(1938-12-16) Letter to Mother
Details for A Letter To Mother
Summary: Esther finally breaks off contact with her Mother, saving herself from Alphard's party and Lowe/Crabbe Tyranny.
Date: 1938-12-16
Location: Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts
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Esther had been writing the letter since dawn. Dozens of revisions have been fed to the fire. Finally, she has a workable draft. A few tweaks, and it's folded into a letter, and sent.

Dear Mother;

I am taking the liberty of duplicating this and your previous letters and sending them to my paternal grandparents. I have also taken the liberty of requesting that I spent the New Years break at school - A request that the faculty have granted as I am of age to make this decision. This letter should reach you immediately prior to your planned departure to come collect me. This will not be required.

The concerns I am citing to my paternal grandparents are thus; Despite being legally an adult, you still attempt to maintain ownership of my wand. Despite having never met a boy at my school, you would have willingly transferred my care to him. And of course, my life consisting of our 'house' outside of school. To this end, I have asked them to resume my custody over the end of the school year, excepting circumstances where I am able to ensure my own safety and security. Any contributions you and Dad wish to make would be gratefully accepted.

Additionally I will entertain visits from you and Dad, once we're settled.

I will save you right of reply. I have no intention of reading or receiving further correspondence from you, specifically.

I'm not sorry;

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