(1938-12-10) An Apology
Details for An Apology
Summary: Claire seeks out Morgana to offer an apology.
Date: 1938-12-10
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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It takes Claire about a week to surface after the… incident… outside of Hogsmeade, probably for the best of everyone involved. When she has appeared it has been to glower at people with rage even less contained than usual. This evening, Claire lingers at the hallway between her dorm and the common room, shifting her weight and chewing her bottom lip. Finally steeling up the nerve, she walks quickly through the common room. "Em, hey, do you have a moment?" Claire addresses Morgana's left shoulder.

Morgana is in her chair that she sits in when she's having her 'office' hours. It's usually when she's not studying and is available for questions or homework help. Since the incident, she has been down right grumpy, and there is much glaring at anyone who steps a toe out of line around her. However she is finally starting to cool down, so she's a little more pleasant to be around. When Claire approaches she'll raise her brow and gesture to the empty seat next to her. "Of course, what is it Cameron?"

Claire remains standing, all tense and awkward. Her shoulders are hunched up around her ears with her hands shoved deep in the pockets of her robe. The fabric ripples like she's rhythmically clenching and unclenching her hands. "I just wanted to, ah- apologize," her eyes dart to Morgana's face for a second then back the floor, "for, you know, my part in exacerbating the situation the, uh, other day."

There is a faint look of surprise that colors Morgana's features as Claire apologizes. She can see just how awkward the girl is feeling so she doesn't press her to sit down. "You know, you are the first person in our house to actually come forward and apologize for what happened? I thank you for that." Turning toward her table, she'll close the book she was reading and nod her head. "In the future, can I count on you to not be involved in such things?"

"Ehhh," Claire make a low, pained noise in the back of her throat. It's a long moment of internal struggle before she starts, "I…" Claire shakes her head, halfway between shaking "no" and shaking off tension. "I can't promise that. What we did," Claire is speaking slowly, choosing her words deliberately, "was ill considered. But something had to be done, and I don't regret backing Julian in his confrontation with Black."

Morgana presses her lips together as Claire provides her answers. Once she is finished, the Head Girl nods and leans back in her chair. "How it was done was very ill considered. I expected more thought behind everyone's actions, but as I am coming to realize that is something our house is lacking in." Reaching up, she'll pinch the bridge of her nose, which is something she has been doing very often lately. "The problem with Black, is that he is going to find ways to weasel out of things, especially when everyone is so keen on pulling out their wands on him. He knows how to get the lot of you riled up and that is the problem I keep seeing over, and over.

"The problem with Black is he's awful," Claire mutters darkly. Slowly her shoulders have come down, her posture is closer to that of how regular humans stand instead of looking like her appendix is in the process of bursting. "Well," Claire amends, catching herself not helping her case, "we shouldn't have fallen for such obvious baiting. Of course he'd have that gang of his running defense for him."

"Well yes, he is. However he is being far more clever than any of you. He knew to get himself some defense, and they waited for him to get attacked before doing anything. Once again, she'll gesture over to the chair for her to sit down if she likes. "We need to be more careful, or find some other way to take care of those who pester us. Not with our wands, but with our minds."

Claire nods, mentally chewing over that advice. "Thank you for your time. I've got… things." Sulk and glower, most likely, as she's not allowed to play quidditch or duel, so what she actually does anymore is anyone's guess. "Oh, and, em, thanks for anything you did on behalf of me and Julian. I know you had something to do with keeping us in school." Claire drifts awkwardly away then books it to the dorms. To sulk and glower.

"I did what I could, but I am running out of options to help everyone out with. But thank you for your apology, it means a lot that someone is showing remorse for what has happened." Though Morgana does feel bad for the girl, it must be boring to be kept from all of the fun things at school. "Have a good day Cameron."

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