(1938-12-10) Gage's Missing Wand
Details for Gage's Missing Wand
Summary: After hearing that Gage's wand is missing, Morgana decides to get the story right from the source.
Date: 1938-12-10
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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Morgana is sitting in favorite chair over in the corner of the Common Room. This is the spot she sits in when she's available for people to pester her about things, and has on occasion called them her office hours. Usually she has some homework in front of her when she sits here, but today she does not. Instead she is watching who is coming and going out of the room, as if she is waiting for someone. Sitting in the chair next to her, is her cat Sebastian, who also looks as stern as a fluffy tuxedo cat can be, when trying to pretend to be human.

Gage had been sleeping. It's quite easy to pick that out as one looks at his appearance. He comes down from the boys' tower sluggishly, his glasses shifted off centre as he rubs his fingers over his eyes. Blonde hair flops in tangled mop against his head, his uniform is wrinkled and un-tucked, with the robes and tie both missing. But as he steps down into the common room, Shadow Mist mrowls as she tears down the steps much faster, furry body brushing past his leg. "Wait," mutters the boy, though in his grogginess a chuckle is pulled from his mouth. He slowly meanders across the room, the grey cat circling around at the exit and then looking up expectedly. Let her out! Let her out!

Morgana watches as Gage comes down from the boys dorm, raising her brow at his appearance. There is a brief moment where she remembers being a fourth year, and having the time to nap during the day. However that's not what she is here to discuss. "Mr. Hart." She calls out from her spot by the wall. "If you have a moment, I require a word with you." She'll gesture to the chair next to her, which is quickly vacated by her cat. Sebastian crawls up on the table and resumes his stern statue like pose as his tail flicks back and forth.

His name being called out causes Gage to stop walking, and he frowns as his eyebrows furrow, turning a quick glance towards the Head Girl. But the cat meows loudly by the exit; first thing first, because Shadow Mist will only get louder. He snorts as he turns back to the wall, stepping over to open the exit. The cat rubs up against his ankle, and Gage lowers to scratch at her neck before she's bounding through the exit and off for a bit of romping freedom. But the boy turns back to glance over to Morgana. He's pretty sure he knows the reason, his shoulders lifting an inch as he slowly inches back away from the exit and to a closer distance to the seventh year. "Wastin' yer toime," he mutters quietly.

Morgana will wait as Gage lets his cat out of the room, knowing full well that cats do not wait for anyone. Once he walks over and mumbles his reply, she'll raise one dark brow at him. "Waiting my time? Really? Well that's yet to be determined." Morgana's tone is cold, and those who have been in the house long enough know that this is her disappointed tone. "Tell me, Mr. Hart. Where is your wand, and why did you not report it to be missing?"

The question was expected, and Gage scowls as he looks away from her. His gaze turns to glance across the room, letting out a snort as his shoulders rise up in answer to Morgana. Not a word though, hesitates to anything more about that particular incident.

Morgana emits a frustrated sigh as Gage shuts down and shrugs at her. For a moment, she doesn't respond, either because she is choosing her words carefully, or trying to not lash out at him. "You can either tell me what happened and I can help you, or I can continue to go on reports and rumors from others and make my judgment of the situation there. Either way, you need your wand back, before the Professors start docking points because you're showing up to class unprepared."

Gage remains silent for several seconds after she speaks. As he considers, his dark blue eyes shift, landing on her cat. He takes a step closer to the table, and his hand reaches out in front of him to hover, fingers wiggling. Eventually, Gage shifts his gaze to Morgana for a very brief glance, muttering quietly when his eyes are back on Sebastian. "Tis broken." His shoulders barely lift.

"Is it?" Morgana says in a doubtful tone. However, again he gave her that shrug and his minimal answers make her think that she isn't going to get any proper answers out of him. Reaching down into her satchel, she produces a long thin box, that looks like comes from Hawthrone's Wand Shop. "If your wand is indeed broken, I would suggest writing home to get a replacement sent to you. In the meantime, Mopsus provided me with a loner wand, so that you care able to properly complete your studies."

Well, Gage was led to believe it was. But again, Gage shrugs, uncertain as he scowls deeply. He's really not sure what to believe at this point. A snort escapes from him as he turns his eyes back to her at the mention of writing home, and his expression deepens into a far angrier look of distaste. Writing home - the boy shakes his head. He glowers angrily at the box she takes out, and he instantly takes a couple steps back. "Oi can git by wi' oyt a bloody wand until de 'olidays." He backs up another step. "Or if Oi can git back into 'Ogsmeade…" Frustration causes his hands to fist down by his sides, and he turns away.

"So. You intend on getting by in class until the holiday? I'm guessing you're okay with the house constantly loosing points because you fail to see that someone is trying to help you. Mopsus, the head of our house, told me to give you this wand because you cannot attend your classes and learn with out a wand. I was led to believe that the use of this wand is not a suggestion." Pausing for a second she lets out a frustrated sigh. "Seeing as there isn't going to be another Hogsmeade weekend until we leave, that is not an option. Stop being so bloody stubborn!"

Gage keeps his back to her while she speaks, and his chin drops down to his chest. He thinks, focusing his gaze on a spot on the floor just before the toes of his booted feet. When he lets out a breath, the boy forces himself to turn around, but he stares at the Head Girl with a defiant stare. He might understand her, and his shoulders lift, but his frustration are keeping him from accepting any help. "Noooooo!" he drawls out in a cracked voice, swinging an arm around to slice it in front of him. It's not really clear what the no is for, but the boy tantrums despite how irrational it might seem. "Yer nae 'elping. Naw one is." His eyes start to become misty, but the fourth year turns back away to walk, kicking out to knock a chair over as he passes it. He moves and flops onto the cushions of a couch, face down.

Morgana keeps her face impassive as Gage has in tantrum, but she does take a step back to stay out of his reach and the random falling furniture. Once the boy flops down on the couch, she'll take a step closer and cross her arms. "Well, no one is going to help you if you act like a five year old Hart." Morgana, not so great with her bedside manor. "I don't know what your issue is, but pushing away everyone like this? You are going to be alone, and when you really do need the help that you're so keen to refuse? No one will offer it. Than where will you be?" The wand gets put down on a near by table and she steps back.

There's a mutter that is completely inaudible due to his face against the sofa's cushion. But Gage turns his head so that his cheek is against it instead, and his misty eyes peek out at Morgana. He's silent, staring at her as he ponders, and then when he pushes up so that he's seated on the couch, he growls, "Oi attacked Black. An' 'e took it." His eyebrows twitch, and now that he said it, fear flickers over his face. "Can /yer/ stahp 'im from 'umiliatin' Dweedle?" His tone is both fierce and scared.

"You what?" Morgana says, not sure if she heard that right, but seeing his reaction and his follow up question, she realizes she did. Her jaw tightens and she shakes her head at him. "I had thought, everyone might have learned from Edwards' mistake, but I can see now that isn't the case." Taking another calming breath she'll shake her head. "I cannot make Black do anything. He will continue to bait anyone who he thinks will bite, and still come out clean in the end. Am I right in my assumption that you took the first shot?"

Gage snorts, lowering his head and looking down at the floor in front of the sofa. It was his fault about Julian - or so that's what he believes, thanks to Alphard. Gage's hands lift to clasp his head in them, fingers dragging through the blonde tangle. "Aye," he mutters out truthfully, bitterly.

"Do you understand that you will need to be reprimanded for this?" Morgana asks, before she continues. "As for Black, you need to ignore him. Dweedle needs to do the same. It's going to be extremely difficult, because I know how loud and persistent he is. If you see him, turn around and walk away. If that does not work, do not bring out your wand. I don't think he'll make the first move, because he wants to be the one to keep his hands clean. Let him rant, let him rave, and if he does attack you, it will be on him. Do you think you restrain yourself in that situation?"

Gage's eyebrows twitch, and his fingers slip through his hair before he lets his hands fall. He lifts his head, and locks his dark blue eyes on Morgana, the lenses of his glasses fogged and making it hard to see. "Oi knu," he mutters fiercely, eyebrows knitting together. Of course he knows, but he mutters, "But-" He bites his lip, considering, before he pleads, "Nae wi' de Inquisitor… De Caretaker… Please…" Terror flashes in his eyes as his thoughts are taken there. He's even too afraid to say his name. He shifts uncomfortably on the cushion, and he slowly nods his head to her head in understanding. Well, he's already been spoken to about restraint. Gage's mouth suddenly drops open, and his eyes lock on Morgana as he swings his legs over the side of the couch. "Can- Can yer suggest that someone become a prefect? She'd be a good one."

"It is more likely that you would loose privileges or serve detention than be handed over to someone else. So long as this took place on school grounds, your punishment may not be as severe as Edwards' but I'm not sure how lenient the faculty is feeling lately. I will speak with one of the Slytherin Prefects to see if they are able to find out more about your wand. In the mean time I suggest you at least carry this around until you get yourself another." Again, she hands him the box with the loner wand. When he brings up the a Prefect nomination, she'll shrug her shoulders. "I have very little control over who they pick. Who did you have in mind?"

Gage lets out a snort and turns his head, eyes focusing on the armrest of the sofa. They're /always/ severe - and that is, of course, what Gage expects. So he just snorts, shoulders shifting as he shakes his head. The mention of Edwards again… Gage scowls furiously at the armrest. Turning his head to when the box is offered again, his left hand reaches out for it, reluctantly, as it trembles to take it. If he loses it? It's not like there's a string attached to it. He's scowls and growls out in frustration, taking it very unhappily. His mind is focused on thoughts, so his recommendation comes out in a quick mutter, "Esther Lowe. She'd make a good prefect."

"I have even less say over someone not in my house, nor do I know her well. If I am asked I will see what I can do." However Morgana does not expect to be asked. Once he finally takes the wand, she'll nod her head toward the boy and gesture up toward the dorms. "Go get yourself cleaned up, and once I know what your punishment will be I will inform you." Morgana at least seems to have the information she needs, but looks like she may have more work to do.

Gage grunts and simply flops back onto the sofa, a groan escaping from him so that he's once again on his stomach. He'll just stay here for a bit and think before moving.

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