(1938-12-14) You're Alive!
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Summary: Ceridwyn meets Zack and Tristan at the Leaky Cauldron. However, Tristan reacts to the recognition of Zack. Still alive Zack tells of his unfortunate circumstance that led to Tristan thinking Zack was dead. They all get to know each other.
Date: December 14, 1938
Location: The Leaky Cauldron

A long day at St. Mungos and her husband still on shift. She decides to wait for him here at the Leaky Cauldron. A drink or two and maybe something warm to eat. Warm would be nice this time of year. She drags herself over to the bar to order a mug of hot cider and a bowl of fish stew. Plus some bread and butter to start her off.

Not many patrons are around at this time. Only a few scattered while a waitress cleans up in other areas with a few flicks of her wrist to have the chairs lift up as a broom sweeps. Things are coordinated for the cleaning before she brings food to Ceridwyn.

Zack enters the Leaky Cauldron from Diagon Alley. Though he's still a rather young man, he looks especially careworn and troubled tonight. His robes are damp and there's snow on his shoulders and hair. He leaves some behind on the floor as he walks up to the bar, though he doesn't realize it. Taking a seat not far from Ceridwyn, he seems to notice the snow for the first time and gives himself a shake, depositing a significant amount on the bar itself.

The little shake from her nearby fellow patron has Ceridwyn look up. She gives a little chuckle. "I like it when I just get a spatter of snow on me. Like it is dusting me with its beauty. I just hate it when it melts and seeps into my clothing." Then a few spoonfull sips of her soup before she drinks a bit of her cider.

A tall man enters, supported by his cane. Tristan Urquart moves into the Leaky Cauldron, slowly, and looking cold and wet. He takes a seat not far from the others, and immediately pulls his wand out and waves it in a complicated motion. Hot-Air comes out, and Tristan seems relieved as he feels the warmth.
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Zack looks up at the sound of someone speaking and blinks at Ceridwyn. Where did she come from? "Oh," he says, surveying the snow he's scattered all over the counter. His brow furrows, and he doesn't seem as if he knows what he's supposed to do. He settles on saying, "Um, sorry about that." He peers at Tristan when he arrives and then stares as the other man uses his wand to warm himself. "Right," he mutters. "Good idea." Pulling out his own wand, he points it at the snow on the table and makes it disappear. Then he shivers.

Ceridwyn shakes her head, "No need to be sorry at all, sir. I love the snow when it is falling. Or when you hear it crunch underfoot." She looks over to the tall man, up and up from her height of 5'4". "That is definitely a very good way to keep warm in this weather." She gives them both a smile but her food isn't forgotten as she places her left hand on the bowl's side while sipping sipping the broth from the spoon. A few bites of the stew now and she gives them both her attention. She is rather hungry.

Tristan smiles as he sees the man follow suit, and as he sees him shiver, he takes his wand into his hand once more. " May I?" He asks, " I'm quite proficient in these kinds of charms." He says with a smile, as he orders some mulled wine. " It sure is faster than a fire, M'am." He responds.

Zack gives Tristan a rather blank look. "May you what?" he asks distractedly before he spots the other man's wand. "Oh, er, thanks, but I can manage." He raises his own wand again, performs the same complicated motion Tristan had just done and hot air comes out of it as well. "Oh, yes," he says to Ceridwyn. "I like the snow too. Well, I used to anyway. But I don't like it that much at the moment." He seems to have forgotten that his wand is spewing hot air, though it's making the hair at his forehead flutter.

Ceridwyn dips her head in a nod to Tristan. "Yet, a fire is rather romantic at times. And when I visit family, I enjoy being around a fire with them. Adds to the feel of family." She grins sideways, "But you're right. Much faster to warm up that way." Then her eyes pay attention to Zack and she watches him perform the same spell as Tristan. "Why do you not like snow at this moment?" but when she sees what the hot air is doing, she begins to giggle. "Glad my son isn't here or he'd be begging me to teach him that. Well he isn't old enough for that anyways. He is getting there though."

Tristan chuckles at the man's mishap, and then chuckles some more at the lady's words. " I'm Tristan Urquart." He says, looking at the others. His mulled wine arrives, and he takes a sip of it. " Perfect for this kind of weather, really warms the insides up, meanwhile the romantic fire will only warm the outsides.

"Oh, yes," Zack mutters, glancing up at his wand. He runs the hot air over himself until he's properly dry and then puts his wand away again. "Because it's cold. And because living in it is a hassle, especially when you don't have a house. How old's your son?" He peers at Tristan when the man introduces himself. "I've heard that name before," he states. "Where have I heard it before?" He frowns, trying to remember. He seems to have forgotten to introduce himself.

"Ceridwyn Greengrass is my name." She raises her mug of cider. "I prefer cider right now. Mulled wine will be something I drink on next time." She adds, "I work at St. Mungos." mentioning this to both and to Zack's question. "He is nearly eleven years old. When people ask his age he tries so hard to convince them he is eleven then stamps his feet that he hasn't gotten his letter yet. He is charming the rest of the time when he isn't swooning over Hogwarts." chuckling. "The cold is there to remind you that in the summer you wish it were cold. Plus you just put on many layers of clothing and you'll be fine. And when you're feeling under the weather, just visit me."

Tristan looks thoughtfully at the man, " I have published a few research papers on charms, if you're into that kind of thing. I'm also on the Committee on Experimental Charms. If I knew your name, I could perhaps help… " He says with a huge smile, the man seems a tad socially awkward. " Oh I visit St. Mungo's often enough, I haven't seen you before though… Which department do you work in?"

Zack stares at Tristan. "You're on the Charms committee?" he says. "Oh, my name's Zack. Zack Fudge. I think I'm supposed to give the second name too. But just call me Zack. I met some people on the Committee, but that was five years ago." Then he looks around at Ceridwyn. "You work at St Mungo's?" he then asks. "I was just there the other day. The MLE made me go. I didn't want to, but that was the procedure. I told them I was fine, and that ought to have been enough, but they wouldn't listen until they heard it from the Healers themselves. I have a brother who's nearly eleven too. But he doesn't know I'm alive right now."

"My husband and I work in Trauma but I specialize in Bugs and Diseases while he specializes in Spell Damage." A brow lifts at them before she continues. "My husband is Jonothan Greengrass. You may have met him before. I'm quite a busy woman over there with patients and research. A good reason why I've not met either of you before." Ceridwyn's head tilts as she watches them make a connection regarding Charms.

" Nice to meet you Zack." He says with a charming smile, he can barely contain his excitement, " So it's true what they say, you're alive." He states, as he examines the man quite intently. " Oh I know your husband very well, my leg is a tad damaged." He smirks, as he points at his beautiful cane.

"I don't remember the names of the Healers I've seen," Zack says. "I've seen a lot over the years. But usually they're in Spell Damage, so one of them might have been your husband. I don't like St Mungo's though. There are too many sick people there." He gives a small start. "Oh, um, nice to meet you too, I suppose," he says to Tristan. "Of course I'm alive. I'm not a ghost, clearly. I mean I'm clearly not clear, like a ghost. I'm solid, and real. Why are you looking at me like that?"

Ceridwyn smiles widely at first but when his leg is mention, she looks at the cane. "Still on the mend or is that permanent? My husband is very good at his work and glad he can help you." Her nod goes to Tristan then to Zack, "And likely you." She bites her bottom lip before commenting. "You do not like the cold and you do not like sick people. So what do you like?" Then she can't contain herself, she laughs at the way Tristan looks over Zack quickly covering her mouth. "I suppose he has heard that you were dead?" said rhetorically. "I think you're making him very self-conscious." saying this towards Tristan.

Tristan stares at the man, " It's not everyday one sees someone one assumed dead. The committee was worried your valuable research would go missing, I'm sure they will be delighted to hear it is in safe hands." He takes a sip of his wine, " Where were you?" He looks at the lady and shrugs his shoulders, " This is permanent." He says looking at his leg.

"Oh," Zack says, nodding at Ceridwyn's words. "Yes, that makes sense. I like Charms, and Ancient Runes, and Transfiguration. Oh, and History and Arithmancy. And I like making new spells. I like that the most." He blinks at Tristan. "My research? It's still missing. Well, most of it is. When the laboratory splinched some of it landed up in Siberia with me, but I don't know where the rest is. I'm missing a lot of notes and books. The notes are impossible to replace and the books might be too, I don't know. I'll have to track them down. Oh, and I've just remembered I've left something outside. Goodbye." He stands up abruptly and walks out of the Cauldron, but he doesn't come back.

Ceridwyn frowns slightly, "Sorry to hear that it is permanent. Mind telling me the story of it?" She listens in fascination of Zack before he leaves. "Wow." is all she can say to the story of the missing research. Her eyes watch him leave, "That sounds very amazing and also somewhat tragic that the research is missing." Her brows dip down, "I wonder what he was researching on. He likes making spells so a good chance that it was something of that nature. But what was he trying to accomplish." She asks Tristan, "You like a good mystery?"

Tristan stares at the man as he abruptly leaves, " That was, odd." He says, as he puts his hand through his hair. " I love a mystery, and Zack sure is a mystery. Not many charms researchers are independent, in fact he's the only one I know of." He looks at his leg, " Oh this? I courted the wrong lady, she was quite the looker, in my defence."

Ceridwyn chuckles, "Indeed odd. However, I'm sure we will see him again." When he continues on about Zack, she nods once, "Why aren't many not independent?" She smirks, "I think everyone is a mystery just waiting to be solved. And yet even when we think we've solved the mystery there is so much more we're not seeing." She explains, "Talking with my patients gets me to philosophize a lot. Plus, diseases are mysteries too." Then there is a double blink as she looks to his leg. "You're not kidding me! Woah. What did she do to you?" Her eyes go wide with astonishment.

" Every charm needs ministry approval, so it's a lot easier to work the Ministry than work outside it, plus the money in independent charms is basically nonexistent." He looks at the lady, " Aye, it must be interesting to work in the best hospital in the wizarding world…" He takes a sip of his wine. " Oh she didn't do anything, her husband did."

Ceridwyn listens quietly taking in his words as she slowly enjoys her stew. "I wonder who his benefactor is then. Surely he has to get his money somewhere to handle the expenses of making a charm." She ohs as her face turns pale slightly, "How dreadful! And my husband helped heal your leg as much as he could?"

" As much as possible, but it will probably stay in this state for the rest of my life." He says, while ordering another wine, and chewing upon a piece of bread. " I am not quite sure about his finances, but I assume his family is quite wealthy…"

Ceridwyn is somewhat crestfallen. "I'm quite sorry about your leg. Yet, I'm glad that you've adjusted to it. I'm good at listening to people and maybe one day I could help you find the right woman, one who isn't married that you may enjoy." She changes the subject, "I enjoys Charms as well and after a long day that I've had, I could enjoy someone chattering on about Charms instead of talking about it myself."

Tristan smiles, " With these looks," He points at his face, " I don't think I'l need help." He laughs loudly, " Well Charms. There's so much to talk about where can I start?" He looks at the lady, " But I'm afraid, I will have to tell you another time. It was a pleasure meeting you." And he stands up, bows, and wanders out cane in hand.

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