(1938-12-14) Music and Succession
Details for Music and Succession
Summary: Music is played. Plans of succession are discussed. And then the entire population of Hogwarts shows up to add a pinch of chaos.
Note: This is a partial log, starting at Silas' entrance, to his departure. If any other parties have logs of the happenings before and after in this scene, please feel free to edit and add.
Date: 14 December, 1938
Location: Three Broomsticks Pub, Hogsmeade
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Despite the obvious patina of age, The Three Broomsticks has a warm, inviting ambiance. This character the pub has attained is, no doubt, thanks to the years it has been steeped in the environment of this particular village. Just one evidence of the village's influence on the pub can be seen in the dark paneling inside the building. The wood was once the outer walls of the home that housed Hogsmeade's founding family. Put to good use once again after the founding family bequeathed it to the pub, the paneling has served the pub just as well as it once served Hogsmeade's founders. The Three Broomsticks has flourished under its current proprietor and is always open and ready for a customer or visitor.
The dark wood surface of the floor glows with a polished sheen from much cleaning, and exposed ceiling rafters, which appear to be original, cross the ceiling in tidy squares. Wood tables of varying sizes litter the room, and matching chairs are scattered among them. Several secluded booths fill up the space along one wall. A flavorfully aged mahogany bar takes up most of the space near the back wall with a series of mirrors and shelves of varying heights hanging behind it. Those shelves behind the bar are lined with memorabilia depicting the life and people of the village as well as items which are special mementos to the pub's owner.

There is a small gathering at table with Medusa, Anthony and Morgana. With them is a handsome dark haired gent with a charming smile and a violin case at his feet. There is enough butter beer at the table to go around and the group seems to be having a lively conversation.
"Well, my fingers are warm enough, do you think you'd they'd mind if we entertained? Probably not for tips of course but, I'm sure everyone would enjoy it." Eduard suggests to his sister, gesturing toward an clear area they can do a bit of playing in.
"I'm not flawless, Eddy is the professional here, though I do manage to keep up with him." Morgana says modestly, reaching up to unclasp her cloak and get it out of the way. "But I am sure we could do a bit of entertaining."

Pleased with herself and the prospect of entertainment Medusa beams at the siblings. "Excellent! Festive music perhaps?" She grins at Morgana, "Not fiddling," knowing how much her friend hates hearing a violin referred to as a fiddle. One arm goes to nudge Anthony lightly, "Do you have a favourite Christmas carol?" For all that she had a snowball thrown at her earlier and there are damp patches around the front of her jumper at most interesting points, Medusa appears to be in good spirits now.

In the end, Silas always ends up back here. It's become for him a bit of a social hub… and since the boy has shrugged off his long-established wallflower mentality, social interaction has become something of an addiction. And, for that matter, he has his own personal reasons for wanting to have a reason not to be left to his thoughts.
Silas walks into the pub with his normal flair, actually offering a farewell to a group of third-years who had been walking with him, but have clearly decided not to enter the pub with him. He's dressed far less flashily than last weekend, resorting to more plain brown robes, although they're clean and well-kept enough to still be fitting. Black gloves are taken off almost immediately upon entering, and the snow shaken off of otherwise pristine black boots.
Once in, he looks around, and seeing Morgana, Medusa, and two other faces not as familiar to him, Silas confidently walks closer, slowing as he sees Morgana unclasp her cloak. There's talk of music that he barely overhears, so his pace slows, the smile quick across his face, "Good afternoon, all…"

Anthony suggests, "God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen?" He reaches for a butterbeer, "Well, you do seem awfully good at everything else that you try, so I don't imagine that the violin would be any different, would it?"

Seeing Silas enter, Morgana gives him a smile and nods her head. "You're just in time, my brother and I were just about to play for everyone. You can steal my chair if you'd like." Hearing the praise from Tony, she'll raise her brow. "Has Medusa been bribing you to compliment me?" Leaning over she'll take out her polished black violin and wipe a few nonexistent fingerprints off of it.
Eduard does the same, though he does give Silas a once over. "Another suitor sister? How many boys have you bewitched this year?" That comment only earns him a glare and a swat from the dark haired girl. Looking to Tony he'll nod. "That sounds like something we can do. I have heard the tune and I am sure Anya can follow along."

It's with a faintly…disgruntled air that Jenny enters the Three Broomsticks, though it's quiet rather than distracting. It's simply in the thin purse of her lips and the long pointed strides. The clutch of her hand against the shopping bag in white knuckled annoyance while those determined steps seem to carry her towards the bar.
Whatever experiment she might have made in fashion the night prior, it's gone today. A return to the ever typical comfortable trousers and the button down vests she favors. Her coat draped over her arm rather than worn, which suggested perhaps it'd been a short walk from where ever she'd come from.
The collection of students are noticed though and the sight of on in particular slows her steps. Yet she catches the invitation too and offers Silas a smile, warm as usual and equally accepting, for all that she continues on towards the bar.

"Silas!" Medusa seems inordinately pleased to see the sixth year. "Yes, do take Morgana's seat and here," she holds a fresh warm, because it is winter, butterbeer up to him. "Have a drink too." Her head tilts in a nod flicked towards Anthony, "You must know Tony Rowle of Ravenclaw. He's in your year." And completing the introduction she offers, "And Tony this is Silas Meliflua, one of the most interesting friends you'll ever make." Seated as she is with people around her she doesn't catch sight of Jenny just yet.

Anthony takes another sip of butterbeer, and indicates the newcomers to the spare pints on the table. He raises a hand in greeting to the other 6th year.

"Suitor? No," Silas offers in response to Morgana's… brother's?… question. "I'm afraid she altogether missed that particular ship." A sly grin and a wink is offered to Morgana then, even as he watches the two get up to begin their performance. As he slides into the vacated seats at the invite, he does catch sight of Jenny coming through the door, and his eyes light up, just a bit… it couldn't be more obvious where the ship went instead in that moment.
However, there are forms to adhere to, and although he notices Jenny's demeanor, he pays attention to his hosts, taking the mug of butterbeer with a nod of thanks. A look goes to Medusa, "It's been far too long, Medusa… our schedules simply haven't given me the opportunity to say hello. My apologies for being so inattentive." He then looks to Anthony, "Yes.. I recall you now. I think we had a potions class together a few years back, right?"

Eduard raises his brow at Silas, and watches as the boy's eyes light up for some other girl. Leaning over, he'll murmur something toward Morgana that sounds vaguely Italian before he dodges yet another arm slap from her. Morgana however turns to her friends and shakes her head. "Forgive him, he's Russian." As if that is supposed to explain everything. Backing away from the table, the pair will take up their violins and start on a slow melodic festive tune. It is obvious that they both have talent, but Eduard is the stronger player.

Anthony tilts his head to one side, rapt in musical appreciation. Yep. That's why he's watching, spellbound.

"Nonsense Silas. I am not so egotistical that I require people to dance to my tune," declares Medusa. "Even so there is something I would speak to you about later." Later because the music is starting. She sip her butterbeer only to send a glare at a boy who comes too close to the musicians with his wobbly walk for her to be comfortable. The slightly inebriated sixth year is pulled back by his friends who earn themselves a sweet smile from the kinder part of Medusa's disposition. "I feel as if we should have a quick whip round. Alas I have no hat."

It was a fleeting thing, the glimmer of the smile before Genevieve settled rather firmly in on a stool at the counter; her back to the group for all that the music reached her ears and courted with it an ease of the tension in her shoulders. Silent praise offered as well, perhaps in the fact that after her order had been rather quietly placed, she swayed ever so faintly to the melody as she waited for her drink.

Silas does offer a chuckle at the subtle antics between Eduard and Morgana, clearly siblings by the byplay. His gaze goes back to Medusa, "I am at your disposal, of course. Just let me know when," is offered back.
As Jenny sits away from the group, he frowns for a moment. He knows there is little love lost between her and Medusa, or at least he has gathered as much, however… he hopes he at least has some pull to bridge the gap. "I hope you don't mind if I invite Genevieve to join us," is offered in a voice low enough for conversation, but hopefully loud enough for the focus of it to hear.
And then the music starts. His head tilts to the side, enjoying it.

Anthony remains silent, just listening. His head tilts, a contemplative look on his face. Because, well, pretty music.

As Silas speaks Medusa leans in towards the table and him, lowering her voice so as not to interrupt the playing. "I have nothing against Solomon, Silas. I hardly know the girl. She's the one who seems to think she knows me. By all means, invite her over." Her head turns and the pale blonde catches sight of the look on Anthony's face. Quietly her chair shifts closer and bowing her head she whispers to the Ravenclaw.

The dark haired duo play well together, picking up on the others subtle changes in the music. They are able to bleed one song into another, keeping the theme of 'festive songs', even if they have a bit of a gypsy flair to them. Morgana actually has a rare smile on her face as she plays.

Anthony starts at the whisper. Whatever it was seemed to have shocked or surprised the man. Unless Medusa just shoved her tongue in his ear, of course, rather than talking. He gives a slightly distracted nod, and goes back to his reverie, watching and listening to the music, with occasional sips of butterbeer.

"Thank you," Jenny replies to the tender, paying for her order and cradling the tall mug between long fingers. But it's the music that's created by the pair that seems to draw her. Oh it makes anything at all hard to overhead with the music, so she doesn't quite pick up on any mention but from the look on her face as she watches Morgana and her company, something else has settled in her head. So she waits, until there's a lull in the melody that pitching her voice to carry won't completely ruin.
"Would you be interested in playing in a talent showcase, Rashley? Sykes and I were talking about setting one up at the school and you play beautifully!"

Nodding at Medusa's response, Silas offers quite the smile. "I understand. I simply didn't wish to presume." Then, with a look up, he actually moves to wave at Jenny to get her attention, but pauses as she seeks Morgana's attention.
Hand back down, it can wait.

With a quiet chuckle Medusa rests her hand on Anthony's shoulder, trying to get him to calm down some. She watches the interaction between the others and sips her butterbeer, unashamedly giving Eduard quite more than a fair share of her attention.

Once the second song ends, Morgana looks to Jenny as she is addresses her. "Ehm, sure? I suppose that depends on when it is, and if I have the time to practice for it. Besides, he's the talent, I'm just the background." She'll say with a smirk as she sets her violin back down in its case.
Eduard catches the time as he puts his instrument away, and frowns at his sister. "I believe it is time for me to leave, my Train should be soon and I believe I have overstayed my welcome here in Hogsmeade. It was a pleasure meeting all of you." Morgana is obviously sad that he has to go, but gathers her things to follow him.

Anthony says quietly, "Maybe you'll play another time in the common room instead?"

Getting to her feet, Medusa helps them gather their things and even goes so far as to walk to the door with Morgana and Eduard, if nothing else just because it means she can kiss his cheek and annoy her friend a little bit more. Medusa is still chuckling to herself when she reclaims her seat. "They were good weren't they?"

"Likely after the holidays," Jenny ventures with a smile for the Head Girl and a little bow of her head. "Thank you for letting me enjoy the show," offered, as she settles back around with her drink. The sigh is a comfortable one, pleasant and like as not in part, for what was in the glass.

Anthony gives Medusa a nod, "I thought they would be. I mean, some people don't do _anything_ they're not good at. It appears I can assess people, at least!"

As Medusa rises, Silas watches all the interaction between the others, but once the two have left, he makes one final attempt. "They were, but pardon me." He stands then, leaving the table for a moment to walk over to Jenny, leaning up against the counter near her. "Hey… been trying to get your attention." The smile says he's completely clueless about the potential landmine he's about to step on. "Would love for you to join us…" A beat, "If you'd like."

Medusa grins at Anthony, "I told you earlier there are many good things about you." She sips her butterbeer and over the rim of the cup watches Silas attempt to coerce Jenny again.

Eyes closed, fingers coiled around the warm but bitter brew, the chaser doesn't register Sy's presence until he's all but already there. Her grip on the cup becomes a protective coil then, tucked in a little closer to ensure it's safety. "Sorry. I've had a lot on my mind and it's been the kind of morning that makes me want to bash someone's head against a wall. Which like as not, makes me less than pleasant company. But fine. For a little while." Brief. "Oh and at some point today, if it's alright, though I realize the request is about to sound a little off, could I borrow your wand for say..a half hour?"

Anthony gives Medusa a faint smile, and a hint of a nod.

Silas offers Jenny the slights of smiles, and motions her over toward the table, offering her a seat before he retakes his own. The question about the wand gets a raised brow, but a nod. He trusts her well enough. As the two sit, he offers Medusa a flat grin, "So what /have/ I missed in this whispering between you two?" This explained via a look between her an Anthony.

Anthony gives a totally unconvincing smile, and explanation, as he flushes a bit, "Uh, Medusa didn't want… to interrupt. The music. She didn't want to interrupt the music." He coughs, clearing his throat, clearly onto his theme, "Because the music was beautiful, and she didn't want to interrupt it. So she thought she'd tell me how nice she thought it was, quietly. In my ear. Quietly. Right!"

When Silas returns alone Medusa raises a brow, "Is she alright?" Jenny gets a look of concern, but Medusa isn't worried enough to get to her feet. When Anthony tries to explain things she nods in agreement. "I didn't want to interrupt things. Morgana doesn't get to see her brother often, let alone play music with him."

Jenny had joined him, his easy acceptance even with her promise of not being the greatest of company had the girl rising to her feet and trailing in his wake. The lingering frustration of the day hadn't left her, but the boy's presence courts her smile and her hand eases out beneath the edge of the table to brush up against his own in a quiet search for his fingers. "They were very talented. I'd love to hear her play again. It's like Sykes on the piano, almost. She's so talented. I wish she'd join in the showcase but, she's declined."

The hand offered is readily taken, Silas nodding slightly at Medusa as she offers a similar explanation as Anthony gives, without the stammering. He grins at the two, "It was quite good. It's always refreshing to discover the talents of others. I'm rather sad I never knew about that side of her before."
Then a long look is given to Anthony, "You… really should look into getting help dissembling."

Anthony is seated in the same place with Medusa, and Sykes, and Genny is just in the process of joining them. There's a stack of Butterbeers at the table before them. Tony spots the door movement, "Uh…. is that the snowballer again?" Yep. Totally and utterly a change of subject. Yep. No dissembling aid required _here_!

"Snowballer?" Medusa leans forward in her chair and then sits back again. "No. I know who through it, Tony and later he will get it from me and not in the way he will be hoping." She drums her fingers idly on the edge of the table. "Sykes, which Sykes? Oh never mind, you meant Ria. I was only half listening sorry. Well Ria is particular about what she does and with whom. It can't get back to daddy after all."

Anthony ahs, "Yes, yes, sorry. So, that was a friend, was it? I mean, someone would have to know you quite well…"

Is that a look of confusion Silas is giving Medusa? Perhaps. Perhaps. He shakes his head, "Plenty believe the idea to be a good one… sadly, very few seem to be willing to actually showcase their talents, from what I've seen." Himself included, but that likely due more to the fact that he hadn't been asked.
Somewhere, somehow, the sound of birdsong announces the top of the hour, which causes Jenny's eyes to go wide for a moment. With a bit of a grimace, she releases Silas' hand, and actually reaches over with some level of familiarity to take his wand out of its sheathe at his side, "I've got to run… just for a little bit. Will be back quickly, promise." Not much for words right now, but then again she's having an off day.
Silas sighs, nodding as she goes to leave, a few quiet words passed between them before she escapes through the front door. A sigh, and he looks back to Medusa and Anthony once Jenny is gone. "Or be altogether completely unaware of the wasp's nest he'd fallen in to. Just remember, Medusa… there are only so many places on the grounds to effectively hide a body."

Anthony frowns, "Would you care to elaborate?"

Silas made his comment as Medusa was taking a drink and she nearly ends up snorting butterbeer out her nose. Thankfully she catches herself in time. "Ah no," she coughs. "I won't be killing him, there's no worry about that. I like him too much for that." She wipes her mouth with her hand. "You and Solomon? Interesting combination the pair of you. I hope that she treats you well Silas." Her head turns and she catches sight of something out the window before looking back at them.

Silas turns his gaze to Anthony for a moment, brow arching again as he considers a response, "Elaborate on what, to be precise?" Then he's back to Medusa, nodding, "It wasn't an expected connection, to be certain… but there's a wealth of strength there, when she allows it to show. And that has its attractions." He sighs, looking after where she recently left, "And she does, actually."

Anthony quotes, rather accurately, almost to the tone, "there are only so many places on the grounds to effectively hide a body." There's a pause, "What's _that_ supposed to mean, if I can ask?"

"He means to warn me not to kill Douglas at the castle," Medusa explains to Anthony. "But seeing as how I am fairly certain that it was him who threw it he's safe…of a sorts. I'll just find a way to shove a snowball down the front of his trousers." She purses her lips, trying to think of a way to do it. "Somehow."

For a moment, Silas turns to Anthony, and Medusa gets to see for the first time a little flash of the coiled snake in him. "As she said, it was an allusion to murder, a concept at this point so ridiculous, even if the target weren't Douglas, that I took it a step further, and suggested she might try to hide the evidence. It's called sarcasm. A joke. If you'd like, I could find the specific definition for you once we return to school. Hopefully then we can put this weighty topic to rest."
Then he turns his eyes back to Medusa, the instinct to roll his eyes barely kept back, "So, the fool of a boy actually assaulted you, with a snowball? He'll be lucky if all he gets is frostbite on his nethers, then."

Anthony ahs, "Actually, I thought you were talking about me…. that it was a threat from you to me, rather than from her to him. That makes a lot more sense. Sorry!"

Medusa pats Anthony's arm. "It's easy to get lost in Slytherin machinations. But don't worry Tony, I will protect you. So too will Alphard by virtue of your link to Andromena I'm sure." She looks at Silas. "How are your own plans going for gathering people to your side, Silas?"

Silas accepts Anthony's apology with a nod, "I assure you, were I to threaten you, I would not dissemble. I would be out front with it. I… despise deception of that sort." He then looks back to Medusa, "The campaign goes well… I already have a veritable army of first-years beholden to me… although that is far more fun than I should readily admit. The dears are quite taken by having the attention of an older student. Then there's apparently a group of third year Huffles that… well… I'd suggest the interest is almost frightening. But beyond that, I'm working to gather alliances in those of years close to me. It's gone well."
He chuckles, "I've even gone so far as to reach out to some who would otherwise be across the chasm from each other, without me as the bridge, although recently a few have… disappointed me with their altogether complete lack of ability to take their campaign against a greater opponent than them. No guile. No planning. Pure reaction… and I fear the fools will continue to try their hands against him." There should be no question which Him Silas is talking about.
His fingers steeple, "It's certainly been an informative skirmish to watch, however."

Anthony gives another little nod, "You know, you could perhaps… oh, I don't know… concentrate on an education, rather than power games? Or is that hopelessly boring of me?"

Listening carefully as Silas lays out his progress to date Medusa finds herself nodding. "Good. A change is needed for next year." She taps a short nail against the edge of her cup. "But don't focus everything on him. He's easy enough to manage if you have the right key." Her head turns towards Anthony and she grins, "Sorry, I imagine none of that made sense. Things in Slytherin are a bit different to other houses. Each year there is a social monarch if you will. Last year it was Leonardo Zabini, who also was the head boy. He was," she shakes her head as if still in awe, "a force to be reckoned with. I was his heir apparent." A faint jut of her chin indicates Silas. "And I have high hopes for Silas for next year." Anthony's suggestion draws a chuckle from her. "Some do focus on their lessons, but some do both. School provides you with the opportunity to network for your future. We are mingling with up and coming wizengamot, ministers and our children's teachers."

Once again there's the draft that comes with the opening of the door and Genevieve returns. While the somewhat discontent state has not eased completely, it has at least lessened. At the moment, she looks pleased with herself. Mischievous without malice.
This time there's no hesitation as she crosses the floor; those long strides eating up the distance as she reclaims her seat with a smile of apology for the hasty departure prior. Yet, as she settles, Sy's wand is returned in the same careful ease with which it'd been borrowed; not a smidge of varnish out of place and Jenny's coinpurse considerably lighter.
"Sorry about that. Busy season and other such excuses." And with a polite smile, the girl reclaimed her own doctored drink and took a long swallow.

The last bit is actually a surprise to Silas, although learning that she sees him with such regard does soften Silas' smile a bit. He responds, "He will be what he chooses to be… and I've no worries or wishes to adjust him… aside from being seen at least with some positivity. It's more your recently discarded pawn, and those associates who circled around that whole disaster, that I worry about. Fools, many of them… but still potentially good people who are self-destructing. And a few of which I'm even a bit fond of."
A look goes back to Anthony, "Learning and scholarship is only partly associated with classrooms and books. There is also the rest of life, and society, to navigate. To eschew one for the other is to court disaster."
And then Jenny returns. His smile widens, even as he looks at the wand as she replaces it… a ghost of playful concern washing over his face. "If that explodes the next time I'm in Transfigurations class," he offers with a sly grin. A sniff at the drink, and a slight tweaking of the nose, but he had promised… and so says nothing. Instead, he attempts to reclaim her hand.

Anthony gives a little shrug, "Well, maybe." He reaches for his butterbeer. Takes a sip. Then explains, "Not very good at that sort of thing. Books are easier, really. And magic. Also easier. Although I wish there were more Ancient Runes around to find and study!"

Medusa grins at Anthony, "Books aren't my thing." But they've already discussed that today. She nods politely to Jenny and then takes in a deep breath, exhaling with a sigh. "There is more to what happened with Esther which I cannot say. Be careful there Silas. I am not certain of her mental stability. Everything with her has to be so intense like the flash of a flame."

Anthony drains his butterbeer, and sighs, "Right. Mopsus still to buy for. And anything else that looks really nice. If anything seems to fit."

Lacing her fingers with Sy's, Jenny settles in comfortably at his side; her chair adjusted enough so that she's room at the table to cross her legs without bumping it and if by chance it brings their shoulders flush then it's just a happy coincidence. "Then it will be because you've done something wrong," Jenny teases Sy with a little grin. "I promise you, I was far more careful with it than I've ever been my own." A wink at that, the glimmer of her tongue poking out in response to his nose wrinkling and then the dip of her head in his direction. A few quiet words.
But then the conversation has a name, "She's an interesting creature," Jenny offers quietly of Lowe. "But you're right in that she views everything with an almost black and white intensity. I don't think she's beyond a subtle hand though."

Silas first looks to Anthony with confusion, "I've never known a Ravenclaw to seek the easier road… but you keep at what works for you." Dismissal, then, as he looks back at Medusa, "She is… oddly tragic. I'd no idea initially of her flair for the dramatic, although your suggestion makes sense. However, I can't dismiss an ally. And I won't. But I will exercise caution, as you say."
He looks to Jenny, grins, and takes a sip of his own butterbeer, sadly given only a little attention itself. The drink set down, he pats his wand protectively, "Good… and thank you then." He'd inquire why she needed it later.

Anthony pauses, as he stands, eyes narrowing. Oh. A challenge. Oh my. Mr Meek and Mild Bookworm feels a bit stung there, perhaps. Then he nods to Silas, gives a mock salute to Medusa, "Look forward to playing you another time." And Gwen gets a slight smile.

When Anthony makes to leave Medusa says to him, "Me too. I'll put in a good word for you." She smirks then and turns her attention to the two Slytherin. "I attempted subtle, but she isn't interested in that. Not when it comes to her cousins; either of them. Hopefully it won't errupt this year and then it will be someone else's headache."

Anthony's ears go red as he retreats in confusion.

"You're welcome," Jenny assures, before blinking and seems to remember, "Before I forget, Crabbe has invited us to join she and Goyle and my cousin Slughorn in the Pyrenees for a few days at AJ's lodge, if you feel like going. There's a few more little things I'm supposed to convey but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was at the moment." Which brought the faintest wrinkle of her nose. It'd come.
"Mmm, yes. One in particular is easy to provoke her with. It's what I used to draw her out of her state of self pity the other day. She's charming in the way that dangerous pets are charming." Properly leashed and aimed in the right direction.

"Stoppi- no, it's too cold out, you can't- oh, -fine-, you stubborn little git, I'm going, I'm going." The door swings open, admitting Variel's voice before his person. As the ginger ducks into the room, he pulls down his hood and performs the awkward task of scooping something from inside it, looking around for the warmest place to sit. "I know you missed me, you daft twit, but it's -too cold- outside for you to just stick your face about however you like." The narrow green head of a snake pokes between bare fingers, tongue flicking as it tastes the air of the pub.

Silas nods at Medusa, his lips pursing just a bit, "I don't know that subtle would work with someone who takes things to the extreme, sadly." He sighs, "I heard about the public explosion. It is rather difficult to get into her head at times."
The pub was, at least at this moment, relatively unpopulated, only a few groups gathered together at their own tables. Jenny, Silas, and Medusa share a table near the back. Anthony just left. It looks as if their subject of conversation is dreadfully serious, though, as the smiles are half there, at best.
Silas turns his head toward Jenny, Squeezing her hand lightly. "You may be our best point of ingress, then, if you could get her out of at least that. Esther needs to learn some control… or she's not going to make it to graduation, much less past it, without an expulsion."

Medusa drapes an arm over the back of her chair as she regards the cosy couple seated on the other side of the table. "I don't expect that she wants to last beyond the end of this year. She no doubt has some romantic fantasy about running away from her overbearing mother and living in a quaint cottage hidden in the Forest of Dean or some such nonsense." Taking another butterbeer for herself, seeing as how Anthony bought too many, she sips from it then adds, "When not plotting how to use magic or potions to kill her cousin that is. But enough of Esther Lowe. I washed my hands of her when I learned how she abused my protection in order to break serious rules. I do hope you are bringing Silas to Alphard's party, Jenny."

You know that thing when someone tells you not to go somewhere, and yet you do? That would be the situation with Lucretia. She'd been told not to go wandering off to the Three Broomsticks without a proper escort, but had she waited? No. To boring that. And so it is that the short, third-year Hogwart's student by the name of Black pushes her way into the pub. Oh look. There's Medusa. And where Medusa is, likely Douglas also is. That he's not immediately obvious seems not to phase the girl and she heads towards the table that the Queen of Slytherin occupies. Its rather a risque move, and she might well get the stink eye, squished, or otherwise publicly humiliated, but hey — you only live once. Folding her hands behind her back, she halts near Medusa's table. "Hello." Just the one word. She waits.
Lucretia gives you a cookie.

Well, this is decidedly more imposing than a candy store. Edgar straightens his tie, adjusts his robe and walks in, hurriedly. He looks around, sidesteps an elderly fellow who has a mug of ale in hand. After a moment, he decides to go over to the counter and buy something to drink. Warm enough to stave off the oppressive cold outside.

Sweeping into the pub, Peyton lowers the hood of her cloak and luxuriates in the comparative warmth - a warmth that doesn't last long, as the door opens behind her to admit a slew of new arrivals who bring their own drafts of cold air along. Rude. Heading for the bar, she lifts a finger to the barkeep, signaling for a drink - butterbeer, what else. Not bothering to take a seat just yet, she turns to look about for familiar and interesting faces in the pub; the former not always indicative of the latter.

"Malfoy is right," Jenny agrees, nodding her head to the older girl's assessment of Esther. "Though I know nothing of cottages. But obsession, a willing ear…those I know. Aside from how to take a hit from a bludger that ought to send me spiraling from my broom," a measure of levity in that then, though she'd flicked a curious glance towards Silas at one point, it wasn't a look that remained.
"He has been kind enough to agree to accompany me, yes." And that admission came with a crooked grin. "Now I just have to conspire to get him to Goyle's birthday party." Mention of which brought a glance sidelong to Sy. It was that look then, that caught sight of the approaching Lucretia and beyond her, Variel's entrance, at whom she gave a little upnod and from there, a wave that leveled a more familiar greeting towards Carrow and Crabbe.

Marcus enters the pub, stopping by the entrance to take a look at who all might be inside. He stretches, yawns and then continues further in. Hazel eyes settle on the bar and the stools there, and that's where he goes. Jenny and Silas at their table, get a small wave in their direction, but otherwise, the bar it is for the Fifth Year Goyle.
He walks by Variel, having his little one sided conversation and appears curious, but then shrugs as he continues. He slows down as he realizes that not long before him, Peyton came in. "Hey you," he offers to the girl as he sits down next to her.

Variel tries a few times to verbally or manually return Medusa's greeting, but finds himself repeatedly jostled and forced to shift position and hands to accommodate the snake as it tries to get a better perch while he tries to keep it from getting smooshed. Finally, he abandons his spot near the door and darts past the other warmth-seekers to stand a bit behind Lucretia, clearly nearer merely from convenience rather than intent to join the table or conversation. " 'ey, folks," is his cheerful greeting, still occupied with trying to convince the viridian viper to settle around his wrist or something managable, now that he's escaped the influx of patrons.

"Lucretia!" Medusa pats the chair Anthony so recently vacated, indicating for the girl to sit with her. "You two know Lucretia Black, yes? She is Douglas' cousin and of course Walburga and Alphard's as well." Everybody is cousins it seems. Valriel and his red hair get a look in, but seeing he's not the Weasley she knows Medusa merely smirks his way. The Slytherin Queen glances over a few others from her house, nodding but not really attempting to draw any attention.

The subject of Esther is dismissed, and Silas is dutiful enough not to press the point, although he catches Jenny's odd look, and returns it with one of his own. Clearly, something to look in to later.
"The party?" He asks, nodding, "Indeed I do plan to go. I assume it will be quite fun, actually."
Then… people. Lots of people. A slight frown crosses his face before he sees a few familiar, and thankfully friendly, faces. A nod goes specifically to Crabbe and Goyle. And wait, another party? He looks back at Jenny, "I'm sure we can go to that… And didn't you mention something in the mountains earlier?" There's been much to keep track of.
At Medusa's introduction of Lucretia, he nods. Just that. Last he saw her, she was trading barbs with Jenny.

"Crabbe, Goyle," Edgar greets the fellow new arrivals since, hey, they're nearest. Jenny receives a greeting, too, consisting of what could've been a wave, and instead turns out to be a nod. When Medusa looks in his direction he also returns her nod before his attention goes to the Fifther duo, one of whom is, actually, his cousin. Pure-bloods and their funny, redundant family trees. "How are things?" And it appears that his drink du jour is… mead.

Lu slips into the vacant seat alongside Medusa, offering the seventh year a quick smile before hands are folded neat in her lap. "Thank you," she nods to Medusa, a little overawed at being invited to sit, whilst a quiet hello is given to both Silas and Jenny, and — unusually for her — she's rather quiet. A mug of hot chocolate gets placed before her, perhaps something she'd ordered on her first entering, and she wraps her hands around it, taking a slow sip whilst watching those at the table, and presumably everyone else too.

Variel finally manages to wrangle his snake onto his wrist, and turn his attention towards the other students. "Sorry, I've tried teaching Clever it's just not proper to wriggle when meeting new folks, it ruins the hellos. Speakin' of which," he continues, reaching up to prod the adventurous snake in an attempt to dissuade table-ward stretchings, "Malfoy, Goyle, Meliflua, Solomon, Black- Clever wants to say hi. Anyone mind if I- DO stop, I'm asking!-" comes a mild rebuke as the little brat of a serpent keeps trying for the tabletop, "-if I let him on the table a bit?"

Peyton wiggles her fingers in greeting toward Jenny-n-Silas, and Medusa as well, since the three are neatly tucked into a booth together. "Hey yourself," she tells Marcus, and since he sits nearby she follows suit, taking the bar stool beside him and tossing her cloak over the one on her other side lest anyone have the nerve to sit too close. A girl needs her space. "Have you seen AJ? I read her leaves and she up and disappeared, I didn't even see her leave for Hogsmeade. We need to figure out what we're telling my parents about the mountains," she says vaguely, idly stirring the foam of her drink with a finger. "Carrow," she greets the lanky Sixth-year when he arrives. "Things are well enough," she says with a polite smile for her companion's cousin.

"Hey Crow," Marcus upnods in Edgar's direction at his greeting, apparently having a nickname for his cousin. The Goyle Fifth Year takes a butterbeer from the barkeep and flashes a grin to Edgar. "Things are good, I think," he shrugs. "What about you? What are you up to?" Glancing at Peyton, he shakes his head. "Nope, not since you did her leaves," he looks curious. "Tell them you're staying with Slughorn?" Hearing his family name he looks up from his stool at the bar and smirks, before his attention returns to Peyton and Edgar.

"I did," mention something about mountians. "But it's just an idea, the offer was made. I wouldn't be fair if I didn't convey it along to you." Taking another sip of her irish coffee. Jenny's hand squeezes Sy's though and while she offers a nod of acknowledgment to the little Black girl, But her attention is sliding away by degree, towards Crabbe and Goyle and Carrow.
"Did you finish getting your shopping done?" The question's cast towards Peyton as she angles to better view the pair, while already contemplating the move from table to bar.
"Allo Weasley," he's there after all and her attention rises up as the tall ginger nears. "I'd probably not let him down, if I were you. Too many children and too many moving pieces. What happens if he gets cold?"

Medusa eyes Variel oddly until she realizes what exactly he is speaking to. "Weasley, let me see." Smirking she declares, "I've got quite the reputation as a snake charmer this year," undoubtedly this earns her a few snickers from some of the other older students dotted about the pub. As ever with Medusa when she feels comfortable she voices her thoughts, however randome. "You two…Jenlas or Silnny?" Her brows lift. "Or Silaveive?" A little look to Lucretia and she tells them, "Alphard hates it when I link his name to Andromena's like that. Alphmena. Use it to annoy him."

Lucretia lowers her head, takes a sip of her hot chocolate and ties hard, so very hard, not to giggle. "Maybe I shall call him that when next I see him. That, or Andro-hard. That's quite funny too." Relaxing a little, the young Black girl unwraps her scarf from around her neck, dark hair falling in thick waves behind her back as she finally tugs it free and sets it to one side. For the most part, she'll remain silent now since Medusa is holding court with others; the observant would note however the slightly supercilliant smile that just edges her expression when she notes one of her own peers shooting jealous looks her way.

"Oh, he'd manage. We'd lose sight of him for a moment, then find him acting like a cocoa cozy. Cups are plenty warm for his tastes. Kids, though… that's a fair point. The ones that wouldn't scare would want to grab," Variel admits to Jenny with a nod. The point is rendered moot by Medusa's offer, and he brings his hand over towards Malfoy as she ponders ways to play with her friend's names. "Sure, go for it- just watch out, he's too adventurous for his own good."

"Crow," Edgar echoes, as if testing the name for a moment. He flashes a bright grin at Marcus for that. "I think I like that. Given me some ideas too." He sips from his mead. "So far so good. Was practicing for the club, earlier. Was thinking about branching into transfiguration as an alternative to Charms in Dueling. You know, the mostly harmless and hopefully not permanent hexes." He pauses when the two converse about figuring out an excuse to their French mountains trip before mentioning, "I haven't seen Slughorn, either. Was hoping I would since we take the same electives." Granted, he might be a year ahead, but still.

"I stayed with AJ last Christmas," Peyton reminds Marcus. "But I guess it's an idea. You'll be sixteen; I think I might hate you a bit," she says with a smile that belies her words. Somewhat. Jenny's words catch her attention then, and she looks from her to Silas. "She better have conveyed it along," she tells him with a faux-threatening look at his booth-mate. "Four days of skiing, cocoa, and hiding the Slughorn booze stash from Jenny if we can help it - let me know if you guys are interested, so far there's only three of us going so there's plenty of room." She points at Marcus suddenly, thankfully not with the finger covered in butterbeer foam. "Your party." She looks back to Jenny. "We've got a party to plan - I didn't forget; did you?"

Medusa rather likes some animals. She can frequently be seen with an owl perched on a shoulder or even at times her head if she has one a hat, but snakes she doesn't get to see often. "I promise to be kind to your pet, Weasley," she informs Variel as she takes hold of the snake, letting it wrap around her wrist. "If he goes where he shouldn't then I'll simply fish him out." She grows quiet, amused by the snake as it slithers along her jumper covered arm. Leaning over, Medusa offers Lucretia the chance to stroke the snake. "What is his name, Weasley?"

A return greeting is offered to Peyton and Marcus, before Silas returns his attention to those at hand. A pained look, clearly over-emphasized, is given to Medusa, "Must you?" He does laugh shortly thereafter. The look then goes to Jenny, "I'll have to think on it… but I don't think either should cause too much issue. It'll mostly just be a matter of timing." And then Peyton is talking about it.
Shaking his head, Silas stands, "I hate to leave of a sudden, but to be honest I did have a few more things I needed to do before heading back to the grounds today." A look at Jenny, "If you'd like to come along?"
A look then goes back to Medusa, "And I promise, we'll talk soon. It sounds as if we have much to discuss." Interesting, that.

"Devious ideas, I hope," Marcus grins at Edgar. "Harmless hexes? Why. Go big or go home I say." It's unclear if he's being serious or not, but the grin is still plastered on his face. He drinks from his butterbeer as he turns to Peyton, shrugging. "So, stay with her again. Or do you think your parents won't want you to?" Something akin to a smile shows as Peyton tells him that she'll hate him a bit, but it seems to be more a reaction to her own smile than the actual words being spoken. "Meh, you'll be turning sixteen yourself in a month or two. I guess you can hate me until then," he teases and blinks as he finds a finger pointing at him, and he looking between Peyton and Jenny.

"Clever," comes Variel's answer to Medusa wondering over the snake's name. "Too smart to call him anything else- he managed to get out of his box and my room enough times that Da threatened to Charm a miniature ball and chain just to keep him from turning up in the pantry." Variel speaks with the exasperated pride of a parent when he talks about the snake.

Lucretia traces one finger along the length of the snake as it coils around the Gorgon's arm. Eyes wide, she simply watches as it winds up her arm and across the angle of the seventh-year's shoulder. From there, it might go simply anywhere. There's a definite glance to the older Slytherin girl's face, before she turns to look at Variel. "Is Clever your pet, like Gaston is mine? I don't think I've met anyone with a snake for a pet before. Does it eat mice?"

"We should be there," Jenny offers to Peyton, "Nor have I forgotten the party for my best mate. Tomorrow we'll see about getting together for the planning and the…," at that the girl draws herself up short, not saying anything further and instead flashing a grin towards Marcus as if to say that she's not going to say anything further since he's there and more, listening. Instead she winks at the pair and let's her attention slide back up to Silas as he rises; still holding onto her hand.
"I would like to, yes." The agreement's an easy one as the chaser pushes up to her feet. "Malfoy, Weasley." The gang at the bar got another wave. Prepared to let Silas guide them out.

Silas is given a nod, indicating Medusa heard him even if she doesn't look up. "My owl eats mice and well just about anything I feed her." She glances up then hearing Jenny is leaving too and flashes her a grin then reaches up to move Clever the snake onto her other arm rather than let him burrow under her jumper. She gets enough snakey hands going there to not need an actual snake doing it thank you.

"Suspicious, you're both suddenly suspicious," Peyton informs Jenny and Marcus both when the former stops herself short before saying whatever was coming next. "But good, it'll be fun and I'm much better at skiing than Quidditch." She wiggles her fingers at Silas and Jenny as they leave, then tells Edgar, "Don't listen to him. A harmless hex is a far better option than anything 'big' or you certainly will be going home - fully expelled," she adds a bit dryly.

That done, Silas looks around the rest of the room, as he slips some gloves on. "Good evening all, it was a pleasure." He offers Jenny his arm, and heads toward the door. No need to extended goodbyes here, it seems.

"Sometimes an enemy defeated is an enemy humiliated," Edgar replies to Marcus, with a shrug. He nods affirmatively to Peyton, "Although, considering how transfiguration works, I am fairly sure that a harmless spell might turn out to be pretty damaging in some ways. Like causing someone to spontaneously sprout feathers… I think." He frowns. "I'll consider whether it's a good choice."

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