(1938-12-06) Letter for Auntie
Details for Letter for Auntie
Summary: Alphard writes a letter for Esther's mother, his Auntie Wilhelmina
Date: 1938-12-06
Location: Slytherin Boys Dormitories
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Leaning over his writing desk, Alphard wrote out the letter.

'Dear Auntie Wilhelminia.

I'm writing you regarding your daughter, cousin Esther.

Though I'm sad to admit that Esther and I have never been the best of friends, for she has always been very difficult to get close to, she is none the less family. Family as you know is the most important thing in this world, especially for us Pure-Bloods beset by a world that increasingly spurns tradition and the value of blood. So though we've had little to do with each other over the years spent in Slytherin and Hogwarts, I've always done as my mother asked when Esther first arrived. I've kept an eye out.

This year to my great horror, I became aware that she was spending increasing amounts of time with an inferior crowd. Mudbloods, Half-Bloods and Blood Traitors. Not just for the sake of our family reputation, but also because I dearly care about her future prospects, I began to take an active involvement in her student life. I've done my best to separate her from that crowd, and introduce to her a better circle of acquaintances. It hasn't been easy, and she has fought me every step of the way, but finally I am seeing some improvement in her general disposition.

I hope this trajectory will continue. It would be absolutely loathsome if she were to relapse and start spending time again with those ugly little gnomes they let into Hogwarts. Why isn't Hogwarts more like the Durmstrang Institute? Imagine how much better the learning environment would be if we didn't constantly get distracted by filthy Muggle themes forced fed to us? It's wretched! Why, I'm sure you read about that disgusting petition in the Daily Prophet, the one written by Julian Edwards, a Half-Blood I'm sad to say your daughter was seen with more than once. Thankfully my own brilliant reply seemed to have quashed that nonsense quite thoroughly! As for Edwards, he might just be expelled himself for engaging in violent illegal duels. That shows you just how dangerous those sort of people are. No respect for tradition!

However, to return to Esther. To further my goal to include her in a better crowd, a pure-blood crowd, I'd like for her to attend the party I'm throwing this Holiday. If you would be willing, I'd take her under my wing and assure that she got into none of that nonsense I'm sure she'd normally get into if she was left unwatched. If this is acceptable to you, please reply. I'd be willing to collect her from your house and bring her to the Black home, where she will be treated like the family she is. I really think it would be good for her, making friends.

Yours truly,
Loving Nephew,
Alphard Pollux Black.'

He read over it once, then folded it and prepared to have it sent.

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