(1938-12-14) How To Tame Your Toy Dragon
Details for How To Tame Your Toy Dragon
Summary: A group of students visit Fingal's.
Date: 1938-12-13
Location: Fingal's Toy Shop

It's the Saturday of their last Hogsmeade weekend before break and Andromena had managed to make her way to, of all places, Fingal's Toy Shop. The young woman had strongly desired to visit the pet shop near by, but couldn't bear the thought of finding some adorable animal and not being able to buy it. She'd just be consumed, by guilt, you see, to bring another animal around when she had dear, sweet Apollo. She's clad in her winter robes as opposed to her school robes, with a preposterously long (yet oh so fashionable), black and white striped scarf wrapped around her neck and hanging down her slim frame. Beneath is a blue dress, complimented by thick stockings and boots that reached the knees. Beneath her favorite cap Andromena's hair tumbled in artful curls down her back and shoulders.

"Ouch," she can be heard exclaiming, withdrawing her finger from a snarling dragon in toy miniature as it hissed and snapped at the retreating digit. Sucking on it for a moment, Andromena grinned. "I wonder…" She began to shuffle through other living statuettes; twirling ballerinas, knights jousting upon horses, roaring lions, tigers and bears - oh my - until she found two more dragons, each a different species. One was old a docile, and let her pick him up with no trouble while the other she had to snag by the tail.

The toy shop is a break from the usual - classes, study, the Broomsticks… Eibhlin makes her way inside browsing through the variety of this and thats piled upon the shelves. She's dressed as she often does for such weekends, instead of school robes she wears a woolen jacket, though today's variation is the hat she received from Andromena yesterday.

Andromena, a toy dragon perched on her shoulder and one resting in the palm of her hand, had just turned from the shelf she had been so busily searching through to find Eibhlin entering the toy shop. That she's wearing her cap has made the Andromena most pleased.

"Hey Evie," said in a sing-song sort of voice, accompanied by a gout of flame-that-was-not-flame from the dragon on her shoulder. It was an Ironbelly, its size far larger than that of the dozing Ridgeback in her hand. "Last minute purchases, or personal pleasure?" Andromena would admit guiltlessly that she was here solely for herself!

Eibhlin laughs, turning at the sound of her name only to blink at the dragons the other carries. "Hey Mena," she greets in return, offering the other a smile. "I haven't been in here in ages," she notes of the shop, "I'm mostly done with my shopping, but I figured I'd take a look around again. Yourself?"

A group of First and Second years enter with their chaparone teacher - young Madeline Evans among them. She looks around in awe, her eyes wide while bouncing excitedly on her toes, as she has a wont to do. In particular, her eyes were on a small dragon toy with hinged wings that flapped, as it circled around the room above them. How /amazing/ would it be to give /that/ as a gift?! But who would she give it to - one of her cousins? One of her cousins who /weren't supposed to know/?

"I just wanted to wander…" Andromena began, tucking her hand close to her chest. "Then I saw Fingal's and realized I hadn't been here in forever, either. There are always the best toys here." Though she had outgrown toys in general, some things just never got old. Such as enchanted dragon figurines that could, at least for a little while, make one feel as if they had their very own. When else would she ever have the opportunity to see a Ukrainian Ironbelly and be able to touch it? Andromena makes room for the chaperone and her gaggle of children, not paying them much mind yet. "I may get these, but I'd have to send them home otherwise they'd probably terrorize everybody's pets."

Eibhlin ahs nodding in understanding with Andromena's explanation. The redhead sidesteps, making room for the group to pass without being run over. "True," she agrees idly taking a moment to look over the dragons a bit more closely, "Not to mention our homework," she adds with a teasing smile given the one's previous flame (despite how tiny it might have been).

The tiny burst of flame catches Madeline's attention next - and she croutches down to get at eye-level with the toy, her expression on of gaping wonder. "Woooooow." Why did she go and blow her galleons on /candy/? Well. At least the candy she could share with her family. This would be much harder but- still! "Okay. /This/ is the best store in Hogsmeade!"

"Evans - you've said that at /every single store/," one of the 2nd years mutters as he passes her by.

"Well, yes, but- This one /is/ the best!"

Andromena snickers. There were a few people for whom she could imagine the destruction of homework would be just cataclysmic, herself included. She was about to say more, but that's when she noticed Madeline. She squinted at her, tried to remember…oh yes, stairwell-girl.

"If you're not careful," she warned the younger girl. "It will try to bite your fingers. Hm. Or your nose." Her dragons, were much more well behaved. Mostly because one was sleeping and the other contented itself by treating her shoulder like a mountain peak. Small growls issued from it now and again. "I forgot they get chaperones during this weekend," said to Evie.

Eibhlin nods, "Me too," she replies to Andromena, and then to Madeline, "They will," she adds confirming the other sixth year's comment on the miniature dragons. "Careful."

"Will they?!" Madeline seems more excited by this prospect than put off. She pokes a finger at one of the dragons - which growls and attempts to bite, prompting a squeal of delight from the girl. "Oh I love them! Are they dreadfully expensive? You can make friends with them? How do make friends with them?" Not poking a finger at one is probably a good start. She tries putting her hand slowly down out of reach of one of the dragons - to see if it will come explore without hostility.

"Not terribly," said Andromena. Unless one was pretty poor, and then they would undoubtedly be way to pricey to some. "And they're just charmed to imitate the general nature and behavior of the actual creature they're meant to represent. So…no, I don't believe you can befriend them as such." The particular dragon Madeline is currently enamoured with is the silvery-blue Swedish Short-Snout; really very pretty. Lots of people loved its skin for fashion's sake. "But that aside, they're pretty smashing."

"Well - most anything can be tamed, can't it?" Madeline muses thoughtfully, still watching the stunning little creature. It was /so much better/ than any toy she has had in her life! "But it's just a toy, right? So… can they /learn/ at all? I mean - that would be incredibly neat - if you could teach one to do a trick. Turn about on command. But if it's a toy - well. It wouldn't eat, so it's not like you could bribe it with treats…"

"Dragons cannot be tamed," Andromena says with a tone of finality. Then, "But you're correct. These are just toys. They have been charmed to imitate certain characteristic behaviors of their living counterparts. For example…" She prodded the Ironbelly on her shoulder, and the dark-scaled beast gave an indignant roar (a small little squeak for its size), and then spat a gout of flame. "See? It could have lit my whole head on fire, but the flame isn't real. It can bite you, but there aren't really teeth, scales, or bones. And…" To end the whole scene of wonder, Andromena spoke a command word, and both dragons in her possession visibly changed. They became mere toys. "One must never forget the command word when through playing a good game of Destroy the Castle, Eat the Knight, and Steal the Princess." A popular wizarding game among the younger years. Obviously.

"/Best/ /store/ /yet,/" is all Madeline has to say in response. Hogsmeade is /great/!

Andromena laughs. "Have you been to the pet shop yet?" Because while this place had amazing toys gadgets and a general amalgam of whatsits, the other shop had live creatures. Like blue bunny rabbits.

"Not yet! But I went to the one in Diagon Alley. It was such fun! But my mum and da said they would wait to see how my grades were in my first year before buying me a pet." Madeline lets out a long suffering sigh.

"Oh?" Andromena supposed that was fair, even if the younger girl was plainly at odds with the decision. "You'll like it in there. I don't suppose it's as big as the one in Diagon, though…" Actually, Andromena was having a hard time remembering! Oh well…"What sort of creature would you prefer?"

"Well - the owls are incredibly fascinating! They're such /wonderful/ animals - and it's so useful, having them carry your mail and messages and all! But as far as actual companionship, I think a cat would be better, and they can be with you more of the time, so…" Madeline trails off into silence - but that doesn't last. When does it ever? "I just don't know! Don't supposed my parents would let me buy /both/."

"I have a cat," Apollo. A sleek black little creature that adored his mistress to the point were it was quite noticeable by others. Talk about a witch and her familiar. "And I use my brother's owl…or my cousin's…or my boyfriend's…" Looks like someone had quite a range to choose from. "If I need to send any letters."

Eibhlin watches the back and forth between the two girls in relative silence. "Even if they did," she starts when the comment is made about getting both, "I believe you're only allowed one at school. So you'd still have to make the choice."

"I've been using the school owls - to send letters to my parents, and my Uncle. I write to them aaaaaall time. I mean - since I've never been away from home, before." And her mother uses her Uncle's owl to send replies, and packages! So it works well. "I cannot /wait/ to see them over the holiday," Maddie adds eagerly.

Andromna wonders if Madeline's uncle is the wizard of the family, or something. The way she talks is just too indicative of a muggle-born. The Ravenclaw sets her dragons aside, thoughts of purchasing them long since vanished. "Evie's right, though. You'll have to make a decision regarding your pet, even if your parents do allow you two. Hogwarts will only allow you to bring one."

"Not everyone has a pet either," Eibhlin points out, "And I've always used the school owls when I've needed to send anything. I'm sure you'll get along just fine until they let you get one of your own, whatever you decide."

"Prooooobably a cat," Madeline muses. "I mean, probably. Since dragons can't be tamed. But maybe /I'll/ tame one some day!" she suddenly asserts, letting out a little giggle. "Be the first witch with a pet /dragon/! Ride it around the countryside! Imagine sending packages by /dragon/! But I'd have to make it invisible. I mean, obviously. Owls are one thing, but dragons something else entirely!"

If Andromena was a young woman possessed of less self control, she might have reached out to shale Madeline as she reitirated in very forceful tones: You cannot tame dragons. Instead, she felt a slight constriction in her chest, breathed out slowly, and fixed a neutral smile upon her fine features. It was mostly the sort of smile that hinted a person was not at all being encouraging, even if it did sort of look friendly after a fashion. "I think I'll stick to mail by owl."

Eibhlin nods, "Same," she agrees with Andromena. "It was nice seeing you both, but I really should be going. Have a couple things I need to pick up today," she says in explanation. "I'll see you later though Mena," she adds before excusing herself and heading back out of the shop.

Madeline is lost in her own little world for the moment - imagining herself whizzing about astride her dragon, invisible to the world below - and possibly terrorizing those horrid kids who give her a hardtime for being muggle-born.

No, her parents and her Uncle wouldn't approve of that last bit, but it's not like she'd do them any /permanent/ damage…

"Well," she says finally. "That'll have to wait until after I learn mermish, and find some long-lost and incredible treasure filled with powerful magical artefacts - because /that's/ the first thing I'm doing when I finish school."

Andromena laughs again. In fact, she laughs pretty hard. Wanting a dragon mount is no different than wanting a raptor mount, is it? However, she's laughing about Madeline's goals post school. Not even her cousin Tony spoke Mermish…yet. Andromena only just manages to reel her laughter in before Eibhlin leaves so that she can wave goodbye to the other girl.

"Good luck with that," she tells Madeline, wiping at one eye. "Treasure-seeking would be an awfully fun profession." Andromena just doubted Madeline would ever make it as one.

Madeline doesn't seem at all put-off by the older student's laughter - instead she keeps grinning, and shrugs her shoulders in response. "I'll pull it off. Or, you know, maybe I'll find something even /better/. I just met an Auror, actually - she was nice! And I guess that'd be a more /traditional/ sort of job, but still a pretty cool one! So maybe I'll do that.

"But I don't know. You know - treasure hunting with the merpeople is pretty tempting."

That Madeline was perhaps perceptive enough to realize Andromena wasn't just laughing for mirth's sake was telling. Andromena, however, made no move to illuminate the situation one way or another. Besides, word around school was that she was a very nice girl. Unless you talked to her boyfriend, who would gladly explain away his petname for her.

"A lot of people take an interest in the MLE," she said, tapping her lips with a forefinger. "So much so it seems like there will hardly be any criminals around for them to catch!" Andromena, however, was working hard to become a healer at St. Mungo's.

"Especially if I became an Auror!" Madeline responds eagerly. "But I've got /years/ yet to figure all that out, right? In the meantime - there's a castle to explore, and lessons to learn - and banisters to never ever climb again." She lets out a little giggle of her own. Yeah - she's probably going to climb the banisters again. At some point.

"So you do," Andromena agreed with a nod of her head. "And before any of that can really be decided, you need to prepare for, and then pass your OWLs. After that comes NEWTs in your seventh year. An Auror would require you to take those, whereas some lesser jobs would just settle for good OWL scores."

"Oh, I'll take the NEWTs," Maddie responds eagerly. "I've always done pretty well in school, after all. I don't know which ones I'll take yet - probably potions. It's fun, isn't it?"

"I enjoy it," Andromena tells the younger girl, having no problem talking about class or school work. "And I'm taking NEWT level courses in Herbology as well. It only makes sense." The two were so closely connected, and Andromena had serious trust issues when it came to another just arbitrarily selecting her ingredients for her.

She begins to walk down another aisle, Madeline was welcome to follow. No doubt her chaperone would only want to pull her hair out if the younger years started to leave the store on their own. The shelves were brimming with toys in all manner of wonder-making merriment; even if it was so close to Christmas now. "Anyway, if you go down the Auror path, there are several subjects you'll need to do well in, and study hard for. After Potions you still need Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Charms."

"Oh, I'm pretty good at Charms!" Madeline responds eagerly as she follows after Andromena. "We were learning Wingardium Leviosa - and of course we're supposed to make the feather float pretty still - but the first time I got it up into the air, it did this sort of loopy-loo. But I practiced /really hard/, and got it to hold still. So then I started working on the loopy-loo again, and even though I did it by accident the first time, it was really hard to do! But now I've got it. I can even get the feather to do /three in a row/. …after that, it crashed into Megan. But it was just a feather, so she didn't mind."

Andromena had been reaching for her wand, to show off…then stopped and gave up the idea before ever even getting the chance to wrap her fingers around it. Not a good idea to be showing a younger, impressionable little muggle-born girl things she might be apt to imitate.

"Indeed," she agreed, reaching out instead to brush the soft fabric of a plush stuffed animal. "What's your favorite subject?" Andromena was exceedingly good at Charms, but it was hard to pick a favorite amongst all her classes. Even Care for Magical Creatures was exciting despite the bad smells, countless times getting something gross on her, and then the days were the creatures were just plain boring. Plus…Kettleburn.

"Oh, potions, definitely," Madeline responds promptly. "It's just so- I don't know. I mean, you're /really/ doing something - crushing things, mixing things, heating things, stirring things… There's so many- what's the word? Variables! If you chop it, or crush it, or what order you put things in, or how hot you make it, and for how long - /lots/ of possibilities!" And that's clearly exciting for her, judging by the way she's gesturing widely.

"But I'm reeeeeally looking forward to Magical Creatures. I wish I could take it /now/!"

This time there's no laughing at Madeline so much as Andromena is just laughing at her exuberance. "You'll enjoy it," said as she continues to wander the aisle, expression growing thoughtful.

"The Ramora was exciting. Let's see, what else…" A 'hm' before adding, "Fifth year was even better. That's when you learn about the Ashwinder, the Hippogriff, Kneazles and Jarveys…In fact, that year was way better than this year."

Madeline has /no/ idea what most of those are, quite yet! But she's excited to find out! "Oh, I don't care /what/ we're learning about - I really love animals. My father and I would go out into the woods together - hiking, exploring," and hunting, "and I'd see the most /interesting/ things - but I didn't really understand them."

Andromena turns her gaze slowly to Madeline, eyes dark and unreadable because of that darkness. Whatever might she be thinking? Her pale features are set in a neutral expression, so it could be anything!

"I detest things that I do not understand." A pause. "Rather, I detest not understanding." Because it made her feel stupid and ignorant, things that were abhorrent to her. That was why she read so much; why when she came across something new she obsessively researched it so that she could become familiar with it!

"Again, just another good reason to stick with things like Magical Creatures and Herbology. Plants and creatures of all shapes, sizes, and nature fill the world. How can one traipse about in it with no knowledge or understanding of them?"

"Oh, it's exciting to find and see things I don't understand!" Madeline responds excitedly, contradicting Andromena. "That means there's something new to explore and learn! Maybe you'll be the first person to discover it and understand it! How wonderful would /that/ be?!"

That was a nice way to put it, and Andromena could even appreciate it. But it still meant she had to go and CONQUER that unknown! "I should like that," she says after a moment.

"So who's the witch or wizard in your family?" The subject was finally broached, but not for the reasons Madeline might suspect. And for what it was worth, Andromena did not appear to harbor and malicious intent.

The question obviously gave Madeline pause, as her gaze flicks abruptly to Andromena's face - but there didn't seem to be any malicious intent there. None she could pick out. She could /lie/ about it - but her parents didn't raise her to be a liar. "My Uncle Perry," she answers. "My father's little brother. He works for the Ministry."

Andromena nods, but says nothing straight away. So…a one Perry Evans, that worked at the Ministry. Clasping her hands behind her back, Andromena takes a final turn to the last aisle. This was less toys and more puzzles, wizarding chess, and other sorts of mental stimulators. These Andromena gave most of her attention, peering at this or that.

It was a fine afternoon in Hogsmeade, with some of the younger years getting a chance to visit the quaint village with a properly harried chaperone. Currently, one, Madeline Evans, was tailing behind Andromena as the older Ravenclaw girl meandered through the store. She had come here for personal pleasure, and was most certainly not the chaperone.

"Does he have any children?" This next question came shortly after Andromena leaned in closer to a particularly fancy chess board.

Maddie was slowly growing nervous as Andromena meandered in silence - a little knot gaining force in the pit of her stomach. She hated it - the attitude some of the students showed to her, and her parents. If they were going to hate her, it should be for something she had /done/! It just didn't make sense to her otherwise!

The fairly innocuous question was something of a relief. "He isn't married yet," she answers simply, while peering in puzzlement at the games. How did these even /work/? Wasn't that one just… chess? Regular old chess?

Elizabeth had heard there was a sale. Even more of a reason for students to flock towards this particular shop during the last Hogsmeade weekend. The door rings lightly as it opens, letting in the chilly winter air as the young Ravenclaw steps inside, before the wooden door is swiftly pushed closed behind her. Exhaling a breath, Elizabeth enjoys the comfortable heat of indoors on her cheeks as she reaches up to push the hood of her cloak from her raven head, releasing a waterfall of raven hair. Behind her wire frames, she gives the inside of the toy store a look over, having never been here before. Curious.

Just chess? Ha! Andromena would have happily agreed to explain to Madeline the wonder and joy that was wizarding chess had the child but asked. She'd also happily explain things regarding blood status, though it was highly questionable Madeline would find it half so pleasant to hear.

"I see," said Andromena, voice a little distant as she continued to look over several more chessboards. The tinkle of the shop's door bell calls her attention. Andromena had only planned to give a quick peek, but when she noticed the newest occupant was Elizabeth, Andromena straightened and called the girl over.

"Hallo, Elizabeth," said the older Ravenclaw. "Fancy seeing you here. Come for the sale?" For now, Madeline and her heritage is dropped.

Madeline had opened her mouth to ask just such a question - when Madeline greets Elizabeth, and the girl's mouth clicks shut instead. There are some things you don't ask. Not around people you don't /know/ yet. Not telling people you're muggle-born isn't the same as lying. Right?

The thought doesn't sit well with Madeline, who picks up one of the games to studying intensely. It was always strange when the images on the packaging /moved/.

Elizabeth only has a brief chance to glance around the inside of the toy shop before her attention is pulled towards Andromena, her pale eyes blinking behind her glasses as she recognizes the older girl. "Oh. Andromena. Greetings." she murmurs. From the use of her first time, it's clear that she must be closer friends to her than just mere acquaintances. Heeled mary jane's click lightly as Elizabeth turns to walk down the aisle, approaching the pair, and her gaze shifts to Madeline. "Greetings to you as well."

Andromena was very flippant when it came to first names, it must be said. In her mind, if Andromena spoke to another person on a daily basis and things weren't absolutely frigid, she was likely to use their given name as opposed to their family name! Her eyes flicker momentarily to the game Madeline has picked up.

"This here is my fellow House mate, Elizabeth Dweedle," she introduces the two, in case they've yet to chance across one another before. "And this Gryffindor is Madeline Evans. She intends to be a treasure-seeking Auror that speaks Mermish when she grows up." Andromena laid her finger alongside her nose and grinned.

"Hello!" Madeline greets Elizabeth brightly. "It's very nice to meet you." She grins at Andromena, adding, "And dragon tamer! You forgot about the invisble pet dragon I'm going to have, that I'm going to ride /all over the place/."

Elizabeth gives Madeline a small dip of a chin, names exchanged. The way Madeline is introduced however elicits a quirk of a brow, followed by a blank blink at the 'dragon tamer' bit. She watches the girl a moment before glancing to Andromena, as if to gauge whether or not the girl's genuinely serious or if this was some sort of joke that she wasn't aware of. The bookworm tends to be a bit socially clueless. More than a little, actually. "That will… be quite a feat. Several feats."

Yes, she forgot the invisible dragon because it was exactly that: invisible. Non existent. One cannot tame a dragon!! Just like one cannot walk into this certain place…where a baleful eye always watches…Ah, but one gets ahead of themselves. Andromena is being playfully teasing, of course. Unfortunately Madeline was all too serious and Elizabeth was all too clueless. Alas! Andromena left it for what it was, shaking her head ruefully.

"Anyway…since this sale is going on, I was thinking about getting Tony a new chessboard." He already had one gift, but Andromena was a rather generous person when it came to her friends and family. She liked to show others she cared, and when it was harder for her to do so physically or emotionally, a present seemed the logical answer. "But…I don't know. These are all pretty standard. I'd prefer it to be unique." Like him; her special snowflake cousin.

There were /lots/ of people who ask the same questions as Elizabeth - so she's not alone.

"My da' whittles things - you know, carves. And I know some people shape chess pieces out of stone," Madeline suggests helpfully.

Elizabeth blinks her eyes at Andromena as the topic is shifted. To more normal and realistic things. The mention of her cousin gives her pause. "Does… he play chess on a regular basis?" she asks, curious but also wanting to help if she can. The corner of her lips tug faintly. "You're his family. I would think that you would know what his interests are in." Only recently has she taken up teasing. And the bookworm seems to enjoy it.

"He does," she says to Elizabeth. Madeline is given a look, and then her body shifts back toward the Gryffindor and Andromena explains further, "While I appreciate the suggestion, I'm afraid the sort of unique I am looking for goes beyond mere wood or stone." Now if she could find one of the Persians fighting the Greeks…now that would be awesome.

"Oh, I know his interests alright," said confidently. Her hands even went to her hips. "And I'm afraid I just haven't found anything suitable here. Not that things aren't wonderful in their own right, they're just not the right for Tony. Hrm, guys are a lot of trouble to shop for, actually." And here there is a disgruntled expression to be seen.

Madeline has an uncertain look on her features. "Yes, but if it's hand made… well, you can have it made however you like. That's more expensive, though, and I don't know that it'd be done in time for Christmas…" She shrugs her shoulders. "Especially not if they do it for a living - because they'd have a lot of other orders."

Her smile grows subtly, naturally so as Andromena places her hands on her hips with so much confidence. His last comment Elizabeth can only assume that she's also talking about her boyfriend. "Oh, I don't know about that. I already have an idea of what to give Anthony for Christmas." she replies, without further explanation further. It's a secret after all.

Andromena hemmed and hawed for a moment, then her brows knitted together and she gave Elizabeth a curious look. "You're getting him a gift?" Which meant she probably got little gifts for everyone in the House. Snappers. "Well, no matter," waved aside. "I have to stop by the post. Perhaps I'll see the two of you later?" Andromena gave a wave, and then made her way to the exit.

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