(1938-12-07) Sweets Shop and Secrets
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Summary: After leaving the Three Broomsticks, Gus and Eibhlin walk together on a mission to get sweets, and she shows him a certain abandoned house.
Date: 1938-12-07
Location: Harkiss' Candy, Abandoned House in Hogsmeade

Its not a long walk to the candy shop, but it is still snowing out, the flakes clinging to clothing and hair alike before the pair duck into Harkiss'. "So… caramels then?" she questions his earlier suggestion.

"Yes, caramels," Gus says happily. "And we could… I dunno… share a malt, maybe? If you want?" He blushes a little. "Or I could get you your own." Once they're inside he takes off his knit hat and shoves it into his pocket. The little pom-pom on top sticks out.

There's a few students in and out of the shop, but its not anywhere near as crowded as the Broomsticks. Some are only there a moment picking up a few of their favorite sweets while others browse longer. Eibhlin takes a step closer to Augustin, turning into him, to let a trio of third years past them. "I wouldn't mind sharing," she replies, lifting a smile up at him.

It's as natural as that for Gus to put his arm around Eibhlin's shoulders. He smiles down at her in return. "Well, let's do that, then," he says. And he'll take a risk and try to kiss her on the forehead. "What flavor would you like?" he asks. "Anything but licorice."

Eibhlin doesn't seem to mind in the least. "Aw," she teases with a mock pout, "And here I Was going to say licorice was my favorite," with a slight shake of her head she brushes that thought aside. "Chocolate?" she suggests, 'boring' as it might be compared to the multitude of flavors available its a classic.

"Oh, is it?" Gus asks. "I'll buy you a licorice wand to make up for it," he says. "Chocolate's alright." He'll walk her to the counter and order them a malt, and while they're waiting for it to be made, he bags some caramels for them, and then pays for everything. "Is your leg feeling any better?" he asks her curiously.

Eibhlin laughs, "No, its not really my favorite," she replies, "But I do like it on occasion. Though.. I'm not sure how it would be as a malt," she adds walking beside him to the counter. As for her leg, part of her was hoping he'd have forgotten it by now, but she does nod in reply. "I just bumped it," she reminds.

Gus holds out his hand to help her up onto a stool. "What were you going to talk to me about later?" he asks. "Since, you know, it's later, now." He grins at her.

Eibhlin sighs as she settles onto one of the stools. She should know better than to think he'd drop it so easily. A glance is sent over her shoulder, a check to see who if anyone is nearby. The coast clear she looks back to him, "A bloody pixie bit me, okay?" she admits. Happy? There was no ass grabbing as Gerald so kindly suggested.

Gus blinks. "A pixie?" he repeats, though at least he has the presence of mind to be quiet about it. "Where did you see a pixie? I'm pretty sure they keep them out of Hogwarts." He looks confused, and curious.

"Yes," Eibhlin confirms in a way that a way hints as well to 'shh, don't make me say it again'. "I sort of fell into a nest of them yesterday after classes," she explains in part, suggesting that it wasn't at Hogwarts but perhaps here in town. Oh if he could have seen her after that. A right mess. "I'll show you," she adds, keeping her voice low least anyone passing by overhear. "I need to check with someone else first though."

"Oh, if we can get pixie dust we could get extra-credit in Potions class!" Gus says, perking up. He keeps his voice quiet, though. "A nest, though? Hm. Pixies are pesky little things. They do bite, though, don't they? We had a little family living in the cottage when I was little. Look," he says, and half-turns from her to lift the hair at the nape of his neck. There's a little semi-circular scar there. "One of them bit me - nearly took out a chunk." Then he turns back to her. "Why do you have to check with someone? With who?"

Eibhlin giggles, shaking her head. "No, not extra-credit," she replies. Even if they could get it they'd have to explain where for that. "But yes, they are. And hurts," she agrees, lifting a hand to lightly touch the spot he shows. "If Alp-" she cuts herself off and replies with a slight shake of her head, "I'll tell you when I can. Its something of a secret."

Gus shivers at the touch of her fingers, and gives her a lazy little smile. You know the one. Oh, yeah. Ahem. Then he blinks. "Alf? Alphard? Alphard Black?!" His voice is still quiet, but he is very surprised. "What's he got to do with getting you bitten by pixies?" he demands. "That oily little prick, I am going to wring his ungrateful, poisonous little neck!"

"Shh," Eibhlin hushes. He may not be getting loud about it but he is getting good bit more excited about the whole situation than she'd like. The point is not to draw attention. "Yes, him," she confirms reluctantly, "but I promise he didn't have anything to do with it." Despite how much he might want to blame the Slytherin for the mishap it wasn't his fault.

"Yeah?" Gus asks. "Or is he bullying you into covering for him?" he asks. He stands up. "It is high time someone kicked his pearly white teeth in, and if he's hurt you, I don't mind being the one to do it. Ugh! I should have let him fall," he grumbles.

Eibhlin shakes her head, "He's not," she replies a touch forcefully, standing as he does, ready to follow if she needs to. "You're being irrational," she points out. "And you don't mean that," she adds quickly when he mentions letting Black fall that time. "Now, did you want to share that malt…?" she asks, tilting her head to one side as she continues to look up at him.

"You're right," Gus says. "Malt first, then violence." He sits and pulls it between them, angles the straws just so. "Gotta build up my strength for the thrashing."

Eibhlin sighs, settling back to the stool. At least she's managed to delay it for the time being. Leaning in to take a drink she sends him a smile around the her straw, sliding a hand over to rest on his knee.

"Eibhlin!" Gus whispers when she touches his knee. He's grinning and blushing at the same time. "Tell me everything you can," he says, laying his hand on hers and then sipping from the malt, himself.

Eibhlin was about to pull her hand away when he laid his on hers."What?" she asks embarrassed. She hasn't even done anything and he's got her blushing! Turning her hand palm up she links her fingers with his.

"You said it was 'sort of a secret'," Gus says as their fingers lace. "You said you'd tell me what you could. Well. I'm all ears. And I can keep secrets, you know. If you need me to, I can keep it."

"And I will," Eibhlin assures, giving his hand a light squeeze even as she sends him a smile, pulling back from their drink. "Just not here," she adds. Even though they've not finished said drink he has paid for it already and at least now he's calmed down enough that he's not threatening violence on Alphard.

"Alright," he sighs. And then he starts drinking the malt like it's a race. "Better get some before it's all gone," he teases, and latches on to the straw again. He looks up at her with grey eyes that sort of smile and tease her.

Eibhlin laughs, "You're going to give yourself an ice cream headache," she teases back, though she does lean back into take another drink from the straw on her side.

"I never get those!" Gus boasts. He'll slurp away, and the level quickly falls. "Where can you tell me this sort-of-secret?" he asks. "Let's go there as soon as this is done." That might explain his hurry.

Eibhlin just shakes her head, "I'll show you, if you're done?" she teases, clearly ready to go whenever he is though she does take a moment for one last drink.

Gus lets her have her fill. "That was delicious," he says. "Next time, we'll make it a date, and we'll linger over it, and make calf-eyes at each other, and I'll maybe kiss you after, if that's okay." He looks hopeful. "But right now there's a mystery and a possible thrashing that I need to see to. Shall we?" he asks, and holds out his arm. The candies are shoved into his pocket for now.

"We'll see.." Eibhlin replies with a teasing smile. "But for now," she agrees to head on, standing to slide her arm though the one he offers. She'll walk beside him though lead the way though the streets of Hogsmeade, an afternoon stroll that's not about to draw attention from anyone in particular. Away from the main thoroughfare of the High Street however is one particular cottage that hasn't been occupied for years now. That's where they end up.

The hinges still creak when the redhead reaches for the handle, turning it to open the door, but it opens far easier than the last time she was here even if she does have to put her weight behind her.

"This house looks abandoned," Gus says as he follows her in. "Look at this dust." He does spot recent footprints in said dust, and raises an eyebrow. "Look, others have been here recently." Lookit Detective Rousseau, eh? He grins and waggles his eyebrows at her. "Why, Miss Shine," he says, dropping his voice into a lower register. Clearly he is teasing her. "Did you bring me here to have your way with me?"

Eibhlin giggles, leaning in to place a kiss on his cheek. "You caught me," she teases back. "But yes, there were people here. Yesterday," she replies. "I was here, with Alphard," since he was already bought up in conversation even if she was trying to avoid it. Though if he's judging by footprints in the dust there were more than two people in recent days.

"With Alphard," Gus says flatly. He waits for more, but he doesn't look very pleased by whatever he's imagining.

"Yes," Eibhlin replies, they've established that already. "It wasn't just us," she adds with a sigh and a shake of her head. She may not know exactly what's going on in his head but she can read that look. "Look it could be a nice place if it were cleaned up a bit," she points out, "But then we found.. well, I suppose it was a portkey," she guesses given she hasn't ever used one before but she has heard of them.

"A — a portkey?!" Gus repeats. "Eibhlin, you — you can't just go around using strange portkeys. They could take you anywhere! What if some rapist or murderer was on the other end, just waiting for unwitting victims?!" He sounds absolutely panicked that she used one, and he reaches out to grab her upper arms, though his grip is gentle.

"It was amazing," Eibhlin continues, obviously thrilled with the idea. "An-" she cuts off mid-word, starting as he grabs her, the tone of his voice doesn't help matters. Gentle as his grip may be she flinches. There's a brief pause as he speaks and then, "It wasn't like I was -alone-," she points out. "And its not like we knew it was at first either." When she used it they did, but that's a point he doesn't need to know.

Gus lets her go when she flinches, though he still looks worried for her. "I just… I worry," he says. "This place — how amazing could it have been, if you got bitten by a pixie, anyway?"

Eibhlin smiles softly, reaching a hand up to rest against his cheek when he admits his worry. How amazing? Turning a step or two out into the room, smile still on her lips as if remembering a sweet dream. "It went to a castle. It probably hasn't been visited in at least as long as here. It was gorgeous Gus," she explains turning a smile back on him. "Sure the pixies weren't fun, but the rest… at the bottom of the stairs there were these doors covered in ruins," she goes on her Ravenclaw colors showing as she geeks out about that particular puzzle. It was an adventure, and therein lies the fun.

Gus frowns a bit. "Show me?" he asks, looking around the room, trying to spot the portkey in vain.

"Can't you just believe me?" Eibhlin asks, her lips settling into a neutral expression, though a frown threatens.

"I… you won't take me?" Gus asks. "I mean, I believe you, but… I want to see, too. Wouldn't you, if you were me?"

"Aren't you the one who just said you can't just go around using strange portkeys?" Yes, she's going to use his own words against him here. "Of course I would, and I will, but right now we're still researching it."

"Well, yeah, but you've already been, and there were no axe-murderers on the other end," Gus says with a little grin. He pulls out his wand. "So it won't hurt if we have a look together, right?" He reaches for her hand.

Eibhlin sighs, though she does take his hand. "You never know," she teases, "And I'll show you, just not right now." She did say they were still researching, "I want to know more before I go back." Besides, her pride is still wounded from the last time. Who gets bitten there?

Like or not, Gus will have to accept her answer. "Will you promise not to go back without me?" he asks, using that hand to pull her a bit closer. "Someone's got to be on guard while you're using that marvelous brain of yours."

Eibhlin doesn't fight that pull towards him, blushing at that comment. "Promise," she agrees, even if it is a touch reluctant. She does however rest her head against his chest, "If you promise to keep it a secret."

"I promise," Gus vows, sighing as she rests her head against his chest. He reaches up his free hand and cups her head gently, then leans down and rests his cheek on her hair.

Eibhlin is content to stay that way in silence for awhile. "Do you think they'd like me?" she finally asks the question she's been avoiding for awhile now.

"My family?" Gus asks. The presents are all in a little bundle because even if his player forgot about them, he didn't, and he brought them all along. "My sisters would like you. My little sister would adore you. My older sister would be very nice, and polite, and perfectly charming… and impersonal. She'd like you but not… not as my girl. My father would be the same, I think." He squeezes her a bit. "My mother… would be civil, right up until she heard I'm dating you. Then it would be sort of… wintry."

Eibhlin nods confirmation of his guess of who she was asking after. She doesn't look up, but she does listen to the answers given. "My father was a wizard," she says, pointing out that she's not muggle-born even if she was brought up that way and her father's name is for all practical purposes unknown in the wizard world.

"I don't care, even if you were Muggle-born," Gus says. "And the fact that he was a wizard is… well. It's a light in the dark." He sighs. "Perhaps they won't outright disown me when they find out we're seeing each other. But my mother especially won't accept it quickly."

"That's why I'm going with Gerald for the holidays," Eibhlin says, lifting her chin to look up at Augustin though she doesn't move any more than that. She wasn't oblivious to his reaction to that news. "I want to learn from his family, and Soleil's invitation… her's is a good family to be friends with too." And if she can do that, then maybe it will help her find a place.

Gus looks down at her, right into her eyes. "I meant what I said about seeing you over the holiday," he says quietly. "I'm old enough they won't question it too much if I just tell them I'm going into London to see Friends. And I can Apparate, now. I could meet you in Diagon Alley."

Eibhlin nods slightly, "I'd like that," she replies, a smile touching her lips at his assurance. "Though, you don't have to go to the party with me," she considers the word 'party' and goes with it. It does, after all, sound better than the 'family thing' that Gerald describes it as.

"No, I'd like to come to a party," Gus assures her, giving her another little squeeze. "Do you have anything to wear? I always hear girls fussing about what they're going to wear to parties, and I know you don't have the most extensive wardrobe… I could… well, my sister probably has something I can loan you. Or, this is me, offering to take you shopping."

"It could be my present to you!" Gus blurts out.

"You don't have to do that," Eibhlin replies, "I'll find something." Where or how she's not quiet sure just yet, but she'll make due. The offer to take her shopping has her blinking, leaning back. "I couldn't," she says with a shake of her head. "But thank you," she adds, raising up just a bit on her toes to give him a kiss.

"Alright," Gus says, accepting her answer. "You're welcommMMmmmm," he says, leaning into the kiss. His cheeks turn pink but he's grinning from ear to ear when he finally pulls back to breathe. No tongue, this time - seems someone is taking Medusa's advice, there. "Thank you, Evie," he says huskily.

Maybe there's a bit more kissing after that, but the two teenagers leave before anything improper has a chance to happen, and Gus will walk her back home, hand-in-hand.

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