(1938-12-18) Magijugend Interview - Lea
Details for Magijugend Interview - Lea
Summary: Overseer Sykes takes a few moments to interview Lea.
Date: 1938-12-18
Location: Empty Classroom

Duties duties duties, mixed with finals finals finals makes for a very busy Ria. But if its in the name of a potential magijugend member, she always has time. When Lea requested an hour with her the Slytherin prefect was happy to olbige and penciled in some time in between classes. Polished oxfords tapping against the stone floor of the unused classroom. It's a bit messy in here for her taste, but perfectly vacated for privacy. With her legs up on a chair, Ria casually reads a book while waiting for her appointment.

It was a bit messy for Lea's taste too. In fact, it shows by the look on her face as the girl steps inside. She's the look of someone who dresses with precision. The belt, the buttons on her vest, the hang of her tie, the very middle pleat on her skirt? They are all perfectly aligned with the kind of air that suggests perhaps a small case of obsessive compulsive. Here is a girl from a decidedly Purist family, one who's beliefs have never been privately held. We won't call her an introvert either, but rather one who prefers not to mince words nor waste them. Pratical. Pragmatic. Cold. "Good afternoon, Prefect Sykes. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today."

Ria doesn't look up from her book when Lea steps into the room. Hearing the girl walk in was all well enough. "It's no problem," she waves idly, not correcting the 'Prefect Sykes' to anything more casual. "For the sake of this interview, I'm Overseer Sykes. Please have a seat." She instructs gesturing to a chair, and pulling out a leather bound notebook and her quill, scribbling down Lea's name, house and year. "By the way, you're dressed very nicely." Crisp. Ria likes that.

"Of course, Overseer Sykes," the correction is taken with as much ease as everything is and a polite smile was offered the Slytherin Prefect. Lea sits neatly, robes smoothed as she lowers herself, legs crossed at the ankle and tucked just to the left. Her hands fold neatly on her lap after an impatient swat is made at the wrinkles of her skirt. "And thank you. The same may be said of your own esteemed self. I trust that your family is well." So pratical without premise nor much by way of inflection. There is just enough life there to keep it from being monotone, but only just.

"They are quite well, yes. Kaiden's being Kaiden. And Jo is in good enough health to be playing professional quidditch. As if she didn't have enough accomplishments on her plate," Ria replies easily to the doll-like girl, hardly surprised for as far back as she can remember Lea was always a bit mechanical. "Your own parents are doing just as well I hope." Scribble scribble scribble and then she's ready. "Right, so let's get this show on the road. First question, what's your interest in the Magijugend that makes you want to join?"

"She is rather accomplished, isn't she. A very demanding sport, I am told. Still, it pleases me to hear that everyone is well." The smil was luke-warm, which was warm by Lea's standards. "My own are to be as expected. Though mother sends disquieting letters in regards to rallies." A shake of her head, after which her hand rises to immedently tuck her hair back and Lea turns herself to the question. "I am a creature of tradition and history. There is little I have seen that promotes the continuance as both, such as the Magijugend. As such, I have a strong desire to be involved, coupled with the belief that upper classmen should set the example for those who are beneath them. What better example to be set than the protection those things that are ours truly, at our core."

Ria hmms with though at the news of Lea's mother. "Does she now? That's very interesting. I look forward to seeing her over the holiday. My mother wants me to accompany her when she makes her calls to people." Scribble scratch. Ria says nothing about Lea's response other than a nod. Notes are taken as the girl speaks. "And your bloodline? What is it?" Before Lea can reply Ria's already started writing the answer. Still the Ravenclaw's required to provide a vocal response.

"Then I shall look forward to seeing you at tea. I confess I find civil conversation far more engaging than the general crush that entertains parties. Will you be joining the Black Christmas?" The questions given a inquiring look that requests, rather than demands. The latter was reserved for those who deserved it. "Pure-Blood, by way of Urquart and Rashley."

"Yes well that 'general crush' is what makes a party a party, no?" Ria smirks and also nods, "Of course I will. I assume you will be there as well. The Blacks do know how to throw a good party." She smiles, finished writing the Pureblood family names before Lea could even get it out of her mouth. "Right, final question. What's your opinion on teaching magic to Muggleborns and half bloods?"

"I will make an appearance, brief though I fear it may be. Still. It is a Black event." Which seemed to say everything. And then, there came the question that had her lips pursing into an almost thin line. Lea did not tutor students who were not pure blooded, it was a well known fact. "I am of the opinion that to do so is to enable the further dulition of our society, a society built on tradition with a history that is noble and pure. In regards to Muggleborns, I find that their presence often creates interuptions in classes, where students who's blood runs pure are forced to wait due to lessons that drag out slow because the others who's own world is so infinately different can not keep up. The smallest thing is both distracting and engaging to them, when it is instead so common that our children recognize it on a blink and they fail to embrace our culture, by instead trying to impose their own upon us. Pictures that do not move, trinkets that make no sense."
A pause, before she continued, "In regards to half bloods, the distraction is less but I worry about the impact of their culture on us as a whole. They are familiar with both words and while some of them may be capable of stepping away from that impaired society to fully embrace the privledge that birth granted them, others instead make professions that are designed to the study of muggles. Factions of people who field the Ministry who could be working towards the promotion and development of us are instead forced to spend their time cleaning up the mistakes made by those who attempt to blend the worlds. To continue teaching and promoting such minds as those who view muggle actions and practices as acceptable is to invite a future in which our children and our grandchildren become a minority. Why, it shows even within our school even now, with the entire Edwards Black fiasco. That is what happens when muddled minds are allowed to disrespect our traditions and customs." Drawing in a steadying breath, Lea paused and offered a somewhat apologetic smile.
"My apologies Overseer Sykes, you simply happened upon a subject for which I am..," passionate was a strong word. Better would be, "invested."

Scratch scratch scratch. Ria was doing well taking notes on the girl's words at first. But then Lea seems to speak faster, and perhaps with a bit more spirit. More spirit than she's used to seeing in the girl. And then Lea just goes on and on, that Ria's given up on taking notes because she can't keep up. The fast she writes, the messier her handwriting and she will. not. stand. for messy script! When the Ravenclaw draws a breath, she will find the prefect staring back at her with a quirked brow. "I see…invested…," she says the word as she writes it. "Excellent. Well that is all I'll need." The quill is put away, the notebook is closed and the Slytherin prefect gets up from her seat, smoothing out her skirt. "I will pass this off to the Headmaster and we'll let you know further, mmkay?"

Invested, yes. Lea is invested. Her smile had looked almost warm, despite the apology that had touched it. "Of course, Overseer Sykes and thank you again for your time," the Rashley replied with a polite bow of her head; taking that as a cue for dismissal as she rose up to her feet and once again, smoothed any potiental for wrinkles from her skirt. "If I may make a suggestion of a more personal nature?" There is the rare spark of humor in her eyes, "Self writing quills are still in fashion." It even came with a wink! "Good afternoon, Prefect Sykes." For the interview and thus the title, had shifted and with that farewell, Lea departed.

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