(1938-12-08) Cat Collars and Christmas Breaks
Details for Cat Collars and Christmas Breaks
Summary: Angelus accompanies Lulu to the Curious Creatures Pet Shop in Hogsmeade and extends an invitation.
Date: 1938-12-08
Location: Curious Creatures Pet Shop - Hogsmeade

"Its so nice to get out of the castle for a bit, don't you think? Oh look! We're here already!" Lucretia's cheeks are pink with the exertion of walking to Hogsmeade by the time she pushes the door to Curious Creatures open, entering the shop just ahead of Angelus with whom she's walked today. Eyes bright, she pauses a moment just within the entrance to allow herself to adjust to the dim interior. "I just -love- this place so much! There's always something new to see, and though I'd never replace Gaston with another cat, its always fun to see the new kittens. Did you see the rainbow coloured ones they had last year? So sweet!" And that just about sums up Lu's mood today; happy, excited and the gratingly girly.

Angelus keeps his pace with the girl, walking along beside her. "Definitely," he agrees with a nod of his head. His hand reaches out for the door a second after her, to keep the door open and follow her in - and he'll look over his shoulder before he lets it close, making sure not to close it if someone suddenly appears behind him. An amiable smile flicks against his lips as he nods his head in acknowledgement to Lucretia. "Huh, I didn't," he answers, shaking his head as he his blue eyes roam the store. "But I've seen my share of a few interesting creatures that my mother brings home for her job," he explains.

His robes are decorative and fashionable, obviously of well quality and worn neatly, his fancy robes that he wears when not in uniform. The Eye of Truth hangs in front of him.

"Oh?" Lucretia, it would appear, is easily distracted, the girl pulling her gloves off as she turns to look at Angelus. "I don't remember what your mother does. How odd. I'm sure I must have spoken with you about her before…" Voice tailing off, she tucks her gloves away and blows a quick breath of warmth over the tips of her fingers through pursed lips. Not that she allows Angelus to get away with not refreshing her memory as to his mother's work, because there's a small bob forward of her head towards him and a tiny moment before she encourages him to do so. "What -does- she do again?"

"Mhm," Angelus murmurs as he nods his head. His eyes trail over the various cats as he slowly paces. He meets the pet store with a reserved manner, not exactly disinterested but not overly enthusiastic either. "She works for the department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures," he answers as he casts his gaze onto Lucretia, offering her a warm smile. "So of course there's times where our stables at the manor have a few visitors." He hums softly, canting his head a little to the side. "What are your plans for the holidays?"

"Oh, home I expect. Mummy and daddy will have missed me horribly. As they should. But I can't let them become fonder of Orion than they are of me. Not that they would, of course. Just. You know. -Boys-…" The smallest emphasis is placed on that last word and Lucretia's fingers trail the length of the countertop as she follows Angelus deeper into the shop; pausing to inspect this and that until one cage in particular catches her attention. Whatever it holds is reduced to a pair of glowing eyes at the back, and whilst Lu isn't so rash as to immediately push a finger through the bars, the temptation to do so shows clearly on her face. For now, however, she refocuses attention on her 'companion of the moment', a warm smile given him. "And you? You'll be back off home too, won't you?"

A brief grin crosses Angelus' face as he looks from an animal to her. "Ah, yes, I see," he comments lightly, dipping his head simply. But a single brow arches inquisitively, regarding the girl before he smirks and shrugs his shoulders casually. His eyes follow Lucretia's gaze to that particular cage, a hum escaping him as he considers. But he glances to Lucretia as he replies, a wide smile spreading over his lips. "Definitely," he says with a single bob of his head. "I wouldn't want to miss the 'Eibon New Year party,'" he states. He hums as he gives himself a moment of thought, browsing the cages nearby, but his eyes return to her as he speaks again. "I suppose the Blacks will be having their own event?"

A small 'mrr' sound, not easily distinguishable as being of any particular creature type, comes threateningly from the back of the cage where Lulu hovers. She pulls her hand away and knots it with its twin behind her back. "Mhm. There's the traditional party on Christmas Eve, you know the kind of thing; carol singing and mulled wine. I used to sit on the stairs and peek through the banister railings after I'd been sent to bed. It was so magical." A bit of a grin as she straightens up, abandoning the cage heroically in the face of its angry occupant to move along to the next. "New Year, though. I'm not sure," she continues. "I quite like it, though it always makes me a bit sad inside. Especially this year. I'm not so happy to see this year become next."

Angelus nods, his eyes watching her as she speaks, giving her his attention. A grin tugs at his lips again, bobbing his head to her explanation about peeking through the railings. "We've always been allowed to stay up late, at least as long as we can, on Christmas Eve." His smile twitches, growing a little at a fond thought. "It's great, because my father's home over Christmas and New Years." He hums, walking along the store with her and letting his eyes wander. "So what's wrong with the new year coming? Maybe you and your parents could make an appearance at our New Year's event."

"My father talks a lot about the Germans," Lucretia says, growing more serious for a moment. "And about the children being evacuated from there to here." A pause. "Well not -here- here," she clarifies with a sweep of one hand to the shop's interior, "…just England. It must be -really- bad if they're doing that, don't you think?" Not quite as immune to politics as perhaps she could be, Lu draws her lower lip in over her teeth and chews its edge before blowing a breath out. Along, one might suppose, with any dark thoughts as there's an almost immediate change of subject when she spots something. "Oh look. These are nice! Which of these would you pick if you were me? Silver or green?" Mercurial of mood, a smile returns as she asks that of Angelus, his answer perhaps being -terribly important- as she extends her hands, an emerald cat collar danging from the left and a silver from the right.

Angelus lets out a noncommittal sound, dipping his head lightly as the conversation takes on a more serious level for a moment. There isn't much he has to say about it, but he does nod his head. "I suppose it must," he muses. And then his smile is widening over his face, his blue eyes flicking between the collars. "Green one," he decides with a lift of his chin, pointing it towards the corresponding collar. "Should we make a visit to Harkiss' after we're done here?" he asks, smile twitching warmly.

"Hrm…" Carefully Lu returns the silver collar to the counter, twisting the green one through her fingers. "You didn't pick the one I expected you to. How funny." There's a look given Angelus as if his choice has a direct and proportionate bearing upon the answer that will be given in reply to his mention of Harkiss'. She pulls a breath, decision made. "Alright." That one word is exhaled with an almost too-casual lift of her shoulders, and after handing over a couple of sickles for her purchase, she follows the Ravenclaw out.

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