(1938-12-12) Paranoid Auror
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Summary: Rena is troubled by her new situation with the Unity Movement, and she has a candid conversation with Graham.
Date: 1938-12-12
Location: Cohen Residence

Rena didn't inform Graham that she was dropping in on him this evening. What she needs to discuss with him is better left for behind closed doors and without any warning. Fortunately for her, there is no precipitation to make her walk through the darkness and cool, drifting fog to his door more treacherous.
With all of his paranoid security measures, the older Auror undoubtedly knows that she's approaching even before she knocks; but, Rena is one of those people who stands on Muggle propriety. Upon reaching his doorstep, she raps on the door with her gloved knuckles and stands back to wait.

Graham looks up from his reading which is no surprise since he actually has the evening off as something tells him of approach. He closes the book and pushes up his dark detector didn’t go off so it's not a danger anyways but he does move to the door peeking out a moment before he opens the door spotting a familiar face. He smiles "Rena, it's good to see you." he doesn't hesitate to step back from the door "Please come in."

Rena smiles brightly as Graham opens the door and greets her. As is her wont, the young woman says: "'Ello luv," by way of her usual greeting and slips in through the doorway calmly. For a fleeting instant, she casts a glance behind her before Graham closes the door. It's not really like her to show any signs of paranoia or overt caution.
Once inside, she doesn't even begin to unbutton her coat or remove her hat: "You're 'ouse is probably one of the safest places there is to 'ave a serious chat about something. I 'ope you don't mind my dropping in like this." Rena says, looking to be slightly on edge - if not a little anxious.

The young man grins and does close and lock the door he notices the glance back out the door: "Of course not. You’re always welcome here Rena. Are you okay? Being followed?" He asks curiously, though his arms cross, which may look like he's cold but it's his way of being close to his wand without looking threatening. "Would you like a tea or anything?" He offers. Maybe it will help calm her down if she needs it.

"Thank you, but… no," Rena replies softly, adding: "Not followed - as far as I know. I'm just a little jumpy."
Moving quickly into the sitting room and hesitates. It would be the polite thing to do to take a seat, but she's far too agitated and fidgety to sit down right now. Pulling off her gloves, she twists them between her hands briefly, biting her lower lip as she considers how to begin. "I'll come straight to the point - no use beating around the bush. It's about the Unity Movement that I've come. I 'ad a lovely visit with Rhyeline at Berylwood the other day," she smiles slightly, "But be that as it may, I still 'ave some misgivings. Will you tell me something about this Cassius Malfoy? I 'aven't 'ad the pleasure of meeting 'im yet. But I want to know your impression, if you 'ave any to give."

Graham nods to the other and follows her into the living room. He's still looking to the other, somewhat puzzled until she speaks about the unity movement. He's still rather confused, but also, he's intrigued now. "Ah, what do you make of my adopted sister?" He asks curiously, but he'll ponder her question to answer. "He's a politician make no doubt about it. He'll sweet talk you up and down the road and back." He starts "I don’t trust him completely and he could very well decide to join sides with Grindelwald." He pauses: "On the plus side, he does treat Rhyeline very well beyond her guard situation."

Rena's shoes make little noise as she paces in little half-steps within the sitting room. All the while, she's listening intently to Graham's words with a somber, thoughtful expression. "I like Rhyeline very much. She's sweet, and a genuine person - there's no mistaking that." She admits at length, letting a half smile slip through. However, Cassius seems to cast his own cloud on the matter. "Politicians I'm nobody to listen to, nor very clever, but politicians set me on edge. They put my guard up because I've always 'ad the impression that people who get into politics are only interested in power, ultimately. Them that tries to say they're in it for /you/ are generally just working angles for themselves." Pausing momentarily, she clasps both hands together and touches them to her chin as she thinks. "What will you do if 'e does turn to Grindelwald? Rhyeline says that if 'e were to do that, 'e would only do so because 'is 'and is forced and 'is thought is to infiltrate and change things from the inside out with influence."

The auror nods to her words: "She's a good sister." He gets an odd look to his face "Between us please, but I trust you. Rhyeline was cursed. She stepped in front of an assassins’ wand for her former employer. It tries to stop her heart, feeding on bad or dark feelings." He sighs: "I've heard of why he'd do it, but I cannot be part of that, even in farce. I already want to blast the army of truth in half as I’m sitting here," he says unhappily. "Not many things upset me, but blood purity is one of them."

A look of dismay enters Rena's eyes when Graham explains about Rhyeline's curse. It takes her a moment, but when she finds her voice again, she genuinely says: "That's a crying shame, that is. I'm so terribly sorry." The bombshell truly seems to trouble her.
However, Graham expresses his thoughts on the Grindelwald issue and causes her to shake her head: "I understand 'ow you feel - and why you feel it," Rena replies cautiously, glancing over to Graham with dark, serious eyes. However, she leaves the sentence hanging in the air briefly before deciding how to go on. "But… 'ave you ever played chess? It's a game all about strategy and thinking one step ahead of your opponent. It may be wiser to think about this whole situation in a different light." Pausing again, she moves closer and lowers her voice: "I think that we need to be ready to form an underground - if worse comes to worse."

Graham chuckles a bit: "Of course I’ve played chess." He nudges her with his elbow, though he'll continue listening a bit longer kind of knowing where it seems to be going. "Like a society against Grindelwald?" He ponders a moment "The ministry's not taking a side. I’ll admit I’m frustrated about that." He looks over to her : "I don’t think that's a bad idea really. Help keep people safe and be able to strike back." He stops himself before he gets carried away. "I'll need time to think Rena, but it's not a bad thought."

"More or less - but kept very quiet." Rena says, giving a little uncomfortable shrug of her shoulders. "If Grindelwald gets 'imself on top of the 'eap, you know what 'e's bent on doing to muggles, mudbloods and so forth. We can leave the politicians like Cassius to deal with things their way; but we'll be left with little choice but to go underground to 'elp each other."
These are very somber words and thoughts to be coming from one who is usually such a pleasant and chipper witch. "Please don't mistake me. I'm going to give the Unity Movement everything I've got for 'owever long it lasts, Graham." Rena says quickly. "But, I'm wary of the politics. I'm not going to be caught in the middle of a storm without shelter - nor am I going to let others endure the same. I'd rather be /ready/ for the worst and look like a fool for it later on when nothing 'appens."

"Yes, it would be important to keep quiet as it'll be hard to tell friend from foe if that would come to be." Graham shakes his head at the others words. "I am not certain about the politics myself. I am sure that there is a plan a strategy that Mr. Malfoy is employing, Rhyeline many not even know it, but he's not shown his hand." He looks to her quite seriously. "I needed a strong base to stand on to mount any resistance to Grindelwald, and the other groups had no strength it's one of the reasons I joined with unity. The main reason." He pauses "I'd be lying if I didn’t wish to keep my sister safe also."

Rena turns toward Graham and her expression softens considerably into a kind smile. "I know that. And as I've said many times before, you're a good soul, sure as sure." Reaching out to give his arm a gentle squeeze, she looks encouragingly at her friend: "Chances are, I'm just being paranoid and worrying too much. Like I said - we'll give the Unity Party as much of our 'elp as it can 'andle, yea? With a few good souls, maybe everything will be alright, after all. It's better for Unity to 'appen peacefully - and I think it can be done. It just means a lot of careful treading."
Looking down with a slightly sheepish smile, Rena chuckles at her own suspicions and shakes her head: "Thanks for 'earing me out, Graham. I needed to get that off my chest as it were. Even if I feel a little silly now."

Graham grins: "Don’t sell yourself short Rena; you’re standing up for what you believe in." The auror says to the other’s shrug. "I think we're paid to be a little paranoid, but our plans here are for the betterment of many people. That is why we're right to talk about it. If we didn’t, we'd be blindsided when the curve came about and we never saw it coming." Here, he chuckles: "Well you are silly, but not about this." He adds slyly.

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