(1938-12-07) Happiness Matters
Details for Happiness Matters
Summary: Andromena and Elizabeth have a little heart-to-heart.
Date: 1938-12-07
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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With the majority of the student population at Hogsmeade, it leaves the Ravenclaw tower relatively quiet for the most part. The fire in the fireplace crackles faintly in the background, a constant comfort as Elizabeth reads by herself, nestled into one of the tall-backed chairs, dressed in comfortable clothes and feet tucked against her inside the chair itself. Her raven hair is styled differently than usual, parted on the right side so that her bangs fall along the curve of the left side of her face, the single braid following the angle of her head as to fall over her left shoulder. Book resting in her lap, the bookworm seems fairly comfortable just reading to herself. At least for the moment.

Elizabeth was not to be alone for long, because Andromena was soon to return from the girl's tower where she had been napping. Her cat, Apollo, followed at her heels. He was very much obsessed with his mistress, you see, and would follow her almost anywhere. Almost. Even the cat's adoration had its limits. Clad in her pajamas, Andromena covered her mouth with her hand in order to stifle a huge yawn. It didn't work. That over, she gave a stretch, arms twining high into the air.

"Oh, Elizabeth," said when Andromena spied the other girl. "What have you got there?" In reference to her book.

The sound of footsteps descending the stairs pulls at Elizabeth's attention, her pale e yes idly flicking up to glance at Andromena and her feline companion, comfortable in pajamas. She dips her chin wiht a small greetings to the older girl, but when she asks about what she's reading, Liz slides a hand from the pages to calmly close it, revealing the title. Advanced Rune Translation. The spine and pages are well worn, suggesting that it's a personal copy of hers that has been read through countless times.

"Actually, I was hoping that I can speak with you privately. Now seems to be ideal, if it doesn't inconvenience you." Elizabeth shifts her weight in her chair, lowering her legs and sitting a little more forward.

"Nice," she croons, reading the book's title. It reminded her that she had some rune-work that needed doing. Padding over to a chair across from Elizabeth's own, Andromena settled herself within its comfy confines. Apollo was not long in hopping into her lap, where he too made himself comfortable.

"Yeah?" She asked, brushed a lock of hair behind an ear. What would Elizabeth want to talk to her about? Well…actually, Andromena could hazard a guess. It was just that the younger girl seemed quite content to stick to herself, and so Andromena was caught somewhat by surprise. She gave a nod of her head. "We can talk now." She had pretty much intended to just read if nothing else had otherwise come up.

Andromena's words earn a small and thankful smile from Elizabeth's lips, if only briefly as she turns her attention to the matter at hand, turning herself to face the older girl fully in her seat so that she knew that her sole attention is on her. "I wish to apologize for last weekend. My choice of words at the time were poor and you received the blunt of them, needlessly. So, I'm sorry." she murmurs, hands threaded in her lap. "I do find you to be pleasant company and feel that it would be worthwhile to pursue a deeper connection beyond just acquantances, because what I've experienced of you has been positive."

Andromena had prepared for something totally different, so that when she realized Elizabeth was apologizing to her as opposed to, well…you know, it left the older Ravenclaw a little perplexed. Not for long, however, and she quickly recovered. Andromena knew how apologizing to someone could feel, so she made sure to form an appreciative smile. Absently, she stroked Apollo, who was purring loudly.

"I understand," Andromena began. "Each of us have days where external forces push us into places we would not otherwise be." Sometimes it was not even that. Sometimes it was just poorly chosen words that fell to an unreceptive ear. Life was full of these things, and you had to make do as you went. So for Elizabeth, Andromena was willing to re-examine their potential relationship.

"I've been told I have a most pacific nature," said with a self-deprecating grin. "You remind me of myself, truth be told." Elizabeth may have been too young to have really paid much attention to a girl two years older than she, but Andromena had always been the quiet, bookish sort.

The corner of her lips tugs faintly, being compared to Andromena, and a small chuckle escapes her. "If I was, I wouldn't have declined the offer based on principle." she murmurs. "I think getting to know you better will be and would have been pleasant at that moment of time. However…" Elizabeth pauses, frowning to herself with thought if only for a moment before a tired sigh escapes her. "Andromena, I'm a very open and honest person. Very to the point, as it were, and that has the tendency to make me seem brash when that's far from my intention. A little stubborn as well I believe." she absently shrugs a slender shoulder.

"I do not rely on rumors or hearsay to base my thoughts of other students. And I have personally witnessed Alphard Black make two of our fellow Housemates cry. Actually crying from emotional distress." Elizabeth's frown deepens at herself at the memory. "This behavior is off-putting, and I've found that because of it, I have no desire for him to be part of my circle of friends. And so when you invited me to join you to Hogsmeade…" Her words fall away with another small sigh.

"I will never badmouth another student, but I will point out their own contradictory actions. I find his reluctant willingness to 'hang out' with someone he deems inferior rather hypocritical." Elizabeth quietly lifts her eyes to meet Andromena's. "But that does not mean that you deserve to be hurt in the process, and for that I'm truly sorry."

Andromena can appreciate honesty, truly. She appreciates that people are different, too, that some bridges cannot be gapped. It's a mindset she tries to keep at the fore, because despite her best efforts even Andromena could find her proverbial feathers ruffled. The exchange between the two girls last weekend had done as much, a fact she wouldn't deny. It was no lie to say that Andromena wanted people to just go along with Alphard rather than cause trouble for themselves. Whether or not such a course of action was wise or even at all plausible didn't occur to her. What was so hard with keeping quiet, after all?

"I respect that," she told the younger girl after absorbing her words. "Perhaps it was negligent of me to have made the offer when in his company. It was never my intent to see you belittled or mocked. However," Andromena made sure that she kept Elizabeth's gaze for the time being. Not to challenge but to convey that she was serious. "I have learned that I cannot make everyone happy. I wanted my House to be agreeable with Alphard, and Alphard…" She waved her hand toward the direction of the Common Room's door. "Well, I wanted him to ignore all of you." See! See how she had tried to play little miss protector?

"I realized I was in error, and have since given that desire up. I'm dating Alphard. I like him. I'm not apologetic about it. I'm entirely willing to get to know you better, Elizabeth, but I had to say that first. That way you're aware here and now, and can decide without pressure if you want to pursue a friendship with me." If not, then Andromena would understand completely, and would harbor no ill-will or malice for the younger girl. Then, belatedly, "Thank you for your apology. It means a lot."

A small but faintly sad smile graces the girl's lips. "Avoiding trouble will never get to the heart of the matter. It only puts off what is an underlaying issue, delaying it rather than confronting it. And in the end… the resulting consequences can be even more explosive because it was ignored for so long." Elizabeth exhales another small breath, her expression softening while she holds Andromena's gaze. "Your reasons for liking Alphard are for yourself to have and none other. And the fact that you are resolved in your decision is admirable." She's had enough of wishywashy people as of late after all. "I would like to pursue a friendship as well, though I don't think it's possible because… I will not apologize for who I am either. I would tolerate Alphard if only for your sake, but I think ultimately…" Elizabeth quietly shakes her head as she glances back down to her small fingers in her lap. "I anticipate that he would try to make you sever our friendship as a result… And I would hate for that to happen…"

Andromena conceded to herself that such was possible. After the way Elizabeth had spoken last week, it was doubtful Alphard would ever again view her with anything but scorn. Unless she went and attempted to grovel at his feet - something Andromena had no reason to believe Elizabeth Dweedle would ever even consider doing. She continued to pet Apollo, who had managed to roll onto his stomach in order for her to rub his belly.

"He's little problem with my being friends with Eibhlin Shine," Andromena points out. "We spent the entire evening together last night and the two of them even laughed." That was worthy of being mentioned, was it not? "In any case…It would be hard to be fast friends. For all you know I may turn out to be," and here she was grinning again. The action made Andromena appear as if she were mocking herself more than anything else. "Something equally awful. I only just earlier upset Elise. I'm willing to be friendly with you though, Elizabeth. Surely that's a start?"

"Maybe. It could be possible to be on good terms with him." Elizabeth allows. Percentage-wise, it might be on the low side though. A small breath escapes her lips. "Last night he claimed I was 'not too pretty, a massive attitude problem, and about as interesting as an old sickle'. To quote his words." Elizabeth smiles faintly. "To be honest, I'm used to it. I don't care what he calls me. But all of this was in order to demean me and infuriate Gage so that he throws the first punch, sort to speak."

Still, her expression softens. "It would be pleasing if it turns out like that, a quick friendship. And as I said, I'm willing to pursue it. It helps knowing what food we're starting off on too." A small chuckle escapes.

Andromena chuckled as Elizabeth recounted Alphard's words. Maybe not the sort of thing she should have laughed at, given that he had said it about the younger girl. But, really, Alphard - an old sickle? She shakes her head ruefully. There was always a small percentage, certainly. It was not as if Elizabeth had yet to draw on Alphard and declare him her number one antagonist the way some certain other Ravenclaw had.

"Before I speak of Gage, let me say this: Lara Stuart," another half-blood, "Spilled an entire bowl of custard on Alphard not all that long ago. I was sure he'd go out of his way to make life miserable for her. I promised her I'd speak to him because she assured me it really was an accident, and she told me she'd apologize to him…" Here Andromena grew thoughtful. "Only she never did. She even sort of spent a little time with us at the Three Broomsticks and he was perfectly calm." Andromena was positive Alphard still fully expected an apology, of course. It just went on to prove that maybe there was hope after all.

"As for Gage? I think that if the two were just kept apart things would go smoother. There's something about the other boy that…that Alphard likes to bait. I don't know why. But it doesn't help that Gage tried to pin that animudblood thing on him when I know Alphard didn't do it." He would have owned up to it.

What lingering smile that may have been falls away when Andromena chuckles at Elizabeth's account. "He said that I was unattractive to the opposite sex. Even if he wasn't trying to make Gage unnecessarily angry, he still said some extremely hurtful words." She doesn't understand how it could be a laughing matter. "If Gage said those kinds of words about you, you would be crushed and Alphard wouldn't hesitate to rise to your defense. But that doesn't mean that it makes it alright. For anyone to say about anyone." Elizabeth gently shakes her head to herself, mentally moving past it. "Not that I'm sure how much longer Gage is willing to hang around me any more." says softly, Andromena's next words pulling her pale eyes up to the older girl's. Visibly, Liz hesitates. "I know what happened, in that instant."

"Oh, I am sorry Elizabeth, you're right," Andromena admits, stowing away any further laughter. "You can just seem so laissez-faire at times, I had thought it hadn't upset you. If it were me, I would be hurt by it, too. And yes, I would expect Alphard to defend me." She hadn't meant to cause Elizabeth further distress over the matter, but there were times when Andromena could apparently be frighteningly indifferent to the feelings of others.

"You do?" Asked with an uplifted brow. Elizabeth could elaborate as she saw fit, Andromena merely went on to say, "I just don't understand the point. I can't make myself believe Gage allowed himself to endure something as obviously painful as that just to try and get Alphard in to trouble." Aside from the fact that the prank would now follow him throughout the rest of his stay at Hogwarts, there were those that speculated the boy was protecting another. Julian, perhaps?

"Why do you think he won't want to spend time with you any longer?"

Elizabeth gently dips her chin with a small nod, hesitant to say any more. It isn't as if she was told that it was in confidant. "Esther bound him, rendered him unable to speak or stand, and left him humiliated." she murmurs. "She told me all of this, that she did it because Alphard was going to be the one that hurt Gage." Her eyes narrow as she glances away, serious and quiet. "There was a huge bruise on her wrist and Esther was an emotional wreck, but she was coerced into doing that to Gage by Alphard… she claimed that her cousin was going to take everything she loves away from her, even herself." Elizabeth quietly shakes her raven head again and returns her gaze to Andromena. "This is what I've been told, and I don't think that Esther would lie about something like this. She was too upset." Exhaling a small breath, she leans back into her chair. "Because despite what feeling I may have for him he's indecisive. He'll try to keep me at arm's length in order to avoid hurting me."

Andromena took in this information while wearing an altogether blank expression. Esther, as in, Esther the Hair Lowe? (Thank you, Marshmellow. One good turn always deserves another, hey?) Andromena hardly knew the girl except by reputation around the halls. Whatever relationship she had with Alphard was between them, and Andromena hardly felt like speculating.

"I see," answered in monotone. It neither upset nor excited her. As the older girl had nothing to fall back on to counter Elizabeth's version of the tale, she simply had to settle for taking it at its face value.

"I've no advice for how to deal with Gage," she decided to say. She rested her elbow upon the chair's plush armrest while her thumb supported her chin and her fore finger absently plucked at her lower lip. "You can only tell him the truth if he does start to act that way - that people get hurt all the time, and that despite your best efforts, it still may not be enough. In fact, best efforts and good intentions may just do the exact opposite of what you hope." And from there it would be as it would be.

A small chuckle escapes Elizabeth. "I already told him. And since then, well… there's mixed signals. And he has interest in another girl as well." she quietly shrugs a slender shoulder. "It's okay. I intend to give him space so that he doesn't feel pressured. The last thing I want is… well, for someone to feel pressured into liking me. Much like Myrus." A sigh escapes the bookworm as her hands unlace in her lap. "I've never concerned myself when it came to romantic relationships before now, but currently I've found that it's a very poor subject for me." Elizabeth chuckles.

"Give it time," Andromena advises. "Alphard is my first boyfriend, and I'm in my sixth year." Myrus and Gage. Two boys she would never personally have imagined in the realm of romance, but then who else was there of Elizabeth's age? Andromena had no idea. Better to just wait until she was older anyway, since boys needed all the time to grow and mature as they could get. "I'd be more concerned about having meaningful friendships as of right now. In any case, it's nice to be friends with a person before you decide to date them." Not that she had ever spoken more than a handful of words to Alphard before their ~unholy union~.

Elizabeth gently shrugs a slender shoulder again, passive. "Well, I'm unbothered by the wait, or even what he decides ultimately. I just want him to be happy, even if I'm not." She'll always be like that though. She was with Myrus, and she's like this with Gage too. "Ah well. Enough about my nonexistent love life." Another chuckle escapes her.

"You're like that too, huh?" Andromena asks, deciding to share something of herself - really of herself - with the younger girl. Getting to her feet, which caused Apollo to leap down with a startled: why did you do that? look, Andromena indulged in another stretch. One must be comfortable before divulging in personal information, n'est pas?

"I like to believe that as long as a person that is important to me is happy, it's enough." Even if it hurt. Even if it wasn't. Because their happiness had to matter, had to mean something more than her own disquiet or pain. "But I ought to get dressed and head to the library. There's some research I need to start on." Andromena is coming for you, mister Lestrange.

"Well, myself being happy does matter, but if my partner isn't happy with me then how can I be happy?" Elizabeth replies softly, a small smile on her lips suggesting that she feels a sense of comradery with Andromena as they share this together. "It's a matter of balance." Her fingers softly taps the cover of her book. "Alright then. Don't let me keep you." The warmth of her smile grows some. "Maybe we can sit together during the next meal. I would look forward to that."

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