(1938-12-16) In Apprehension of Christmas Plans
Details for In Apprehension of Christmas Plans
Summary: Spending a quiet evening with cake and tea, Graham and Rhyeline discuss their upcoming Christmas plans as well as Rhyeline's recent encounter with Phil.
Date: Monday, December 16, 1938
Location: Cohen Residence
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It's evening and a surprise visit which is always welcomed by the home owner is well under way. The fire is kept alive and warms the living room easily enough, it seems the auror has made tea and gotten snacks set out for them both. The sofa is where the two sit side by side as they often are. Graham has wrapped his arm around his adopted sister squeezing her lightly. "It was a paperwork heavy day, which isnt a bad thing."

Rhyeline holds a small plate with a slice of rich, chocolate cake. She takes another bite before peeking up at Graham with a bright little smile. "That's good… I like you to be as safe as you want /me/ to be… but… I also know that- that it's important to you to go out and battle with the monsters hiding in the dark…"

Graham smiles taking a bite of his snack as well before a drink from his tea the warmth spreads as he does and he relaxes back into the sofa again. "I try to be safe as I can, but yes have to be in danger to be an effective auror i'm afraid. I'll be glad to just to keep you out of trouble if i'm able." he teases lightly. "How have you been? We've been so busy lately?" he asks curious how she has been.

"Mhm… so much to do… but… I've been well. I feel the curse fading again…" she murmurs, peeking up at him with a luminous little smile.

"That's a good thing, but remember your health is more important. It just is." Graham doesn’t complete the sentence but it's really more so than anything he'll return the smile to her unable to help but be cheered when she's here. "I finished the book you lent me from that pile of muggle books. I'll grab it before you leave." he says remembering this.

The mention of the muggle books reminds the little one of Thomas, which at once reminds her of a recent conversation. Her smile falters. Lowering her gaze, she takes another bite of cake. "Thank you, Graham… And- and you should come soon to Berylwood again and- and borrow more."

Graham watches the other trying to decide if he should say something but he'll answer first to give himself a moment to think. "I may do so the library was the biggest i've seen since Hogwarts." He says but he's silent a moment "Are you okay sister? Did something happen?" he noticed the smile falter and her lowered gaze and cannot help but be sure if something is bothering the other.

"I'm alright… I was just-" Rhyeline hesitates, biting her lower lip. Peeking up at him, she murmurs, "I ran into Phil recently… and…" This is difficult for her to share. Normally, it's the sort of thing he'd have needed to pry from her. She takes a small sip of tea and gazing off into the fireplace, she continues, "I know she's dear to you… but… I am not dear to her… and I should keep my distance, I think." It's impossible for her to keep her expression clear of the hurt and sadness she feels. However, it's far less intense than what he'd seen the night of her falling out with Thomas.

The auror watches her as she hesitates a moment not breaking his silence as he wishes her to speak. Graham lets his eyebrows raise a moment "What happened?" he asks though he shakes his head "She doesn't wish to see you harmed or anything I can guarantee that much. She is dear to me I just wish I understood better why the change." he tries to reassure the other but he'll quiet then to see if she'll say more.

"Such hurtful questions… but then… I made her feel jealous…" murmurs Rhyeline in a rather quiet, low tone. She takes another sip of tea before peeking up at Graham. "She asked me if my parents had abused me… if /that/ was why I was so meek… She didn't think they had… She thought it was an act… again, a snake wearing the fur of a mouse… manipulating others so that I could have everything and everyone to myself…"

Graham listens looking more and more worried and perhaps a bit angry at the words which were tossed at her and don't seem to be true. "That's not fair nor is it true, don't let it get to you Rhyeline." he says a little more firmly pulling her back so he can hold her a moment. "I suppose it wouldnt help for me to speak to her, but I will if you'd like me to."

Rhyeline closes her eyes and savors Graham's warm embrace. "No…" Her voice is a bit muffled as she hides against his chest. "I think that she'd assume I had manipulated you into speaking to her. But… but don't worry… it hurt, but-" She pauses to peek up at him through the mess of her loose curls. "The warmth inside me… I felt it like a shield…"

The auror nods to her words, though he knew the answer as he asked it more or less. "That's good hold onto that it will do you a lot of good positive thinking is it's own kind of magic. Graham says to her brushing her hair back before squeezing her once more. "What are your plans for the holiday and new year? Maybe we can plan an outing." he asks changing subject.

"My father wanted to spend an evening with me. He said that- that he wouldn't be here for Christmas, but- but he wanted to exchange gifts before he had to leave. And… I think that I am expected to attend the Malfoy family gatherings… I'm a little nervous about that…" she admits. Her dark gaze shines with a vulnerable look of apprehension.

Graham smiles and nods "Ah yes, I have heard of the many society parties which happen during Christmas and New Years." he says to her hiding his slight disappointment. "I bet you'll be great, just be yourself and nobody can ask anything further from you." he assures her

"I'm not scared… just nervous. I know Cassius will be with me and- and- so I'll be alright," murmurs Rhyeline in a rather quiet tone. Peeking up at him, she pauses. "What about you?"

Graham shakes his head "Good, you shouldnt be uncomfortable." The auror listens to the question about his plans he isn't really sure "I am not really sure to be honest hopefully Sorcha will be in town or maybe I will just gather friends together for something here at my place." he gives a shrug to her "If you are free your welcome of course."

Rhyeline blinks and tilts her head to the side. "What about your parents? And… Sorcha's family? Keenan and her sister…"

The auror grins to her reaching and ruffling her hair a bit "You know me to well sis." Graham says but his smile fades a bit as he thinks "I will likely go to Sorcha's if invited to the shop loft for dinner. I may head home myself to see my parents. Sorcha well it doesnt go well when I mention meeting my parents." he shrugs slightly. It is upsetting to him but he promised not to rush or push and he'll stick to it.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip at the sight of her brother's pain. "If I can… I'd like to go with and meet your parents…"

Graham smiles over to her "I'd really like that, if not now then we'll go soon anyways they will enjoy meeting you." He seems cheered up at this thought taking a drink of tea and bite to eat. He seems to be cheered at this thought leaning back into the couch. It seems that they will stay up and talk catching up as long as they can enjoying the time spent before the busy life thing starts back up and until next time they see each other.

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