(1938-12-15) An Unexcpected Present
Details for An Unexpected Present
Summary: Anthony runs into Morgana at the Three Broomsticks, and makes an unexpected request
Date: 1938-12-15
Location: The Three Broomsticks
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Anthony comes on in, carrying a large stack of parcels. Looks like someone's had a delivery arrive at the OPO. Certainly some of them don't look like Hogsmeade made. He puts the pile down carefully on a table, and goes for a drink.

Morgana is already in the pub, little just a touch forlorn because she had to bid adieu to her brother. Sitting at a near by table, she and her cat seem to be enjoying some beverages. Warm butter beer for the head girl and a saucer of cream for the cat. Yes, he is sitting like a human and drinking from the bowl like he's supposed to be there. Spotting the large parcel she'll raise her brows. "Doing a lot of catalogue ordering?"

Anthony chuckles, "Something of the sort, yes." He clears his throat, picks up something from the pile, and shoves it towards her, "Merry Christmas."

Morgana blinks several times when the parcel is shoved toward hers and takes it gingerly. "Ehm, thanks Anthony." She says slightly surprised. "You didn't have to, honestly." She may have received a few small things from the younger years, but she is still intrigued. Her cat reaches up to paw it the gift, before she swats him away and opens it. She's not one for patience.

Anthony chuckles, leaning back, "Actually, it was good timing. And so forth." Inside is a case, like music stands come in.

"Good timing?" Morgana asks, raising her brow just a bit. However she does look the gift over and gives it an approving nod. "I did need a new stand, thank you, that was very thoughtful of you. I'm sorry I don't have anything for you." She replies with a rueful smile.

Anthony says quietly, "It'll turn the pages for you. Since you like privacy to practice." And he shrugs, "It's alright! I don't mind! Just thought, well, you might like!"

"Well, practicing alone allows me to make all the mistakes I want with out anyone wincing. Have you heard a sour note on a violin? It isn't pretty." She does set it aside for the moment, so she can finish her beverage. "I look forward to getting the chance to use it."

Anthony admits, "I'm sorry. No, I don't." He murmurs something. If your hearing is good it's, 'Usually I just read the music'. And then he says, "So, Uhm… do you need cheering up? At all? I mean, not that I'm sure I can do it or anything, but… with your brother having left, you don't seemquiteyourselfand.." He's talking faster and faster, but clearly without any clear idea of where he's going.

"Cheering up?" Morgana says with a hint of confusion. "Oh, no don't sorry about that. He lives in Russia and I don't see him often, but he stayed an extra week to spend more time with me, it was very kind of him." Noticing his speech pick up, she'll tilt her head to the side. "Are you well? You seem a little nervous."

Anthony starts flushing, and comes to a grinding halt, "Uh. No. No, not at all. I'm just fine, actually. Um, do you need more butterbeer?"

"Are you ill then? You're all flushed." Morgana questions gesturing to one of the open chairs at her table. "I don't need anything, why don't you sit down and relax?"

Anthony slides into the seat, "Uh…. sorry, I'm just really awful at talking to… um…"

"The Head Girl? Or just girls in general." Morgana questions, shifting around in her seat just a bit as she sips from her mug. "It's really not that hard, just breath and say what you're thinking."

Anthony takes a swig of butterbeer, "Uh… " Another swig, "I… You're… " A pause. "… very talented." A firm nod. And SO not what he was going to say.

"Am I? I think you told me that yesterday, so I don't see why that was so hard to tell me again." There is a hint of a smirk on her lips as she raises her brows. Perhaps she's poking him a bit. "But I do accept your compliment."

Anthony takes a couple more deep breaths, "And… Um… I would very much like to spend more time. Uh… studying with you. In the lead up to February."

Morgana calmly sips form her mug, as if it was something as dainty as a tea cup and raises her brows. "So you need help with your studies? Which subject." She asks. "I do offer tutoring after all." Setting her mug down she'll cross her arms over her chest. "And what happens in February?"

Anthony says slyly, "I'm told you're _the_ expert in the school on Ancient Runes. I'm doing the NEWTs in it myself." A beat, "And there's a Ball in February."

"That I am, I dream in runes." Morgana is mostly kidding there and when he mentions the ball she'll give a very faint smirk. "There is much that can happen between now and February, are you sure you want to plan that far ahead?"

Anthony says, "Well, I try and plan." A swallow, "But you know. My only hope is to be first in the line, because I know I don't have much else going for me."

"So you're saying that you lack confidence?" Morgana questions, raising her brows just a bit. "If I am to be honest, I do not know you very well to give you a proper answer. I don't want you to completely loose hope."

Anthony gives a nervous smile, "I thought…. well, you know, if we work together, and maybe have some butterbeers, or something, you might have sufficient data to make an infomred and balanced decision?"

"Ah, so you're wanting to get me proper sauced and then ask me to the ball?" Morgana says, using his words against him just a bit. "Time will tell, I won't say no now, but I cannot say yes either."

Anthony's mouth opens and closes helplessly, "I…. I… that's not what I meant! I…. I… Would NEVER do something like that!"

Morgana laughs and shakes her head. "Don't worry, I didn't think of it like that. You need to be careful of how you word things." Leaning back she'll stretch just a bit.

He tries. Honestly he tries. Eye contact. Eye contact. Ey…. oh my… e contact. "Um… so. Ancient Runes?"

"Ah yes, one second." Morgana says, reaching into her satchel and pulling out a small black book. "It appears that I have time for tutoring on Wednesdays, just before dinner, if you're free then. I'm not sure what your schedule is like."

Anthony says firmly, "Free. Very free. Um, where would you like… the library?" Because this is the youth whose only vices are reading and chess.

"The library will be fine. Though I warn you that I am likely to be very pestered there, since there are many people there who love to bother me with questions." Morgana adds.

Anthony pauses, and nods, "Good point. Do you have a suggestion for a more private pl…." Back to flushing, "I… uh, I mean… somewhere we're less likely to be interr…. um…. somewhere you think would be better for tutoring?"

Morgana watches him fumble, her lips curling into a smile as he trips over his words. "I'm not something you need to fear, I don't know why you're so nervous." Shaking her head she'll think it over. "We can always just meet in the Runes classroom. It's rarely used at that time in the day and Black is usually in his office by then."

Anthony takes another deep breath, "Because you're a beautiful, intelligent, skilled, talented, and well together young woman, and I'm, well… not." Says Captain Obvious, lining himself up for one of the most obvious one liners of the 20th century.

Morgana can't help it, because he has left himself wide open for her next line. "Well, I surely hope that you are not a young woman, that might make your presense in the boys dormitory a bit awkward." However, she isn't immune to the compliments and there is a faint blush that crosses over her pale cheeks. "Still, that is no cause for fear."

Anthony blinks a few times, as if not quite following, then he nods, "See?" Okay, little bit rueful there. "Just pointing out the obvious here, and assuming you have the boys lining up at your door to pick and choose from?"

Morgana looks away at his mention of boys, and frowns just a bit and shakes her head. "In the seven years I have been here, I've had one boyfriend, and that ended badly. I'm not this celestial being that boys are throwing themselves over. I'm invisible and that's typically how I like it." Sighing a bit she'll lean forward just a bit. "Is there any reason why you are selling yourself so short?"

Anthony blinks, "Honesty! And a balanced judgement! Girls seem to rather like the Quidditch heroes with the chiselled jaws." Not that, in fact, Tony hasn't developed a bit in that direction over the last year or two. The Jaw, anyway. He's possibly the worse broomrider in Ravenclaw history. "Rather than the forgettable guy in the library."

Anthony is seated at a table with Morgana. He's scarlet. And looking down. At the next table is a large stack of presents. By Morgana is a small case, and some ripped wrapping paper. Oh, and they've got butterbeer.

"So you are saying that your attracted to the girls who seem to only care about a boys broomriding skills and chiseled jaws? I have found those females to be rather vapid. They only care about their frocks and how their hair looks. In a few years they will be forgettable." Shrugging her shoulders, Morgana pushes some hair out of her face. "If you believe yourself to be forgettable, find a way to not be. It doesn't have to be with Quditch, or with music, there is something about you that is not forgettable, you just have to find it."

Andromena enters the Three Broomsticks seeking her cousin, Anthony. Because at some nebulous point during the weekend the pair of them had made plans to have a drink here. Yes. Andromena was a little late, but she had her reasons! And when she spies him? Why, there she sees Morgana as well…plus an awful lot of presents. The ones on the list Tony was meant to buy? Probably.

"Hey coz!" Andromena exclaims, all good cheer as she slips and wriggles through the crowd to where the pair of them are seated. A dip of her chin to Morgana as she greets her in kind. Sans the familial term, of course.

"Is there room to sit with you Tony, or are there even more presents scattered around?" She makes a great show of peering about. "And why in the world are you a shade to match Rudolph's nose? Hm- ?" She had caught the tail end of what Morgana was saying. Anthony…was attracted to vapid girls, what?

"Oh no, Tony's not at all forgettable," said as Andromena grasped his jaw between thumb and forefinger to give a friendly little shake. Of course his cousin was also his number one fan.

Anthony's gaze drops, but he dips a finger in his butterbeer, and traces some shapes on the discarded paper with the moistened finger. A tetragram, in an ancient runic script, that unpacks as the same in vertical or horizontal directions. «Wise. Kind. Clever. Gentle. Beautiful». Well, probably for that last one, for he gets shooken as he writes it. Probably both girls can read it, certainly it's within Morgana's skill.

Looking up at Andromena as she enters she'll nod her head. "Hello Rowle. Anthony was the one saying he was forgettable and I was trying to convince him otherwise." Watching as he starts doodling on the table, Morgana raises her brow just a bit. She does not miss what it means at all, but she looks amused. "Are you sure you need my help in Runes?"

Since when did her cousin care about girls!? This revelation was quite distressing to Andromena, though only just. Mostly she was very nerdily pleased by his runic description of the sort of girl he would be interested in, for it was very clever. She let her eyes pass over it from every direction it might be read, simply because! The real distress would come later, when she had more time to allow the fact to sink in. Andromena takes her seat.

"I see," she says with a look toward Anthony, brows pulled downward thoughtfully. "You're looking for a tutor in Runes? Hah, after I come to you for help myself." It was said with a laugh, and a playful brush of her elbow to his ribs.

Anthony blinks, "Well, she IS the best in the school." A beat, "I heard gossip from the 7th year class that she's not precisely being taught anymore." He shrugs, "I pay attention to gossip, sometimes." Or it happens in a place he happens to be.

"Well, if that's the gossip you pay attention to with my name on it, I'm alright with that." Morgana says with a nod of her head. "I'm sure that maybe he's just worried about the NEWT level classes? They can be tricky."

Andromena allows herself to admit that she feels jealousy. She wants to be the best, and not just in this or that subject, but at everything she does. It eats away at her, hungry little demons of perfection. Her eyes slide between Anthony and Morgana, her lips tugged into a faint smile as she seeks further explanation regarding the little snippet that Morgana might not exactly being taught.

"True enough," Andromena agrees with Morgana on that point about the rumors…and well, the NEWT level classes as well. "Well, you're both far and away better than I, so I must content myself to merely basking in your runic glory." Andromena's smile becomes a cheeky grin.

Anthony looks from girl to girl, "Why? What else is there to be heard?" Okay, curiosity prickling there, although he does reach back to the stack of presents, and identifies it,, and offers it to his cousin, "Merry Christmas. Family tradition to be observed."

"Nothing of importance." Morgana says defensively to Anthony. Looking to his cousin, she'll smirk. "I am sure there are subject that you excel at that we do not. We all have our strengths." She says with a smirk, watching the exchange between the two cousins, and letting them do their present exchange.

"Oh Tony," said rather helplessly as she accepts the gift. "You're supposed to give this to me on Christmas. I'll wait to open it, or else it feels more like a duty and less a special occasion." Yes, she's complaining, but there's a good natured aspect to it! Andromena sets it securely in her lap, idly running her fingers over its wrapping. "You'll have to wait for yours."

"Hm? Oh yes, I don't feel I'm any sort of abject failure." Certainly not! "I suppose since Anthony here has been feeling a little forgettable, I ought to do more to remind him of what his strengths are."

"Oh Tony," said rather helplessly as she accepts the gift. "You're supposed to give this to me on Christmas. I'll wait to open it, or else it feels more like a duty and less a special occasion." Yes, she's complaining, but there's a good natured aspect to it! Andromena sets it securely in her lap, idly running her fingers over its wrapping. "You'll have to wait for yours."

"Hm? Oh yes, I don't feel I'm any sort of abject failure." Certainly not! "I suppose since Anthony here has been feeling a little forgettable, I ought to do more to remind him of what his strengths are."

Anthony nods solemnly, "It's meaner to let you wonder what's in there though. Family rules are," he explaisn to Morgana, "No opening family gifts until the big day."

And with that, he gathers up the rest of the presents, "But I need to get these back to the tower. I'll see you… ladies… later?"

Andromena waves goodbye to Anthony and Morgana as they depart!

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