(1938-12-08) Dazed and Confused
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Summary: Andromena, Eibhlin and Gerald hang out at the Three Broomsticks.
Date: 1938-12-08
Location: The Three Broomsticks
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Late afternoon leaves Hogsmead busy. Students hum along the streets, while others launch into a final afternoons worth of fun before classes resume the next day. Most of the students in the Pub are doing just that. Inside the pub most linger in small groups, their voices kept low and their conversations private. But not all. among said students are two less quiet ones. Gerald and his friend, a dark skinned sixth year Gryffindor known only as 'Kaufmann' can be found near the back, their laughter and antics drawing the occasional glance, though most merely shake their heads and laugh.

It's not exactly disruptive as it is stupid..and rather stereotypical for teenage boys. In the center of the table a small hurdle has been constructed…one can only guess it's purpose by the number of chocolate frogs hopping around their corner of the pub.

After spending yesterday with herself and books, interrupted only for two chats with fellow Ravenclaws, Andromena has returned to Hogsmeade. More specifically, she has returned to the Three Broomsticks. The young woman had even seen fit to part with her books and notes for the occasion. Beneath her winter robes - of the latest fashion - Andromena wore a blue dress complimented with thick tights and knee-high boots, and upon her head was a coffee-colored hat sporting a flower. She's a young teenage girl, you can't really expect her to leave school and not take the chance to dress up, can you?

It's just as Andromena's looking for a place to sit that a chocolate frog lands upon her shoulder. Startled despite her best efforts, Andromena gives a quick gasp as she flings the harmless creature away with a hand. It could have been a nasty bug! A few snickers, but otherwise nobody had really paid her much attention. Eyes shifting this way and that, she spies Gerald with his friend. Kaufmann's wearing an awfully big grin he can't quite hand with his hand. Andromena takes it as an invitation, and strides towards their booth, seating herself without even a by-your-leave. "Gentlemen," said with a sniff…just before her mouth quirked into a smile.

Disruptive, no, but it is enough to catch Eibhlin's attention as she turns way from the bar. She, contrary to Andromena, is not dressed in the latest fashion. Her's is far more plain outfit, and while not the school uniform its not terribly far off either. "Gerald," she starts as she comes upon the group, "Again?" about the frogs. She just shakes her head at the boys before lifting a glance towards the other Ravenclaw. "Andromena," she greets simply.

Gerald snickers loudly as one of the small chocolate creatures clears the small jump. "He's a winner!" shoving himself back in the seat to give the confession critter a point..a point that sends Kaufmann scrambling across the table, the darker boy fumbling with the frog even as Andromena takes her seat. The small beast is missed and hopes rather quickly toward the girl. It's only then that Gerald notices her.

It doesn't stop -anything-.

"Hey." He starts easily enough, reaching to try and coax her hands up, his goal to form them into your typical goal posts, index fingers extended and thumbs touching. "Hold that…right there." Yes, he does intend to fire off another frog at her. "Hey Ev." And this much is simply stated, though he does offer her a rather deep, dimpled grin and a wink.

The simple greeting from Eibhlin is noted mentally, though visually Andromena shows no signs of having noticed. She scoots over in her seat to allow Eibhlin to sit beside her if she so chooses. Andromena greets pleasantly with a, "Hey Evie," before a harried looking waitress stops by the table to ask the youths if they'd like to order anything. Not really finding herself with a taste for anything of the adult realm, Andromena orders a mug of hot cocoa; to be topped with whipped cream.

However, her order comes rather haltingly as Andromena finds her hands being formed into a little goal shape by Gerald's coaxing. Her fingers are already up by the time she realizes just what he's asking of her, and the Ravenclaw eyes the chocolate frogs with pursed lips before deciding to play along. No reason to be a killjoy, right? She does, however, give a greatly exaggerated roll of her eyes.

"Is there a point to all this?" Asked as only a girl that has no appreciation for sports can ask. "I mean, is there a winner?"

Eibhlin gives a shake of her head to the waitress. She's good for now. She does slide into the seat beside Andromena as the other girl makes room for her. "Not really," she answers the girl's question. There's no real point to it from what she's seen, "I guess whoever gets the most over the hurdle wins or something." She's never really paid that much attention to the game.

Gerald hears the girls, but it only draws a much deeper grin from him. He chews lazily at his lower lip as he leans back, pulling yet another chocolate frog package from the bag between the boys before, with a small expectant noise, he tugs it open…and the frog sits. This does good to draw a slow, blurry blink from him before he frowns, reaching to nudge the rebellious toad firmly.

It sits.

"Bloody Hell! It's defective!" beat, "Or girl shy…" Only then does he lift his eyes to actually see the girls, his gaze drifting between the two before he smirks, "Oh hell..you aren't Medusa." Not in the slightest, but judging from his ton that's exactly who he expected to be sitting there next to Evi. "Hey, you want a frog? He's an asshat but I'm sure he eats fine."

Gerald's friend has long slipped away, abandoning Gerald with his small herd of hopping fiends.

"No," Andromena replies, somewhat pleased as she reaches toward the chocolate creature. So much for showing any mercy or loyalty for not having jumped smack-dab in the middle of her face! It continued to blink ponderously even as - pop - into her mouth the frog went. Andromena would finish eating it before saying anything more.

"Were you expecting her?" The Ravenclaw glanced towards the front of the establishment. She'd be happy for a chance to spend time with the older Malfoy girl if she were to arrive. When she didn't immediately come into focus, Andromena returns her attention to Gerald.

"I'm afraid I must disappoint. No where near blonde enough." Gerald's friend had not only abandoned him to his assembled horde of frogs, but also to the girls. So who was really girl shy? "How's your, uhm," a look to Eibhlin, quickly reconsidered. "How's your weekend been for the pair of you?" Asked instead.

Eibhlin can't help but laugh at Gerald and his defective frog. "You realize you're playing alone now…" she points out that the other boys have left only to shake her head at his sudden realization. "Pretty sure he was just assuming," she comments the Malfoy girl not being here. As for the weekend, she shrugs. "Well enough," she replies, "Speaking of, Gerald, Beatrice has a dress I can borrow for Sunny's party. Right?"

"Beatrice has a horde of dresses you can borrow for the party." Gerald nods, though his attention is lost as he sweeps the room for his accomplice. He finds him huddled at a table with a girl, and Gerald frowns. "Traitor." He mutters lowly, his attention once again shifting back to the girls, and mostly the new face. "Sorry, she just tends to happen up when I'm making an ass of myself." This much is said freely, and with a small chuckle before he reaches for his drink again. Now it's Evie's turn. "How -is- your girlfriend? He ready for that fight yet? I could fancy a hug about now." Ahem. Yes.

"Girlfriend, what?" Andromena asked, looking toward Eibhlin to see if the red head had any clue as to what the Gryffindor meant. "Who's getting into a fight and why do you need a hug?" More looking between them. How did she get so lost this early in the conversation!? The waitress arrived with Andromena's hot chocolate, which the young woman held gratefully within both hands. Get warm, little corpse-fingers, get warm.

"You must not be making too much of an ass of yourself since it was only me to appear." Andromena doesn't comment on the topic regarding a party. She assumes it's yet another Christmas event, which Andromena was seeing crop up left and right as the days counted down.

A look of relief comes to Eibhlin's face when Gerald confirms the clothing situation, distracted rather quickly by the traitor comment which brings a shake of her head. That followed by a roll of her eyes for the girlfriend remark. "He means Gus," she points out to Andromena before rolling a look back to the boy. "And I think he's over fighting you, Alphard on the other hand…" she continues with a glance back to the girl.

Gerald smirks at Andromena's confusion, though as Evi confirms things for her, he merely nods and nurses his drink. At least for a moment. Something that Evi says causes a strange response from him. He narrows his eyes toward the red head. "Black? We haven't spoken in ages. Why would he want to fight me?" It's dismissed almost instantly as he reaches into the bag at his side, fishing free a piece of taffy before he sways back with a thump to rest against the back of the booth. "How is he anyway? Still brooding and grumpy as hell?" beat, "Seriously. I think he needs more hugs. Or Snogs..someone should get on that, asap." he even snaps.

"Gus wants to fight over me?" Andromena asks, pointing to herself. Her tone is a mix of disbelief and a little shock. Mostly disbelief. What had she missed yesterday while buried in her books? "Or…wait. Gus wants to fight Gerald?" She held her hands up, feeling just a little bit distressed. "Please don't tell me Alphard is getting into a fight!" The guy was already skating thin ice after the notorious Edwards show down last weekend. It was almost a little too much, and then Gerald had to go and mention snogging. She turned rosy.

"Alphard and I are dating. Haven't you noticed there's been a marked drop in toilet dunkings lately?" However, brooding and grumpy are still apt descriptors for the young man, even if Andromena would not say so herself.

Eibhlin shakes her head, "No, Gus wanted to throw a punch at Gerald.. You I'm not even sure why.." she'll look to Gerald for that explanation. "But after that whole thing Alphard came up and I think it got cleared up but for he did think the whole 'thing' the other night was his fault," Alphard's fault that is. "Sorry Mena.."

We're going to assume that Gerald is drunk enough that Evie's players typoes don't hinder his understanding TO much. He grins though, laughing gently as he leans forward again, squinting over toward the red head, "You mean about the ass biting pixies?" Yes, yes he thinks it's hysterical. Right now. Amazing how that works. "Black will mop the alley with Gus. Just so you know." He then pauses, "Oy! You get your ass bit too?" beat. "Smart pixie." The last bit said lowly, seriously almost as he lowers his eyes to a passing frog.

"Oh…oh," the other Ravenclaw replies to Eibhlin, breathing a sigh of relief. To the both of them, "I'm glad there's not actually any problems, then." A sip of her hot chocolate, doing her best to get as much of the cream without causing it to slide up against her top lip. Augustin did not look like the sort of boy that would take to fighting well, being a sensitive little artist and all. As for Gerald? Andromena gave him as thorough a once over as she could, seated as they were. Sorry Evie, but Andromena would have to bet her money on Gerald in that contest.

"Wh- what?" Spluttered when Gerald asks if her sweet, sweet derriere has been bitten by a pixie. Andromena shot Eibhlin with a pointed look. One that could be understood as: so they know? That might make Alphard upset, at the very least. Also, yes, he probably would wipe the floor with Gus because he was bloody Alphard Pollux Black; Terror of Hogwarts.

"No pixie has bitten me," said a little vehemently, though she is blushing rather strongly.

Eibhlin would bed money on Gerald in that contest too. None taken Andromena. She sends Gerald a swift kick to the shin under the table. Shut up! No one ask for his opinion on that incident. "Oh, I know," she replies with a sigh. Augustin wouldn't stand a chance against either Gerald or Alphard. A shake of her head is the response to that look from the girl however. No, Gerald knows only of the pixie. "Anyway,.. I have a couple things I need to pick up before the weekend's over so I'll catch up with you later?" The question directed primarily to the other girl.

"Oy woman. Tell me bye too!" Gerald glares, though his words hold no real threat or anger at all. He even waves, though his gaze remains fixed on the steal seated of the two. "Do you have a name? Or am I to name you?" his brow arches, lazily. "I'm sorry, I'm horrible with names, even when I'm sober."

Andromena nods to Eibhlin as the red head gets to her feet, just before waving goodbye. At least the bite wasn't really anything bad…it wasn't as if Shine was now sporting a limp or anything. With the other girl out of the picture, Andromena is free to give her full attention to Gerald. Her expression was one of mild surprise when he asks for her name, though after giving it a moment's thought she supposes it isn't really all that strange. She has few Gryffindor friends, and was basically a faceless nobody until she started to date Black.

"Andromena Rowle. Don't worry about it," said to assure him just in case he was feeling bad. It happened. "I think we worked together on a project in Second Year…Astronomy? Yeah, I remember now. Pluto's moon."

Gerald ahhhs. "Newts has pretty much made sure I remember nothing before this year." He laughs, shrugging gently. "but hey, no one knows me either. I'm Medusa's mate. That's bout it." He lowers his eyes, but only to fish another piece of taffy free before it's offered over. If anything, he appears to be winding down from his earlier slice of hyper. "Did I read right? You're the one dating Black, then?" Yes, he looks mildly shocked.

Andromena accepts his proffered taffy with a smile. They can exist together in the known-by-proxy club. If Andromena was honest with herself she was rather content being left to her own devices, rather than everybody…bothering her. People wanting her to talk to Alphard about this, or people wanting her to ask Alphard not to do that. And if you're dating Alphard then why…nag nag nag. People even pulled her aside to ask if she was alright, like they feared Alphard beat her.

"Yes," she answered, adopting a bigger smile. The sort a person might wear when they're positively smitten. Merlin, can you believe it? Someone smitten with Black! "What's that face for? Don't tell me you've got it in for him too? I just - I just can't hear another lecture!" Her tone is weary, but still good-natured.

Gerald chuckles, though as he leans back he seems less inclined to judge her for it. He crosses his arms over his chest, and he sighs. "Bloody hell…what am I going to tease him about now?" he sighs, a bit too heavily perhaps, before he laughs. "And you're hot too. Who knew. Though you must be the most tolerant woman alive." Either way he shrugs, "I don't hate Black. We're .. occasionally mates, I suppose."

Andromena has the grace to blush again. It's not every day guys tell her she's pretty, let alone ~hot~! It's nice, decided then and there, to be complimented. Andromena did not suffer from low self-esteem, never that. In fact, she was rather vain. The point being it's only recently that she had begun to pay attention to the words of men. The Beast had been too gruff and that shy little Hufflepuff whose name she could not remember…well, he had just been too forgettable.

"I try to be," tolerant, that was. "But I don't seem to have as hard a time with him as some others do. You ought to hang around more. You seem like a swell chap," said just before taking another drink from her mug of hot chocolate. "I'm sure you think of further things to tease him about. Like…" A tap to her chin as she peered toward the ceiling in thought. "Well, I don't know. But something, surely."

Gerald chuckles. "I used to." He admits with a shrug. "I've been staying away a bit lately. I dunno. Medusa seems to have had enough of it though. She's drug me out. I suppose I miss my friends." He smiles, though he also yawns a bit. "You seem like an okay bird though. He needs someone to soften him up a little, and knock him off his high horse sometimes. Guess we all do." Like Gerald. He found a girl smarter than him.

Andromena, finishing her drink, pushes the mug aside. Softening up Alphard aside, he made her feel bolder and more confident in herself. Doubtful he even knew it, but the Ravenclaw was okay with that. They got on together and that was what was important to her. Looking across the table to Gerald, she noted his yawn.

"I like spending time with friends well enough, but then I need a little time to myself - you know?" She motioned to him. "Need to get out of here? We can head back to school together." He could tell her ways in which Alphard needed knocking. Or something. They could even just walk in companionable silence and Andromena would be okay with that! Such joy, a new friend.

Gerald chuckles, but he nods as he shifts to climb to his feet. He also stretches as he does so, "I'm actually happy these weekends are spaced out. I couldn't take many of them." He admits honestly, reaching to drag his bag of treats with him. A bag of treats that he gives a faint grin to, "And when I get back I get to brave the likes of the Slytherin house. I owe a girl something sweet..best I could do was candy."

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