyeline blinks, looking a little lost. Her dark gaze flickers from his pen to his eyes, hesitant. "I… Forgive me, I'm- not sure what you mean…"

"I was asking…what are you doing, out in your community…not without chaperone of course, but what are you doing to bring together other young woman or married women who'd look to someone like you with such a proper family and I can tell from your dress and carriage a good education as inspiration to also get involved in the whole movement for change?" Salvador clarifies with a sympathetic expression. "Men, we are pompous and however well spoken and up on platforms we may be…we fail miserable to connect with those who really sway the vote, the people on the arms of those making decisions influence those making the decisions…" He waves a hand vaguely and shakes his hand. "I apologize Miss Diderot…if I seem forward, I will admit young women like you are inspirational."

Rhyeline takes a slow, silent sip of coffee. Her dark gaze lingers cautious, but thoughtful on Salvador. "I… I serve as an assistant… a researcher…" She pauses, still half hidden behind her cup.

Salvador just lowers his eyes for a moment and ahhs softly. "But that has little to do with your own pursuits…research and assisting someone doesn't really effect your ability to host teas and the like. That's just a normal function of a young woman in society…only you could make it mean something more. Unless of course…" He trails off and frowns somewhat. "My apologies, I did not consider you may be forbidden or discouraged by your employer, family or…beau of some sort to work on such things or meeting others in such a way. I meant no offense."

It seems as if hosting teas and whatnot has never even occurred to the girl. But of course, as Cassius Malfoy's consort, such sociable things would be expected of her. "Not forbidden… or discouraged. I've… I've simply- I've been ill, you see… and… and until now, it- it- hadn't been something I'd considered," she admits, lowering her gaze as the warmth in her cheeks continues to deepen.

Salvador just smiles warmly, white teeth flashing before he takes another sip of his tea, expression schooled in an almost fatherlike compassion as he nods slowly. "And now, it is something you could indeed consider, if you've been ill for quite some time you couldn't and shouldn't have been bothered about social nicities, in fact it showed strength to refrain from such actions so you could concentrate on recovery." He gestures towards her cup. "Can I get you another, it isn't fitting for a young woman to drink cold…" He sniffs the air a bit. "Coffee was it?"

The last few steps before the warmth of the tea shop are taken for another two pair of auror's. It's cold out of course even though the afternoon sky is lit it's still quite cloudy. Graham looks back grinning at something he's heard the other say. "It's a little fancy for my normal liking but not bad." He seems before opening the door and holding it so the other can enter first before he'll follow her in.

Rhyeline peeks up from her coffee cup and is about to speak when the pair of aurors step into the up-scale cafe. The little one seems to brighten upon catching sight of Graham, and offers the pair a shy, but warm smile. Looking back to Savlador, she murmurs, "I've been waiting for my brother and- and his friend… Would- would you care to join us?"

Salvador looks up as he notes the entrance of new individuals and he scribbles down his name and the small message 'Hope to Act' on the piece of paper before sliding it across the table to Rhyeline. The notebook is flipped shut and tucked back into an inner pocket and the pen is tucked into his vest pocket before he gets to his feet. "It was rude of me, Miss Diderot…to keep you so long, please do enjoy your evening." He picks up his walking stick and gestures for an employee so he can pay for his tea and the can clear away his tea cup and such.

"Yea, I know what you mean," Rena admits as she slips through the door - so kindly held by Graham. Glancing around the cafe with a hint of wariness in her dark eyes, she begins to remove her coat. "But Takeshi's taken me 'ere before. You'd think I'd be used to it by now." Try as she might, she just seems a little out of place in this rather elegant environment. She can but try.
Spotting Rhyeline from across the room - obviously someone who knows Graham, at least - the young woman flashes a warm smile in return and asks sidelong of Graham in a low voice: "She the one you wanted me to meet?"

Graham catches sight of the one he's come to see and grins as he sees her smile unable to help himself though he doesn't know the other who is with her currently. He will turn back and help hang up the coat when she's done always a gentleman he'll nod to her words returning in the same voice "Yes, she's very shy just so you know." he will motion forward though "Hello sister." he greets warmly stepping aside "This is Miss Rena Lee, Rena this is Rhyeline Diderot" he'll look over to the other at the table Graham Cohen." he'll introduce himself offering his hand.

Spot the guard: She's sitting a few tables over, keeping a discreet eye on her little charge. Rhyeline accepts the note from Salvador. She glances at it before peeking over at him hesitantly. "Are- are you sure? It… it was good to meet you, Mr. Zabini…" Lifting her gaze to Rena and Graham when they arrive at her table, the girl smiles once more with a small nod. "Pleased to meet you, Rena… Hello, brother."

"I have affairs to see to, Miss Diderot…or I would indeed stay and enjoy the company of you and your friends." Salvador turns to see Graham's hand being offered and he shakes it firmly. "Salvador…" Then he nods politely to Rena. "Miss Lee. And a pleasure to meet you as well Mister Cohen. I must take my leave, so have a good evening all of you." He looks to Rhyeline and bows before turning to head for the exit.

Rena blinks at Graham when he cautions her about Rhyeline's shyness. "If I don't know 'ow to 'andle shy people by now, nobody does." She remarks, following his lead through the room until they reach the table. He makes the introductions, and she keeps her usually enthusiastic attitude in check as she smiles between Salvador and the woman. No sudden movements, not too overly effusive. "Pleasure to meet you, Salvador - and Rhyeline…" she begins to say. However, a little quizzical pause follows and she appears to be thinking. "Diderot… Diderot. I know I've 'eard that name… Oh! I bumped into a fellow by that name not long ago. I also 'eard 'im speak at the community forum. Quite a speech - is 'e a relative of yours?"

He nods at the other reatreating before turning back to the table "How are you? Staying out of trouble?" he teases her lightly but he'll pull a chair out and plot down into it. Graham will turn back to Rena as she speaks giving a shrug at her prior comment though figuring she has a point. He figures he knows who she's talking to but he'll give Rhyeline a chance to answer before he'll say anything.

Rhyeline nods and watches in silence as Salvador heads off. Now there are three empty places at her little table. The little one gives Graham a bit of a grin and nods. "Yes… no trouble." Looking to Rena, the girl tilts her head to the side a bit until she remembers where she's heard that name. Nodding, Rhyeline murmurs, "Yes… my father. And- I remember hearing you speak as well… your words were- were among the most powerful that night." She watches Rena with a hushed curiousity.

Salvador takes his leave, and Rena takes one of the empty seats at the table. Looking to Rhyeline with interest when told that the man was in fact her father, she smiles: "'Ere now, there's interesting then. I suppose I should've guessed it, though."
As to her own speech at the community forum, Rena glances down at the table briefly. Words of praise are always humbling. "Thank you, but I just spoke from my 'eart best as I could. Being what I am, I felt I 'ad to make a stand. Going into it, after all, I couldn't know if anyone else was going to speak out at all."

Graham shakes his head and chuckles "Well that's good." he looks between the two "I agree both speeches were very good and needed to be said." he'll offer a Rena a menu before glancing over his own a moment though he may not order right away "What did you have sis? I never know what to order here." he winces with a smirk over to her.

"And others listened… your message resonated with so many… I think your statement was the most oft quoted in the Daily Prophet following that event," murmurs Rhyeline. Her eyes shine with a hushed glow of admiration. Peeking up at Graham with a bit of a grin, she says, "They have these wonderful caprese sandwiches here… or scones with clotted cream and jam."

Truth be told, Rena is not without her own degrees of shyness. More praise of her speech causes the young woman to sink a little bit in her seat and hide behind the menu that Graham has handed to her. Peering over the top so that her face is hidden from the eyes down, she glances between Rhyeline and her co-worker: "Now you're just /trying/ to make me blush."
Coming out from hiding slowly, Rena remarks that the scones with jam and clotted cream are delicious before adding as an aside to Rhyeline: "I only wish I'd 'ad more of an opportunity to make a difference, yea? I've done little things 'ere and there - but there just isn't much I can do, it seems like. Aside from making people mad at me, that is. One person poking an 'ornet's nest ain't exactly my idea of being productive."

Graham will take plan tea and one of the sandwich's it seems he trusts the others decisions. He looks to Rena hiding behind the menu a bit but shakes his head "You were very brave Rena." he looks to Rhyeline "Dont let her fool you, she single handedly took down a dark wizard while chasing him through the streets of the alley." he says smiling assuredly towards both hoping to keep the conversation going.

Rhyeline requests just another cup of coffee. With a bit of cocoa. And cream. And a dusting of cinnamon. Peeking over at Rena, the girl nods. "Each of us… we're like little twigs. The only hope to- to prevent the great harm of- of what might come… is to come together." She hesitates, looking to Graham.

Graham relates the story (at least in part) of how she took down the criminal in Diagon Alley, and Rena reaches over to thwap him lightly with her menu: "Oh, g'on with you!" She scolds with a feigned expression of playful annoyance. Then, peace returns and she orders herself tea and one of those delicious scones.
"Twigs grow into trees, though - if you brace 'em up right proper." Rena observes to Rhyeline, becoming more serious. "If a tree grows to maturity then, it can provide shelter in a storm. There's an 'opeful thought and no mistake."

The young auror nods his head to his adopted sister to decide the look on her face "Yes, I agree with you a strong united front as i'd said where people don't turn a blind eye." He'll accept his tea and take a small sip listening to Rena now agreeing with her words and stance on the whole thing. "That's a good point as well as well though it's not hopeless." Graham will look to Rhyeline giving her a smile.

"Is such your hope?" murmurs Rhyeline, tilting her head a bit to the side. Her dark gaze remains unwavering upon Rena. Though she does seem a shy, soft spoken creature, the topic at hand has drawn out a subtle ardor in Rhyeline's eyes.

Rena's tea and scone also arrive, which she takes gingerly. It's still a bit of a struggle to try and appear at ease and used to fancy places like this tea house. Taking a small sip, she nods to Rhyline and smiles faintly: "Sure, it's my 'ope as you say. But I don't know what more I can do than I've already done. I suppose I've been looking for opportunities or chances to do more - but none 'ave really presented themselves yet. I'll know when they come, though." She finishes and then takes a bite of her delectable scone.

((Scenes unfinished, presumably faded into nothing of further significance.))

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