(1938-12-08) Pastries
Details for Pastries
Summary: Elise and Myrus share pastries and conversation
Date: 1938-12-08
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

Hogsmeade weekend. Or at least the end of it. Myrus hadn't much spent away from Hogwarts after he came back from Hogsmeade (or somewhere else on the castle grounds?) Friday evening. Spent most of Saturday being a lazy bum, but he did come back from wherever he went with several pumpkin spice pasties, and a smile. Right now he's nose-deep in a book titled something about a dragon hunting team that has to face off against a very angry horntail. He seems to be in a very intense part, for the way his eyes are widely staring at the words and a half-eaten pasty in his hand is all but forgotten until he suddenly goes to take a hefty bite of it, chewing slowly as he turns the page. The fire crackles and warms the area around it, including the couch on which Myrus was sitting cross-legged in lounge pants (not pajamas, really) at one end of said couch, and on the middle cushion was a plate of a few more of the same types of pasties of which he was eating one. Slowly, since that book seems so enamoring.

"Can I have a pastry?" Elise asks, apparently having materialized out of nowhere… or just walked up quietly while Myrus wasn't paying attention.

Myrus looks up from the book, but his eyes take a moment to follow his head as it turns and lifts, marking his spot with memory of a word as he looks at Elise, then the pasties, then back up to her. "Sure. Unless you are allergic to eggs or pumpkin spice, or peanut oil." He didn't want someone to have a terrible reaction and visit Spleen tonight. He goes back to reading his book for a moment, finishing that paragraph, and setting a bookmark in the crease, and closes the book on his lap. Eyes up to Elise, "You been okay since that… shadow thing?"

"No allergies that I know of," Elise says. She reaches for a pastry and has a bite. At his question she looks around to make sure that no one is close enough to overheard their conversation - no one is - before sitting next to him. "Just trying to resist the dreams," she confesses. "They're so amazing. I just never want to wake up. You know how it is." He would be effected by the dreams, now that he's encountered the Shadow. "So I don't sleep if I can help it." She shrugs. "How have you been since the whole… howling thing?"

Myrus leans back on the couch, taking a bite of his pasty, and thinking while he chews. After he swallows that bite, he says, "I've been alright. I'm keeping to myself a bit more, and staying away from confrontation. And.. dreams? I've been having dreams that are really.. strong? I guess? But like you said, I don't want to wake up sometimes." He takes another bite, thinking on his most recent dreams, and smiling while he looks at the wall.

"You shouldn't keep to yourself so much as spend more time with friends," Elise suggests kindly. "Staying away from confrontation is good, though." She watches him get that far-away look and nods knowingly. "Yeah. I don't know how much more I can take."

He comes out of his moment and looks at her, then nods emphatically, "Yeah, I also find myself reading more fantastic stories, and sometimes if I get into it my dreams will reflect in some way." Not exactly, the scenario is somewhat similar, if the people involved are definitely different as well as the way the story goes. But it has effects. He lays his hand on the book to emphasize how he's really into this one.

"Yeah," Elise says. "That kind of happens to me, too. Usually with people I actually know, like Cillian." She shrugs. "The other night I dreamed we had to save the world by learning to tame flying horses, and somehow carrots fit into that, so I was teaching Cillian how to grow carrots. Only, when we started pulling them up, half of them were gems, and we kept laughing and pulling up more carrots and gems until they were just spilling out of our arms…" Elise closes her eyes for a brief second and leans back against the couch.

Myrus nods, and reaches to grab another pasty, and holds it out to her as he stands up and puts the plate of them on the book he set where he was sitting a moment ago so he could pick it up with one arm and balance both. "Here, have another. I need to go get some real dinner." He smiles, and whether or not she would take it, he would after that head up to his room with a wave to her. "Have a nice night, Elise, if I don't see you again tonight."

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