(1938-12-13) Whispers In The Wind
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Summary: Niko seeks out Camilla for Animagus training as he feels he he is missing something.
Date: 1938-12-13
Location: Fawley Farm

It is a Hogsmeade weekend and while most students are off enjoying the weekend, looking for Christmas presents or spending a bit of last minute time with their friends. After a conversation with Dumbledore and a few letters, Niko is actually preparing to do something completely different. While he normally looks confident, to some a little cocky, he clearly looks a bit nervous as he makes his was towards the Fawley farm house. His feet leaving soft imprints in the show as he moves towards the door. His hand comes up and knocks in it softly.

Camilla has been making ends meet selling off the extra cats and finding homes for the retired Owl Post owls and the such that she cares for to the students. So the Farm is pretty active with students coming and going. But it's getting on in the day so Cami has just finished up putting away the crates and perches that were used to display the creatures for sale. She's using her wand to levitate the warming lamps back off into the storage on the side of the barn. Hearing the crunch of the snow she turns and offers Niko a smile. "Hello there, I'm sorry, I've just put all of the remaining pets away for the day…"

Niko jumps a little, expecting the door to open but the response comes from another direction. His trademark always happy smile still on his face, though as he brings his hand up and rubs the back of his head slowly, "Oh I am not here for a pet…" he says with a nervous little chuckle, "Miss Fawley?" he asks curiously, "I hope you don't mind, I am here…" he says looking around for a moment, "Because there is a Miss Fawley who is a registered Animagus" he says offering a small nod.

Camilla ahhhs and smiles a bit more, a little zen all-knowing expression on her face. "I see, yes, call me Camilla or Cami though. Especially if you are here to ask for my help in learning how to find your inner animal. Because if you are, we will be on a journey that requires a first name basis." She closes up the storage door and clamp the lock shut on it. "Invite you in for some Animal Noise Hot Cocoa? It's a specialty of mine."

Niko rubs the back of his head slightly, he opens his mouth as to say something, before giving her a firm nod, "Camilla it is then, Nikolas Denholm, though most just call me Niko." he says nodding slowly, at the invitation he just nods, he is obviously nervous and perhaps that is why he is being a bit too quiet.

Camilla saunters over and gives the young man's should a pat before leading the way to the farm house. "Don't worry Niko, on this farm, I'm the least likely to bite." Once inside she points her wand at the fire and the low blaze leaps up some and the room is rather instantly warmed. The lion laying in front of the fire, Godric, lifts his head and gives a warm rumble at the Gryffindor boy. But he lowers his head down and gets back to napping. "Have a seat, but make sure to life the cushion first to keep you from sitting on someone."

Niko nods slowly and follows behind her, smiling warmly at Godric, before lifting the cushion and checking and taking a seat, "Thank you, I hope I am not intruding, I think that… perhaps." he says looking up at the ceiling for a moment, "I should have sent an owl, but…" he starts shaking his head, "I guess I am just anxious." he says with a warm chuckle.

Camilla psshs and waves a hand dismissing the notion that he should have sent an owl. "You're just fine. So… how is your transfiguration studies?" When Niko gets settled the chair looked like it was clear. But after a Cami asks a question a beautiful slender garden snake that's all lustrous silver with a pretty green belly slinks out from somewhere deeper in the chair and slides over his arm looking like he's just going to go off and mind a different chair to snuggle in.

Niko opens his mouth as if he is preparing to answer, but the he feels… something. He looks down and goes white as a sheet, his eyes huge, "Sn-Sn-Sn-snake!" explains Niko, standing up quickly and his hand moving to brush off his arm as he shivers violently, his eyes on the snake then moving to Camilla, then back to the snake. His hand still moving to brush off his arm, as if trying to scrape the skin off.

Camilla grimaces at the poor fright the young man has obviously suffered. "Sal!" She says scoldingly as she steps away from the hot chocolate she has going in the kitchen to bend over and scoop up the snake. "I'm sorry, he does like to really hide. It's warmer for him deeper in the cushions. That is his favorite chair because it's so close to the fire." She scrunches up her nose and gives quite an adorable scowl at the snake while he flicks his tongue on the tip of her nose in a 'nyah' like fashion. Then he is placed in his tank and she taps a large stone and it seems to warm up and the Slytherin Mascot curls up on the stone. "Sorry honey. He's harmless, I promise." She reaches out to give his arm a squeeze. "Let's go into the kitchen and you can tell me what you know and what you feel." When they step into the kitchen a couple of large pigs snort and snuffle up at them before returning to nomming in the compost bin she keeps by the garbage can.

Niko seems to calm down, letting out a small cough as she puts away the snake and offers her a small nod, he follows her to the kitchen he doesn't seem bothered by the pigs, actually he reaches over and pats one of them softly, with a soft smile. "You asked, how my Transfiguration is going." he starts with a small nod, "Well it is my best subject." he says with a small nod, "As far as what I know…" he says slowly, his hand moving and running through his hair slowly, "I guess what Professor Dumbledore has taught me." he says nodding.
"I went to him first… about Training, he said I needed to seek one out." he says biting his lip softly, "So I sent dad an Owl asking if any registered one were in Hogsmeade." he says with a nod, "As far as what I feel…" he says biting his lip slowly, "I feel…" he starts with a small sigh, "When I do it…" he runs his hands through his hair, "I feel that there is more and that I am missing something." he says looking at her, "I feel like something is calling to me." he says with a shrug, "I am sure I sound crazy." he says with a nervous laugh, the smile on his face.

Camilla pours the enchanted hot chocolate that with every sip produces a random animal noise in the drinker. She takes a sip and then honks like a goose before she continues, "What year are you? And what is this 'it' that you do and this feeling

Niko fiddles with his shirt for a moment, "Sixth year." he says first, with a small nod, "Transfigurations, when I am performing Transfigurations, I feel that there is more, which or course there is, there is always more, but." he stops, sure he is sounding crazy, "I just have this feeling… I don't know, perhaps I have really lost my mind." he says with a deep sigh.

Camilla reaches over to give the bottom of his mug of hot cocoa a tap, urging him to take a sip. "You aren't mad. Don't worry. That sensation is common among us. Do you feel it more at any particular time? Like when you are casting a different spell, even away from transfiguration. Like conjuring a gust of wind, or a gout of water, burst of fire, or rumble of earth, or the like?"

Niko shakes his head, "Mainly when I am working on or doing Transfigurations, though I hardly noticed it for the longest time, it is like…" he says his hand coming his and running across his brow slowly, "Like a whisper in the wind. You know?" he says curiously, "You know when you know someone said something and you heard it but you can't recall it? Like it is there but not?" he says, as he takes the mug and takes a sip, his eyes blinking, "Wow…Hatee-Ho" is all he says.

Camilla hmmms and nods, "That does make some sense, I get a rather winged feel from you. Hawk, maybe." She smiles and then is barking like a dog a little yappy tea cup dog after she's taken another sip of her cocoa.

Niko shuffles a bit, "You can tell things like that just from the little a told you?" he says slowly, a look of pure admiration and shock on his face. He does however look down at his mug and eye it slightly, though he doesn't take another sip for a moment, "How many have you trained?" he asks curiously, looking up from his mug, his head tilting curiously to the right.

Camilla smiles, "Animals, creatures, great and small, they are my life. Each of them gives off a presence, manners, features, and these things are often displayed within an Animagus. Everyone has an inner animal guardian. Or what ever different cultures call it. When you've been within their world as deeply and as long as I have you just get a sense, or at least begin to notice and place the animals. I have a bit of a gift when it comes to communicating with animals so it does come easy to me, to hear them within. See, now who sounds barking mad, hmm?" She winks to him over the rim of her mug as she takes another drink before purring and rumbling like a tiger into said cup. "One, I've taught one. It's a process of dedication and patience and is more about learning about yourself than it is learning any spell."

Niko nods slowly, listening to her. "I don't think you sound mad." he says warmly, he smile has never gone away since talking to her, "I think that there is more to this world, then magic or muggle science can explain." he says softly with a small nod, "I think you are blessed with a gift." he says nodding slowly, at her as she explains, "I will do whatever needs to be done, even quit Quidditch." he says with a strong nod and a serious look in his eyes, "Just tell me what to do." he says.

Camilla waves her hand in a 'shhhh! keep your voice down' manner when he talks about quitting Quidditch. "Don't say that around here, or normally you'd have an irate and grumpy werewolf on you. You won't have to quit anything. In fact, I want you to go an experience things, as many things as you can and when you visit me next Hogsmeade Weekend I want you to tell me just how certain things made you feel. In life, not just as an animagus, you should always be on the look out for that sensation you were talking about feeling. That sense of something deeper to tap into."

Niko nods slowly, listening to everything she has to say, though the smile is still on his face, his brow says that he is really thinking and grinding his gears, "Okay." he says nodding slowly, "Next Hogsmeade weekend, looking for that feeling and how I felt." he says nodding, "I take it this is the first step?" he says curiously, though a look of determination on his face.

Camilla nods her head and lowers down the mug after taking a drink, "Ribbit - That's right. So far I must say that you seem to be on the right path. An open mind and a curious explorative nature are all key things in this process." In other words less time working on breaking through those barriers.

Niko takes another sip of his hot cocoa, letting out a soft, Meow. Chuckling he nods, "I will keep a journal and I will try to be vigilant and make note of it when I feel it." he says slowly, "Though what exactly is it?" he asks curiously, "Also if I am going to be taking up your time, do I need to send an owl, for my Father to send money for…" he stops and rubs his chin, "Tutoring?" he asks curiously.

Camilla lifts up hand and waves it in that sort of way that refuses money. Though it's clear in the back of her mind there is that sensible part chiding her for refusing. "This is a very spiritual journey. If you are not sixteen yet, I will have to have permission from your family to have you on the property. Insurance and bureaucratic troubles. But you are very welcome to come to me any time that you need guidance. Nothing required." Though there is a hint in her voice that some sort of donation or gratuity wouldn't be shunned. Just the thought of paying so outright for the service that she holds rather sacred.

Niko nods slowly, "Well I am Sixteen, Seventeen in May, so no need for any permission slips." he says softly, "I understand." he says, "A spiritual journey…" he says with a smile, "Well I am excited to take on this journey with you Camilla." he says nodding slowly, "And you just let me know if there is anything I can do to help." he continues nodding, taking another sip of his mug and a oink escapes his lips.

The large sows both look up at Niko and snorfle at him before returning to root around the compost. "They said, 'Don't get fresh'." It's hard to tell if she's serious because there's been a laugh in her throat since said snorfle. "Well then, I will see you next Hogsmeade weekend then. It was very nice to meet you Niko."

Niko nods slowly, sitting the mug down, almost empty. Smiling at Camillia, he nods slowly, "Thank you again." he says warmly, he is clearly a bit excited about the concept of this, "Have a good Holiday." he says turning to head, out trying to hide the bounce in his step.

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