(1938-12-09) More Research
Details for More Research
Summary: Andromena wants to translate runes on her own talent, and is joined by Alphard.
Date: 1938-12-09
Location: Hogwarts Library
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Late in the evening, but before curfew, Andromena had slipped from the Ravenclaw Common Room to return to the library. There was hardly anyone there at this hour, and the few students burning that late-night oil certainly weren't paying her any mind. She had thrown on her robe a bit hastily, and pulled her hair back to keep it from her eyes when she began to pour over old books and tomes. It wouldn't hurt to do…just a little more research on her own. After Anthony had so easily managed to translate the runes from Door One, she really wanted to do something on her own. She was perfectly capable!

The book she'd been using before was recovered, along with a few others. Dropping to the floor yet again, legs crossed one under the other, she withdrew her quill and her notes and set to work.

The second door's inscription was smaller, but that didn't mean it wasn't tricky. After a good hour's worth of hard work, she would finally be able to make sense of the archaic script, and be reasonably sure that she had managed to be as accurate as possible. It said: 'Name me and so shall you break me.'

And this was when Alphard rolled into the library to find his girlfriend hard at work. He made a yawn, then dumped himself down next to her. "What're you up to? Did you and your cousin manage to figure it out?"

Yawning when she saw him in the morning, yawning now when she saw him at night. Not that Andromena blamed him. She offered up her notes for him to read, just as before. "Anthony got the first one. And I just got this…" It had been about an hour's worth of work, but she wasn't complaining. The time had seemed to pass rather swiftly, for all her determination to see at least one more door accurately translated by her own hand. Her head swivelled to be close to his own. "I got something else earlier, too." She sounded proud of herself, too. "Anyway, they sound like riddles to me."

"Ugh. Riddles.." Alphard's soft complaint had very much the pitch of a whine. Yes, sometimes Alphard whined. It had grown less of a character characteristic this last year, but once he got tired and weary, it was easy to fall into the old habits of a spoiled kid. He stretched a little. "So what was the first one, and what do you make out of it? Are we supposed to.. say it to the door, or what? And what was up with those pedestals in front of each of the doors, anyway?"

"The first one talks about being a joy in dungeons but is hell to be under a direct gaze. I thought of the sun, or light. I'm not sure about this one yet…" There went the end of her quill, the feather swish-swishing across her lips. Andromena looked pensive. She didn't even pay much attention to the fact that Alphard's voice had pitched into a decided whine that made him sound at least two years younger than he was. Poor man, he was seepy. (Purposely misspelled). "I don't know. If something was supposed to go there, it certainly wasn't in that room. Did you have any ideas? Oh, and that reminds me. What I wanted to say earlier before we were interrupted was that I wish I had been able to pay more attention to the pixie room." Easiest way to reference it, that. "Do you remember if it looked…I don't know. Old and dusty and all that?"

"I don't remember. Actually I do remember that the chains didn't look all rusty," because that was the sort of thing he had been paying attention to. A teenage boy, with a mind that couldn't quite help but run towards the slightly naughty. "I guess the sun could be right. Or sunlight." He mused, agreeing. He didn't offer up any solution to the second riddle she had just translated, though. Instead he asked: "Are you sure about nothing there fitting? I mean, there was a lot of trash. Some of that stuff could've been knocked off their pedestals."

"That's what I remember, too," she told Alphard, perhaps indicating that her own mind had run not all that dissimilar of a course. "It's probably nothing. I just over-think things." If the tower was abandoned, shouldn't the room have been a little less…clean to her mind's eye? Yet it was infested with pixies, so surely it was not as if someone slept there nightly. Or, uhm. Used it regularly.

"Well, maybe. I wasn't really paying the trash heap much mind. There was a star, wasn't there? It can't hurt to try to see if things fit. Especially since I've a good feeling about these translations. I'm sure they'll all be done before our next visit."

"Probably," Alphard agreed with a grin. "But it doesn't hurt to be thorough. We're going to have to think things through a little more. I mean, we're wizards, and we can deal with anything we find. But not if we get surprised like we were with those damn pixies." IT had really proved the point that none of them were dungeon crawlers and curse breakers. Just kids playing at exploration. If those pixies had been something dangerous..

"Exactly," Andromena echoed his sentiment just before she hunched down. Everything in her manner suggested that Alphard may as well do the same, so that they could talk conspiratorially together. "That's why I got us some Doxycide. I still want to brew some potions, but better not to have to use them at all." There was no explanation as to how she'd come across the stuff. It wasn't illegal so much as a student hardly had any need of it. If there were any such problems the faculty could be expected to take care of the matter. "And I think before we try to get past those doors," the rune ones. "We ought to set up like…a base camp or something. Just a place to hang out or rest without having to go all the way back to the portkey." Andromena was taking precautions, yes, but she still viewed it all through the rosy skein of a youth that had just stumbled upon her own personal adventure. Rather like…an early Dillorous Diderot novel.

"Good," on the Doxycide part. He didn't actually ask her how she had gotten it, either. Alphard was well aware of the nuances of 'you dont necessarily want to know the providence of everything'. "What potions were you thinking about? Some general antidotes might be useful, though." He tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Ugh. I wouldn't want to set camp down in that door chamber. But there were those other rooms in the tower we didn't actually check out." Because they had been locked, and they'd been rushing to catch up with Genevieve.

"General antidotes, yes, like you had mentioned this morning. Had you thought of any others?" After all, Alphard had gone off to do some research in Dark Defense while she and Anthony had been working on the runes. For the whole rest of the day there had been little opportunity to speak of it since.

"And no, not there," she agreed with a wrinkle of her nose. There was a skull in it, and who knew what else. "I was thinking we'd take that key and check out the other rooms. We should do that before we try those particular doors." The worst that could happen was that the key wouldn't fit any other locks. Well…maybe that wasn't the worst, but Andromena was going to be prepared for any further pixie attacks the next time!

"I had?" He had forgotten, since he wasn't exactly the best morning person there had ever been. With another yawn he started to push himself up to his feet. "Boggarts are going to be a problem. And from the skull.. we might come across Red Caps, too. If people have been murdered there, I mean. Other than that.. I don't know. I'm just reading to be prepared, really." At trying the key he nodded. "I was thinking that, actually. Let's do that. But.. right now I'm heading to bed. Are you going to stay or do you want me to walk you to the tower?"

Pass up a chance to walk with him some place? Never. Andromena shook her head in a negative as she got to her feet, scooping up her things until it was hugged to her chest. There was a free hand there for Alphard to take, if he so desired. If Andromena was perfectly honest with herself, only her interest in decoding the runes and doing what she could to prepare for their next trip prevented her from thoroughly…obsessing over him. Embarrassing, perhaps, but not exactly without cause. A bit of hand-holding wasn't so outrageous, was it? "I'm tired, too," stated simply. And with that, they could depart from the library.

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