(1938-12-09) Rational Rashleys
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Summary: For the first time in well, ever the Rashley cousins speak, despite the existing rift between their grandfathers and thus, their families.
Date: 1938-12-09
Location: Art Gallery, Hogwarts
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After the most recent debacle with Ravenclaws trying to start illegal duels, Morgana hasn't been doing a lot of socializing with the rest of her house. Granted, she's been spending most of her time with Slytherin's this year, but seeing that she was raised by Slytherins, it isn't surprising. Today, she is killing time by strolling through the art gallery. She's not really stopping and looking at the art work, simply passing it by as she walks. Behind her is her tuxedo cat named Sebestian, who is strolling lazily behind her.

It's not of…well, let us just be fair. In all the years they'd been there together, Lea Rashley has never openly sought out her cousin. Polite nods, minimal words in passing when proper etiquette dictated but, never not once, had she sought the Head Girl out on her own. Until today. Today there's the soft click of those short heels that forewarn of her impending presence and it's a steady march that keeps right on encroaching once she realizes that the directions the second year girl had given her were correct. "I was told I could find you back this way." At least it wasn't chilling, not as far as hello's went, merlin knew the little ice queen was capable of being more than just a little chilling when provoked.

It seems that Morgana can't seem to keep a decent hiding place from anyone in the castle. Not that she trying all that hard to hide from anyone today. The sound of those shoes bring her out of her own musings, and when she turns to see just who is making such a racked, she'll raise her brow. "Lea? I didn't know you were looking for me." Her tone is smooth and even, but not cold. Though it is something she is capable of and it seems to be something that runs in the Rashley family.

"You know I don't like to bother," a smooth excuse, a half truth for all it was. Lea did not like to bother, though in this case there was more to it than that. "But given the current…state of things," Someone had probably mentioned that she'd broken a vase or two and a mirror the night she'd found out just how far back their house had fallen, all items properly put back to rights before morning, of course. She couldn't stand a mess. "It had to be done. I have recently come from the library, where I was tutoring little Haylene," a second year in their house, "When I discovered that Hart boy and he was crying and missing his wand and absolutely refusing to say what was done with it, but you know he always keeps it around his neck and I've never actually seen him cry before. Isn't enough we're behind without him going to class ill prepared to make us look worse?"

"That is true." Morgana says to Lea's not wanting to bother her. "I did hear something about a mirror and a vase. I'm guessing that's all been taking care of." She'll resume her stroll, gesuting to Lea to join her. The news does cause her to raise her brow, and she'll reach up and pinch the bridge of her nose. It's something she does when she has an impending headache. "Hart has lost his wand? I can't believe a Professor hasn't said something about it before now. You would think they would notice he didn't have a wand." Sighing, she'll shake her head. "Did he mention how long it's been gone?"

"You must admit," Lea offers her cousin with a wry grin, "It was better than Edward's head. They were easily fixed." A light suggestion of humor threaded through, just enough to be considered droll without being over whelming as she fell in stride with Morgana. Mention of Hart though, causes Lea to sigh. "It was all a mess, I'm afraid to say. There was the little Black girl there, talking to him about something but then she left and he looked upset and I was trying to be nice, with the hopes to ease the cause, embarrassments enough, as I said," to explain the moment of while not kindness, at least concern. "And the boy started flailing his limbs as if he'd strike me! I pinned his arms, of course but he wouldn't say a word about his wand. Honestly, we are going to end up even more of a laughing stock, if something isn't done with the lot of them soon."

"Are you sure about that?" Morgana says using her usually dry sense of humor, but words do not cause her to smile. "Hart is another one of those who I've had to keep my eye on, and the fact that his wand is missing is just another nail in the coffin that is our House." Hearing the way the boy reacted to Lea, of all people, attempting to be nice makes her shake her head. "So you don't have any idea how long it's been gone? He was just upset and crying like a child? Mopsus and I will be speaking with everyone soon, after dinner one night this week. However I'm at a loss at how to control all of these… people." Yes, she was searching for a polite word.

"No." And while Lea doesn't smile, there's a glitter to those dark eyes that blends perfectly on the edge of cruelty and mirth, so close in fact that it was hard to mark a difference. "Nor do I know how long it has been missing and I am not inclined to ask him again. He's rather tall and I am not overly fond of violence." In any form. "Much as it pains me, I would suggest a loss of points for his errant care but as most of them do not seem to mind just how low we have been brought, I'm not sure that yelling or punishing would have any effect. You could strip away socializing in the common room and punish the house, it would give them a focus for their ire and a thorough reason to appreciate the mess that Edwards and his consorts have wrought and perhaps suggest that, such privileges would be re-instated when…the points level was brought once more up to a respectable standard for the esteemed house that we share."

"I need to look into it more before I start taking points. We've lost enough points already, and as much as I'd like to turn the Common Room into a no socialization zone, I don't have the man power to really enforce that. I just need to get them to stop thinking with their wands." Pausing in front of a statue she'll look it over, but she doesn't really see it as her mind is obviously else where. "You said it was the younger Black girl that was there? Is that all who you saw in the Library today?"

"Create a group to enforce it then?" Lea suggests, though she does not offer herself up for the group. It smacks of entirely too much brown nosing and this is not a brown nosing case. This is a case of, for the good of the House, before it reached a point that none of them could walk down the halls without even Hufflepuffs laughing at them. "As for who was there, the younger Black girl, yes. And I want to think that Anthony was in there as well, but I'm not sure if that was his head or someone else's behind that tomb. I'd just gone up to help with some tutoring." And the conversation, it was about the House wasn't it. Completely. Totally. But there was a glimmer of…curiosity that remained in Lea's eyes, completely separate from the conversation. Her cousin wasn't…terrible to talk too. She wasn't spouting crazy family shaming stories. She didn't…well she didn't seem half bad, honestly.

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