(1938-12-11) Ravenclaws Talk Riddles
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Summary: Alphard and Andromena make great use of the empty Potions classroom, then Eibhlin comes along and the two girls discuss riddles.
Date: 1938-12-11
Location: Potions Classroom
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After Ria Sykes has departed, in the Potions classroom, Alphard and Andromena continue to chat…

"Says the man who isn't in a House full of wayward half-bloods and sloppy wet towel-mudbloods," Andromena muttered, just as the chanting began out in the hall. Ria is given a companionable wave and well wishes for her endeavours as she departs. Once Ria is gone, Andromena gestures to the two cooling vials upon the table. She's clearly pleased, which meant it had turned out perfectly.

"Two vials of Essence of Murtlap," she chimes. "On top of the three antidotes I brewed last night." She was putting off sleep to do these things, but it had yet to show. The pair of them talked about this subject for a time. That is, they talked about it until both of them found themselves remarkably close to one another, and talked ceased and snogging ensued. Maybe even a little more than snogging, if Andromena's rumpled robes were testament to anything. It only stopped before Eibhlin arrived because at one point Andromena exclaimed, "The potions!" And moved away from Alphard in order to save them from being knocked over. The classroom was empty aside from the pair of them.

Alphard's robes were never in disarray, except right now when they looked moderately rumpled. For once the pristine snob didn't at all seem to mind. What he did minded was Meanie's hurried evacuation of his lap for the sake of the potions. Even if technically said potions had been the reason they were here to start with. He grumbled, then sighed, then finally just set about to arrange himself back into a semblance of order.

"So there's a special Hogsmead Weekend coming up. Are we going to return to the castle?" Or was she too busy? He was apparently leaving the whole decision entirely up to her!

Enter Eibhlin, and while she missed walking in on the snogging she does make mental note of those rumbled robes on them both. "There is?" the redhead inquires, catching the last bit from Alphard as she turns a quiet smile of greeting on the pair. She hadn't exactly expected to find anyone in the classroom at the moment, but being they are she heads towards the table they've claimed, resting the pair of runes texts and her notebook on the edge, careful of any potions or ingredients that may be about.

"We really should," Andromena advocated to Alphard, just before Eibhlin made herself known. Turning to her fellow Ravenclaw, she gives a smile and a wave. "Oh yeah, there is," she confirms for the red head. Now, speaking to the pair of them, "I've a good feeling about the translations we've been working on, plus," she motions to her potions. "These turned out so well. Mostly I was thinking we really out to make a return if only to check out those other rooms we talked about, and leave these things there." Since they wouldn't have the opportunity to return while on break, and Andromena couldn't keep explaining away an accumulation of potions she decided to brew on the fly.

Casually she begins to smooth down her robes and straighten her appearance, as if it were no big deal. No reason to call undue amounts of attention to herself, right? Her ingredients are kept neatly together.

Alphard gave Eibhlin a critical look, before finally allowing her a tiniest little nod in acknowledgement and greeting. The sort that made it clear that he was still better than her, even if he had decided to play sort of nice. "So we've got some potions, and two of the doors translated. Unless you made some progress, too, Shine?" Because so far he had only heard from Andromena. "Though I still don't know what we're supposed to do with these riddles. Do we just say the answer aloud, or what?" Riddles and puzzles. They weren't the reason he was wanting to return. No. He was thinking about conquering dark creatures, and finding treasure.

Eibhlin nods. "I certainly wouldn't mind going back," she agrees, "But.." a glance turns to Andromena. Did she get to mention that to Alphard yet? "Glad they turned out though, and make that four," the girl says, the latter a gentle correction for Alphard. "I've finished two as well."

"Just so we're clear, if 'Gus acts like his usual sanctimonious whiny self, I'm going to punch him in the face." Alphard said it with a sniff. "So what do they say? The first one was what.. 'To those within the dungeon I am joy. To those fully beneath my gaze, I can be Hell'? Which we agreed was the sun, or sunlight or something. The second one was: 'Name me and so shall you break me.'"

Eibhlin nods, "Duly noted," she replies for the boy's threat of punching Gus, not seeming overly concerned about it. If those two want to go at it she's going to stay out of it. She nods again, going through the riddles in her head as he repeats the ones Andromena had worked on deciphering before adding her own to the mix. "I have two heads but one body. The more I stand still, the faster I run." she shares the first after flipping open her notebook. "And the other, Try to defeat me but try in vain. When I win I end your pain."

The blank look Alphard gave both Eibhlin and Andromena said that he was going to be absolutely no help in solving any of these riddles. He shrugged. "Someone's head obviously wasn't entirely in the right place when he or she came up with all that nonsense. Two heads? Losing and then ending the pain? Bah. Got any ideas at all?"

Eibhlin hmms, "Well… I was thinking on them somewhat," she replies, though for the moment she still seems to be considering the words as she looks at the open page of her notebook. "The first one I think I have an idea, the second one is harder though…"

"The second one is silence," Andromena states knowingly. She's bloody sure of it. Thought about this stuff while in bed, you know? She also thought about vanquishing dark creatures and the link! Except that Alphard was there, because that just made sense. The other two needed time to be digested first, however. Well, maybe.

"The third one could be time. Uhm, more specifically, it could be an hourglass. I'm not sure about the fourth, however…" Looking up from what she was doing, Andromena shrugged. "I don't know if we need to say the riddles aloud or if those pedestals need something to be place upon them. I'm sure we'll figure it out." Because, duh, they were all just that obviously great.

Alphard leaned back into his chair and folded his arms over his chest. He was perfectly fine with letting the two of them sort it out between the, and then he could claim the glory later.

Considering Andromena's answers Eibhlin nods, "Silence makes sense…" she agrees, "And I completely agree about the third being an hourglass." She blinks, looking up from the page when makes mention of what they might have to do. "I think you're right," she agrees, "the pedestals. There's no reason for them to be there other than to hold something."

"Anyway, I think it's best to just focus on completing the last half of the translations. And if you feel you're decent around a cauldron, Eibhlin, you can help me to brew more potions." Because why not create themselves a little supply? Even if it was never needed it was great practice for Andromena, who would never turn down a chance to sharpen any of her skills. Her thumb jerked back towards her boyfriend where he was sprawled.

"Alphard has been doing some further DADA research," which he was right good at, too. "Since we agreed it's best to be prepared, even if everything just turns out…" She didn't want to say it. Boring.

"Ugh, I forgot the time," Alphard complained, and gave Andromena a scowl as if he blamed it all on her. Subconsciously he ran his hands down the front of his torso again, straightening out his robes and his Slytherin emblazoned jumper. Enticing girls and their wiles, making the time fly. "I have club stuff I need to do." So with a slither of serpentine grace, he was out of his chair and heading for the door. He passed Andromena on the way, but didn't do any obvious affectionate displays. Just a shoulder bump.

"But yes, I'm looking at what we might come across. I figure.. boggarts.. doxies and possibly Red Caps. If someone's gotten their head bashed in there. They like to haunt locations where people have gotten murdered in the past, then add more victims to the list. Mostly dangerous to Muggles, though." Not young would be Aurors, surely?! Leaving them with that happy thought, he left.

Eibhlin nods. "I agree, lets get the translations done and then worry about what to do with them." Best to take it all one step at a time. "And I'd be happy to help with potions," she offers her assistance there as well. A nod turns to the Slytherin then, "Sounds good. I mean the research," not people being murdered, there's a bit of a shudder for that mention. "Later then Black."

Andromena's cheeks reddened faintly, perhaps because talk of grizzly murder upset her. Or maybe because Alphard was leaving and the look he gave her reminded her of what they had been doing. In any case, she said goodbye as he slipped out. Any earlier thoughts of embarrassment had long since fled: she really did like him. Once he was gone, she would turn to Evie and begin discussing more about the runes.

The discussion of runes continues and Eibhlin turns her notebook, shifting herself as well, to better allow Andromena to see the notations she's made. "We've made good progress," she comments. A week, really a little less, and they've already worked out half the inscriptions.

Andromena looks over Eibhlin's notes, grabbing her own notebook (which she had been using earlier for potion-brewing), and flipping back a few pages to where she was keeping the translations. She copied down what Eibhlin had in order to keep them all in one place, for her own sake.

"Yes," she agreed with a satisfied smile. "I'm glad things are coming along so well. And like I told Alphard earlier, I brewed three antidotes last night, and today I've managed to get two Essences of Murtlap. For any cuts or scrapes we might get." It wasn't a cure all, but it was certainly better than nothing! "Any other suggestions? What about the last riddle…?"

Eibhlin takes a moment to add Andromena's translations to her own as the other girl does the same. "Well, if you need any help with potions, or want me to put some together.." it was already offered but she'll say it again, turning a smile towards the other girl. "Sounds like you've been busy though…" she turns back to her notes, pondering the last of their completed translations. "Death."

Andromena gave a little involuntary shudder. Could it be death? The nature of the riddles thus far were a little on the macabre side, but the answers…or the answers she supposed were right, were rather docile by comparison. It was still a possibility, however, so Andromena did not discount it straight away.

"I can't really think of anything else at the moment, but…" Andromena begins to gather up the various ingredients, preparing to clean up her work station. "It stinks, we can only really do this on our spare time. I've been staying up late the past few nights to get things done." If Eibhlin hadn't already noticed that Andromena remained in the Common Room when other girls were in bed.

Eibhlin didn't say she liked the answer to the riddle, just that that's the interpretation she's come up with. "I know," she agrees about the time they have to commit to it. "I can't say I haven't done the same," she admits and Andromena might have noted the light on within the curtains of her bed far longer into the night as well. "If only we had a little more time for it."

"Well, like I told Alphard, we ought to just spend this weekend preparing ourselves a base camp," Andromena sounded thoroughly pleased by this idea. It made much sense to her. It would just be a spot that was cleaned up where they could stock their supplies and otherwise just hang out. Sure, Andromena still wanted to explore, but she was also rather OCD and felt that her proposed thought was the right one. No one else need get bitten upon their rump!

"Then it'll be break and we can take whatever we've learned from this weekend and spend our time focusing on it without," a slight pause. She felt bad to say it about school. "Distraction. Anyway, my next class is starting soon, so once I finish cleaning up I had better go."

Eibhlin nods. "Sounds like a plan to me," she agrees. "Thought I have a feeling I'll have plenty of distraction over break," she replies with a bit of a sigh. "I will make time for those though," she assures with a nod towards their current work. "I should be going too really, but have a good time at class."

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