(1938-12-18) Naked Boys: Where To Find Them
Details for Naked Boys: Where To Find Them
Summary: Students gather in the library. There is talk of Dweedle's party, Lowe's apology, and Fwoopers.
Date: 1938-12-18
Location: Library
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Seated deep within the library was Andromena. Though there were pockets of students to be found throughout, the Ravenclaw had managed to secure herself a space the radius of which was free from anyone else. Though the young woman was never averse to making use of the floor, she was currently at a table. A book lay open before her, and every so often a page could be heard as she slowly flipped it. It was a nice, hefty tome, with yellowed pages and a musty smell - the sort of which said few students ever bothered pulling this particular item from its shelf. Andromena was to meet with Alphard here, around this general time. Whether or not he was early or late was of little consequence because…Andromena wasn't exactly paying attention. He'd said he'd turn up, and she trusted that.

Alphard was a bit late. It wasn't his fault. There'd been this one student he really disliked that he'd felt the need to shove head first into the wall by 'accident'. Then of course it would have been rude to just go on without trading a few words. Kindly ones. About being a pathetic worm who'd do the world a favor by jumping off the roof, but happy Christmas, enjoy the holidays! Then some of his friends had intercepted him, needing his opinion on how to pull off one last good prank on a certain someone. As always the willing mentor, Alphard had listened intently, then delivered his expert opinion. It was hard work, being as popular as Alphard was. If popular was the right word. In demand? But finally he arrived at the library, dodging books, peering around, trying to figure out where Andromena had wriggled herself in.

It was the quick shuffling of feet as a boy practically shoved himself between stacks of books that caught her attention. Andromena looked up, first to the boy that had gone into hiding, and then for the reason behind his fear. And wouldn't you know it, but it caused Andromena's heart to flutter as she peered this way and that. It wasn't until she pushed herself half way up from her seat that she was able to spy Alphard as he prowl like a hunting cat through the library. With a flick of her wand, rather than boorishly call out to him, Andromena uses a simple lumos to call his attention her way. Whenever his gaze alights upon her, she'll give a waggled-finger wave and a crooked grin.

Wasn't that romantic. Their eyes locking thanks to a first year's desperate need to avoid the great Terror of Hogwarts. Alphard confidently strode over. Not quite a swagger, but only because he in his arrogance didn't think he needed to swagger. Everybody were already meant to look at him in awe. He leaned down into Andromena from behind, his arms briefly encircling her shoulders and neck, before he dumped himself down next to her. No more touching. Except shoulders and thighs close enough a few accidents were bound to happen. No reason for the librarian to get knickers in a twist.

"What are you reading?" The Firstie was allowed to slink off.

"A Hypothetical…" Andromena waved her hand after a moment, instead choosing to say, "It's a mostly a history book, but there's some interesting tidbits on Charms as well as certain creatures." When he had hugged her, Andromena merely lifted up her hands to tap lightly upon Alphard's crossed forearms. The contact was brief, and to any onlookers hardly seemed all that full of affection. Andromena was utterly contented by it, however. She pushed the book away. "I just wanted to pass the time while I waited for you. I got here a little early, you see."

Elizabeth stifles a small yawn, but she shakes it off like a pro, her attention quickly focusing as she looks over the books, all in Latin, gauging through the titles whether or not she needs to retrieve another. It takes her a few moments, but she eventually decides that she doesn't. Not for the moment at least. Her fingertips softly brush back her bangs from her face as she leans her weight back in her seat, sitting at a table a few away from where the couple currently occupy themselves.

Alphard would have denied that it was a hug. So much as a lean-in. These were different things, not to be confused with each other. With a yawn he let his lean body ripple into motion, stretching out with languid feline grace, his limbs going every which way they pleased. Then he promptly collapsed afterwards in a boneless heap. "Of course you were," Alphard drolly commented, when she announced she'd been early. "I'm never going to understand how you can just pick up random old books and find them interesting. This one looks a thousand years old. And like nobody has touched it in at least nine hundred and ninty nine. One victim of it bored to death was enough to seal its fate until you came along."

Andromena blinks at Alphard a moment, and then her smile returns, followed by a low laugh. "I don't exactly pick them at random. Should I thank you for saving me from being bored to death by it?" Her fingers brushed across its aged pages. "For all I know, it's enchanted, and I would have just kept reading until I died." The book is closed, and pushed far enough away to indicate it would be of no further use. Which, as if on cue, the book began to levitate upward, and float toward its proper place.

"Oh, Elizabeth. I almost did not see you there." Because she'd just been some slumped body until then, for all Andromena cared. Odd, wasn't it, that Dweedle had fallen asleep in the library?

"Could have fooled me," Alphard said when it came to not picking them at random. "But you're welcome. I do think it's my duty as your knight in shining armor, to protect you from the inevitable death-by-book fate that would otherwise claim you." Lazily he folded his hands up behind his head, while kicking his chair back a little so it startd to tip on its hind legs. His strayed towards Elizabeth when Andromena called his attention in that direction.

"Dweedle. So you sleep here as well? I suppose if they'd let you bring food, you'd never leave." Snicker. "So Meanie says you're having a party."

Whatever focus Elizabeth may have had a moment or so ago is scattered it seems, as she hears her name nearby and her gaze is instinctively pulled upwards. Spying her friend, a friendly smile instinctively touches at her lips before becoming something sort of a subtle smirk. "I'm not sure if I should consider that a compliment or not." A small hand pushes up her glasses, out of habit, as her gaze is pulled towards Alphard. Listening, she shakes her dark head once as the same hand idly waves in his direction. "Unintentionally. And nonsense. I would never dream of putting food near books like these." The same subtle smirk tugs at her lips again. Was she teasing him? Weird. Shifting back in her seat, Elizabeth exhales a longer breath, "If I can get a reply from the place where I would like to have it, I would hope so."

Death-by-book. It was possible that would have been the way Andromena went out if it weren't for Alphard making her his girlfriend, certainly. She would have remained standing on the edge of life and all its wiles, clinging instead to the comfort and security of books, until one day…She opened up a mimic and it ate out her throat. So Alphard truly was able to help people, no matter what any decidedly final farewell notes said!

"Where are you planning to throw it, again?" Andromena could not remember off the top of her head if Elizabeth had actually mentioned that with her and Anthony the other day. Her posture is directed somewhat in a lean toward Alphard; comfortable, relaxed.

Alphard gave Elizabeth a critical gaze, like he was suspecting said tease and not quite sure how he felt about it. "A few food stains doesn't hurt. Who cares, anyway?" His school books suffered notoriously from ill care. Whether it was some tea spilled or just his random scribbling and doodling. He was a terror with his quill when given an idle moment. There were probably more than a few library books that were now safekeeping his 'art'. As Andromena leaned to him, he more or less responded in the same. It wasn't an obvious thing, though.

Elizabeth quirks a brow at Alphard for a pause, but her smirk just grow, subtly so. "And you are going out with a Ravenclaw how exactly?" she asks. That one is definitely a tease. Either she was in an especially good mood or she enjoys poking the tiger. Well, he thinks himself to be one at least, in her opinion. "Originally I had considered the Leaky Cauldron, but that might not be enough room, so I sent a post to the owner of Farin Braw. And right now, everyone is invited."

Alphard never gets to touch Andromena's books, that's how. He could mistreat his own (even if she did inwardly groan when she saw it), all the live-long day otherwise. Andromena did not have the same problem as her boyfriend when it came to absolutely needing to use a quill if it was in her hand. Although…she could be accused of frequently brushing, or tapping, the feather to her chin and mouth in idle moments. But there was still a difference!

"I see," Andromena says with a faint nod of her head. A glance to Alphard, but it hardly lingered. "By word of mouth, or are you going to send out actual invites, too?"

Jenny doesn't frequent the library as often as…a good many of her housemates do or say, those in the school as a whole. And while it would be fair to say the girl has a slight bruise induced swagger and a hint of blueness against her jawline on the left, because that was a bludger for you, never-the-less she seems a bit determined when she strode into the room; the click of her boot heels just beneath the tolerable level for acceptable. The book in her arms more than ready to be returned.

"I don't really see the point," Alphard admitted in a supremely dismissive tone. "You're not popular and you spend all your time with your nose in your books. What on earth makes you think you're the type to throw a party? You're setting yourself up for embarassing failure. Small steps, Dweedle. Small steps. First try to get invited somewhere, before you actually try throwing anything yourself."

"Hey Jenny!"


Alphard groaned. That was the trouble with libraries. He was sitting with Andrmena, shoulder to shoulder by a table. She had a massive book infront of her. Elizabeth was nearby.

"I'm not the type. But that doesn't mean I couldn't." The corner of her lips tugs easily, "And if you think I'm doing this for myself, then you really have missed the point then." It wasn't about her. She might do the work, but Elizabeth was doing it for other reasons. Her pale eyes glance up at Genevieve as the boy greets her, lingering for a moment and dipping her chin to the other girl with a small nod of acknowledgement before her attention shifts towards Andromena. "Originally I was thinking physical invites, but I'm not sure." she admits.

Andromena, rather than risk getting shushed again by some other incredibly uptight library-goer, chooses instead to wave to Genevieve when her attention is called to the other girl by Alphard's greeting. Back to Elizabeth, and how she so easily brushes aside the fact that she's not the…invitable type?

"I suppose you could always make a sign?" Helpfully suggested, which was more than could be said for Alphard. He was trying to help, in his own special way. You had to have a certain eye to see it! "That is, of course, once you learn if you can hold it where you want. Otherwise you'll end up with a group of people looking at you and wondering what happened."

"Alphard," Jenny's voice flows warm, a greeting that comes with a little upnod-a smile for Andromena-and a finger waggle for Elizabeth, before the girl thumps the book down on the return desk and dusts her hands of it against the hide of her trousers. Flying robes a flutter, she begins to make her way towards the couple; a lofted brow as she tries to figure out just what the current topic of conversation is before it's given up on, entirely. "I was looking for you yesterday. Suppose it's a bit moot now though."

"You're missing the point, Dweedle," Alphard said with an eye-roll. "To throw a party successfully you need to be someone people would actually want to party with." And obviously in his opinion, Elizabeth just didn't make the cut. "But by all means, have your sad little affair. Perhaps you'll even convince you're having fun if you try really hard. Just trying to be friendly and save you some trouble." It was entirely possible he wasn't even aware of just how big of a dick he was being about it. Then again, even if he had been aware it probably wouldn't have made a difference.

Smiling, he kicked out a chair by the table for Genevieve to drop into if she wanted to join them properly. "You've been busy, I could tell. Esther really made a point out of making sure everybody knew who'd made her come to reason." His eyes sparkled with humor as he said it. "A bit heavy handed, but who cares when the statement is so effective, eh?"

Elizabeth pushes her seat out, gathering and straightening the books she had gathered in her studies as she pulls them into her arms and carries them to Alphard and Andromena's table, just after Jenny joins as well. Setting her books carefully on the corner, she then lowers herself into an empty seat, across from Andromena. Then leaning back, she considers Alphard's words, silent for several moment so that everyone knew that she was putting serious thought not only into his words, but her own. "Maybe." she murmurs. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I go though all that trouble and no one shows up, because of me. Because they don't think I would be any fun." Her pale eyes flick up at him. "But I would hate myself more, and regret the decision more, if I didn't do it at all. And that's the difference between you and me. Even if I fail, I'll accept it, without regret."

Andromena shrugged at all of it. She actually did not know a single thing about the drama that had unfolded between cousins Lowe and Black, let alone what role Genevieve may have played in it. What Andromena did know was that Esther had been responsible for the prank on Gage, and a few other rumored tid-bits that were given all the attention that they actually deserved in the end: very little. More, the public apology at breakfast this morning had been missed because Andromena had skipped that meal in order to do something else she deemed more important. Go figure.

"Elizabeth won't allow herself to be labelled as a victim, unlike some," said for the benefit of the two Slytherins present. They were free to make their assumptions as to who Andromena meant by 'some.' There was something worthy of respect in that, Andromena had already decided.

"Well that's just silly, accepting loss without regret. How do you learn? Losing just means you've got to g…wait," the Slytherin chaser looked to Alphard, having dropped with all the ease of one long familiar and equally tired into a chair, "Is this a point at which I should be giving a motivotional or should I just let it go?" As if her confusion supplied the answer, Jenny let it go and focused on the other more personal remarks instead.

"Mmm, so I'd heard. I'm not sure if the very clear use of my name was to be of some sort of compliment to me or the forwarning of danger to come because I'd pressed her." Jenny shrugged, "And that's the part that confuses even as it amuses. The girl comes to me and tells me that she'd like to take it all back, which sounds to me like an admission of a mistake, no? So I tell her to fix it. I mean, when you've mucked up and you want to take things back or even change, the first thing you do is start correcting the wrongs. Imagine my surprise when the very suggestion was so offensive that she promptly threw the friendship away over it. " Her grin was crooked. "Still, I believe this squares us rather well. You mind the rogue bludgers on the field and I mind them off." It was what team mates did.

"Oh get over yourself, Dweedle. I wouldn't ever try to go up on the stage and play the piano for an hour infront of an audience, without first actually learning how to play. It's the same thing. Good intentions? They dont matter. And Meanie, just because you don't accept that you're a victim does't mean you won't turn into one anyway." He gave Genevieve a look, obviously deciding that in Slytherin was the only place one could fine support for right thinking! "Exactly, Jenny. And I think you should just leave it be. More motivating is like pouring oil on the fire."

As far as Esther was concerned? "I'm not surprised. The girl will turn on anyone who offers her a smidge of good advice. But I'm glad I didn't actually have to do anything about her. She's family, after all. It would have left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I can just go back to ignoring her."

Elizabeth couldn't help the slight smirk that faintly touches her lips as she shifts her gaze to Genevieve. "Ah, but he's assuming that I'm going to be a failure regardless. You don't know what I think might happen, and Alphard hasn't asked because he doesn't care about my opinion." If this was a game, she's amused by the whole thing. So, maybe it is for her. "Also, if you think there is no point to it, you don't have to come Alphard. You're still invited regardless." He might just to see if it'll bomb or not, it's a tossup.

The mention of Esther and Myrus… it struck a cord. One that's still a little tender still it seems as Elizabeth glances away. She still has mixed feelings about them. Both of them individually.

"Not how I meant it," Andromena countered. But left it at that. It was not anything she was going to bother arguing about because the truth of the matter was that she did not care. She cared even less to find herself on the wrong end of three wands, figuratively speaking, as each person had to have their say on the meaning of victimization. It was because of conversations like that that Andromena often chose to stay quiet; it got really very tiresome.

Four students, Alphard and Andromena, Elizabeth and Genevieve, are seated at table towards the back of the library. Dweedle has some books before her, but there is also a rather large one laying a bit in the center. They're all talking, but in tones just barely accepted under the rules. However, no one seems to be anything other than…at ease, considering the nature of the conversation.

"Yes well, Da' taught me how to deal with beasts that bite. You bite them back, harder. It generally only takes just once." Except her general playful laid back demeanor hadn't entirely reached her eyes. Though she flicked a glance towards Elizabeth when the girl spoke. "I don't know what it is that's really being discussed anyway," and she hadn't chimed in on victimization, either. "But I'm generally good for a pep talk when someone's feeling down. But as dear Black here thinks it isn't the time, it must not be. I can only bow to his wisdom and hope, that Rowle here doesn't mind if I borrow him for a second or two. Boy troubles and all that, I need some perspective."

A questioning look shot Alphard's way, before her head indicated the furthest isle. "Only for a moment."

Variel comes into the library with a vaguely exasperated expression. He goes through the motions and returns the advanced charms manual he's been coddling for a few days, turning to head for the stacks and a new book. He pauses as he catches sight of the four gathered, recognizing each, and lifts his hand to greet them as a whole from a distance before moving in that direction.

Madeline, meanwhile, has set herself down right on the floor next to one of the shelves. She'd pulled out a few books, and meant to only /glance/ at them - but then got caught up in the illustrations, as she stares at the wide variety of strange and magical creatures living around the world.

She should be working on her course work. She really, really, really should. But this was /much/ more interesting!

"Boy troubles?" Alphard eyerolled, but he did heave himself out of the chair with a yawn. Again he made a little lean-to against Andromena, murmuring a couple of words in her ear before he pulled back. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, then lazily drifted towards the more secluded spot that Genevieve had indicated. "Really, I don't know how to make Silas act more manly. I think he needs to eat more. Really, it's not right when the boy eats less than the girl." His voice was a playful tease the whole time.

Elizabeth couldn't help but arch a brow when Genevieve asks to borrow Alphard for, of all things, advice on boys. Really? Romance? From Alphard Black? Sure, he's in a relationship, but she doesn't see how that could have happened, with the exception that Andromena was the one that chased after him. "Hm." When he and Gene leave, Elizabeth glances to Andromena, asking curiously, "Who do you think that's about?"

"… well. That was the fastest I've ever bifurcated a given population of acquaintances." Variel shoves a hand through his hair, smoothing it back down afterwards. He glances at Madeline, perched on the ground alone, and blinks a bit, then looks back to Elizabeth and Andromena. "Do tell me that wasn't my fault?"

Andromena was okay with Genevieve and Alphard going to talk. Unlike some girls, she was not threatened by the fact that Alphard happened to have female friends, and would never think to deprive him of that. Wasn't he just so lucky? There's a small nod just before Alphard's face fully withdraws from near the top of her head. Maybe there's a little grin to be seen…maybe. It seems to flee rather quickly, almost as if it never were.

"I could not begin to guess, Elizabeth. Oh, look, it's Variel," she makes sure to wave to him. He's invited to stop by, if he so desires. Unfortunately, as of right now, Andromena has no idea that Madeline is studying nearby.

"Oh no," she assures the red headed boy. "Solomon requires Alphard's sage advice on a personal matter." Said sweetly.

"Probably. He's just not built for Quidditch is all," Jenny can be heard to say, as she drifts into the isles and takes up a post that allows her a vantage point of the group over the tops of the books on the shelf but shows no more than her eyes in return, should someone happen glance in her direction.

As Madeline hears Variel's question, the girl giggles - and then very pointedly bites on her lip. No, no. Probably best not to spout out the response that just popped into her mind. She keeps her eyes quiet firmly on the books instead.

Ooo… birds that drive you mad. Very interesting!

Alphard made a lazy lean to against one of the bookshelves, looking nonchalantly cool as he waited for Genevieve to spill the heart of her trouble. He'd angled himself so that he had a fair degree of awareness of his surroundings. A cool stare was enough to ensure any nose students didnt get too close. Then quiet whispering ensued!

Andromena doesn't know anything, and Elizabeth doesn't know Gene well enough to even begin to guess, so the bookworm quietly shrugs a slender shoulder at that. "Well, it was amusing to speculate at least." Or lack there of. She glances back to Andromena and Variel, and begins to eye him curiously. "You seem to pop out of nowhere."

"Solomon needs romantic advice?" Variel sounds downright startled. "Always thought her relationships were one of her strong points. Independent, charismatic, strong-willed-" He has a thought and shrugs, though. "I have no idea how this topic keeps arising so frequently today. Thought I was done with it earlier…" Elizabeth catches his attention with her comment and he grins. "That's me- I'm the Gryffindor equivalent of an Unspeakable, always where I'm needed, never noticed before I'm ready." He spreads his hands in a mysterious gesture while he speaks, as if to expound upon the intrigue of his so-called mystique. And then there's giggling. He squints over at Madeline. "Oy."

At the oy, Madeline just starts laughing louder, despite an effort to contain her mirth. "Don't look at me! It's nothing!" the girl protests - with an oversized grin on her features.

It's always the stupidest jokes that make you laugh the hardest.

"I never said it was romantic," Andromena tutted. "Just personal." But also about boys. Stil, never let it be said Andromena Rowle put words in the mouth of another! Her eyes drift back to Variel after having momentarily fallen towards the floor. "What, exactly, are you needed here for?" The question could have been scathing, but it's not. She's being teasing, after a fashion. A younger girl's giggles distract her, however, and Andromena searches for the source. So much for that earlier sought after solitude. C'est la vie.

"That better not be a student in the anatomy books again, just because there are pictures of naked boys doesn't give people the right to leer."

"Two out of a three isn't bad." Elizabeth murmurs lightly to herself, without further explanation really. For the moment she's relatively quiet, pale eyes behind her wire frames flitting from Variel to the hidden Madeline as there's another eruption of giggles that are, more or less, disturbing the quiet in the Library. It's Andromena's words that make Elizabeth suddenly flush a bright shade of red. She says this right in front of Variel too.

"… well, probably my keen fashion sense. Or remarkable comedy routine. Or maybe-" Variel whips about suddenly and lobs a rag doll at Madeline's head! Where'd he get a rag doll?! Who knows! Madeline might recognize it as the one a housemate loaned him for practicing charms on, but at the moment, it's just a doll flailing through the air towards her little blonde head. "-I'm here to discipline first years sniggering at pictures of naked merboys!" It's not INaccurate… they aren't often featured with clothing… and even if she's not reading a book on them RIGHT now, it's a good guess!

And then the poor girl is hit in the back of the head with a cloth doll. "Hey!" Madeline protests, still laughing as she rubs the back of her head. No, it doesn't hurt, it's the principle! "It's not merpeople - it's fwoopers!" she explains, standing and lifting the book to show the pictures of the creatures. "And no naked bo- okay, there is a naked man. But there's no pictures! It's just a story in the little article!"

Then as an aside, she adds, "…why would anyone want to giggle at pictures in anatomy books?"

Andromena wasn't talking about the naked merboys, though, was she? Merboys were far less exciting to the eye than mermaids. Bosoms and all. Maybe if one searched for a book on centaur mating habits they might find some disturbing imagery, but Andromena had no idea if such books actually existed or if, indeed, Hogwarts would carry a copy of it. The thoughts ones mind can stumble upon…When she shook her head, almost in a manner of one just splashed by cold water, it would be understandable if Elizabeth and Variel were subsequently left confused.

"SHHH!" Madeline is scolded by someone trying to study.

"How should I know?" Andromena poses to Madeline. Then she grins. "Mayhaps you ought to ask someone that has done it before. I believe I caught Beatrice Nott doing it once upon a time. She's a super nice girl, I'm sure she'd be glad to explain the finer points to you."

"Fwoopers?" Is that a thing? Elizabeth frowns to herself as she glances from Andromena back to Madeline. "How did… we get onto this topic… talking about naked anatomy picture of boys…" she mumbles out loud. Better than just straight out naked pictures, but still! Where did this topic come from?!

Finally done with their quiet conversation, Alphard left the quiet little secluded spot and drifted back towards the table with everybody else. He didn't stay, though, just leaned down to say a couple of quiet words to Andromena before lazy-waving at everybody in farwell. Even Madeline, because he still hadn't caught up to the fact that the little firstie was a mudblood. Then he was leaving.

With a faint nod of departure to Alphard, Jenny slips once more from the isle and begins making her way to the exit, a little wave offered the group for her departure. No quiet words from her on her way out.

"A bird out of Africa," Andromena supplies for Elizabeth cheerily. "You usually see the more outlandishly-colored quill feathers belonging to them. More notably, it has a voice that will drive you insane." When Alphard returns, mostly to bid her farewell, Andromena responds in kind. Maybe she's put out, but she doesn't show it. As for naked boys? Well, who can truly say?

Madeline waves to the departing pair, even as she calls out a 'Soooooorry!' to the student shushing her. Her volume drops as she explains, "Yes, Fwoopers. They come in reeeeally pretty colors and… Yes! If you hear them sing, it drives you mad! Isn't that /wonderful/?" Madeline clearly has an unusual definition of wonderful."

"Dweedle, it just happens. Had it happen talking with MacMillan earlier." Variel makes a face. "Though that was a -lot- more explicit. Downright filthy, it was." He shakes his head just slightly, to clear it. He raises his hand to salute just as lazily in farewell to Alphard, pausing for a moment when Jenny leaves without a word, watching her leave with a considerate look.

Andromena can't really help herself. She laughs a little as Variel speaks, eyes closing as she shakes her head. "Douglas MacMillan is good for that." He was a good guy, in her book. "Well, Evans, are you going to come and join us? I have to leave soon, but while I'm here…" A wave of her hand. What? Bask in her presence? No, that was far too much the manner of Alphard. Andromena's ego couldn't possibly match his own. "There are a lot of wonderful beasts in this world," said musingly.

The child is more than happy to join them - bringing her book with her. "I was flipping through it - I'm pretty sure I've seen mokes before. They're neat, aren't they? And bowtruckles. I was very interested to read about the diricawl! I wish I didn't have to wait to take Magical Creatures. It seems so unfair!"

"I'm gonna need that doll back, by the way, in case our housemate changes her mind about being too old for dolls," remarks Variel as he snags a seat with the others. "And it's not unfair, it's important. You don't really have the charms and such you need to handle them so early as all that."

Andromena yawns, only just barely hiding it with her hand before her mouth. Damn, she was more tired than she would have otherwise thought. And she really wanted to take a bath before bed, too, rather than wake up extra early to do so.

"I'm going to have to excuse myself, actually…" She began to get to her feet. "Variel, I'll ask you to keep an eye on these two," Elizabeth and Madeline. "If you're not careful who knows what trouble they might cause." She grinned cheekily before moving to depart.

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