(1938-12-18) How Do You Get To The Cafe?
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Summary: Ceridwyn gets lost again finding herself at a park. A nice man escorts her to the cafe where she is to meet her co-worker. They chat along the way when she finds out that he, a muggle, knows of the wizarding world.
Date: December 18, 1938
Location: Starting at St. James Park and ending at a cafe.

Anyone who knows Ceridwyn knows her sense of direction is severely lacking. Even when she has the directions written out and a map in hand, she will get lost. She knows she has this major flaw; thus, she is out in the morning to meet with a co-worker for lunch at a cafe. Yes, lunch because she knows she will get lost for a couple of hours or more. By the time she gets to the cafe it will be lunch.

True enough, she stops walking when she realizes she is at a park and not at all in the correct direction. She stares at the map and wrinkles her nose in disdain. A long sigh is let out when she begins to look for someone who can point her in the right direction. Just then she decides to sit on a bench to rest. The park is lovely today even in the winter. She shivers slightly though.

The first thing you might hear is a cheerful baritone voice singing 'Angels in their Relms of Glory' as he comes walking down the path. Gloved hands are stuffed into his pockets, a messenger bag over the shoulder of his heavy greatcoat. His military cap is placed upon his head and he slows a bit when he sees a pretty young miss sitting upon the park bench. The song dies off and he tips his had politely.

Ceridwyn smiles widely, "You have a lovely voice!" Her head dips in response to his doing so prior. She folds away the map but points to the pad that has directions on it. "By chance you know how to get me back to this road?" She sighs, "I may have muddled up on the directions but this is the cafe I'm trying to get to." The pad is turned in his direction with her arm out to let him have a good look.

Kenneth stops and takes the map out and peruses it. "You are a bit far from your destination. Not good with maps, are you?" He smiles brightly. "I would be pleased to escourt you there, if you need me to miss. To make certain you get to the place you are looking for?" he hands her back the map. "Captain Kenneth Benton, His Majesty's service, for now, at yours."

Ceridwyn chuckles softly, "You could say I'm not good with navigation." She isn't at all embarassed by this flaw. After she stands she nods to him, "Ceridwyn Greengrass. To many I'm the one they go to for herbs and poultices. Especially for ailments that are easy to be cured naturally." Not mentioning her true profession. "Not often do I meet someone who works for His Majesty. You've made it a career?" She lets him lead the way.

Kenneth nods. "I am very good at keeping track of things with numbers. His Majesty needs all his bean counters, Miss." He smiles, nodding as she introduces herself and explains her name and occupation. Slowly, he looks up, glancing at the trees before looking back at her. "You would like my Pet then. Petra has a way of helping things grow. She has quite the green thumb, like her mother, God rest her. Flowers, herbs, vegetables - if it grows in ground, my girl can make it grow."

"Splendid! I'd like to her her sometime. I could always improve on my gardening. Luckily I share a garden with a few others who take up where I slack off." Ceridwyn asks, "Does she know how to play piano? I could teach her some if she helps me with gardening." Her brow wrinkles. "I don't quite understand what you do for His Majesty? You just keep numbers and figures accounted for? But you're a Captain. Of a ship? Or a crew?"

Kenneth says, "My rank, my dear lady, means that I am a splendid pencil pusher and I keep track of things better than most. I do it so well, I can direct other pencil pushers to do the same." He moves along the path now with her. "Petra does not play the piano, but I dare say she would be keen to learn. Greyson, my boy, might also excell at playing an instrument, but he's not found his real God given talent yet. He's young still, though, something will turn up for him I am certain."
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Ceridwyn ohs, "Well it sounds like you're quite a hard worker! That is something to be very proud of. And I am happy to teach either one of your children piano. My son is nearly eleven years old. But not a clue what he has a strong inkling for just yet." Her head tilts, "My husband is also quite busy like I am. We have friends who watch our son when we can't. I never thought to hire a nanny for him. Always scared they will be too rigid and harsh on him." Her soft-heartedness comes through.

Kenneth nods. "My late wife and I do not have that luxury to have one of us stay home. A nanny it must be, so I can work and provide for them. I was actually thinking of taking on a German child from the Kindertransports. I speak the language, so it would be almost logical that I would do so."

Ceridwyn hmms softly, "I'm so very sorry to hear about your wife. You have my condolences. Truly you do. If you ever need someone to watch your children and you're okay with them being with my son, I wouldn't mind at all watching them. The spring time would be great for them to be out at the park where we were just at to play some games." She looks behind them a moment then back to him, "I don't know any German. Other languages, yes. Just not that one." She puts on a heavy French accent, "I know French. The language of love." She smirks then displays a Welsh accent. Her tone and lilt are heavy, "And I know Welsh too. So vibrant and merry." then she chuckles.

Kenneth chuckles. ""My children are quite a merry handful. Pet and her plants and Grey just being a boy. He has an affinity to animals, but we will see if he got that from me or from his mother." He glances up once more. "Strange, I thought there would be an owl about somewhere nearby. I must have been mistaken about you."

Ceridwyn lifts up her head, looking about then her eyes blink at Kenneth. "Mistaken about me?" Of course, there is an owl nearby but perched away from muggle eyes. In London hiding for an owl is so easily done. "I do get along with children somewhat. Many of the parents come to me for problems with their children. Well ailments and the like." She grins. "I chat with them a lot and I make sure their parents get an elixir as well to keep them healthy and strong."

Kenneth looks to the leafless tree limbs, expecting to see and owl.

Ceridwyn chuckles softly. "Why are you looking for an owl? Surely there are owls in the park but we're not there anymore. I do say that owls are quite beautiful and majestic. Don't you think?"

Kenneth looks back to her. "Generally when I meet lovely women with odd names and occupations, there are owls about. My late wife had one. Took it to school with her. Apparently they were all the rage where she attended."

Ceridwyn chuckles softly, "Oh! Your wife was /different/. Did she tell you more about her school? Why they had owls there?" A brow raises as she wonders how much of the wizarding world he knows.

Kenneth smiles "Passing notes. Odd things for owls to do, but there you have it. " He smiles. "When my Petra is old enough, she is going to that school as well. It is good to learn things that you mother knew, isn't it?"

Ceridwyn bows her head to him, "Indeed it is!" Then she raises her hand up high above her with a odd shriek. "You mean like this one?" The owl swoops out from between buildings. A shriek sounding back to her just before it lands on her shoulder. She lowers her arm. "I'm quite odd. Yes." She is quite proud of it. "But no one ever notices me much other than to help the sick."

Kenneth chuckles, delighted that he deduced correctly "Yes, like that one. Then I needn't worry that my daughter would do anything peculiar to your garden in spring. She really is delightful when it comes to growing things." He looks up. "Ah, here we are at your destination.."

Ceridwyn laughs heartily. "I am sure she wouldn't do any such thing. I bet she will be great at helping me." She dips into a curtsey, "Thank you so much, Captain for the help today. I'm quite grateful. Surely you will receive a note from me soon enough. My owl is quite gentle to people unless they are mean to him first." She gives him a wave. "Goodbye!"

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