(1938-12-17) Did You Hear...
Details for Did You Hear?
Summary: Not only has there been a case of missing knickers, but as Jenny borrows Ria for a private word, some missing sense, as well.
Date: 1938-12-17
Location: Slytherin Common Room and laughter, Ria's bedside. Oh la la.
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"I've heard, it all sounds pretty grand and I'm happy that everyone is going to get to travel." Lucinda says in a wry disconnected rhythm. Words spoken as if from wrote. She smiles tight-lipped. "Da's grabbing a port key back from Ballycastle to London on Christmas eve though so home is just about the only place I'd like to be this year." She says and as her words pick up speed they adopt a gentle lilt in her accent as she speaks of familiar things. She lifts the book a little, sitting square shouldered behind it and showing him the cover. Fourth Year Charms book. "Yes," She admits. Then looks back down at the book and reads… she wasn't the ask for help kinda Slytherin.

"Do you need any advice with any spell in particular? I tend to be well-versed in most Charms and Curses." Edgar has a nice way of asking if people want help with their assignments at times. "The Fourth Year is when DADA and Charms start to get very interesting. Well, in the opinion of most. I've always liked those subjects better."

On their way back from dinner, Ria and Genevieve arrive into the common room together, the perfect with her arms crossed and her brow furrowed. "So that's when I found him there rummaging through Polly Parkinson's trunk," she frowns as the two mindlessly head in the direction of Edgar and Lucinda. Their fellow housemates will easily over hear, "Anyhow, you haven't been missing any knickers lately have you?"

Lucinda glances up sidelong at the boy when he offers to help, "Well, I'm trying to get a Christmas present ready for my little brother actually." The girl admits. "I'm terrible at teaching myself stuff from a book," She sighs. "I don't know if it's my wand work or my pronunciation-" Lucinda clears her throat, her gaze had been lingering somewhere distant in the air just infront of her face. The book is turned around for him to see, his view being only a large color page about the Antlers Jinx and her long spindly fingers pointing at the page. From behind the book, "And this ontop of stuff I'm supposed to do…"

"I can teach that. Easily." Edgar replies, as he reads from the book. The diagram is one he spent enough time learning in preparation for the more advanced spells in the Fourth Year — like his personal favorite, Cannonball — so he nods once to Lucinda. "Inanimate objects are tricky to enchant, but you have to be a little persistent with it." He shrugs. "We'll go over it." Then Genevieve and Ria start talking about missing knickers and he trails them with his gaze. Say what. After a moment of contemplative silence, he greets, "Solomon, Sykes."

"Honestly I just thought it was because Mephy was upset. He gets jealous and ruins things, if doesn't get the amount of attention that he figures he deserves. Ugg," Jenny's nose wrinkled. "To think that someone else has got a hold of them..," with a shudder and a twitch, the tall chaser tries to let the thought go rather than dwelling. Dwelling does not seem as if it would be very much fun. "I did have a question for you though, in a very..what if type situation, at least, at current. What…if, you've happened to have overheard someone talking about how they wished they'd thrown someone off a roof, with the type of anomisity that seems to go beyond the general dislike that goes with our oh so lovely house politics. And..if, and only if, mind it's left one with a measure of concern that further malicious acts that go above and beyond general school mischief may be perpetrated with the desire to see one harmed." Jenny isn't the type to ever rat on anyone, ever, not in six years so the fact that even this 'what if' scenerio has come up could be a little surprising. "How would one address that situation?"

Lucinda glances up with a roll of her eyes and an evaporation of her smile. Still her tone is pleasent, if removed, "Hello, Ladies." The girl offers with a curt little finger wave to them both. A tight lipped smile. Her shy disposition seems to taking over as she sink with a chesire comfort into her arm chair. They were… distracted with panty theft. Fair 'nuff. Back to Edgar she mutters, "Drama bomb." As her eyes roll to the page of her book. She pulls her wand out and it's a Sprisingly Swishy Seventeen Inches made from Silver Lime and fashioned with a Slug Shilouette atop it. She swipes it through the air, "Will you really help?" She wonders innocently enough.

Ria purses her lips at Jenny's contribution to her hunt and with a nod greets the other two. "Lucinda, Edgar, evening. Are your undergarments all present and accounted for as well?" She's absolutely serious when she asks this question. The what if situation makes Ria pause however, tilting her chin upward she she listens. It depends on who wished such a wish. I need to know the year or at least the house."

"As far as I know, I haven't had any missing from my drawer yet. If you need help to investigate who did iterwithout me necessitating to enter the girls' dormitories, I can help." Edgar replies to Ria looking over to Lucinda when she wonders if he will really help. "I give you my word I will, Slughorn," and since his word is something he likes to keep at a high enough value, it's almost a certain thing. "It also works better if we cast the same jinx simultaneously on the same thing," he points out to Lucinda, producing his own wand— with the curved grip and the darkened mahogany wood. No silhouette but well-detailed enough.

"Cousin," A bob of her head was offered in greeting to Lucinda, while her classmate Edgar was given an upnod, which just went to show the difference a few years could make in ones greeting. Ria though, left Jenny looking thoughtful for a moment, this particular position one that requires some pause. "That, would be better discussed in private, I think, if you have a moment," eventually came the answer to the Prefect's question.

Lucinda simply shakes her head when questioned by Ria; seeming to want no part of the panty theft conversation. "I've been spared." Is all she imparts to the girls. Cinda climbs out of her easy chair, fluffing down her skirt and robes as she took to her feet and turned. Tonight she was holding her wand in her left hand, she'd been known to alternate which hand she used- both for writing and wand work. It never slowed her down. "Anteoculatia?" She asked in a near whisper as she looked over at him with a grin. Her nose wrinkled a tich at the word cousin. Lucinda giggled. "Sorry to hear about your drawers." Lucinda calls, now over her shoulder as she faced Edgar. Her wand is half raised. "What are we casting at?" She wondered smartly.

Perfectly polished finger runs over Ria's bottom lip at Edgar's offer. The prefect gives Carrow a once over and nods, "I think I could use your help. The original suspect was a boy in our house, but it turns out he was looking for something else in those drawers. Therefore if you can keep an eye on any ladies underwear that appears in the boys dormitories that would be of great help." Turning to Lucinda she notes her giggle, "It's serious matter! I would be worried about my own drawers if I were you." A snaky smile is tossed to Genevieve, "For you my dear? I could make a moment."

"Do you have the gift handy already? If not, we can try to practice on… me, I suppose. I'll dispel whatever you do afterwards. Hopefully." Edgar replies to Lucinda, "Otherwise, we might be served in enchanting an object and finding an adequate experiment subject." The Carrow looks to Ria as she enlists his help and he nods. "I'll keep an eye on anything like that and let you know. Discreetly." Because that's how he rolls about such things.

"Carrow is the very essence of discretion," Jenny murmurs, with a crooked grin and those dark eyes sparkling in amusement. It did help to distract from the oh so serious subject matter. "The thief wasn't looking for a pack of cigarettes, was he?" The inquiry was given once again to Ria, even as she incidcated her head towards the dormitory as a place in which a moment might be had. "Only if it won't interfer with your very busy schedule. I'd never dream of imposing on one such as yourself, Prefect," such docile humble words, such a grin.

Lucinda chuckles, "I was actually kinda hoping to get them onto his head," Lucinda states with a broad grin. The first broad grin tonight is given to the thought of her little brother with antlers. "So a test subject could be best." Cind concurs. After a pace she turns back to the girls. "I'm sorry. I know you must be in a tizzy. How'd a boy even get in there? I thought they were enchanted exits?" She boasts, curious but she continues. "What's with these cig'rits? I keep hearing about that muggle posion." She icks with a frown. "I hear it makes you run slower and fills your whole body with tar." She propagandas in a disapproving manner. Whether they stuck around for it or not Lucinda likely orates her opinions.

Ria's smile goes wider and snakier at the description of Carrow. Pleased, she looks at Carrow, giving him a wink and commenting, "Excellent. I appreciate your help." It's almost predatory. She frowns however at the mention of stealing cigarettes. She looks somewhat worried. "Merlin, I hope no one's going around stealing those. Lucinda those are complete lies. They're perfectly okay and an adequate way to relax. I've heard some muggle doctors even recommend them to their patients." Oh the 1930s. <3 "No, no. This is part of my job after all," she says to Jenny and recognizing the girl's indication she steps forward to the girls quarters and gestures, "Shall we?"

Scratching his head after Jenny's words, Edgar sneaks a glance at her and chuckles. "Sometimes, at least." Then he looks to Lucinda. "Mm. Use it on me, then dispel it, out of practice? And I'll help you ambush him when you do cast it on his head if you want. Provided it wouldn't be an awkward occasion and all. I would suggest just trapping him with a present which he would then open and subsequently grow horns from the act of ripping the wrapping," he points out what appears to be a perfectly fine prank! When Ria winks at him he feels embarrassed for a moment, developing maybe half a shade of color across the bridge of his nose. "No problem. At all, I mean. Er," he even musters a smile back!

"Mind you," Jenny murmurs, "I'd say the same thing about myself." With a wink the tall chaser strides on forward; refusing to weigh in on the use of cigarettes… Mostly because she was of the belief that the smoke would stunt her growth and she wanted to be at least five eight before she stopped. "So Ria," at that, Jenny pitches her voice just a smidgen louder, while Edgar talks about helping Cinda ambush someone. Nothing to hear here, nope nope nope, and whatever else Jenny had to say, was lost when the girl pitched her voice not to carry as the pair climbed the stairs.

"I really hate bringing something like this up, because I don't like being put in the bloody position to begin with," the words ease off, as does the silence, when Mephy, the hellcat, meets her on the stairs and then prowls on ahead with the kind of narrow minded focus that suggests there'll be sharp claws for anyone who happens to be lingering in an attempt to eavesdrop. "But the last time there was an issue regarding Black," and Jenny was incredibly fierce when it came to protecting her team mates, "It could have saw him hurt by a bunch of narrow minded clostered idiots and I don't really care to see the process repeated…"

Ria listens curiously as the two ascend the stairs and into the seventh year dorms. Her business face is on, stoney and serious as lets the girl in. "Well what do you mean by that?" she says gesturing that Jenny is welcome to sit on Ria's bed. It's immaculately made, and everything around it is organized to perfection. The room for now is mostly empty except for some other girls at the far end. "Did you hear of some threats being made against Alphard?"

"Depends on whether or not you consider, 'I -should- have thrown him off the roof' to be a threat against Alphard, since it was about him. Though, when it's coupled with a history of obvious hate and apparent dislike and references to his rather upstanding self being a dog that requires handlers. I bow to your more educated opinion." Even if her tone suggested that she thought it was problematic. Instead of setting on the bed though, she leaned in against the postern. Her experience with people who kept things that tidy meant they took it less kindly if things were smudged.

A wise choice Genevieve made to stand. Ria's eyes show her subtle approval. "Let's be honest here. I like Alphard a lot. We get along well, and we think alike." Another understatement. They are the same person, just different genders. "But his mouth and his hot-headedness gets him into a lot of trouble. So I'm not surprised someone said that about him." Ria turns around to face the small vanity mirror atop her dresser and begin observing her face. "I will honestly say that there's not much I can do about a threat if I didn't hear it myself. But I can keep an eye on said threateners. Can you tell me who said it?"

"So do we," Jenny replied in regards to Alphard, "He's simply more vocal on his. I find that, it's easier to hear things if I'm quiet or socialize on a grand scale because then, people are inclined to tell me well, more if they don't entirely know where I stand and funnily enough, no one ever really bothers to ask directly." Cheeky grin. "But the subject that's worrying me, is Esther Lowe. Who isn't entirely grounded in reality as the rest of us seem to know it. It seemed a reasonable friendship to cultivate, after all, she dislikes him passionately enough and I can agree that he can be a bully without lying so it seemed to appease, but I also know that he's spent years watching my back and there's not a damn thing I wouldn't do to return the favor. He knows how I operate." Under the radar and generally with maliciousness.

"A perfectly good strategy," Ria nods in approval of Genevieve's chameleon tactics. She picks up a shade of lipstick and applies it on to her smackers. Weren't they heading to bed in a few hours? The name of Esther Lowe though makes Ria stop midway, and eyes narrowing she turns around and looks over her shoulder at Jenny. "Esther Lowe? Very curious that you should mention her. She's quite batty." The lipstick is put down, "And she said this about Alphard? Aren't they cousins? Thought the Blacks and the Lowes were all about that cousin love …" Ria pauses a beat to think and says, "No, this is very useful information Genevieve thank you for sharing. I'll keep your name out of this."

"Thank you," it's almost humble that little bow of Jenny's head, a gesture that said she took the compliment in a surprisingly almost modest fashion. "She did. Quite heatedly, while she was smoking on the roof," it was added with the kind of smile that was, to be fair, almost catty. But the snark was replaced with seriousness as she continued, "And she was in on that stupid petition that idiot Ravenclaw had going around, but surely I don't need to remind you about her more recent mentions of threatening him, something to do with her army and burying a knife in his back. It just seems like things are escalating rather than cooling and honestly? I don't want it to get out of hand and I'm aware that…the problem solving skills of others are less…ah, invasive, on occasion than my own." Which tended to involve a beater's club.

Ria's lips purse and there seems to be thoughts passing her head. "I'll admit I'm not around her enough to keep an eye on Esther. But now that I have a second witness this is good," she nods. "Merlin … I didn't think she was that bonkers. But I guess I'm not always informed proerply. Right well, I'll keep her close. And I have an idea that will perhaps take care of it, but we'll have to see." Turning around to Genevieve she nods in appreciation, "Thank you for alerting me Genevieve. I'll certainly let you know if I need you help in this matter." Turning back around she picks up her brush and begins tackling her hair, which is already perfect. "In the meantime, let's have tea one of these days. Are you free during the holiday?"

"Macmillan was there, though you didn't hear it from me, I'd asked her to apologize to Alphard, because he's due one and she absolutely flipped. It's like she's got roles in her head and we all have to be forced into slot, or something." Jenny shook her head, attempting to dismiss the thought, "I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to re-cultivate the 'friendship' and whether or not it'd be worth it. There are rules of engagement, after all." Though it was easy to see the glimmer of admiration in the girl's eyes as she watched Ria continue her primping. Ah, to be so beautiful. Alas, twas not her fate. "I am, for the most part. Meliflua and I are going to France, for most of it, but there's a few parties in London to be hit, Alphard's included. At which I hope I'll see you. If not, I'll simply have to conspire to haul you away. In the meantime, I do hope whomever your tidying for is worthy of what he's getting." Grin.

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