(1938-12-11) Letters for Alphard and Esther
Details for Letters for Alphard and Esther.
Summary: Esther and Alphard receive the same response.
Date: 1938-12-11
Location: Postal Center
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The letter had arrived that morning, and Esther had been dreading it. Pacing, in the common room. Finally, the Lowe Family Seal is broken, and the parchment is read.

"To my Daughter Ester and Nephew Alphard;

Ester; I am beyond disappointed. You've neglected to mention or befriend your cousin for all of these years - A boy I only knew of previously thanks to my Sister's great pride. To hear that you would sully yourself with lesser company shames you and your family - To know that this 'Julian' who tutored you was a half-blood, and antagonist is mortifying. You are going to attend the party thrown by your wonderful cousin, and you will make friends with a better kind of person going forward.

Alphard; Thank you for taking my daughters hand and showing her the way. I try my hardest to teach her, to raise her as a good, level headed person, but that damned school pulls her from my influence and corrupts her with people that are less than we are. I appreciate your attention to her, and can only hope that you will keep her from associating with those that would cause her undue harm, directly or indirectly. I would be glad to put her under your protection - There are fewer people I would feel more secure in caring for my daughter. The one request I would make is that, like I, you hold on to her wand outside of school - Ester is a wilful child at the best of times.

Wilheminia Lowe."

The fury that she'd promised herself she was done with emerges. "…You could at least remember my name…" She whispers, a mixture of sadness and anger in her voice. Her hand closes into a fist, the parchment crumbling. "I'll see you in hell before I see you at New Years." She promises, tossing the ball into the fireplace.

Of course Alphard would have received an identical letter. This was just her Mother's way of humiliating her further.

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