(1938-12-12) Calculated Risk
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Summary: Jenny and Marcus share a bit of playful banter, before Silas arrives and the conversation takes a more serious edge.
Date: 1938-12-12
Location: Forest View Louvre

Thinking is bad business. But, it happens. Even to Marcus, and after the past couple of days, there's been a lot of thinking to do. And thinking is best done away from others, so here he is, perfectly aware that anyone could drop by, but escaping the big gatherings. Granted, anyone looking for him could probably easily find out where he went to. It's not like he made a secret out of it.
Leaning against the wall, his head tilts to the side as he looks out of the thin slats, observing the wood. A dark, thoughtful frown dominates his expression.

"Who's down there?" Jenny's voice calls down from…above? There's the faint dislodge of snow too, and the sound of someone moving on the slats, when the question is asked, before eventually the tumble of honey blond hair along with her face, can be seen through one of the holes in the dilapidated rooftop.
The curiosity in her face eases some, once she realizes who it is that's down there and the typically pretends she's dumb party girl offers a smile to the fifth year. "I should have figured it was you."

"Who is up there?" Marcus replies, smirking and recognizing the voice. A faint grin touches his lips, closer to a smile than he usually is. He shrugs at her response.
"It's me. Lurking in the shadows, waiting for my next victim," he smirks at this, as he arches his brow dramatically. "Sorry to disappoint. So, what are you up to?"

"Oh well, you know. I figured if I hung around long enough, eventually someone would want to make me a victim. Should I pretend to dangle and flail about helplessly so that you can play the hero or..," she trailed off, her tone gone just a little bit wicked. "Was there a different sort of victimization that you had in mind? I'm not coming down, you know, so if you want me," brow waggle, "You'll have to come up."

Marcus snorts. "You know I don't do hero," he simply says. "I'm much better at being the bad guy, and it's far more fun," he adds, with just a tinge of sarcasm in his tone. But then, there's actual laughter as she asks him what kind of victimization he had in mind. Not many people can get him to genuinely laugh. Mocking laughter? Sure, he'll do that. But real laughter. Well, Jenny manages to garner that out of the young man.
"I'm so not going there," he says and he doesn't bother to address the rest of her words, instead, he sets himself to get up to where she is. "Should we be expecting any heroes to come save you?"

It's a cheeky grin, Jenny offers to Marcus when he laughs and in return, she smiles; amusement in those dark eyes as she hooks a foot there against one of the loose slats and then, stretches down to offer the boy a hand up. "No. No heroes. I don't know any to begin with. What would I do with them?" A genuine if bemused little question as the girl attempts to help boost him up, if he'll take her hand.
"What about you? Crabbe on your tail or…is that who you're trying to get away from?"

"You could collect them," the heroes, that is. "You're a looker, I'm sure you'd have them eating from your hand in no time. Get them to do all sorts of heroic things for you," he briefly shrugs. Having taken the offered hand, he accepts the boost and up he goes, right next to Jenny. The mention of Crabbe causes him to roll his eyes. But there is just a moment of hesitation before he replies. "Nah, I doubt she followed me here. She was all pissy with me yesterday," he shrugs. "Or at least in the morning… she was much nicer in the evening, I suppose. She asked me to talk some sense into Esther, I told her I don't do talking sense into people." He pauses. "And then she went on about how I'm never nice to her." Another pause and he purses his lips. "I told her that I told you I had wanted to kiss her. So, eventually she found me to apologize, then I think I screwed things up even more." He chuckles, it's a bit of a sad chuckle. "But then she was fine in the evening, so who knows. I don't get her sometimes. Heck, most of the time."

"I collect other things," the girl replies, though the statement is a vague one without any seeming particulars offered. Her focus is instead of hefting the boy up so that he can sit with her on the roof. She's been up here a while, if the blanket is any indication with the way it's comfortably spread and somehow, equally warm despite the chill of the settling evening.
"Esther is my friend," another simple statement, one that like the first, not dwelled on. "But I am sorry that you're having issues with Crabbe. I'd offer some insight but…I don't think like that. About fashion or whatever. I'm not particular about my grades, either. If the problem were about Quidditch, I could probably be more help, but…confusing girls? I have enough problems trying to understand guys. Like, why the lot of you seem to care so much about what I wear." Or don't, as the case may be; for when Jenny's not forced into a uniform, she wears trousers, instead.

"If it makes you feel better, I care little about you wear," Marcus says, and seems to mean it. "I mean, you're easy on the eyes and everything, Solomon, but… you and your guy problems, I want nothing of that," he grins at this. "Although I don't mind listening to you and sharing my mind about it if you want," he shrugs.
"As for Lowe… meh, I don't hate her. But, I can't do much about this thing she's got with Black and she wouldn't listen to a thing I have to say anyway." He exhales. "And Crabbe and I will be fine, I guess, I think. Who knows. Like I said, she was alright when we met in the evening."

"That does make me feel better, actually. And…thanks, for saying I was easy on the eyes. Get your nose broken a few times and, hearing things like that are rare. I mean, I know I'll never be as pretty as Pey, or some of the other girls but…still, that was a nice thing you did. So thanks." For that she'll share her cookies; the napkin laden with sweets moved to the side so that it can be settled there in the middle between them so that he can help himself if he likes.
"Esther's…different. She's not bad though, just different. In different ways than us, perhaps, but still good. I'm working on her, don't let it bother you." A dismissive little wave as the girl shook her head and reached back to tuck her hair in behind her ear. "So what're you plans for the holidays?"

Marcus will take cookies, thank you. He grins and actually reaches over. "Don't thank me. I didn't say it to be nice. I call it like it is. Pey… is Pey, but as for the other girls," he shrugs. "Don't sell yourself short."
"Oh, I'm not bothered about Esther. I honestly don't care," he has to say. "She's a big girl, she can handle herself." He squints at Jenny. "You're not going to go putting yourself in the middle of this thing between her and Black, are you?" His eyes remain on the Sixth Year, before he looks and considers her last question. "Try to find a way to stay in Hogsmeade or Hogwarts. I'll be turning sixteen soon after all. Then party my hear out," he grins and glances over. "What about you?"

"Oh I'm not short, I'm going to be five eight before I quit growing," the chaser is all too happy to inform him. "I just, call 'em like I see 'em." Wink. Jenny took a cookie for herself too, nibbling on a piece of it before she chuckled at his question.
"In the middle? Naw. Alphard is my teammate. He's fierce and he's loyal and he's a little full of himself and sometimes he can be an ass, but he's my mate. And Esther? She's my friend. A little confused, a little in need of the occasional guidance, but nothing I can't handle, one way or another." The last of the cookie disappeared then and she licked her fingers clean; lofting a brow at Goyle's assessment of the holidays.
"So you…actually want to stay at school? They'll never let you stay in Hogsmeade, you realize because you aren't sixteen yet. And you can't get stuck at school, because how can I meet up with you over the holidays if you are? Mind, I have a few parties I have to attend and Sy and I are going to his family estate in France for most of it but, I'll be in London some too! I was hoping to meet up with yall."

"Funny," Marcus mumbles about her first words, nibbling on his own cookie as he smirks at Jenny. He listens to her talk about Alphard and Esther and can't help but arch a brow. "That sounds pretty much like putting yourself in the middle," he notes, unconvinced.
When it comes to the holidays he sighs. "Going home means dealing with my brother and dealing with my brother means dealing with his emotional baggage, his sense of guilt about whatever frog he happened to stepped on that day, and just bleh," he's obviously exaggerating here, right? Still, he grins. "And I know they won't let me, but hey, don't kill my dreams. Now, since you're promising to meet over the holidays, I guess I can put up with my brother for that time. Just for you. See how good I am to you?" Lines of amusement show on his face.

"In the middle, would mean that I was fighting against one side or the other, Marcus," it's probably the first time she's used his name. "I don't. Lowe is, herself," with the occasional tweak that Jenny was working on making, "And Alphard is perfectly fine just the way he is. We understand each other." Which was more than could be said for most, honestly.
Jenny and Marcus, were sitting on top of the old roof; settled atop a blanket that overlooked the dark forest and all the flittering shadows that moved within its depths. It's easy to hear their voices though.
"Bah, I'm sure that your brother is fine, there's nothing wrong with caring though…frogs don't tend to sit still to be stepped on in general so you might want to have a talk with him about that." Pointed look. "Besides, even if we didn't meet up, you'd still miss Christmas with your family and who would want to do a thing like that?"

Who would want to do a thing like that? This guy, that's who. "Frogs, puppies, kitten, ants. Whatever. His heart bleeds for brooms and chairs too, I'm sure," Marcus scowls a little, shaking his head. "He is that bad."
"As for Black and Lowe, you know them better, so I'll trust your judgment about them, I guess. Personally, I have no desire to get involved in any of that, if I can avoid it." He shrugs at this.
"So you're heading to France, huh? Bring me something?" He grins.

Rising on the wind, pouring slightly over the jagged curves and outcroppings of the dilapidated roof comes the slightest hint of song, a gentle voice singing in a low tenor, in what he likely thinks is an inaudible tone,were it not for the unnatural acoustics of the place. The song, itself a slow melody sung in French, comes from none other than Silas, at the moment out of view and blissfully unaware that he might have an audience. The tone is light, happy, even.

"Well," Jenny points out, in all seriousness. "There's a spirit to the wood, too. An essence in all things. There's no shame in honoring them. Mind, I don't think about ripping a parchment, but wands," her voice took a lower more reverent note, "Brooms." Let Marcus step on a poor wee animal around her, he's like to get his nose broken.
"Avoid it then, it's probably safer that way. Wouldn't want you..," her voice trailed off then; having caught the soft crescendo of notes as carried up through the stone rise of the tower, before the roof freed them into the night. "Do you hear that?" She half whispered to Marcus, before very quietly rolling over onto her stomach, to peek back down through the biggest hole. "I think that's Sy." But what made her smile so, was the sound of happiness in the voice.

"I'm sure there is. And he can honor all he wants, but is there a need to regret everything and all," Marcus shakes his head, but then squints at Jenny. "Why would you want to break wands and brooms? Don't you break enough with all your flying around playing Quidditch?"
When she brings up the melody, he lightly frowns, confused. "I hear it, yes." And when she reveals what she thinks the source is, he smirks. "See, there was a hero coming to save you."

The song continues just about until the point where Marcus speaks, just at the right time where Silas could hear it… and then the sound goes dead. A moment later, light footsteps come closer, ever closer, until Silas tops the stairs to come directly into view. A half-embarrassed grin covers his face and he sees the two, and heads closer, "I thought I heard someone. Good evening, you two."
His eyes light across the shared blanket, and he eventually moves to stand beside it, "I hope you two don't mind a little company…" Like it would stop him from joining at this point… but there are niceties that must be observed.

"I don't want to break wands and brooms, I was making a point about…bah, nevermind." The girl waved away the whole discussion with a little gesture of her hand. "And I'm not a beater, I don't break that many things, honestly." So what if she'd come down off her broom in fourth year, just so she could properly punch someone in the face for a foul? That couldn't be held against her, right?
"And now look what your mouth has done. You've killed the song," could be easily heard wafting down from above as the girl grumped. But she'd a smile for Silas regardless and soon enough, was offering down her hand to assist in helping him up.
"And company is fine, you know you're always welcome, where ever I may be." Within reason and rule, of course.

"You heard someone alright. Hey, Meliflua," Marcus greets the other young man. He chuckles and shrugs. "Feel free to join the party, I'm sure Solomon won't mind," he smirks at this.
"That's me, Marcus Aristedes Goyle, the Song Killer," he waves a hand as he mentions the title.

"You can never kill a song," Silas offers as an aside, even while taking the help to get up on the roof with the two, offering a light chuckle as he takes a seat, "only the singer. Should have known this place would never be empty. At least no one's smoking, though…"
Then Jenny makes her statement about welcome, and the more impish side of his grin comes back, "Ah, if only I could take that literally," is offered with a wink, before he continues, "I must have interrupted some conversation, though, so please continue…"

"Well, it was a beautiful song, before it met its end," Jenny complimented Sy, before cutting a sharp look in Goyle's direction for his remark about her not minding. There was no call to go smirking at the end of it. Hmph. The cad.
"And what would you do if you could?" The girl inquired to that little statement that'd made Meliflua wink. Regardless, she made room on the blanket for him. "No worries though, we were just talking about people and the holidays and well no, that covers it."

"And breaking wands, and brooms and stepping on frogs and puppies," Marcus helpfully shares. He offers a grin that it's almost a sweet smile in response to that sharp look Jenny gives him.
"I think if you ask Solomon, she'll tell you I killed the song," he side-glances at her. "But no worries, I have no intention to kill the singer, and she won't let me anyway," he points at Jenny with his thumb. His tone makes it obvious he's teasing, though.

Silas practically preens at the praise, his chin lifting ever so slightly, before responding to her inquiry, "Oh, but Jen, that would require me saying unseemly things… and we simply can't have that." The impish grin remains, even as he leans back onto his elbows on his portion of the blanket.
"Breaking things… that I can understand… but frogs and puppies? Seems a little out of character. Clearly I'm missing something," he doesn't expect explanation, of course, and then Marcus continues, "You'd better be careful. For all she attests that she's a Chaser, deep inside Jen here is a Beater at heart."

"His brother. We were talking about his brother being a bleeding heart and at some point, I ended up on a rant about how everything had an essence and a spirit and…it's not important." And it helped, to babble because it covered her blush at Sy's suggestion of things unseemly! How unseemly of him! Which was all the more shocking.
"I'm going to pretend I have no idea just what Sy here is talking about too. I'm as innocent as the day is long." But they weren't very long up here, were they? A playful glower was offered Marcus, but Sy, Sy got a light shoulder-bump in return.

"Let me know before the unseemly talk starts, so I can exit the stage," Marcus offers, squinting as he looks between the two. "And yes, we were talking about my bleeding heart of a brother," he shrugs. "And having to spend time with him during the holidays. At least when at school, I can just avoid him."
"If you have to pretend you have no idea, then innocent you're not," Marcus purses his lips. "Not that I believed for a second you are innocent," he teases. "So, any not unseemly plans while you two go visiting France? Or are all your plans unseemly for that trip?" He offers a sweet grin.

Silas laughs aloud at Marcus' question, pretending to reel from Jenny's shoulder bump, "How can I answer that question, if I'm to warn you before the unseemly talk begins? Truly, you must think these things through better."
He smiles, leaning into Jen a bit before continuing, "In truth, the trip will be to show her my family's holdings in France… where we'd often spend our winters, and where I've recently taken to spending my summers." The better to be away from parents as much as allowable. Truly, nothing untoward intended."
He then looks at Jenny, looks back at Marcus, and raises an eyebrow. "Still working on the rest of the winter plans, who to meet up with, that sort of thing. It promises actually to be one of the more adventurous breaks I've ever taken, that is for certain."

"I often pretend I have no idea," Jenny points out to Marcus with a grin. Silly boy. "Although, honestly, I don't think there'll be unseemly talk, unless it's the repeated use of the word unseemly which…seems to be the case." Admitted, with a wrinkle of her nose.
"I've never been to France, either, s'part of it." Explained to Goyle, even as she offered a smile Sy's way. "I thought it would be neat to se and well, Sy here was nice enough not to tell me that I wasn't allowed to go, which really was considerate of him." She met his the boy's lean though, until their shoulders were resting against each other and plucked up a cookie from the middle so that she could offer one to Sy.
"And I'm not sure it'll be much of an adventure either, so…hopefully he doesn't get his hopes up too high."

Marcus snorts. "I don't need the bloody details, Meliflua," he shakes his head. "Technically the question was just if you had plans other than unseemly ones," he says, "but you just answered it. Good stuff." Glancing over at Jenny he adds, "Hey, I can always try and find ways to use the word in every sentence. It would be an interesting, yet probably boring after a while, challenge."
He looks at the two and grins. "It'll be an adventure, if you make it one. So, make it one." He says that as if the simplest thing in the world. "But, I think I'll leave you two love birds alone for now," he rises, preparing to climb his way back into the building and dusting his hands. "If you see Pey, tell her… you know what, nevermind. Don't go on getting too unseemly once I'm gone," he winks at Jenny when he says this.

"And thus you won't get the bloody details," Silas offers back, again chuckling, before turning back to Jen, "And whyever would I tell you 'no'?"
As Marcus moves to leave, Silas move to help him down should he need it, before replying, "You'll never know either way, so what would it matter, hrm?"

"You know, I think it takes boys getting together to make things…dirty. I've had perfectly normal conversations with both of you, so I know you're capable of it, but put you together and what happens? Things must be unseemly, they must be strange, nothing can ever be what it is." Hmph.
She was keeping her cookies. And! Eating the one that Sy didn't take. It kept her mouth full and thus eliminated the need to really reply to much of anything, until the end there when all she had to say was "I'll tell her everything she needs to know and part of what she doesn't, don't worry." In parting to Goyle with a decided little wink.

Marcus is at first dubious, but one look at Jenny and he accepts Silas' help in getting down, nodding to the other boy. He even mutters a "Thanks," that actually sounds like what it is.
He smirks at Jenny, looking up at her, "It's the boy effect, for sure." He now dusts his hand and raises one in a little wave. "I'll see you both later." He says those words before disappearing.

Silas watches the boy go silently, only a nod given in recognition to the farewell, before returning to Jen's side, the cookie seen just as it disappears. He tilts his head to the side, his entire demeanor shifting to the more serious, yet truthful, Silas she knows well, "I hope I didn't embarrass you. I'm simply in good spirits today, and it encouraged a bit of fun wordplay. I figure he is clearly your friend, I should reach out a little as well." Sliding back close again if allowed, he leans back on his elbows again, looking up at the sky.
"Did you ask him about this holiday?"

"You didn't embarass me," Jenny reassures him, after offering Silas a little wave. "I'm just, surprised is all. That particular brand of playful wasn't a side I'd seen before. It was..unexpected," the girl admits, mirroring his position and settling back on her elbows; though instead of looking at the sky, she was looking at the boy next to her.
"I mentioned that we should meet up sometime and it would be nice, but I haven't asked anyone to your home, Sy. I told you that wasn't what I meant and I wouldn't intrude on your space in such a fashion. It's disrespectful."

Silas listens, looking over at Jen after a moment to meet her eyes, "It seemed… appropriate. Something he would find amusing, and I think you might have as well. Part of broadening my vistas, as it were." He looks back up, as two owls fly over head, clearly on a delivery mission of some sort, his eyes tracking them, then, "And I believe you. I misunderstood that part initially. I was more just wondering if you'd asked him about meeting us, and there we go. The seed is planted. Beyond that," again he looks at her, "you're not intruding anywhere. Like it or not, you're part of 'my space' now. And I enjoy that."

"It was just, unexpected," the girl repeats, offering a smile with the word. "And I'm glad that you feel comfortable enough to broaden your horizons I just, didn't realize that was part of what was slipping up on the horizon is all." Perhaps she should have, however. "I mentioned it'd be nice to meet up. He said he'd go home instead of staying here, since he isn't young enough to leave on his own unless he goes home first. I don't know where we'd meet though. Or…what we'd end up doing but, I unno. I think it could be fun." And she did. Maybe. In an enviroment that could be easily controlled and thus, departed from if things went..wrong.
Yet his words earned a chuckle and a sideways grin. "I'm part of your space now, am I? I get squatters rights?"

A hand slyly reaches out to lightly poke at Jenny's side, although perhaps a bit cruelly, since he knows there's a chance of her being ticklish there, "What, thought you'd have me wholly to yourself, or something?" This is offered with a wide grin, and the hope that she understands the mirth behind it. "Ultimately, I want to be a better person. I like who I am, and what I am, and what I stand for… but I want to be more. Seeing you, with your friends, has shown me how important it is. And so… I experiment. Like today."
At the next question he nod, laughing, and actually leans back further, onto his back, and pats a shoulder, "Indeed. Come. Squat!"

As it happens…she is slightly ticklish. When she knows its coming, there's more time to mentally prepare and stubbornly hold her chin up but this? That? That brought a giggle, a squirm; her arm tucking in against her side in an attempt to protect herself. "Now you're just tossing my words back at me," the girl grumps. But her smile is playful, affectionate.
"You do realize, don't you, that you were a good person to begin with. That there was and is, nothing at all wrong with you. That you were fine just the way that you were. Don't change because of me, Sy. You don't need to change." There's soft compliment there in the depths, before he leans back and she grins at him; arching a brow.
"You want me in your lap?"

"If you wish to take it literally, you may, although that would likely look and feel awkward at the moment." Silas quips back, shaking his head slightly. He remains lying down, the offer still at hand, although he does listen as she speaks, "At my core, I won't change… but little things, changing how I interact with others, is important. I still wish to increase my group of allies and acquaintances… and improving myself to better facilitate that makes me a better person."

"So, I'm an experiment in multiple ways. Not just to have as a friend, but to duplicate so that you can use my own methods as your own. Mmm, you know, I think I'm feeling a little used at the moment, like I'm dancing to someone else's song and isn't it just funny that you sing," Jenny quips, for all that she remains at his side, rather than moving to claim the offer that was made. Her weight shifted to be braced on one elbow, so that instead she can munch on another cookie.

At the response, Silas looks somewhat conflicted, as if unsure how much is jest, and how much is being laid out there as a test, and so he weighs his response for a moment. When he does speak, his voice is low, and quiet, "You aren't just an experiment, Jen. A risk, perhaps. A calculated one at that… and so very worth the danger. I let you in like I've not let anyone else in before… and I know you've done the same. And yes, I may emulate you some times… when I don't know how to be what I want to. And while I hope you're teasing me, and that I'm being the dunce and taking the bait… I don't want you to think that I see you as merely a tool to be used."
Taking her posture as a decline to the offer, he shifts onto his side as well, to face her directly. He continues, "That is a very real fear for me… that in embracing all this, and yet still trying to learn and grow, that I'll turn into something I hate. Something like my father… who sees people for nothing more than their direct value to him, and how he can use them." There's no tremor in his voice in saying this… no fear. He even smiles as he says it. "There… my truth for you for today. A vulnerability, and a soft point in my armor, laid out. Because I trust you, as my partner and friend in this endeavor."

A calculated risk. He'd meant his words to be reassuring, she was sure. That was the point. To be honest. And she'd been jesting, mostly, or she thought she had when she said it but now that it was out there, now that he was talking, she wasn't so sure. "I don't think you're a dunce. I was just teasing you, Sy. I know that you don't thi…," he didn't see her merely as a tool to be used? Sobriety sucked. It had the ability to make her…easily grouchy. "I know you don't think I'm a tool," she finished, offering a smile for the sudden lasp in thought, for all it may have been a smile given too late.
"I don't think that you'll turn into your father either, though I haven't met him. I'm fairly sure that you're going to be precisely as you desire, no more and no less. You're too aware of everything, think too much ahead to what people will do and how they will react. Particularly if even your risk is calculated. But I'm glad that you trust me." A small nod at that, before her gaze went outwards, once more over the night, as she crossed her legs at the ankle.

"And yet I still end up saying the wrong things, clearly." Silas reads the body language she puts off as best he can, and slumps backward again, "Perhaps I do think too much. Weigh my words too much. I just don't know how to put it any other way, to give some indication just how important this is to me. Essential. And aggravating as I wonder if I'm again just saying the wrong thing."
He thinks a moment, "Would it be better to just say that I think reaching out to you that day at Hogsmeade was the best decision I made? That it shocks, flatters, confounds me that you did the same? That I value you, us, more than I think I can express? That I worry that I'm going to say the wrong thing and ruin it all? Even with our promise to never just walk away…"
A sigh, and then a chuckle. "You /were/ a risk, Jen. You aren't anymore. You're essential."

It would be all to easy to take each piece of what he's said and accept it in..likely the way that he meant it, particularly given the way he puts emphasis on the experiment being too important and essential before he ever got around to the rest. Right along with the question of what it was he was playing towards that made it all so very necessary. It would be so easy. It's all right there on the tip of her tongue, looked at in less time than it takes her heart to beat twice.
Yet none of that is what she says.
Instead, "I couldn't imagine being in your head, Sy. I think I'd go crazy. The way you look at things and think of them. You haven't said the wrong thing, honest." She shifts then, as well. Onto her side to face him, the tips of their toes likely touching along with their knees.
"I'm still here. Not going anywhere. Risk or essential, it doesn't matter. I'm just…not going to share my cookies." Grin.

Silas' smile returns in earnest as she responds, especially as finally she gets at least somewhat closer to him. He doesn't move, instead just sitting there, watching her. Eventually, though, he does respond. "It's…" Funny… he actually seems to be at a loss for words, "I…" His eyes close, the gears are clearly turning, as he works and works to find the exact right thing to say, the best comeback. And then silence once more, as he realizes there really isn't.
Until a spark lights in those eyes again. And in a tiny, almost pitiful voice that doesn't even remotely match his smile, "But… I like cookies." And then the voice returns to match the face, "Guess I'll have to steal 'em at some point."

A slender brow lofts, while he goes through those starts and stops, with a grin that just keeps right on growing. Though when he he opts to go with that pitiful line, a hand reaches up to clutch at her chest above her heart as she topples onto her back, like some great dragon he's just felled with a single blow. "Anything, anything but the pitiful voice," Jenny replies with a grin; humor dancing in her eyes for all that it didn't entirely mask the awareness that lingered far into their depths.
"Lay with me a while?" She invites instead, patting the blanket next to her and looking upwards. "Perhaps if we look hard enough, we'll see our future in the stars."

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