(1938-12-08) Bitch Candy
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Summary: Three mean girls make fun of others in Harkiss' Candy during a Hogsmeade weekend.
Date: 8 December 1938
Location: Harkiss' Candy

For all that she loathes being in overly crowded shops and indeed shopping, Medusa is still in Harkiss' trying to pay for some sweets. As she impatiently waits to be served, her icy gaze drifts over the store - a store filled with small people full of too much sugar. Seeing the fat Hufflepuff fifth year known as Whalesong thanks to her impromptu vocal showcase during lunch a few months ago, Medusa smirks. "Are you sure you shouldn't be buying some vegetables, Whalesong?" She calls over with a sneer.'

"Oh get off her, she has enough problems to carry as is, wouldn't want to make her load any heavier." Helene comments from the door into the shop, having just arrived. She shoots the Hufflepuff a condecending smirk and then smiles towards Medusa "Besides, she's a Big girl, I'm sure she can take care of her dietary decisions." this time the wink is directed towards Medusa instead, and the smile is more playful than condescending.

"She could certainly bench press several of the kitchen elves," snorts Medusa. As the queue moves along slowly she takes a mint humbug from the bag of them that she is waiting to purchase - a bag which is priced by weight. The humbug goes into her mouth. "Aww, you're not going to cry about it are you Whalesong? On second thought, cry, then when you get back to the Snifflepuff dorm you can put cucumbers on your puffy eyes and have a ready made salad afterwards."

Lea enters the shop with the composed air of someone who's prepared to glare daggers at the first sticky fingered child that so much as lays a finger on her dress. Soft black leather gloves adorn her fingers for praticality as much as fashion. Comfortable beneath the grey-white stole that drapes her shoulders offering warmth, beyond the natural fall of her robes. Having entered on the heels of Prince girl. "Mind the salt though," from her tears the Rashley warns, "Too much salt leads to holding water and that leads to…," well, it doesn't require a finish. Instead the young woman produces a neat list from her pocket, eyeing it and the shelves with an air of speculation.

Helene glances towards the girl, then shrugs and walks over to one of the shelves, starting to take down several packets of different things, even making a point of taking the last of a few of the popular items. "Out shopping stuff for the Holidays as well?" she asks, grabbing a small bag from a shelf, starting to put in some of the pick-n-match candies.

Assuming Helene is speaking to her, despite how they have not been speaking to one another much since before the summer Medusa shakes her moonlit pale head, "No. Mint humbgs for fag breath." She turns and leans back against the counter, still waiting her turn. "Are you bloody buying a sweet for every one in Gryffindor," she moans to the boy ahead of her in the queue. "They do postal deliveries you know." With another, far more annoyed shake of her head she looks around and her gaze lands upon Lea. "Rashley," she offers recognition to the younger girl, cousin of sorts to one of her best friends this year.

"Malfoy," Lea returns, offering a polite bow of her head to the Slytherin Queen with a smile that matches. "Be careful, that puffy cheeked little creature behind you keeps jostling closer and she's got chocolate all over her fingers." The third year Hufflepuff was given a sharp look, even as Lea was speaking before one of the third years from her own house caught her eye and Lea gestured the boy over. "There's a sickle in it for you, if you'll go and find everything on this list for me and then go stand in line."

Helene smiles and shrugs, starting to roll up the top of the now big, certainly two pounds at least, bag of sweets. "And come on, it's a Gryff, it takes a while for him to think, don't rush him, he'll get it wrong." another smirk as she grabs some of the licorice wand packages on one of the shelves then moves towards the queue, stepping in front of most of it and sliding in beside Medusa "You buy this I'll give you the money for it" she indicates the large load of sweets in her arms "I just don't want to go to the end. Whalesong just stepped in line and, honestly, she needs two showers."

Paying heed to Lea's warning Medusa turns to look at the sticky fingered student. He earns himself a full on Gorgon glare and goes stock still then slowly after checking he can, begins to back away. With a sigh Medusa motions for Helene to put the basket of shopping on the counter and then holds out a hand for the coins. "With all those fatties you'd think the Snifflepuffs would have bigger baths. I might mention that to Quinn when I see him next." Quinn being Conall Quinn the Head Boy and Hufflepuff.

There's a flicker of satisfaction that crosses the Rashley's face when the disaster of sticky fingers is averted; the girl reaching up to adjust her stole and lingering yet some distance from the main crush of the crowd. An absent adjustment made to her belt, so that it fit in perfect line with her dress before she looked back towards the pair after making sure her 'help' was going about things in the right order. "Perhaps it's the requirement for a bath that's the issue, though all the scrubbing in the world wouldn't remove the dirty blood from most of them. It's a traged—No. Not that one, can't you read. Second shelf. Right in front of you." The correction was delivered midspeech, before an apologetic smile was offered the pair of older girls. "I find little joy in the holidays. It's as if they're an excuse for people to get filthy."

Helene reaches into a pocket and pulls out four galleons which she places on the counter "Maybe they should require all the puffies to take domestics? Don't they learn cleaning charms in that club in the first year? Either that or require them to buy robes with that no-stain charm they have over at the store of the mudblood tailor at Diagon Alley? Wouldn't frequent it myself, but the Puffs wouldn't mind I'd bet."

"Always over paying, Helene." Medusa gives her back three of the galleons. As it comes her turn to pay she uses Helene's money to pay for everything, shopper's prerogative. The shopkeeper mutters at being given so much money and has to count out nearly fifty sickles in change. Change which Medusa promptly hands over. "You don't learn that kind of cleaning, more dusting and other useless cleaning you can use elves for." Her nose wrinkles at the idea of visiting a tailor let alone one frequented by muggle born. "Thank goodness merchants come to us." When you're a Malfoy nearly everyone comes to you. She lifts her bag of mint humbugs from the counter and leaves Helene to pick up her own shopping.

"I find Domestics to be rather relaxing," Lea murmured, though perhaps she would. Forever organized, rigidly precise her penchant for cleanliness had followed her through-out the years. "Enough so that cluttering it up with a bunch of Powdered Puffs would turn it trying, instead." A hint of a frown threatened at that, before once more, a hint of a smile was given in Medusa's direction. "My compliments are due you," the Ravenclaw offers, watching as the third year settles into the line. "That was a very well played hand, with the House Points. A fine game, for all that my house suffered the loss for its fools."

"Well, that would be an issue of course." Helene offers a flat smile in return "Maybe they could introduce a self-cleaning charm as compulsory for first year Puffs instead? Would probably do wonders for school hygiene." she shrugs and grabs her own shopping, starting to shove it into the red leather bag that is slung over her right shoulder. "Just saying there are options. And yes, it was a rather nice hand. You orchestrated it Medusa?"

Medusa shrugs a shoulder and bites down on what is left of the boiled mint sweet. "I simply suggested that interested parties might help one another. It came out that it was easy enough to trust Edwards to behave like an idiot." She smirks. "Those who think themselves to be righteous are usually only self righteous, and once you know that you can find their weakness easily enough. It is a shame for those in Ravenclaw who are more sensible like the Rashleys and the Donnellys." The latter being members of the Magijugend like Medusa herself.

"Still, credit where it is due and you earned more than your fair share." Lea was trying not to take the loss personally. Some people were simply, as Medusa had said, idiots. Without fail there would be one in every family and if you were incredibly unlucky, then there would be two or three. "I confess a measure of interest to seeing just what Edwards does now, as a result."

"One can only hope he does something to get himself removed, spare you from having the burden of association, even if only by School House." Helene smiles faintly and looks out the storefront window, across the street, for a moment "After all it's hardly fair for you Rashley, or the others in your house, having to suffer because" she continues, slightly distracted "someone like him, who probably belongs among the Gryfs, all action and little thought, got sorted into the wrong house."

"I am certain that whatever happens at the school the Ministry will think twice about letting him work for them." Medusa wrinkles her nose at Helene's continual dislike of Gryffindors. "Some Gryffindors are better than that." Her own sister was one and of course her boyfriend is one now. "In any case I should be off. Enjoy your sweets, ladies."

"And you," Lea offers to Medusa as the girl goes to leave. A little nod of her head having seconded the Ravenclaw's opinion as far as the Ministry was concerned. "Have you got everything then?" Inquired of the boy, who by now had made it to almost first in line. She slowly making her way in that direction so that she could pay, without having to let him actually handle the money. "His life will sort itself, I am sure."

"Well yes, but you can't deny that the actions he took would fit better in that house than in Ravenclaw, which if anything has the reversed stereotype." Helene finally looks back at the two other girls "Or perhaps they should just start putting all the slow-witted ones in Hufflepuff, would certainly make it easier for the rest of us." with a slight sigh and shake of her head she glances backwards at the other students in the store "You too." she adds in response to Medusa, apparently, leaving.

As she leaves a dark haired Gryffindor can be seen lounging near the door waiting for Medusa. With a grin she heads out, and through the windows they can be seen kissing before they walk off, his arm around the Malfoy's shoulders.

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