(1938-12-13) Magic Potions and Future Charms
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Summary: In the early morning dawn of Friday the Thirteen, Esther seeks out Peyton to prove that she's on the right track and off the war path - at least for the time being.
Date: 12/13/1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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Dawn's first light barely filters through the lake this winter morning, leaving the view out of the port hole windows obscure at best, and positively murky otherwise, though the enchanted glow offsets this somewhat. The fire dances with its own light and a subtle sort of cheeriness that promises death and destruction if it ever manages to escape its confines.
Curled onto one end of a sofa near said fire is Peyton, a thick textbook spilled open on her lap along with a heavy duvet, and in one hand is a half-empty container of blemish blitzer, the potion a pale mint hue with a strong mint scent. "Dragon claw," she mutters to herself. "I'm sure we can do better than that." She turns a page in the book, scanning the next page intently.

The last two days have been interesting, to say the least. Esther is a little bowed, but unbroken - What little contact Peyton would have had seems happier, less schemeing, despite the nickname 'Hair' becoming significantly more prevalent. Even whispers of 'Blood Traitor' and 'Mudlover' have begun to circulate. She's in her nightdress, and she's dragging a thick duvet with her, along with her bookbag, into the common room proper - Smiling at Peyton, and pulling herself into an armchair. She draws her legs up, wraps herself creatively with her blanket, and opens her mouth. "Hey, Peyton. How're you today?"

"Very busy." This response comes as if by rote, Peyton's eyes not shifting from the book in front of herself. "Very cold." She turns the page again. "How about you? Also, keep an eye out, I overheard a plan to short-sheet your bed at some point today." She's no snitch, so no names are immediately forthcoming, but Peyton isn't anyone's idea of a bully, save the occasional half-blood that makes the mistake of making her acquaintance. "You look cheerful for someone so recently tried and convicted by the High Inquisitor of Slytherin," she notes - still without looking up.

"I'm well enough. And… I lost a fair amount." Esther admits, shuffling within her blankets. "But I gained more than I lose." A pause. "Thank you, Peyton. I had my head in my ass, and I needed someone to point it out to me." She tries to smile kindly across the small gap between them, "So concerned with revenge I let it consume me." A glance around the common room to ensure they're alone. "Did things… Work out with Marcus?"

At the offer of thanks from Esther, Peyton finally looks up, some vague surprise on her features, but she gestures her acceptance easily. "It's not hard to get caught up in things we're passionate about. Love, hate, vengeance, potions," she says the last with a wry look at the jar in her hand, before setting it carefully to the side. "How did things go, other than what everyone's heard already? I would have stuck around, but Alphard was making 'shut up and go away' eyes at me so I went to bed." The query regarding Marcus makes Peyton look up at the ceiling for a moment. "One day, people are going to stop lacing his name into every conversation with me, like we're dating, or even friends really," she muses. "But not today, apparently. Things were… things are fine, I suppose. He's a piece of work and a bully besides, but he's got his head on straight for the most part. I just wish he…" She shakes her head. "Nevermind," she says firmly. "What are your plans?"

"All of the above. I'm guilty of… Over-committing. Alphard has sworn to make my life miserable." Esther speaks with a sense of world-weariness, the kind of mild sarcasm that comes with such a threat. "Because Medusa didn't give him exactly what he wanted. As for plans.. Well, I'll see what happens and roll with the punches. I'm still sorry you were exposed to that." A smile for Peyton, "And I'm sorry for mentioning him, but after our last conversation… I just thought I should check. He is an encouragable flirt, but he does seem to have something a little more genuine in his voice when talking to you." Her tone is still.

"I don't know why everyone says that. There's nothing genuine about someone that goes about saying what they think you want to hear, then takes it all back soon as you call them on it. But nevermind, Marcus is my own cross to bear, as it were." Peyton smiles a bit wryly. "I wouldn't worry over-much about Alphard really. He knows his responsibilities and where his duties lie, and they start at family, the same as the rest of us." She wraps her arms around her knees. "Enough with that unpleasantness though, what are your plans for the holiday break?"

Esther pulls a face that looks like she's just bit into a lemon. Coated in acid. It passes a moment later. "I don't know anymore. I had plans. And then they became sinister. And now they are nothing." A pause, before she decides to explain. "Alphard was supposed to be taking me to a function he was holding this New Years. I don't know if his plans have changed." If she smiled wryly, it would be then. "Enough with /that/ unpleasantness though. What're you reading, Peyton?" Taking more interest in the 'here and now'.

Peyton gestures toward the book on her lap. "Trying to figure out a proper modification of this potion," she explains. "It's a blemish remover, but I need a blemish preventative so I'm not spending the holidays fighting off anything heinous instead of enjoying my time off. Stress is good for ruining skin and plans, whatever they may be." She frowns slightly. "Don't let this recent business ruin your holiday. If you were going to party, you should still party."

Ah, Potions. A subhect VERY close to Em's heart. "I remember Advanced Potion Making had some notes on Everlasting Elixirs, that might be useful. Or you could try some Murtlap Essense - See if it can draw the effect into lasting longer. It's more of a soothing, long term effect." Esther's always been lucky with her skin. Pale, perhaps, and a little drawn, but normally perfect. "I really don't know what I'll be doing about new years. I very well might decide to stay in school, and do some research. I've been thinking more and more about the Living Image charm." To make her paintings come to life.

"That would just elongate the effect of destroying blemishes." Peyton points this out, while pointing out her perfectly blemish-free skin. "I need something similar, but entirely different. And I think losing the dragon claw bit is going to be the first step, though I may need to experiment a bit, next Hogsmeade weekend I'm going to find some doxie wing powder and see if fermenting that will help - though if you've a mind to help, I'll definitely be needing a way to augment the smell so it doesn't turn into some sort of toxic gas-mask." She smiles faintly. "The living image charm is a powerful one, are you sure you're ready for it? Paintings aren't like photographs, there's a lot more…emotion stored than simply an image. You never really know what you'll get, what you'll see."

Esther chews on her lower lip for a moment, and then nods. "It's important to me. I hope that I have enough time to master it over the coming months. I think that it's part of the beauty of the painting; being able to see the intent of the artist, the emotional interpretation." A glance at the blemish cream, before she adds. "If you ever want help with it, Peyton, I'm happy to. I'm more'n capable of helping with potions." She curls up a little more underneath her blanket, with a sheepish smile. Cold.

Peyton is curled into a blanket of her own which obscures her attire entirely - is she dressed this early in the morning, or is she lounging around at her studies in her mightclothes - no one knows but Peyton. "Well, if it's important to you, then I hope you succeed entirely. It's good to hear you focus on something enriching, rather than all the…everything else, of late." She sticks a bookmark into her textbook to keep her place, then sets it on the sofa beside herself. "You look positively arctic," she observes, rising from her seat and spilling the blanket away to reveal a high-necked, gothic style nightgown in a dark green hue. Mystery solved. "Tea?" she asks, heading over toward a conveniently steaming kettle nearby. "I'll read your leaves if you like, I read Marcus' recently and they predicted that he's going to get into a massive load of trouble over the holidays," she says with just a bit of relish in her tone.

"I'd like that… But unfortunately, I should probably go upstairs and get changed soon." Esther frowns. "Lord know I could use some good news. Although with my luck lately." She shrugs, slowly easing off the chair as well. They're both dressed for the night, although Peyton looks FAR warmer. She wraps herself tightly in her blanket, and murmurs. "I'll come back down soon though, alright? And Peyton… Again, thank you. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but it wasn't anything good."

Peyton inclines her head in farewell. "So long as your head is on straight now, all is well." She pours herself a cup of tea then, adding three lumps of sugar to the cup - and then a fourth, the rebel. "See you later, dear."

Esther smiles fondly. "It is. It may have taken some screwing on, but I feel far more straight now." Marcus hopefully doesn't hear that. "'Til again, Peyton."

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