(1938-12-12) Corridor Conversation
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Summary: Myrus and Andromena speak about the Alphard/Esther rumor going around, among other things.
Date: 1938-12-12
Location: Pristine Corridor
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From a scene in the Ravenclaw commons, Myrus heads out from the commons to the corridor, followed by Andromena.

Myrus leads Andromena out into the corridor. On the walk out, apparently his face had twisted into something of.. a horrible mixture of deep thought and something dark churning just above the surface. Since he was leading Andromena out, he was the first to see a couple outside the doorway to the Ravenclaw commons. A Ravenclaw boy and a Gryffindor girl. He was her tutor or something. And yadda yadda la-dee-da, they're dating.
"Give us a minute?" His question was more of an underlying 'leave' without much else to it. The pair verbally scuffles for a moment, but end up leaving anyhow. Myrus takes a deep breath, and turns around to look and wait for Andromena to join him in the corridor. His face had softened from what he was thinking about to more worry and concern than anything else.

Andromena follows closely behind Myrus, so that when the exit the Common Room she too spies the young couple. Myrus may have asked for a polite moment, but Andromena offered the obviously-near-to-PDA pair a withering scowl. Yes, she will take credit for their departure because the young woman has to get her confidence boosts from somewhere! To be fair, the look she had given was not a recent invention. For all of Andromena's sudden exposure to a larger social circle, she had always been considered something of a snobbish frostie. If not by males she had snubbed then by females whose male interests were currently captivated by her at that particular time. More than a few whispers around those that frequented the library spoke of the 'death glare.' Which was amusing, given her aversion to violence.
"Myrus, you look like you've just swallowed flobberworm mucus," an alchemical ingredient used as a thickening agent in potions. Needless to say it was a vile, foul-smelling substance that most assuredly tasted just as bad. Andromena's tone was sympathetic, but only just show. There was also a good mix of curiosity.
Andromena came to lean against the wall not too far from the door to their Common Room, arms folding across her chest. The young woman was clad in her school robes, a black jumper over a soft blue blouse, with her hair falling freely down her shoulders. Unlike Myrus, she was utterly relaxed and at ease.

"It's about Esther and Medusa." He starts right out the gate. No wonder he asked for the private moment. "Did you hear about what happened? I have only picked up little tidbits and what I've heard is worrying me." He wasn't leaning against the wall, he was pacing. A very bad sign to see Mryus pace, because that meant he was thinking. Thinking far too much and that starts him on his… streaks of behaviour, that could go multiple directions.

"Uhm…" She mused, head tilting upward, eyes searching the ceiling for answer or recollection. "I have heard a few people gossiping over it, yes. But not all that much. Why?" Alphard never spoke to her about his cousin. Neither did Medusa. In fact, the only information recently received about the notorious Hair was from two completely separate sources. Each had confirmed the other, neither was good. Still, Andromena put little and less stock in purported rumors. Only Myrus' need to pace gave Andromena pause. She was aware that he and Esther were cousins. She was also aware of the roof top fiasco - it had been shared unto her in the strictest confidence. Andromena lifted a brow, silently urging Myrus to continue.

Myrus lifts a hand, biting at the skin on the corner where cuticle meets pad of his forefinger. Talking through his teeth, "I'm just.. I'm worried about her, Andromena." He pulls his hand from his face and shakes it out, rubbing his thumb over the recently bitten spot, and he tuffuhs his tongue between his lips a few times before hand goes up to his hair and runs through it. Turn, step step step step, pause, "I know Alphard can be… less than agreeable." Step step turn around, continue pacing. More rambling.
"And he and I for a little while now haven't shared much in the way of conversation. I was.. I lost my way getting close to a halfblood. And.." He turns to look at Andromena, stepping closer, but keeping that respectable distance. "I want him to know that I don't blame him for whatever he's done. I put myself in any situations that didn't turn out anything but… agreeable. Just let him know there's no hard feelings. And I'll speak with Esther." Concern across his face, and some sort of heartache. Like he hated what he was saying, but he had to say it, and do it.
For the time being, at least. Lying to Alphard through Andromena like this was.. terribly heartbreaking. But deep down, he was doing it for a specific purpose.

It was only good and right to be concerned for ones kin, especially the wayward crazy ones that just didn't know any better. So of course Andromena understood where Myrus was coming from when he confessed to be worried about Esther. But then it came back to Alphard. She was really going to have to ask him about it now since Myrus himself was suggesting that there was a tension between the two. It was only logical to have all the facts.
"Is this about Elizabeth?" Asked before she shook her head, dismissing the idea out of hand. She quickly said, "No. Nevermind that. Myrus, for your sake," the sake of a pure-blood. "And for the sake of our House," which was in shambles and pitting itself against Slytherin for some woefully misguided ideas. "I will speak to Alphard for you, pass on your words. However, I strongly encourage that you deliver an apology to him yourself." Here Andromena paused, making sure to lock eyes with Myrus before he had the opportunity to turn away again. Andromena was slowly learning that there was a subtle power to be had be keeping and maintaining eye contact, even if it made her uncomfortable.
"Alphard is who he is. I understand that you may not want to go speak to him, but that does not change my advise. If you make an effort to speak to him, to show him that you feel so obviously contrite, I do not doubt he'll accept it." Of course, apologizing to Alphard Pollux Black was actually much more appropriately described as shameless grovelling. For what it was worth, when people subjected themselves to it, he did receive it and would let past actions lie.
Naturally, that Myrus might have any ulterior motives was completely beyond Andromena. She took him at face value, and was genuinely willing to help when and where she could.

And Andromena's complete wish to help someone in a tumultuous situation was the problem with this maneuver. He nods. Turning so that visually deafening eye contact would stop. Looking up the corridor, where more students were coming from dinner that was in it's waning moments, probably. "Then do you mind, just hold onto that for me, and I'll apologize to him in my own right when I have the chance? Don't worry yourself over something that's better done myself."

"Ah, that's not quite how I meant it," Andromena chimed in. "I'll be more than happy to…blaze a path for you? if that makes sense." It was her thinking that if Alphard was made aware beforehand that someone possessed a desire to…right any wrongs done unto him, or his sense of right was right, then he would be slightly more favorably inclined toward them when they eventually came to him themselves.
"But if you want to keep that between us, then I understand. I don't want you to feel pressured." However, sadly, Myrus undoubtedly was under pressure. A great deal of it. Andromena was so blissfully ignorant.

Myrus nods, and the students coming back from the waning hour of dinnertime were getting closer, almost within earshot. Myrus moved to hover in front of the doorway back into the commons. Looking at the doorway, he says to her without looking at her. "I just hope someday it's a two-way street." And with that, he moves into the doorway while the group of students flow in after him.

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