(1938-12-07) How is Medusa?
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Summary: Medusa, who is doing some paperwork, is joined by Eibhlin and then Augustin and Gerald. The relationships of the three irritate the Gorgon and she mocks them, causing laughter before she boots them out of her booth.
Date: 7 December 1938
Location: A booth in the far back, near the hallway, of the Broomsticks

Despite how busy the pub is Medusa has commandeered an entire back booth for herself. She has several pieces of parchment and even books laid out on the table in front of her. Her hair is twisted up and secured with her wand of all things. A near empty glass of butterbeer sits on the table, making it look as if she hasn't been alone long. Her own drink has hardly been touched. All around her the noisy chatter and laughter of teenagers fills the air even as snow seems to be filling the air outside.

Coming in from outside Eibhlin brushes a few flakes of clinging snow from a shoulder giving a hand a good shake to drop some additional snow from her jacket before stepping further inside. Mittens are tucked into her coat pockets as she sends a look about the space in search of a seat and happening to spot Medusa at an all but empty table that's the direction she heads, weaving between people. "Mind if I join you?"

Looking up to see who it is that is asking, Medusa nods seeing Evie. "Of course." She shuffles a few of the papers over. Up close it is easy to make out that she is working on some kind of financial paperwork; perhaps a business plan, and also sketching out a report. "How are you? Any new dates on the horizon?" The question is posed as Medusa's quill scratches against the parchment, continuing her running tally of figures.

"Thanks," Eibhlin replies, sliding into a seat beside the older girl. A glance goes to the paperwork and she does take not of what type it appears to be, not schoolwork that's for sure. "Hm?" a question returned for the question. "Oh, no..?" not that she's aware of anyway. "Business planing?" she guesses as to the nature of papers.

Medusa's wand held bun wobbles ever so slightly as she nods. "Yes. I have to tighten it up. I need everything to be just right before I go back to London. My Father is growling over Douglas and so much of this," her hand sweeps over the papers without touching them, "hinges upon or is about him to." She looks over at Eibhlin, "I am starting my campaign to convince him that Douglas is good for me."

Eibhlin ahs nodding slowly. "Well if you need any help figuring," she offers, propping her chin up as she leans an elbow on the edge of the table, "I'd be happy to lend a hand."

The door opens once more, and Gus comes in, looking briefly around. Old man sitting at a table with a little Ravenclaw girl… gaggle of teens being boisterous at the bar… and a certain redhead with a certain blonde. He grins and heads that way. He's toting several packages under his arm - seems like someone's been shopping, apparently. "Hullo, ladies," he greets. "May I join you?"

"Thanks, I might take you up on that - have you double check my numbers." Medusa looks at Gus and begins carefully and slowly gathering her papers into a pile. Even so he can likely see what some of it is about, but not enough to really be certain. "Shopping is one of the things I really loathe about the holidays or birthdays. I cannot stand shopping."

"Not a problem," Eibhlin readily agrees to look them over, "I've been helping my mother with it for awhile now." Numbers she can handle. Looking up as the boy arrives she offers him a smile, "Hey," though a sigh follows soon for the mention of shopping. "I don't mind.. but finding the right thing.." Well that's what makes it difficult.

Gus will not even try to hide his curiosity at the papers that Medusa's gathering, since she doesn't look like she's trying to be furtive. "What's all that there?" he asks curiously. He takes the paper-moving as assent to sit, and puts his packages in a neat little stack on the space Medusa cleared. And he'll sit next to Eibhlin, if there's room. "I've been meaning to ask you, Eibhlin," he says. "Should we get gifts for one another? Er… I'm not sure if that's allowed, or what. Thought I'd ask." He glances at Medusa for a quick second, then focuses on Eibhlin.

"Thankfully I have my gifts sorted. Shopping isn't something which comes natural to me. I grew up having merchants come to my house to sell us things. Crowded stores make me edgy." When the Hufflepuff inquire about the papers, "Business plan," Medusa responds. The last bit of parchment is tucked away in a ledger and she picks up her long forgotten butterbeer then grabs the discarded one and finishes that off first. Over the rim of the glass Gus is given an approving nod.

Eibhlin leaves the explanation of papers to Medusa while Gus' question brings her blue eyed gaze back to him. "Well," there's a brief glance to Medusa from her as well, "I'd sort of been wondering the same thing," she replies. "That'd be nice."

"Want to see what I got my family?" Gus asks. Is that a twinkle in his eye? It might actually be. He pulls the smallest package off the top and wiggles it enticingly at them. He grins at Eibhlin. "Perfect," he says. "So… now I have to figure out what to get you."

Medusa sets the empty glass on the table, putting it near the end so a barmaid can collect it far easier. She watches the pair of them, and sighs inwardly. "What did you get your family, Augustin?" Maybe he'll have tips on how to keep parents sweet, though somehow just something tells Medusa the Rousseaus aren't as manipulative and underhanded as the Malfoys.

"I still have to figure out what to get you," Eibhlin assures Augustin he's not the only one in that boat of what to get. "But sure, what'd you get for them?" Since he obviously wants to show them off.

"For my mother," he says, opening the package. "I made her a nice frame. Then I paid for the glass and got a picture taken." The picture is of himself, smiling and waving at the camera - it's moving, of course. "For my father," he says, reaching for the next package, "I made this clock. Well… I paid for the actual clockwork bits and the face and all, but I made the casing." It's a sturdy little thing made of a dark wood, rather square and squat, with fleur-de-lis carved all along the bottom like a border. Initials, presumably Gus's father's, are carved in the top. "For my sisters, I made these," he says, and pulls out a couple of small boxes which are beautifully inlaid with floral patterns — different colored woods make the petals and leaves. "Had to get the hinges for them put on," he explains. "And I paid for a charm - you have to know the secret word to open it."

Medusa props her chin on her upturned hand and watches as Gus beings setting items on the table as if he were a travelling salesman revealing his wares. "Lovely gifts. There is something nice about giving a gift which you have made, isn't there? Also receiving them." Her other hand motions between the pair of them. "You are both creative, is it too late to perhaps make a gift for one another rather than purchase one?"

"They're beautiful Gus," Eibhlin comments as he shows off the gifts he's put together for his family. "I'm sure they'll love them." Pausing a moment she sends a glance towards Medusa who still has a drink. She nods at the blonde's suggestion, "No, I think that sounds like a good idea. … I'm going to go see if I can't find a drink, you want anything?" the question to Augustin and while she waits for an answer once its given she excuses herself for the bar and will even return that empty glass in so doing.

"Thank you," Gus says. He starts wrapping up the packages again. He nods at her suggestion and looks up at Eibhlin. "Just whatever you're having," he says, dragging out a coin and offering it to her before she runs off. Once she's gone he says, "I might make her a puzzle box. You think she'd like that?"

"I think she would like it very much. She enjoys that sort of thing or else she wouldn't be taking runes." Or so goes Medusa's logic. She sips her butterbeer. "How are things with your parents? They being pains like mine or sensible?" The question is followed by a quick look to make sure nobody overheard.

"I don't think they've heard about me dating Eibhlin," Gus says quietly. "And honestly, I don't want to bring it up. They were extremely unhappy when Li — Yaxley and I didn't work out." He sighs and carefully wraps his mother's frame in the brown paper. "I'm hoping for the best, whatever that is."

Medusa nods slowly. "Just be careful, hmmm? You are about as good at lying as I am at juggling." She sips a little more of her butterbeer. "Parents are funny creatures. They're more likely to be upset at you hiding something or lying to them than over that which you are trying to cover up."

"I'm not hiding it," Gus says. "That makes it seem like I'm ashamed. I'm not, though. I'm just… not advertising. I know they're going to find out, and I know they're not going to be pleased." He runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "I just want to put off the explosions as long as possible and concentrate on just getting to know Eibhlin better and not scaring her off."

"She finds out you aren't being upfront, you might just do that." Enter Gerald..and his glare. Not far from the couple, the slightly more brooding teen slingers before taking the last few steps to settle, without invitation of course, into the seat next to Medusa. "Just do it. They have to love you. It's genetically programmed into them."

She holds up her hands, "I'm not saying you are. Just doing what you like to do and playing devil's advocate." Medusa yawns a little tiredly. "Ger…," she warns. "Not everybody has parents who're supportive. My father, for instance, is kicking up a huge fuss right now over Douglas."

Gus is slightly taken aback by the glare. "You don't know my mum," he mutters. He'll glance up, trying to find Eibhlin in the crowd, before looking back at the boy. "My whole life she's been telling me I have to find a nice pureblood witch to settle down with. And there were some rather unsubtle hints that said witch ought to be from a family with similar or better financial standing to our own. Eibhlin is wonderful - sweet, intelligent, pretty - but not my mother's ideal." He mods at Medusa. "Did you ever end up sending him a letter?" he asks. "I… heard you rode around in a fancy carriage Friday evening. I was hoping it was your family, maybe."

Gerald snorts. "My family loves Evie..but not as a girlfriend. Most pure families have the very same mindsetwith exception to Medusa whose under far more stress all things considered." She gets a weak smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes, but he shrugs. "Family aside. You either bow down and do what you want or kiss ass and make them happy. You try and have both you end up with nothing. Evi's a fit catch. She doesn't have to tolerate deceptions and half-truths to find a guy that will do what it takes to be with her good and proper." He leans back, his arms crossing over his chest as he watches the other boy. "So either be honest or be a good boy and find a nice proper pure to marry." Ahem. His family has their weirdness too. He doesn't doesn't broadcast it. Really.

Medusa slides over so Gerald can sit beside her. "It was my brother in the carriage. He came to warn me that our Father is kicking off over Douglas. It sounds as if I will have to be a veritable prisoner at their house again in order to please him." She draws a finger slowly along the side of her glass. "Life isn't just black and white, Gerald. Not for any of us. Gus' parents might be able to be persuaded but after one date he isn't likely to go trying to persuade them. Things haven't gone far enough yet."

Gus scowls. "You don't get to tell me what to do, Cornfoot. What happens between me and Eibhlin is between me and Eibhlin. So kindly bugger off." He crosses his arms, rather visibly annoyed at the other boy's assumptions and belligerence."

Gerald chuckles, casting a sidelong glance toward Medua. "Maybe you guys shouldn't have told me all about that first date." he glances back toward Gus, his lips tugging faintly into a grin..and a chuckle. If anything he's amused. "No one knows Evi better than me. I'm just telling you how it's going to be in the end. She hates deceptions, no matter how vague. You'd think someone who cared about her would appreciate someone being so honest."

Medusa rolls her eyes at Gerald, "Don't be a dick. This isn't about that. It's about you and your feelings." She takes a sip of her rapidly diminishing butterbeer. "Evie and Gus have sorted that out and she's happy. I highly doubt that Eibhlin will be rushing home to tell her mother about someone she had hot chocolate with in Hogsmeade one weekend? Not when she had proper boyfriends last year."

Gus's nostrils flare for a few moments and he sends Gerald a very unhappy look. Then he closes his eyes and gets a grip. "Look, mate, it's really none of your business. Just back off." There is a warning in his voice. "Let's talk about something else, aye?"

Gerald chuckles, but he does dip his head to whisper something to Medusa, along with a shrug of his shoulders. The 'look' however earns a laugh. "Wow..look at that. You have a backbone after all." If anything THAT pleases Gerald a little, and he does seem content to let it drop, for now. Though his demeanor changes very little. "Fine. Your go then."

Medusa just shakes her head and lightly elbows Gerald. "He'll lay off, Gus. But if you two fancy fighting, just do it outside and within the town limits."

"Yeah, I do," Gus says, still with that warning tone. He glances at Medusa, and then eyes Gerald. "Well, I don't fancy a fight," he says. "But if he's going to start one, I'll damn well finish it."

Gerald grins, and even chokes back a laugh before his eyes slide toward Medusa. "Hear that M..he'll finish it. Now I'm intrigued." Dear lord the gods of testosterone are heavy upon this house today!

Medusa groans. "What is wrong with you two today?" She shakes her head. "Sometimes I really do wonder if Douglas is the only sensible boy and considering what he's up to half the time that's saying something."

Gus rolls his eyes as well. "He started it," he says to Medusa. "Prancing up here and making accusations like he owns Eibhlin or something, instead of believing she has the common sense to make her own choices, insinuating that I'm only using her." That really does make him angry.

Gerald laughs, "I don't prance." He stalks at best. "And I never said you were using her. You came to that conclusion all by your self. I insinuated that you were a chicken shit. Very different." He sits back, smugly even before he looks back toward the girl, "I agreed to let it go. He keeps bringing it up." This much, alas, is said as a joke.

Two cherry soda's it is and when Eibhlin finally finds her way back through the clutter of people in the pub to their table at back there's a new addition. "Who's using who?" Great timing her return. "'Lo Gerald," she greets the Gryffindor with a smile as she sets the drinks down on the table as she settles back into a seat.

Medusa reaches into her coat and pulls out her cigarettes, if she can't have decent alcohol at least she is going to have something else to help her put up with these two. Ducking her head she lights up and snapping her fingers towards a nearby table is passed a clean ashtray. "Thank fuck," she says when Eibhlin returns. "These two are about to whip it out and start measuring up against one another to prove who's more manly."

"Eibhlin," Gus says, some relief in his voice. "Gerald here thinks you're making a terrible mistake, and that I'm hiding the fact that we're dating from my parents. You tell me - should I inform them that we've been on a couple of dates? Do you think it's time for that? Because apparently, if I don't, I'm a chickenshit." He snarls at Gerald.

Gerald chuckles as Evi returns, though the laugh seems directed to Medusa, who gets a wink from him. "Ev's you're boyfriend is snarling at me. Rude." Again, a joke, but that's just how he rolls. He also seems more than happy with the way Gus lays out the last few minutes of conversation, his gaze setting on the other boy as he narrows his eyes.

Eibhlin blinks from one to the next before just shaking her head at Medusa's explanation. Gus' question earns a sigh, "Perhaps I am," she replies with a light shrug of a shoulder, "But its my mistake to make," she adds, turning a pointed look towards Gerald. "Its up to you if you tell them, you know them best." She'll leave it to him to know when is best to say anything. That same look settles back on Augustin then, "And Gerald is my friend and regardless of if you two can get along I am visiting him over the holidays."

While the three of them work it out Medusa sits in the corner of the booth amusing herself by blowing smoke rings. "How are you Medusa?" She poses the question to herself and then answers it, "I'm alright thank you, but a bit concerned that there is some sort of stupid potion in the water at the castle." Another drag off her cigarette. "Why would you think that?" Medusa taps her cigarette over the ashtray. "Because everyone seems to be behaving as if they drank some." The three of them are then given a pointed look, each in turn.

"Ugh," Gus says toward Gerald. Then he decides to ignore him, apparently. He turns to Eibhlin, reaches for his soda, and nods at her. "Thank you for trusting me," he says. Though the news of her visiting him doesn't exactly settle well, from the look on his face, he nods, accepts it. "I'd like to see you over the holidays," he tells her. "Perhaps we can meet in London or somewhere?" His head swivels toward Medusa while she has her little monologue, and then… well, he can't help it, can he? He chuckles. Then he laughs. Heartily.

Gerald nods toward the red head, though to what exactly isn't clear, but it does earn a low, if not somewhat smug grin sent to her. Of course as she tells her boyfriend, in public even, about visiting him over the holiday, even Gerald clears his throat and finds a new place to look, which happens to be toward Medusa as she begins her small narration. And yes, she makes him laugh as well, albeit lowly. Anything helps. "I'm sorry DollFace. How are you doing on this horrible, absolutely retched afternoon that I should be drunk on?" That's going to be the theme today. 'I should have been drunk for this'.

Eibhlin certainly didn't mean for Medusa to be stuck in the middle of this as well. Perhaps not the time or place to say it, but she did. Shifting in her seat the right movement causes her to wince muttering under her breath even as she turns a look over to the blond, raising a brow in question of her behavior yet she does send an apologetic look her way as well before she can't help but let a laugh escape herself. "If you can get away," she pushes a smile to Gus, "We could see about London." "I do hope I haven't ruined you day Medusa."

Medusa drapes an arm over Gerald's shoulder. "Nobody has ruined my day. I just would rather not have us waste our time over this any longer. Instead we can be poking fun at a hundred other things. Or discussing whether or not that sneaky Genevieve Solomon might be plotting to steal Alphard from Andromena." She takes another drag off her cigarette.

Gus looks concerned when the redhead winces. "I'll make time for London," he promises her. "But Eibhlin, are you alright?" he asks very quietly.

Gerald chuckles as the arm snakes around his shoulders, and he's forced to do the same to the blond at his side. "Fine fine." He sighs with a small laugh, "I'll drop it." He promises with a sigh, though he does glance back toward Evi as she speaks. "I'm going into London over break. Dad wont insist on going if we leave together." And OMG, the chance to not bring his family is an amazing relief! "Soleil told me to bring you to her families holiday … thing." He eloquent like that, "You can bring him, or skip. I wont pay it any mind." He does lean to press a kiss against Medusa's cheek. "That is Douglas's fault." He teases, "Apparently I'm trying to steal you away." Clearly this is a joke.

Eibhlin nods, "Already hurt and just bumped it on the chair," she replies, a wave of her hand indicating her thigh hitting the edge of her chair. To Medusa's comment she laughs, "She might be," of Genevieve, "But I have a feeling he's much more interested in Andromena." She can only shake her head at Gerald, but she does nod. "If her family doesn't mind a couple extra.." she turns a glance to Augustin for his opinion on the matter.

Gus's eyebrows raise at the back-handed party invitation. "Well," he says, "I don't know about the whole Solomon-Black-Rowle love triangle," he admits. "But heaven help the poor lass who does end up with him." He has another sip of soda, and then he smiles at Eibhlin. "I'd love to be your date," he says. "Thanks."

"You're always trying to steal me, Ger. I've known it all along. You've clearly been dating Sunny to get near me." Medusa sips her butterbeer and is silent while they work out their holiday plans. When the discussion goes back to her question about Genevieve she says, "Alphard is actually a very good boyfriend to Andromena. He was fairly decent to my cousin Beatrice too. I don't like people who use underhanded means to get into relationships. Either you are good enough to take someone head on or you are not."

"I'm sure he'll be very good," Gus drawls. "Right up until he does something awful and has no one else to blame but her." He shakes his head. "Aw, how'd you hurt it?" he asks Eibhlin, very carefully not ogling her thighs.

"You steal my heart." Gerald teases the blond, though his response to Evi's discomfort is far different to Gus's. It's delayed, but he does send the redhead a grin and a small snap of his teeth. Really, it's not what he looks like! "Maybe she's just a big flirt." Gerald chuckles seconds later. "It does happen. Sometimes a ass pinch is just that. Doesn't mean they actually want to hem you up in the boathouse."

"He can be a good guy," Eibhlin agrees with Medusa when it comes to Black even if she and he don't often see eye to eye or get along. Gerald's reaction brings a light flush to the redhead's cheeks as she reaches for her soda to take a drink and hide behind the glass for a moment only to cough as some goes down the wrong way with the Gryffindor's commentary, a glare sent his way for good measure. "Later," she replies to Gus. Here is not the place.

Medusa glances at her ledger and papers. "You three can go if you like. I need to work on this business plan some more and post a letter to my mother sometime today or else I won't get to do anything over the holidays but sit in quiet solitude and study."

Gus narrows his eyes at Gerald's teeth-snapping. "Watch it," he growls. He sees Eibhlin's blush, and knows that Gerald caused it, and that does not sit well with him. He fidgets, not sure what to do. "Sh — should I punch him for you?" he offers Eibhlin, looking all sincere and boy-next-door. He hears her postponement and nods. And then Medusa is apparently dismissing them, regal as you please. "Would you like to get some candy?" he asks Eibhlin. "My treat." And it's nothing overwhelming - sweets are cheap. "I think the weather calls for carmels or toffees, maybe."

Gerald laughs, "You need get a grip, Gus." Gerald allows as he shifts in the booth, preparing to stand. "Sunny and I are secure, and I'm not a cheater." This much is said without a snarl. If anything, he seems to have done as promised and let it go. He reaches to press a kiss to the top of the blonds head. "Need help just ask." He reminds her with a sigh. Toward the red head, he offers a grin. "Your Hufflepuff's puffin at me again." This said in a tisk before he reaches for her hand, palming something to her in passing. "Find me later. Wanna show you what I got Sunny. And then you can watch me have a panic attack." This at least -seems- like a joke. A serious, possibly based on honesty, joke.

Eibhlin shakes her head, "Oh gosh, no," she laughs at Augustin's offer to punch Gerald for her. A nod to the other girl, "Let me know when you want me to look it over with you," if she wants to that is. "And good luck Medusa." To Gus she smiles, perhaps just a little more given the other boy's comment. "I'd love to," she agrees to the offer of sweets. A second nod follows to Gerald as she tucks the item into her pocket in the process of pulling out her mittens. "No panic attacks," she tease, "But I would like to see," she agrees to tracking him down later.

Medusa smiles up at Gerald and blows him a kiss. "Go on with you." Her hand gesture takes in the trio, "The lot of you clear out. Leave me to do what I have to do in order to sell my soul." She pulls her ledger and pile of papers over and starts to take things out so she can get to work.

Gus will stand and offer Eibhlin his hand up, and his arm to hold as they walk out. He glowers at Gerald, eyes narrowed. "Come on, Eibhlin," he says. "Those sweets are just calling." He nods at Medusa. "Later, mate."

Eibhlin stands, pulling her jacket from the chair to slip into it before she heads off with Gus.

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