(1938-12-10) A Simple Request
Details for A Simple Request
Summary: Morgana speaks to Ria about Alphard and Gage's missing wand.
Date: 1938-12-10
Location: Potions Classroom
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It's the end of Potions class and Morgana is lingering around a little longer than she normally does. Once most of the people have filed out, she'll slip over to Ria's table and put her satchel over her shoulder. "Do you have a moment Skyes?" She asks, using that Head Girl tone she likes to use in meetings.

Like with every potions class, Ria wears two smocks instead of one. Because double coverage makes for cleanliness and no regrets. She's finishing up cleaning her work station, which looks way more immaculate than everyone else's because she's stuck around to make sure it was perfect. "One moment," Ria holds a gloved finger up to Morgana as she rubs out the non-existant last speck (it existed in her head), "What can I help you with Rashley?"

Morgana waits patiently for Ria to finish up, and once she has, Morgana gives her a nod. "It turns out that one of the four year idiots in my house decided to get into a wand fight with Alphard Black. In the in, he lost his wand to Black and believes it to be broken or destroyed. Could you find out for me what the status of this wand is?"

Okay, Ria will admit because it was Morgana she was only half paying attention. Coupled with the fact that she was handling the important task of cleaning, it was actually a quarter of her attention. Looking up from scrubbing a beaker clean, the prefect blinks and looks up at Morgana, "Whoa whoa. Hold on there. That's a lot to digest all at once. Which fourth year did what?"

Morgana blinks, not really wanting to repeat herself, but finding that she isn't going to have a choice she starts again. "Gage Hart. I don't know why, maybe he was trying to impress a female, but he and Black got themselves in a wand fight. Hart lost his wand to Black and I am attempting to find out what happened to it afterward."

"Gage Heart…Gage Heart…Gage…," Ria purses her lips, having difficulty matching the face with the name. And then the lightbulb goes on in her head. "Oh! Uh…the weak-willed looking one, right?," she forms circles over her eyes to represent glasses. Non-fashionable, dorky glasses. "He's gotta be the dumbest for trying himself against a sixth year. Is it hard being in a house full of fools, even when you're supposed to the logical house? You folks are becoming more blind than the Gryffindors this year." Ria can't help but give Morgana a very pleased smirk. "What makes you think Alphard has it?"

"Yes, the one that cries all of the time." Morgana says, obviously not impressed by the boy either. When Ria goes on, talking about the current weakness of her own house she shrugs her shoulders. "It's frustratingly hard. However no one has given me permission to rid my house of these idiots by transferring them to Gryffindor where they obviously belong so I have no choice but to deal with them." When she asks about Alphard, Morgana shrugs her shoulders. "Because it's Alphard, if he won a won a wand from someone, he isn't likely to discard it, but keep it has a trophy or use it to taunt the other person with."

Rolling her eyes, Ria repeats at after the Head Girl, "All. The. Time." After a quick inspection, she deems the beaker clean puts it on a drying rack next to the sink. "Are you merely making assumptions just because he's a little brash?" Understatement of the year. "It's possible Alphard could have given him a good disarming charm, that made Hart's wand fly off somewhere and get lost. You all could try summoning it near the place this all happened."

"Alphard is more than than a little brash." Morgana says dryly while Ria continues to clean her supplies. "Perhaps, but I was under the impression that Hart already went looking for it." When Morgana feels that Ria isn't going to Riaate, she'll hold in a sigh and shake her head. "Maybe I should have just gone straight to Slughorn."

Ria snorts and nonchalantly says as she takes her gloves off, "Go for it. Slughorn will probably …" Her words trail as she catches a glance of her gilded Eye of Truth around her wrist. And then a subtle pout, remembering her contractual obligation to help another Magijugend member. "Actually, now that I recall, Slughorn is busy at the moment. Grading exams, planning his dinner party and whatnot. I'll check on Alphard for you, how about that? I'd like to think we're on good enough terms that he'll be a good lad about it and cooperate."

"I thought you would see it that way." Morgana says, as Ria finally gives in. "I figured he'd listen to you, over some of the other Prefects in your house." Which may explain why Morgana came to her in the first place. "Let me know what you find out." With that, she'll nod her head at the Slytherin girl and move to make her exit.

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